tagGroup SexLuck of the Draw

Luck of the Draw


With a deck of playing cards in front of me, I dealt out each hand as it appears in the story. The challenge was to combine the participants based on the luck of the draw. This story includes male bisexuality in a group setting.

The heat and the bugs drove the party back inside the cabin that still smelled like fresh paint. Sitting around the coffee table in the middle of the big room, Shane bounced a quarter into a blue plastic Solo cup. "Ha! I've still got it," he crowed.

"Yes dear, you've still got it," Stacey giggled, snuggling next to her husband. A four day weekend away had been just what they needed. Better yet had been meeting the couples renting the cabins on either side of them. Craig and Kelly Ferguson were fun as hell. But so were Alex and Brandi Williams. Craig Ferguson and Alex Williams offered Stacey enough eye candy to ramp up her libido. From the way Shane stared at Kelly Ferguson and Brandi Williams, he was feeling the same way. After last night's barbeque and spending all day together, the six of them felt like old friends instead of recent acquaintances.

While the guys had made a run into town for more food and liquor, Stacey had stayed behind with Kelly and Brandi. She couldn't remember laughing as hard or as often as she had with the two of them. After realizing the guys were probably talking about them, Kelly decided to share some of her husband's secrets. "So Craig has taken to shaving his balls," Kelly had said, outing her husband. "He thinks it makes his junk look bigger."

"Does it?" Brandi had asked.

"Does shaving your puss make it look bigger?" Kelly had asked and the three of them broke into shrieks of laughter.

"I don't know, I like when Shane shaves his," Stacey had admitted. "Fewer hairs in my mouth." Realizing what she had just said, she clamped her hands over her mouth while Brandi and Kelly cranked up the laughter again.

"Alex likes it when I use my vibrator on him," Brandi had said.

"Use it how?" Kelly had wanted to know.

"Well, I doubt he's sucking on it," Stacey had correctly guessed.

Once the guys had returned, Stacey couldn't stop thinking about the secrets their wives had shared. Whenever she looked at Craig Ferguson, she thought of his shaved balls. With Alex, she tried to imagine him on all fours getting his ass poked by Brandi Williams. Stacey wondered if she had shared too much when she told how Shane liked going down on her after he came. That had started a conversation about how far the guys would go if they thought something might come of it.

Between swimming in the lake and another barbeque dinner, the women had taken their men back to their respected cabins with the same plan in mind. Tease the hell out of their man, without letting him get off. Stacey had known if she got naked, Shane would be all over her. Instead, she spent their "teasing hour" talking about the other two women. "Did you know all three of us are shaved?" she had asked Shane while she did the dishes left over from breakfast.

"How do you know?" Shane had wanted to know.

"We got changed together before we went to the lake, remember?"

"Yeah, but in the same room?"

"Girls are like that. We're not afraid of being naked around each other."

"Like all the way shaved?" he had wanted to know.

"Kelly is, but she said she gets waxed. Brazilian waxed. Do you know what that is?" Stacey had worked hard at keeping her tone conversational as she handed her husband another dish to dry. "That's where they do the front and the back."

"What about Brandi?"

"She wasn't. She had a landing strip, but it was blonde, too."

"So the carpet matched the drapes?"

"Yeah and the tan goes all the way down," Stacey said, noticing the tent being pitched in the front of Shane's shorts. She really had changed in front of the other two women. "Who do you think is hottest?"

"You," he said, kissing her and grabbing at her for more. But Stacey had pushed him away.

"I think Brandi's tight little body is hot, but she's really flat chested. I bet she's not even a b-cup. But that's because she's really skinny, too."

"So you like Kelly's tits, better?"

"Fuck you," she had said, splashing water on him. "Her tits aren't any bigger than mine. But she does have tan lines and I know how much you like those."

"What about the guys? Who do you think is hottest?"

"I don't know. Craig likes to shave his balls like you, but Alex likes it up the butt, so that's hot. Besides, Alex has the cutest butt."

"You know Craig and Kelly are swingers, right?"

"He told you that?"

Shane had nodded. "Told me and Alex. And she goes both ways, too."

"What about Craig?"

"Shut up," Shane had said, snapping his drying towel at her butt. "Guys don't talk about that shit. Did Kelly tell you she went both ways?"

"No," Stacey had admitted and she spent the rest of the day wondering if Kelly was checking her out. Considering the conversation she had had with the two other women, Stacey thought that was important information. While Shane kept bouncing his quarter into the empty blue Solo cup, Stacey noticed Brandi was in the kitchen by herself mixing another drink. Standing next to her, she whispered the news the much shorter woman. It sounded as much like high school gossip as she feared. "Shane said Craig told him Kelly goes both ways."

"Alex told me the same thing!" Brandi said. "Change anything for you?"

"Not for me. You?"

"You ever... you know, with another woman?"

"I fooled around a couple times in college, but Shane doesn't know that."

"Was it fun?"

"It was different," Stacey said, wondering why she even admitted it. Hoping to level the playing field, she asked the obvious. "What about you?"

"I've always been curious, but never did anything."

"Okay, what are you two whispering about?" Craig asked, stepping up to freshen up his drink, too. The counter between the kitchen and living room was littered with big bottles of booze, mixers, and food.

"The way you fill out your shorts," Brandi said, throwing a radish from the deli tray at him.

Craig caught the radish, popped it in his mouth, and looked from one woman to the other as if he was expecting them to laugh. When they didn't, he grinned. "Well thanks for noticing." When he went back to his wife, he whispered something Kelly's ear. Kelly smiled, nodded, and when Craig wasn't looking, she gave the two girls still in the kitchen a wink.

As a classically trained ballet dancer who owned a studio and stayed in shape, there wasn't a movie about dancing Stacey hadn't seen. For whatever reason, her mind flashed back to a line from one of her favorites, All That Jazz, when Roy Scheider's character says, "Showtime!" She whispered the line to Brandi, who giggled even if she didn't catch the reference. Slipping back into the big easy next to her husband, Stacey watched him miss bouncing the quarter into the cup. That gave her an idea. "So, why don't adults ever play strip poker or spin the bottle or anything?"

"Too much to lose," Alex said, picking up Shane's errant quarter and taking his own stab at bouncing it into the cup. He missed, too.

"What's that mean?" Kelly asked, picking up on Stacey's direction.

"Too many secrets, that's all," Alex said. "What did you have to lose when you were in college?"

"Not my virginity," Brandi said, giggling. "I lost that after high school."

"I'm just saying, grown-ups have secrets, that's all."

"We don't have any secrets," Craig said and everyone knew why, but no one mentioned it.

"We could play quarters," Shane suggested, missing again. "Strip quarters if you want."

"After all that practice? No way," Craig said.

"What about spin-the-bottle or truth-or-dare?" Brandi said, tugging on her husband's arm. She and Alex shared a look and Alex grinned.

"So who do you want to kiss?" he asked.

"You going to get jealous if I kiss someone else?"

"Depends, can I kiss someone else, too?"

"Mm, maybe even more," Brandi said, giving her husband a kiss.

"Whoa," Shane said, giving Stacey an eager glance. "Does that apply to me, too?"

"Sure, if you want to kiss Alex, go right ahead."

Shane made a sour face that drew laughter from around the table. "I don't want to kiss Alex."

"So, what do you want to do Alex?" Stacey asked, unable to resist playing at Shane's expense.

"You could kiss him if you want," Shane said. "You can kiss both of them, Alex and Brandi."

"Now this is turning into my kind of party," Craig offered. "Who do you want to kiss?" he asked his dark haired wife.

"Oh, you know me," Kelly said. "I'll kiss anyone, anywhere."

"Have I told you lately how much I love you?" Craig said, kissing his wife. Their kiss was more passionate than the one between Alex and Brandi. As it lingered, four pairs of eyes watched it.

Next to her, Stacey felt her husband squirm. "Problem?" she asked, keep her voice a soft whisper in his ear.

"Not yet," he said.

"Maybe I can change that," she offered, giving him a kiss of her own. As soon as their lips touched, Shane pushed his tongue inside her mouth and their kiss was deeper than appropriate under normal circumstances. But these weren't normal circumstances. Stacey moaned inside her hubby's mouth. "You're going to get me excited," she cautioned.

"Good," he said, his eyes dropping to her chest. Stacey knew her nipples were hard and poking through the fabric of her bathing suit top. They had been hard, but his kiss and attention made them harder. "Cold?" he asked, but she knew he knew better.

"So what's it going to be? Strip poker? Spin the bottle? Quarters?" Kelly asked.

"I saw a deck of playing cards in one of the kitchen drawers," Stacey offered, getting up to fetch them.

"No shit, are we really going to do this?" Craig asked. "Do we need some rules or anything?" He looked at Shane and then at Alex and Brandi. His question looked aimed at the guys. "I mean, I don't mind sharing Kelly, but I'm we're sort of into that. What about you guys?"

Stacey was happy when Shane offered the first answer. "I don't mind sharing Stacey if she doesn't mind sharing me."

"Can we have a second?" Brandi asked the group, pulling her husband into a corner for a conversation that worried Stacey. When Kelly gave her a look, she could see the concern in Kelly's eyes, too. This wasn't part of their afternoon discussion. Had Brandi changed her mind? The longer the conversation lasted, the more concerned she became. She tried to read their body language, noticing how both spouses kept looking back at the group. As she was about to give up on anything happening, she saw Brandi move her hand to the front of her husband's shorts. As Brandi rubbed Alex, he began to blush. His face went from pink to a deep red, but he was nodding his head at the same time. What the hell was she saying to him? Stacey stole a glance at Craig and Kelly Ferguson. They both shrugged, wondering the same thing. Stacey sat back down next to her husband, gave him the pack of playing cards, and he began shuffling as he watched the conversation in the corner without comment.

Brandi tucked her fingers inside the waistband of Alex's shorts and pulled the obviously excited man back to the center of the room. He was still red-faced with embarrassment, but she was smiling. She looked at the other two couples before announcing, "Just for the record, Alex is available to everyone." Her hand slipped over his bulge. "To anyone for anything. And if we're going to play this game, I expect to see him used."

"Cool!" Kelly said, giving Craig a quick kiss on the cheek. "This just got interesting."

"Does that mean what I think?" Shane asked.

"Change anything for you?" Stacey asked him, squeezing his inner thigh and pressing the side of her hand against his hard cock and soft balls. "Things could get weird."

"Anything you won't do?" he asked his wife. Stacey shook his head. "Then I'm fine, too."

Proving the point that one never knows what happens inside of another couple's marriage, cute and petite Brandi told her husband to stand up. He did, his big bulge reaching nearly to the waistband of his shorts. "Don't just stand there. Let everyone see." Alex pulled off her shirt, revealing a well defined chest and flat stomach with that little trail of fur that leads down from a man's bellybutton to places more interesting. That much, Stacey had already seen and appreciated on him. Next, he pushed down his shorts and revealed what he was wearing beneath them. The girly panties he wore would have been too big for tiny Brandi. The lacy thong bisected his nut sac and the waistband bisected his hard, straining cock. "Turn around, let everyone see," Brandi giggled. The backside showed the reappearance of the thong from deep between his butt cheeks before it reconnected with the waistband. While Brandi hadn't mentioned it during the afternoon gossip-fest, Alex was completely shaved beneath that trail of fur and above his thighs.

The atmosphere in the room had changed when Craig and Shane said they were willing to play along with whatever happened. But seeing Alex's embarrassment, his girly panties, and his hard cock on display beneath them changed the atmosphere a second time. "Oh fuck," Craig whispered, though his voice carried through-out the stunned and silent room.

"Very interesting," Kelly said, repeating her line from moments ago. Her high beam, wide smile could have illuminated the room as she stared at Alex while grabbing at her husband's crotch.

"What the hell have I signed up for?" Shane muttered.

"Anything and everything," Stacey told him, adding a kiss. She squeezed his inner thigh again, too, and felt the lump inside his shorts. "So what's the game, lover?"

It took Shane a moment to collect himself, but once he did, he smiled. "Fine, here's how we'll play. The cards are dealt face up. Everyone gets one card. The high card tells the low card what to do. High card ties are broken by extra cards. Fair enough?"

"What about low card ties?" Alex asked.

"I guess the high card gets double the fun." With rules established, Shane began passing cards around the table, starting with the Fergusons. Craig drew an Jack while Kelly drew a 2.

"Shit. Do aces count as high or low?"

"I guess low," Shane said, moving to the Williams next. Brandi received a four while Alex smiled at his King. Finally, Shane put down a card for his wife, another four, and gave himself a five. Alex played it safe, asking Kelly to take off her top. Like the other two women, Kelly was wearing her bikini top across her chest. She undid the tie behind her back and pulled it off over her head to cheers from the rest of the room. Kelly's tan lines remained, perfectly following the contours of her bikini top. With her hand still on her husband's thigh, Stacey felt Shane's prick jump. He gave her a worried look.

"It's all good, baby. I thought you'd like seeing that."

"Deal again," Kelly told Shane. Leaving the other cards on the table, he passed around a second hand. Craig seemed happy with his seven while Kelly cheered her Queen. "For the record, whoever gets the lowest card is taking off more than just their top." When Brandi received a Queen, too, it set up a potential draw off. Shane kept dealing to see if someone might get another Queen or even a King. The low card, a four, went to his wife.

"Don't worry about the draw-off," Brandi said. "My answer is the same. I want to see some skin!"

Stacey felt herself blush, but didn't argue with her fate. She pulled off her bikini top to eager stares. Standing, she wiggled out of her shorts, taking her panties down with them. No reason to be coy when she was going to end up naked. Trying to maintain a lady-like presence, she demurely crossed her legs and nodded at Shane for another round of cards.

Craig pulled a three and shrugged it off. When Stacey got the high card, she couldn't help bouncing up and down and clapping her hands. "I think you know what I want to see. So get nakie," she told him. As a veteran of group nudity, Craig didn't look embarrassed by the prospect. Crossing his legs wouldn't hide anything and when Craig sat back down, he didn't try. Stacey stared between his legs, admiring his hard cock, neatly cropped pubic hair, and shaved balls. Unlike his wife, Craig didn't have any tan lines. Stacey like how that looked, too.

The next round of cards brought a cheer of victory and a moan of defeat to Shane as he gave Brandi the highest card, a Queen, and dealt himself an Ace. His confusion was easy to understand. Aces are usually high, except he had called them as low. "Fuck," he said while everyone else laughed.

"Let's see it," Brandi said, smiling and staring.

Stacey watched her husband pull off his t-shirt, shorts, and boxers. While she knew how he looked naked, she still like to see him that way. He was as hard as she expected and when he sat back down, she wasn't shy about putting her hand back on his inner thigh.

Brandi's luck held out for another round when Shane gave her a King. But then he gave himself a King, too. Meanwhile, Stacey was stuck with the lowest card. A quick draw off between Shane and Brandi kept the petite blonde in control. "So I have to tell her what to do, right?" Brandi asked. She thought about it for a moment. "I guess, since she's already naked, you need to see how hard you can make your nipples."

"They're already hard," Stacey said, but she rolled them between her thumbs and fingers just the same. Stacey had long nipples, even when they weren't hard. Once they got stiff, they were long and fat, too. She watched her hands as she rolled them between her fingers, feeling the excited surge making its way through her body as five pairs of eyes watched her. She flicked each of them, showing they were as hard as they got.

Brandi's luck finally broke on the next round of cards. Holding a Queen, Stacey just nodded. As the petite blonde began pulling off her clothes, Stacey wrapped her hand around her husband's prick. Shane was going to like what he was about to see. His cock began throbbing as soon as Brandi had pulled off her top and revealed her tanned tits and brown nipples. It throbbed even harder when she shimmied out of her bottoms to show her tan never stopped. "Told you," Stacey said to him.

On the next go around, Craig and Shane tied with high cards to Kelly's lowest. Stripping naked, she looked glad to be that way. "Can I suggest a rule change?" Kelly asked. "Since we're all naked, let's say the two lowest cards have to do something together, okay? High card's choice." Stacey didn't mind and she could see Brandi was okay with it. The guys, however, exchanged several glances. Stacey squeezed Shane's prick.

"Okay," he said. "As long as I'm not kissing another guy on the lips."

"If you guys can keep a secret, I'm okay," Craig agreed.

"Fuck, what do you think?" Alex said, gesturing at the panties he still wore. "Do I look like someone who's going to be afraid of a little man-on-man action?" Everyone laughed and Shane managed one more round of cards before needing to collect them for a reshuffle. As his luck would have it, he gave the lowest card to Craig, the second lowest to himself, and the highest card went to the person who had suggested the rule change.

"Damn good thing he's dealing," Craig told his smiling wife.

Kelly stopped smiling as she looked at her husband. "What? You think I would cheat or something?"

"No, baby, I'm just saying..."

"No, don't talk with your mouth full," Kelly said, her smiling returning. "I want to see you suck him." Craig's mouth dropped open, stunned. "I didn't say you had to suck him off. Just suck him." She pushed at him. "C'mon, baby. You've seen me do it to enough guys. Now it's your turn."

Craig got up and knelt between Shane's knees. Kelly had followed him, moving so she wouldn't miss a moment of it. She looked excited. Stacey moved her hand from her husband's excited prick. Whether Shane wanted a man to suck him or not, his body was ready for the attention.

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