"So when's my next bath?" He asked as the still panting Cathy tried to straighten out her hair and clothing.

"Soon," she purred, and kissed him once more before going to check in the bathroom mirror to make sure she wasn't disheveled.

He wiggled his fingers in an approximation of a wave as she left the room with her cart.

Amber's eyes lit up when Cathy returned to the nurse's station. "I know that freshly-fucked look," she whispered, and then emphatically gestured for her friend to join her behind the counter.


"Well, you're in good spirits, Mr. Phillips," Doctor Davis remarked as she checked his chart.

"Best hospital stay I've ever had," John said with a wide smile. After over a week of giving and receiving oral pleasure with his two sex-hungry nurses — often from both each night — he certainly was in fine spirits.

"Everything looks good, so we'll take those casts off tomorrow."

"So I guess I don't have to worry about jostling any more?"

"No, the breaks have healed, so you can ask the nurses to help you sit up and move around a bit more. You're going to have to have some therapy to retrain your muscles after so long in bed. Odds are that you won't be able to go home for a while, and you won't be able to return to work for a while after that."

"I have a good disability plan at work, so I guess I'll just enjoy the vacation."

"That's the spirit. I'll see you tomorrow, then. I'll have the nurses put you on a massage pad to help with some of those muscle aches, since it's safe to move you enough now."

"Thank you, Doctor."

John smiled as his sexy doctor left the room, happy with the prognosis. The only reason his two hot nurses hadn't straddled his cock yet was because of the movement restrictions. With those restrictions removed, he was anticipating the best night of his life.


"Heads," Amber called as Cathy flipped the coin.

Cathy sighed, "You win."

"You'll get your turn," Amber whispered, her voice full of anticipation. "We already know he can get hard again in no time, with the proper encouragement."

"I'll key the intercom in his room if anyone else comes up on the floor, or one of the patients gets up or something. You're going to have to listen for it and not get too distracted."

"I know. It won't be easy. Come on — let's pass out the meds. I'm practically dripping."

"So am I, and I have to wait for hours."

"I bet it will be worth the wait."

"Me too," Cathy responded with a silvery little laugh.


John smiled as Amber entered, and quickly shut the door behind her. She didn't say a word as she sauntered into the bathroom and took off her clothes, the plan that she'd worked out with her friend. If Cathy buzzed the intercom, she'd quickly close John's robe and hurry into the bathroom to dress again, which would give her a few extra seconds if necessary.

John couldn't wait. He'd been at least half-hard for hours in anticipation, and couldn't even adjust himself to relieve the pressure. Amber walked out pinching the pale pink nipples capping her breasts, and wasted no time climbing into the bed.

"God, I've been waiting for this," Amber said in a sultry voice as she climbed onto the bed, the little blonde triangle on her mound pointing at her bare-shaven labia drawing his eyes.

"Me too," John breathed as she straddled his hips and reached for his cock.

Amber rubbed the swollen tip of his cock over her nether lips, letting him feel the abundant wetness there, and then angled his cock between her folds. She sank down slowly, her eyes tightly shut, her mouth wide open, and her jaw trembling.

John let out a long, hard breath as her tight pussy wrapped around him for the first time. She felt incredible, as hot and wet as any woman he'd ever been with.

"S-so big," she stuttered as her intimate muscles clamped down on him, squeezing him even tighter.

He stared between their bodies, loving the sight of her pussy straining to contain him, her lips stretched taut around his girth. A thick sheathe of her wetness coated him as she rose up over his erection, her labia clinging to him in a soft, slippery caress.

Amber leaned forward, bracing one hand on the bed while she slipped the other between her legs. Her breasts jiggled right in front of his face as she rode him, rocking her hips to stroke him inside her while she circled her clit with the fingertips of her other hand.

John grinned and tapped the controls of the massage mat beneath him, cranking it up to maximum vibration.

Amber choked off a yelp as the powerful vibrations flowed through his body and into hers. Her hips moved faster, as did her fingers. Her face flushed red, spreading down to her chest, as the combination of his cock, her fingers, and the humming mat drove her to new heights of pleasure.

"Love — your — cock," Amber gasped as she rode him, her bottom starting to slap against his thighs, and probably scraping against his casts as well.

"Damn, that pussy feels good. Come for me," John growled, wishing he could grab her and hold her against him, or even better, turn her over and pound her hard.

"So good. So big. So hard," the blonde nurse whimpered as she rose up onto her knees again, her fingers now a blur over her clit.

"Make that tight little pussy come," John encouraged her, his eyes roving from her now bouncing breasts, up to her flushed face, and down to his cock vanishing ever more rapidly inside her.

"Oh! Oh! Oh my god!" The words bubbled from her lips in carefully controlled whimpers as she drew closer to the edge.

John could feel the hot itch of his own climax building as he listened to the sweet symphony of her bottom slapping off his thighs and the squishy sound of his cock plowing into her soaked pussy. He fought against the urge to come, but knew that he was losing the battle to the sexy nurse riding him.

"So close. Going to come," Amber yelped, almost too loud, though neither she nor John noticed the dangerous volume.

John growled as he tried to keep his semen contained, but couldn't hold out any longer. With a grunt, he blasted his cream deep inside her.

As he swelled, pulsed, and pumped her full of cum, Amber tumbled over the edge as well. Her fingers froze over her clit and she pressed hard against him, her walls clamping down on him like a vise. She had her head thrown back, thrusting her breasts out at him, and her mouth open in a silent scream. She quivered and twitched as the vibrations flowing through his thick cock kept stimulating her even after she stopped moving.

When the first wave of orgasm finally released her, Amber sucked in a great breath of air and fell forward against his chest. She panted and gasped for breath, her firm breasts tight against him, and her pussy rhythmically squeezing him with every spike of pleasure running through her body.

"Oh g-god. Oh god. S-so f-fucking g-g-good," Amber stammered, still unable to open her eyes.

"Hell yeah," John echoed, twitching from the squeeze of her around his over-sensitive cock.

For long minutes, Amber could do nothing except lie atop him, her pussy burning and throbbing with pleasure at the same time. An involuntary twitch caused him to slip from her, spilling their mingled juices all over him and the still vibrating mat beneath her. She managed to turn off the mat, and then summoned up her strength to rise.

She was still dripping his cream when she rose, and covered her sex with her hand as she struggled to climb off of the bed. He smiled once she regained her feet and switched hands, bringing her cum-soaked fingers to her lips to lick them clean.

"Need to..." Amber stopped to suck in a deep breath, and then gestured with her head toward the bathroom.

John nodded, and then smiled as she waddled to the bathroom, trying to keep from dripping on the floor.

Amber returned on weak knees a minute or two later with a towel, and did her best to clean up the evidence. She did what she could, but knew that she and Cathy would have to change the bed after the brunette had her turn. She looked down at his flaccid cock and shuddered, remembering how he'd felt inside her.

"I'm going to walk funny for a week," she said with a little chuckle.

"You're fucking incredible," John said as she leaned down to kiss him.

"So are you. I thought you were going to split me in half, but it was so good." She then looked at the clock and said, "I'd better get back out there."

John let out a satisfied sigh and said, "Okay."

Still a little wobbly, Amber returned to the bathroom to dress, and blew a kiss to her patient before leaving the room.

John lay back to doze, to recover his strength for round two in a little while.


John awoke with a start, quite surprised that he'd fallen asleep. He was hardly upset by what had awakened him, however. Cathy leaned over him where she'd just finished opening his robe and teased his cock with her heavy breasts.

John admired her full, heart-shaped ass, a nice contrast to Amanda's dancer's butt. She nestled his slowly hardening cock between her breasts and tickled the tip with her tongue.

"Why don't we warm each other up," John suggested.

Cathy let out a purr and climbed up onto the bed. She knelt over him and teased her large, pinky-tip sized nipples while squatting down to tickle his tummy with the dark racing stripe of curls on her mound. After a lick of her lips, she stood up and walked carefully to the head of the bed. With a quick turn, she knelt down again and filled his senses with the sight, scent, and taste of eager, aroused woman.

Cathy's tongue danced over his stiffening organ as he lapped her folds, finding her just as wet as Amber had been. He couldn't wait to have his cock buried inside her as well. Soon enough, he stretched the brunette's lips as her juices dribbled into his mouth.

John managed to get one last swipe of his tongue as Cathy lifted her hips. She once again stood and turned around before settling to her knees over his erection. She lay down atop him, her wet folds against his tummy, and said, "I want that cock inside me."

"It's all yours," John said. "It's not as if I could stop you, if I wanted to."

"Mmm — I'm going to have my way with you," she said as she scooted backwards, into position.

John could hear the wet crackle of his cock penetrating her as she guided it into her depths. She wiggled her ass when he hit bottom, stirring his thick member inside her with a little moan.

Cathy leaned forward, dangling her pendulous breasts in front of his face, and guided her right nipple into his mouth. He suckled the stiff bud while she ground against him, the hot friction on her clit causing her to moan again.

She offered him her other nipple, and then returned to the first, her hips continuing to slowly swivel and grind over his buried cock. Finally, she could resist her need no longer, and sat up over him, pulling her nipple from his mouth with a slurping pop.

Rather than bouncing as Amber had, Cathy continued to swivel her hips while she lifted her hood to directly rub her clit. As she grew more excited, she turned her efforts to rocking her hips, which allowed her to move much faster.

Cathy groaned as her pleasure mounted and John admired her swinging breasts, the motion growing more pronounced as she strove for greater stimulation. Though he reveled in the feeling of her tight pussy squeezing him, he was nowhere near a climax when she soared toward her first orgasm.

Cathy rocked her hips violently, her fast-moving fingers spattering her abundant wetness over John's tummy as she rode him. Her energetic motions hovered just below the point of painful to him as she neared her peak, and then tumbled over the precipice.

John clenched his muscles to rise up toward her a little and make his cock throb as she came. He could feel a stream of her juices meandering down his balls, and the sight of her silently screaming, her face a brilliant shade of red, made him wish he could move enough to thrust up into her.

Cathy's head lashed back and forth, whipping her curly brown locks as her body undulated atop him, riding the waves of her orgasm. She gasped, panted, and whimpered, senseless from the pleasure and starting to worry him that she'd cry out too loudly and cause a scene that would end the chance of any more nocturnal visits from the two nurses. Thankfully, she settled down from her peak without loosing the scream that obviously wanted to erupt from her.

The beautiful brunette collapsed against his chest, still breathing heavily, and occasionally twitching her hips. As best he could with the restrictive casts, John tried to thrust into her, seeking his own release.

With a gasp, Cathy levered up onto her hands. This time the motion of her hips stroked him inside of her, building his own ecstasy.

"Damn, those tits look good swinging in front of my face."

"Ah, I love your big fucking cock. Does your nurse's little pussy feel good?"

"Hell yes," he responded, now feeling the itch of his own climax approaching.

"Oh my fucking... I'm close again," Cathy said in a voice husky from the effort of her hips pumping on his erection. "Fucking love your cock."

"Oh yeah. That's it," John grunted, nearly there.

"You going to come?" Cathy asked, now bucking with wild abandon on his cock.

"Fuck yeah."

"Do it. Fill my pussy full of cum." The last word turned into a quiet, high-pitched moan as her own ecstasy gathered, preparing to unleash.

"Yeah," John responded in a long growl, and then groaned as he spurted his seed inside her, coating her walls.

John grunted and gasped as she continued to bounce on his cock, seeking her own release. Just as he thought he wouldn't be able to handle any more, her eyes popped wide open and she let out a squeal. He felt her pussy clamp down on him, and she trembled through her climax.

As with Amber before, Cathy cleaned up the evidence. She didn't use a towel until after she'd lapped up all she could with her tongue, though. She managed to help John move enough to change the bedding by herself, feeling a burst of energy from her orgasms.

I guess I am lucky, He thought as she left the room with a wave and a final shiver.


Cathy froze when she stepped out of the room to see Doctor Davis standing in front of the nurse's station. She could see the fear in Amber's eyes, and felt it grip her as well.

"Come here," Doctor Davis said in a tone that said she would accept no excuses, her expression hard and unrelenting.

Cathy swallowed, her stomach sour and tears welling up in her eyes. Having little alternative, she crossed to the nurse's station to join her likewise misty-eyed blonde friend.


John was surprised to see Doctor Davis when he looked away from the television upon hearing the door open. She was the last person he expected to see at after three a.m. She shut the door behind her and immediately crossed to the bed.

"What is it, Doc?"

She pulled over a stool and sat down next to the bed, taking off her glasses at the same time. "It has come to my attention that two of your nurses, Amber and Cathy, may have behaved in a very unprofessional manner toward you."

John shrugged his shoulders and lied, "Not that I've noticed."

"Hmm," Doctor Davis said as she tapped her folded glasses against her chin. "Are you sure? If they've made you uncomfortable with any sort of unwelcome advances, all you have to do is tell me."

With a shake of his head and a smile, John said, "Nope. They haven't made me uncomfortable at all. Somebody must be trying to get them in trouble."

The doctor put down her glasses. "I see. I don't believe you, however." She stood up and added, "I'm going to need a sample."

"Of what?"

A mischievous grin spread across her face as she laid her hand over his cock. "Of this."

John grinned as she pulled out the pins holding up her hair, letting the dark waves cascade down to her shoulders. His smile grew even wider as she unbuttoned her lab coat, revealing that she wasn't wearing anything beneath it.

Her breasts were a little larger than Amber's, just as firm, and a perfect, teardrop shape. Small dark nipples surmounted the enticing globes, obviously stiff with desire. The doctor had a thick nest of curls on her mound, though her labia were bare.

By the time the doctor peeled open his robe, John was already half hard. A few teasing brushes of her fingertips was all it took to bring him to full erection. He was a little sore from the recent workout, but willing to endure for the greater good.

Still wearing her open lab coat, with her stethoscope around her neck, she climbed onto the bed to straddle him. "Just relax, Mr. Phillips. This won't hurt a bit."

"I'm a big boy, Doc," he responded.

"Mmm — yes you are," she said as she reached back to aim his cock into her. She gasped as she sank down on him in one quick drop. "A very big boy."

"Is this part of my physical therapy?" John asked as she rocked on his erection while caressing her breasts.

"Yes. I thought we'd start a little early. We'll be doing this at least once a day, and I'm going to need a daily semen sample as well. We'll probably have to continue your therapy even after you're released."

"You're the doctor," John said with a chuckle.

She put the stethoscope in her ears and leaned down, pressing the cold metal against his chest. After a few seconds, she removed the instrument and said, "Your pulse seems a little elevated." She leaned down a little further and said, "Take two of these and see how you feel," while offering her breasts to his lips.

John suckled her left nipple for a few seconds while she twitched her hips over his cock. "If all medicine was this good, nobody would ever want to get better," he said before switching to her other breast.

After a minute or so of suckling her nipples while she gyrated on his cock, the doctor sat up and reached into the pocket of her lab coat. She pulled out something and slipped it over the tip of her middle finger, which he recognized as a tiny vibrator when she turned it on.

She started slowly, rising and falling over his hips with agonizing slowness, taking him into her depths, and then withdrawing until the rim of his cock head just peeked between her stretched labia. She rocked the tiny vibe back and forth over her hood, letting the buzz awaken her hidden clitoris.

Desensitized from having already flooded his two nurses with cum this evening, John didn't even feel the beginning of a climax building within him, despite how good his doctor's tight pussy felt wrapped around him. Even when she bounced over him faster, he knew that she was well ahead of him.

The doctor's breasts bounced as she rode him, one hand ministering to her clit with the vibrator while the other alternately braced her into slightly different positions, or tweaked her stiff nipples. Her creamy juices soon sparkled in the dark curls on her mound, and the stiff hairs at the base of his shaft.

Soon enough, she was riding him so hard that the bed started to creak, which it hadn't done with the other two women. John felt his ass sinking into the mattress from the force of her bottom slapping against him.

"You're d-doing very well," she panted as she rode him hard, every deep penetration making a squishy sound because of how wet she was. "I think we'll need to... Oh, forget it. God, your cock feels good."

"Come for me, Doc," John said, correctly assuming that she was on the edge of orgasm.

"I think I can do that for y-you," she responded, the last, stammering word rising in pitch as her head snapped forward, hiding her face in a curtain of dark waves. She braced her hands on the bed next to him, her slippery finger vibe humming against his side as she came. She continued to haltingly bounce on him, drawing out her orgasm.

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