Low murmurs could be heard as people's heads leaned together. Angela could hear soft words of praise for her parents, so recently killed in a car accident. Her feet ached in the black pumps that she longed to shed, even for a few minutes. She knew from experience, however, that it would only hurt worse once she had to put them on again.

At 35, Angela had been handed her ass repeatedly in the last year. Her marriage of 8 years had ended abruptly when her worthless excuse for a husband got his secretary pregnant. Angela had waited at Steve's request, watching her prime childbearing years slip right by the wayside. There was always "next year," Steve said repeatedly. "Well," Angela thought, "next year might never come now."

Then, just as life was settling back into something that looked like normal, came the knock at the door. Two highway patrol men stood at her door, shifting their feet uncomfortably. They had been kind, she supposed, as they broke the news that her parents, not yet 60, had been killed instantly after being struck head-on by an oncoming semi-truck whose driver had fallen asleep at the wheel. "Ma'am, we doubt they ever knew what hit them, they never suffered," the patrolman had said earnestly.

Angela tried to take comfort in it, but comfort was in short supply at funerals. She reached up, unconsciously, to feel her honey blonde hair was still trapped in the chignon she had wrapped it into this morning. A quick check in the mirror showed that her hazel eyes, while red-rimmed, were clear. Her mascara had held up well. Her lipstick had come off, but she couldn't be bothered to reapply it. At 5'7" tall, slender and no children to mar her figure, everything was holding up just fine. "So long as the wine keeps coming," she grimaced, reaching for another glass.

Strong arms encircled her. "Had enough yet?" A deep, warm voice murmured in her ear. Angela whirled and threw her arms around her startled brother. "Jeff, when did you get in?" Angela's big brother had arrived and she was able to let go of the iron control she had maintained for so long as she sobbed into his shoulder.

Jeff Kramer was 37 years old. At 6'2" tall, he towered over his baby sister and he never let her forget it. She had always sworn she would catch up to him when they were little, but she never had. He shared her coloring they had both inherited from their mother. Their dad had fire engine red hair and was freckled. They had both thanked their lucky stars they had avoided that fate. The children of two school teachers, they had enjoyed a wonderful childhood in a stable home. Their parents always had summers off and they had spent them wandering with their kids. There wasn't a lot of money for extras growing up, but there had been no shortage of love.

Jeff let Angela cry a little, then he said, "We'll both cry it out later. Let's see what we can do to convince people to clear out." He pulled his sister's face away from his now-ruined suit coat and looked at her. "What is it with you? You should look like a hot mess after an ugly cry like that, but instead you're gorgeous. I freaking hate you, Angie Bean."

Angela groaned at the nickname. Her brother hated green beans, so to bug her, he had started calling her "Angie Bean" as a child. It was annoying, because nothing she came up with bothered Jeff as much as "Angie Bean" bothered her. Wiping her eyes with a napkin, she downed her wine, then circulated amongst the guests. She agreed all over the room that they had been "lucky" to die together, that they "would have wanted it that way." It never ceased to amaze Angela the dumb things people would say at funerals. "Yes, I'm thrilled my parents died together! Saved me a fortune on the funeral," she wanted to scream. "We got a two-for-one discount from the funeral home."

Sadly, she had been brought up too well to resort to such bitchiness. She would save it until later for Jeff, who would appreciate it.

Finally, the crowd started to thin. She was grateful they hadn't had a reception at the house. This would be someone else's mess to clean up. Angela didn't want to deal with her parent's place today, anyway. She doubted Jeff would, either. They would go back to her place, drink more wine and bawl, just as things should be.

Those thoughts were still in her head when she felt strong fingers take her own, encircle them and squeeze them gently. "Come on, Angie Bean, let's get out of here." They said goodbye to the stragglers, thanked the funeral home staff and walked out to Angela's car. "I hope you don't mind giving me a ride. I can get a hotel ..."

"No way, Jeff! You're staying with me." She popped her trunk so he could stow the small bag he had with him inside. They both got into her car and huddled, shivering, while the engine warmed up. "I can't believe how cold it is already," Angela whined. Only November, yet they had already had a snowstorm, the one in which their parents had been killed.

Jeff groaned. "Tell me about it! I left 75-degree heat to come up here to freeze." He had settled in New Orleans years ago and it seemed to agree with him. She had visited him a couple of times and loved it as a tourist, but she wasn't sure what it would be like to live there all the time. Ohio was home and that's all there was to it, she guessed.

She drove them to her place, a small two-bedroom condo. She had certainly downsized from the large home she had shared with Steve. She let him have it and used the proceeds of her settlement to pay cash for this condo. It suited her and the upkeep was a snap. As she let them inside, the warmth of the place instantly took the chill out of her bones.

She showed Jeff to the guest bedroom and got some towels for him to use during his stay. She hadn't asked him how long he was staying. She was sure he would let her know when he was ready. She was off work for the rest of the week. A teacher like her parents, she had called for a substitute for the first time in her career. She guessed she had earned the grieving time.

Kicking off the hated pumps, Angela changed into sweats and a large sweater. She eschewed underwear and a bra. She slid her aching feet into her beloved Uggs slippers and sighed with appreciation. "Why can't fashion be comfortable?" she wondered for the millionth time. She used the bathroom, washed her face and then wandered back out to the living room.

Jeff had already changed, started a fire in her fireplace and had found a bottle of her wine. Two glasses had been filled and a plate of cheese and olives sat out on her coffee table. "Ah, you helped yourself. You're the perfect house guest." Angela sank onto the couch and laid down, her head in her brother's lap. "You can stay."

Jeff popped an olive into his sister's mouth. "Oh good, because moving to Ohio to freeze with you was exactly what I had in mind." His fingers wound into her hair. They had always enjoyed touching each other, probably more than a brother/sister should. Despite being 37, Jeff had never married. He had never been with any one woman long enough for it to truly stick. There had been one, when he was 29, who had lasted a year. That ended when he caught her in bed with his best friend. He lost the chick, kept the friend and thanked his lucky stars for the escape.

Almost as if she read his thoughts, Angela asked, "How's Brett? Is he still banging all your girlfriends?" Angela had been more annoyed with Brett than Jeff had been. Getting mad at Brett for screwing was like getting mad at the sun for rising. He only took what was offered, and it had been offered plenty over the years. Brett felt bad, being that the worthless bitch had been his girlfriend, but as far as Jeff was concerned, Brett had done him a favor.

"He's good," Jeff answered her, popping another olive in her mouth. Then he swallowed a half of his glass of wine. "I don't know about you, but I plan on drinking a lot of this."

"Fuck yes," Angela answered. She propped herself on her elbows and took another drink herself. "I have plenty and if we need more, there's a store just around the corner."

They stayed that way the next few hours. Talking, laughing, crying, drinking more wine than two people should be able to consume. They were both drunk, talking about some of the wilder escapades of their childhood. Angela wound up on her brother's lap after trying to stand up at one point and falling backwards. "It's official, I'm drunk," she giggled uproariously.

Jeff laughed. "The exact words every man dreams to come out of the mouth of a beautiful blond woman." He tugged her hair, which was free from its careful chignon and delightfully messy. "I love seeing you like this. You're always so well put together but now?" He laughed. "You're a hot mess, Angie Bean."

Angela snorted in a truly unladylike way. "We can't all be naturally gorgeous like you, Jeff. Some of us have to work at it." She reached up and grabbed his cheeks, squeezing them. "The most gorgeous man I know and you have to be my brother. It's a good thing, too, otherwise I'd haul you off to bed."

Jeff laughed. "Yeah, you'd take ME to bed? You'd chicken out first." He smirked at her. "I'm drunk enough to do it. Why the fuck not?"

Angela found this hysterically funny. "I would so not chicken out. I didn't chicken out the time you got me to steal the last two cookies from the cookie jar."

Jeff cracked up. "Yes, because that's the same thing. Cookies and sex."

Angela looked up at her brother as if seeing him for the first time. She was lightheaded from the wine and ... something else that she couldn't really identify. Was it arousal? Regardless, Jeff had initiated a game of chicken and she wasn't going to be the one to back down. She reached up for his face again and brought her lips closer. "I'm here," she said, her voice surprisingly clear and giggle-free. "What are you going to do about it?"

Jeff found himself hardening. He shifted a little, hoping his sister was too drunk to notice. Her lips were so close he could feel her breath on his mouth and he couldn't resist the chance to kiss her as a man, not as her brother. He lowered his own mouth. "This," was his only reply as his lips touched hers.

The kiss was simple, sweet and so hot. It was tentative, exploring, each trying to figure out the breaking off point of the other. Angela's lips parted first and Jeff didn't hesitate to give her his tongue, swirling it into her mouth. He could taste the wine in her mouth as well as her own sweetness. His arms came around her upper body to support her and she grabbed at his shoulders, clutching at him. The kiss took on a life of its own. Jeff found his hand sliding under her sweater and traveling up until he felt his sister's warm breast. Her left nipple was already hard and welcoming. She moaned into his mouth as he touched her lightly, then more firmly, twisting her nipple between his fingers.

Angela broke the kiss first, looking up at Jeff's face in something that looked like awe. "Oh fuck, where did you learn to kiss like that?" She pulled her sweater up off over her head, tossing it on the floor.

Jeff looked at his sister's lovely body and groaned. She was perfect. There wasn't a mark on her, save one little mole on the right inner curve of her right breast. He lowered his mouth to it and kissed the slight imperfection, then kissed his way to her nipple and pulled it into hips lips, sucking her. She groaned and arched her back. "Yes, baby ... I love your mouth on me like that."

Angela kissed off her slippers and let her toes dig into the couch. Jeff's mouth was working magic on her breast and for the first time in months, she was feeling something other than awful. As he fed from one breast to the other, she clutched his hair and held him to her, loving everything he was doing, every sensation her big brother gave her willing flesh.

Jeff stopped making love to his sister's tits long enough to pull off his own shirt, then pulled Angela up so she was straddling his lap. They kissed feverishly, her moistened nipples rubbing against his firm chest. He didn't have a lot of body hair, but the hair he had led down his torso and disappeared into the waistband of his own sweats. Angela could feel his erection pressing up against her pussy and her insides clenched in naked, raw need.

He pulled his lips away from his sister long enough to murmur, "Last chance to stop, because we're getting close to the point where I won't be able to."

Angela murmured back, "Why stop? Who are we hurting?" Jeff supposed, with his last functioning brain cell, that she had a point. Their parents were gone, they were both single and there wasn't anyone on the face of the earth who could possibly have reason to object.

Jeff's answer to her question was to shove her onto her back on the couch. He yanked at her sweats, pulling them off her hips, down her long legs and off over her feet. Fully nude before him, he could only think "Yep, perfect" again as crawled up those long legs, kissing his way up them. Angela parted her thighs for him and he saw her pussy for the first time. Capped with a small bush of neatly trimmed honey blond curls the same shade as the hair on her head, the pink skin of her sex was already wet, and open to his gaze. She reached down without shame and rubbed the little hooded button between her luscious pussy lips. "Looking for this?" she asked, a hint of smile in her voice.

"God, yes," Jeff replied. He made himself comfortable between his sister's thighs and tasted her sweetness. "Oh fuck, I'm a dead man," he murmured in appreciation. Angela buried her hands in his hair again, guiding his head to where she wanted it. Moaning, she laid her head back on the couch, absolutely wanton in her need. She had no idea where he brother had learned to lick a woman, but she was silently grateful to all those women who took the opportunity to teach him.

"Fuck, yes, right there," she gasped when he found this special little spot just to the left of her clit. She was often too sensitive to take direct pressure on the clit itself, but indirect stimulation often sent her over the edge. Sure enough, she felt a shimmering sensation engulf her body and her heart started to pound. "Yes, Jeff, I'm going to cum," she yelled, her body convulsing as Jeff struggled to stay on for the wild ride of her hips bucking beneath his greedy mouth. He stayed where he was a second or two longer, then his tongue slid down and he tasted his beloved sister's cum and groaned at the flavor he had never expected to sample in his wildest dreams.

Smartly backing off her clit, he slid his finger into her pussy and curled at the knuckle, looking for and finding that walnut shaped bud. Rubbing her spot, so soon after her orgasm, triggered her to gush more fluid at him. Angela didn't squirt like they did in porno movies, but there was enough wetness to soak his hand and he lapped at her juices appreciatively. "God, Angela, you taste so good. I could stay down here forever."

His mouth found that little spot on her clit again and without giving her much of a rest, he soon had her cumming again. He couldn't believe how she responsive she was to his touch, his kiss, his mouth. "Steve gave this up for his fat secretary?" Jeff could only inwardly shrug and dive back in for another taste.

Angela looked up at him after her third orgasm had subsided. "Come here," she said dreamily. "I want to taste you."

Jeff shook his head. "No fucking way, if I stick my dick in your mouth, I'll cum in a second. I have my heart set on your pussy." He paused, while removing his own sweats. "That is if you are okay with me fucking you?"

Angela laughed. "Okay with it? I would beg you on my hands and knees if you wanted me to." As his cock sprang free, her eyes widened. He wasn't porno big, but he was a solid 7 inches and just amazing. His circumcised head was slick with precum. She stroked him lightly with her fingers and watched her brother shudder at her touch. As he looked at her, his lusty eyes so much like her own, she brought her fingers to her lips and sucked his precum off, lapping at the taste with her tongue. Then she laughed and pulled him down to her body, her hand rubbing his cock between their two bodies. "Fuck me, big brother."

Jeff kissed her harshly, tasting himself on her lips as he was sure she could taste her own juices on him. He felt his sister move his head back and forth over her wet cunt and he groaned, knowing that wetness was for him. How did he get this fucking lucky? He didn't question it further, he waited until his cock was at the entrance to her body, then opened his eyes to watch his Angie Bean's face as he sank into her waiting tunnel.

Angela's own eyes were opened wide and she gasped as his head sank about an inch into her body. She involuntarily squeezed at him, choking his head with her pussy muscles. It had been the better part of the year since the last time she had been with Steve. She hadn't had much patience for dating. His throbbing cock had been the first she had felt in too long of a time and despite the amazing foreplay, she wasn't sure her body was ready for it.

Her body had other ideas. She relaxed as he pulled back almost to the point of withdrawing, then pushed into her quivering flesh again, this time about halfway in. "Fuck," he growled out, "You are so fucking tight, baby." He closed his eyes, willing his body to calm down so he didn't spill his seed right then and there. Once he had himself under control, he withdrew again and this time, he pushed himself into the hilt. Their pubic hair was now touching, identical in shade to the other. His sister wrapped those long legs around him and he felt her body undulate beneath him, thrusting against his sick and he closed his eyes a second time at the amazing, overwhelming sensation of her sex was giving him.

They fucked. They made love. They were joined at the crotch and Angela had never felt better in her life. Each stroke of his cock into her made her whimper. She changed the angle of her hips so that his pubic bone was rubbing against her clit and all too soon, her cunt was spasming around his erection, his cock being milked from the inside, forcing him to stop and gather his control again. He opened his eyes and watched his sister as she came, appreciating the look of pain and pleasure on her face. Jeff kissed her again, their tongues clinging to each other as he resumed his thrusts, making each one more magical than the last. Had this been other circumstances, he might have rolled them over and let her be on top for a while, let her control the depth and rate so she could cum again and again, but he knew he would not last long once giving up that control.

Instead, he moved slowly, deeply, his cock penetrating his sister's pussy over and over, the cries coming from her sweet mouth more nasty and wicked than anything he experienced. His sister liked to talk dirty as she fucked and he loved it. Finally, when he had run out of tricks to keep himself under control, he started thrusting harder, taking her roughly and letting his balls have their way. "Where do you want it," he growled out, when he knew the end was near.

"Inside me," she murmured. "I'm safe." He didn't question what that meant, just nodded and thrust twice more before shouting her name as he came, erupting into her incestuous pussy. Shot after shot of warm cum filled her and she marveled at the beauty of this moment. He collapsed on top of her and she "ooomphed," but he did not move.

She smiled and wrapped her arms around him. He shifted slightly and she inhaled a sweet lungful of air. He grabbed the blanket from the back of the couch and threw it over them and they fell asleep, his now softened cock at the entrance of her pussy, completely spent.

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