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Luck at the Con


Will was putting the finishing touches on his costume, he was going as a Hollowfied Ichigo from his favorite anime, Bleach. He'd spent the last few weeks making the costume himself, watching episodes to make sure he got the design right, finding the right material, and finally making and painting the mask. Making the costume had seriously cut into his World of Warcraft time but he was the type to follow through and do things right if they were worth doing at all. Creating the costume and ensuring that it would be right for his first convention was worth doing and so he'd sacrificed time that could otherwise have been spent doing raids in order to ensure that this costume was indeed done right. To get the sword and necessarily materials, not to mention the con tickets fee and hotel stay, he'd had to sell off one of his characters. Not that he hadn't done that before, a well-built character was still worth good money to some folks who just didn't want to take the time, but he still didn't like doing it.

He'd never been to con before, not because he lacked interest but more at not having had anyone to go with. The majority of his friends were fellow gamers, spread out in different parts of the world. Many of them he considered to be his closest friends, those he could turn to with any problem he had in the world. His family had little interest in anime, comics, or games like he did, most of them just seemed grateful when he put down the mouse in order to come out to family gatherings and holidays. Once in a while he could engage his younger relatives with discussions on how to get past certain levels and tricks for the games, but he inevitably always got to the point where he lost them in how detailed he went. So when Charlie floated the idea of going to Comic Con in Atlanta Will jumped at the idea, eager both to attend the convention and to finally get to hang out with someone who shared his passion for games.

Once the last coat of sealant was put onto the mask, Will raced to his computer, logging onto his WoW account with only a few moments to spare before the raid was set to go. A few quick pleasantries were exchanged between the players till they began the raid in earnest, hopping to the opposing forces lands and marching on their encampment. Every time that they made a raid, Will got a rush of adrenaline from it. While many people didn't seem to understand the appeal, though it seemed that number was decreasing, he lived for it and so did Charlie. He could always count on Charlie to join him on the raids and protect his blindside as they rushed their way through the opponents.

When the raid ended successfully Will cracked himself a celebratory Mountain Dew Livewire, chugged it down, and leaned back in his desk chair to bask in the glory. As the adrenaline finally bled off, he pulled up Crunchyroll and selected the latest episode of Infinite Stratos which was his latest obsession. When the Skype icon flashed, he'd flick to the screen, his raid party was eagerly chatting away about the success. Will smiled a little, Charlie had saved his ass twice during the raid, but he'd returned the favor by finding a rare shield that upgraded his friends defense and stamina. He also noticed that Charlie had messaged him and clicked on the icon.

Infinite Slayer: Hey Will, how's the costume coming along?

Were Hunter: Almost done! Just finished putting the last coat on the mask today. How's yours?

Infinite Slayer: It's done, came out really good!

Were Hunter: So, are you ever going to tell me what you're going as?

Infinite Slayer: Nope, you'll just have to wait and see just like everyone else!

Were Hunter: Geeze, damned secrets! Oh well, the reservations are made for Thursday night till Monday. I'll have the front desk hold a key card for you.

Infinite Slayer: Sounds good! I'll get there on Friday and catch up with you then!

With that Charlie signed off and Will went back to his episode though his mind stayed on the upcoming convention. He'd heard and seen pictures about conventions and really liked the open environment, and hoped that some of the pictures he'd seen of how far women would take the costumes to accuracy were true. He was, admittedly, a virgin partially due to his preferred activities of gaming not being so conducive to having face to face relationships. Just getting out to see people would be a nice change of pace, and who knows maybe he'd get a chance with someone. At least that thought had spurned him to take up a little bit of an exercise regime and while there was no chance of him having the form that Ichigo had, Will could at least look presentable. Looking down at his taut tummy, that part had been taken care of as well. He was ready for the upcoming con.

By Thursday afternoon he was pumped, bouncing in the driver's seat as he cruised down I-85 towards Atlanta from his hometown of Charlotte. The length of the drive had done little to quell his excitement and while he was starting to feel a bit worn from the early summer heat when the tops of Atlanta came into view the bouncing got a bit faster. At first he was surprised at the amount of traffic going into the city, having forgotten just how big the convention was, and by the time he got to the hotel Will was just glad to get out of the drivers' seat.

When he was in the lobby waiting to check in, some of the other guests were leaving dressed in their costumes. The sight of everyone all dressed up got the excitement flowing through him again. Once in the room, he flicked on the television to find local coverage of the convention, then undressed and hopped into the shower to clean up from the long drive and the sweat from the local heat. Cleaned up he donned a pair of jeans and a StarCraft II t-shirt, deciding that he didn't want to take the time to put on the costume. Grabbing his wallet and hotel key, out the door he trotted and once out in the lobby Will just followed the other con fans, taking in the feeling.

The city was alive with people dressed up as their favorite characters, everywhere he looked it was like comic books, animes, mangas, video games, and movies it was almost surreal. Comic Con hadn't even officially started and he was already a bit overwhelmed with just how many people were participating and just how good some of the costumes really were. Dinner was spent at an outside table of the local Bojangles, just watching the people pass on by and soaking up the excitement.

Surprisingly enough, he slept in till mid-morning on Friday, waking up with just a few minutes time to run downstairs and grab the free breakfast. When he checked his e-mail there was a message telling him Charlie would be getting there later on that evening. With that in mind, Will fully donned his costume and at the last minute elected to leave behind the replica sword just so he could feel out how well it would be accepted.

It took him a while to get into the convention, between taking in seeing all the people outside and the line of people waiting to get inside. Once inside his eyes went wide at all of the booths and the variety of people and companies present. Immediately he understood why it had been recommended to him to take in all three days of the convention, just on the outset it seemed it might take him three days just to see everything and that wasn't including the guest celebrities.

If it hadn't of been for all of the food vendors floating around the place, Will might have missed out on eating lunch from being so caught up in the event. He'd been asked to pose for a countless number of photos and many people had asked where he'd gotten the costume and specifically his mask. When he replied that they were homemade, most suggested that perhaps he consider making them for sale. The thought was certainly flattering and he put the idea aside for later.

His smartphone was seeing a lot of action too as he caught videos and photos of people play battling and costumes that seemed like they'd jumped right out of the pages of comics. Will had to admit, he was impressed at the skills that some of the people had in costume design and making. One more thing that he'd thoroughly enjoyed was finding how friendly to small artists the con was, there were a number of silent auctions going on and a few items he bid on, mostly buttons and one artists concept watercolor of Clare from the anime Claymore. The only thing that could have made the day better was having Charlie to share it with, but there was at least the rest of the weekend for that.

By early evening he was heading back to the hotel room, hopeful that Charlie had arrived, and also hoping to get out of the costume and get cleaned up. The convention had been a blast but with all the people there he'd gotten rather soaked in sweat and was looking forwards to soaking underneath a hot stream of water. Upon arriving in the room, the first thing he noticed was a suitcase and duffle bag upon the second bed in the room. A couple of seconds later he realized that the bathroom door was closed and that the shower was running, making him guess that Charlie had finally arrived.

Will stripped down, still intent on getting a shower, wearing just his boxers which were a bit big and almost seemed like a pair of shorts anyways. Once stripped down, he took the costume to the separate sink, added some warm water and a little detergent, then hand washed the costume. He wrung it out over the sink and hung it up over the tiled area around the sink, finishing up just as he heard the water to the shower get shut off. "I'm in the room," he yelled to Charlie just so he wouldn't spook him.

He flopped onto his bed, picking up the remote and flicking through the channels while waiting for Charlie to finish up in the bathroom. When the door opened, he looked over and sat up on the bed, anxious to finally see his longtime friend. When Charlie finally walked out of the room, Will's jaw just dropped, instead of the twenty something male he expected, he saw a twenty something Asian woman dressed in a robe and drying her hair with a towel. "Hey Will, nice to finally meet you!" She yelled to him, smile spreading across her face as she strolled over to the beds and sat down on hers. "Er, um, hi," was about all he could manage at the moment.

She smiled to him, "Well I guess I owe a bit of an explanation then, though you do understand that I never actually said I was a guy. I just got tired of it somehow always coming out that I was a woman and inevitably some asshole would say something like 'Tits or Get the Fuck Out' like I was some fucking piece of meat for their wanking pleasure. So, I just simply stopped using anything that implied that I was a woman, even stopped playing the female characters though honestly that's usually a lot of guys anyways. In the end I figured meeting would be better, you seem like a decent guy and I didn't want any peer pressure to push you to saying something we'd both regret. Oh, and my full first name is Charlotte, though you're welcome to keep calling me Charlie, most of my friends do."

Will just kind of sat there for a minute or so, blinking and letting it all sink in, not just that Charlie actually was a girl and a quite attractive one at that, but that he was sitting barely clothed in front of her who was wearing only a robe. That, in a lot of ways, was more what was difficult to wrap his mind around, he'd fantasized about situations like this and now he was kind of living it without the bravado he'd always imagined that he would have. As he snapped back to reality, he noticed that her eyes were focused not on his face but further down. A glance to follow her eyes revealed his thinking of fantasies had rather aroused him and his hard cock had slipped out the opening of his boxers. Quickly he rushed to grab a pillow to cover himself but she put up a hand to stop him, "No, no it's ok. Your cock's quite pretty, feel free to leave it out, I won't mind in the least," she told him, giving him a little smile.

"Well umm, okay, but I need to get a shower. So uh, yeah, would you like to get dinner afterwards?" He stammered a little, still very caught offguard by all of this but leaving his cock in her view, it was more comfortable than trying to shove it under material anyways.

"Sure, that sounds good. You get your shower and we'll get some dinner afterwards. I could really use a beer after that drive anyways, especially the end." She settled back against the pillows on her bed, adjusting the robe to keep herself covered, and began to work her dark hair dry with the towel.

In the shower he just leaned against the wall, his cock throbbing hard from the experience but he was sort of afraid to touch it, worried that she might hear him jerking off in the shower. Every time he touched it or it happened to rub against something made him seriously debate jerking off again, and having to restrain himself as he would remind himself that the hotel didn't exactly have thick walls between the bathroom and the sleeping area. After getting out and starting to dry off, he realized that his clothes were all in the sleeping area. Silently cursing to himself, he wrapped the towel around his waist and tied it as best as he could, then took a deep breath and stepped out of the bathroom.

She was still seated upon the bed, having gotten out of the robe and currently in a pair of jean shorts and a Death Note t-shirt, flicking through a manga whose title he couldn't make out at the second. He grabbed the clothes he'd planned to wear for the evening and slipped back into the bathroom to get dressed. He heard her call out, "So is there a particular type of food you'd like to go out for tonight or shall I just pick? Since I surprised you, I was thinking my treat to dinner."

As he slipped on a pair of jeans he mulled it over, and finding himself a bit undecided, especially not knowing the area, he responded, "You go ahead and choose."

"Okay!" He didn't see her grin, she'd already had a place in mind. When he was finally dressed, she grabbed her purse in one hand, his left hand with her other hand, and half dragged him out the door to the restaurant.

She took him to a barbeque restaurant that served Kansas City style and when they took their seats she just grinned, "I got a little tired of always eating eastern Carolina style, wanted to try something new for a change. Order what you like, I'm thinking a half rack of ribs myself."

After they placed their orders they chatted for a bit about the convention, some of the things that he'd seen and the things they were both hoping to see over the rest of the weekend. She was working on a pint of Bud Light while he'd refrained for fear of loose lips. Finally they got around to talking about where they were from, him being very surprised to find out she was from Raleigh, a nearby city to his hometown of Charlotte. She just laughed a little, being that he was a fan of the local sports teams and had mentioned going to see the games she'd assumed that he was from Charlotte or nearby. The restaurant was air conditioned and with his occasional glances he was beginning to suspect she had gone braless. He didn't see that every time she saw his eyes dip, she grinned a little.

Eventually the food came and he tried his first sample of Kansas City barbeque, noting immediately that it was sweeter than he was used to, but not in a bad way just different. Will looked up just in time to see Charlotte pulling a clean bone from her lips and felt a twitch in his crotch as she did it. Part of him was still having a hard time believing that Charlie had been a girl, but most of him had quite readily already accepted it, particularly as he watched her mouth move.

When dinner was over, he was a little surprised at how excited he was to leave the place, not realizing just how much he'd allowed her to tease him. They wandered through the streets for a while, just soaking in atmosphere and enjoying the fairly warm night. He treated them to ice cream cones while they walked through the park.

Inevitably they returned back to the hotel room, him flopping onto his bed while she sat upon the edge of hers. "So Will, I have a question for you. Is this simply going to be something you consider a friendship or are you open for more?"

He looked up at her, an eyebrow raised, "Well, I can't say I'd turn down something more," he replied a bit warily as she'd left that question quite wide open. Will watched as her face shone with a wide smile, her next words catching him quite off-guard.

"Excellent because I'm quite certain I owe you for all the teasing I've put you through and I'm tipsy enough to follow through with it." Her tongue rolled over lips as she rose up from the bed she was on to lay between his legs. He watched, mesmerized, as she undid the belt buckle and the jean fasteners, then reached into his boxers and pulled his stiff cock into the open air. Her fingers wrapped around the shaft and slowly began to stroke the shaft while taking the head into her mouth and bathing it with her tongue.

Will did what he thought best at the moment, laid back and enjoyed his first blowjob, for the short period of time it lasted. It didn't take much for him to let loose his load, her letting his cock slip from her mouth just in time to watch the cum shoot up and fountain over her hand. When he finished cumming, she leaned in and gently took a little lick, swirling it around on her tongue then swallowing. "Mmmm not bad, little salty but good."

Charlotte took advantage of him just lying in bliss and crawled her way up against him, resting her head on the pillow next to his. She'd actually been wanting to do this for a while, they'd grown quite close over the last few months of playing and chatting. It had been quite difficult to keep her secret but she felt revealing it in person was a much better idea than online where he might say something they'd regret. The blowjob, while fun, also had the purpose of making him see her as something more than just a friend. He was only the second guy she'd blown and Charlotte hoped that she would get the chance to give him another, with the hope that it would last longer than the first one.

Will was just really hoping this wasn't a dream and that he had really indeed been sucked off by a lovely woman who was laying alongside of him. Just to test, he rolled over and laid an arm around her waist, leaning in to try to kiss her. When she responded by curling up against him and leaning into the offered kiss, he smiled, it was real. The softness of her lips surprised him a little, as did the feeling of a tongue caressing his. Curious hands roved and found they were allowed access to places he'd only ever dreamed of.

Slowly he pushed up her shirt till she reached down and broke the kiss only long enough to shed it. For a while he was content to caress her breasts through her bra but eventually he grew bolder and slowly pushed the bottom of the bra up, freeing the soft mounds underneath. Will broke their kissing so that he could lean back and get his first up close view of a bare chest, noting the soft brown nipples topping the pale skin of her breasts. When he'd gotten his fill of the sight, Will leaned in and took one of her nipples in his mouth, caressing it over with his tongue. He felt the soft bumps around the nipple and it grow as he applied a strong suction. Both nipples got equal attention as he switched back and forth between them. His tongue seemed to work faster and the suction stronger as her moans grew in pitch, till she wrapped her legs around his thigh and began to grind against him. The pitch grew until she finally grasped his head hard against her chest and groaned in orgasm.

He grinned when he was finally allowed to release that nipple, unaware that he could make a woman cum that way and glad he'd been able to return some of the favor. Slowly he kissed his way down her tummy till he was at the waistband of her jean shorts. The scent coming from under her shorts was intoxicating and he hurriedly unbutton her shorts and pulled them with her panties down to her knees.

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