John rocked his hips back and forth, keeping her coming as well. He could feel the tremors of her orgasm rippling through her body, every bit as powerful as the vibrations of her tiny toy. Finally, her head dropped even lower as her ecstasy gave her respite.

She panted for breath and chuckled, her walls still caressing him with rhythmic contractions. "That was..." She took a deep breath and tried again. "That was incredible."

John gave her a minute or two to catch her breath and stop trembling, and then said, "Are you ready for that semen sample?"

The doctor let out a growling purr and rose up over his hips again. "Fill my cup."

John gasped and groaned as she stroked him with her slippery canal, her intimate muscles tightly clenched so that he could feel her surrounding every inch of him. Her patience must have worn out as the pleasure built inside her again, because the speed of her bouncing hips suddenly increased.

This time, John knew he was rising right along with her. Even as the pleasure built in her expression, he could feel his cum bubbling up for release. Her vibe returned to her clit, slipping beneath the hood to directly stimulate the swollen bud this time.

She yelped, and he groaned as they reached simultaneous orgasm. Her womb fluttered and her walls closed tight about him as he spurted what little cream his body had managed to manufacture deep inside her. The beautiful brunette let out a content moan, her hips twitching in circles as she caressed her tummy and mound.

As he softened inside her, the doctor rose up onto her knees above him, letting his cock slip free. She gathered up the mingled cream leaking from her depths, bringing it to her lips to lap it up with hungry moans. When she ceased to drip, she plunged her fingers inside her for more.

John watched the whole time through heavy eyelids, wondering how much more fun he might have once he could actually move again. He was drifting in and out of sleep as she cleaned him up, and he'd fully succumbed by the time she dressed and left.


Doctor Davis stepped out of the room, her hair still down and disheveled. The two nurses smiled, happy that her initial hard reaction was nothing but an act. Amber reached beneath the counter and retrieved the doctor's clothes, handing them to her after a quick glance to make sure that nobody was watching.

The doctor smoothed back her hair and shivered, little shocks of her orgasms still creeping up on her even now. "He's going to need a great deal of physical therapy, so I'll be here every night to start it. Once I've finished my part, the two of you can take over."

"Understood, Doctor," Cathy said with a smile and a twitch of her eyebrows.

"It's time like this when you remember why you got into medicine, isn't it?" Doctor Davis remarked with a little laugh.

"Oh yes," Cathy replied.

"Absolutely," Amber agreed.

"Bet he thinks he's lucky now," the doctor said with a wink as she gingerly strolled to the elevator.

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