tagInterracial LoveLucky Bastard Ch. 02

Lucky Bastard Ch. 02


So something tells me that the first chapter of this was pretty well accepted. If that's the case I only hope i can live up to expectations. Thanks to my new buddy quietmohagonystorm for helping with this one. Well kids this is just a small part 2 and before you ask if you like this I have part three in the brain pan. Read it, Love it, tell a buddy about it, and above all enjoy the show!


As his eyes opened, Leo could barely make heads or tails of where he was. His minds' focus took several long seconds to get and soon he was aware that he was on his side in his bed. He felt warmth escaping his body as he sat up and looked around. He was still nude and confused whether what he thought had happened really did. His focus came back and he looked around his bedroom to see he was all alone.

"What a fucking dream," he mumbled to himself as he sat up in his bed.

His mind was filled with the images from last night, and as he saw no clothes in the bedroom he could only think it was a dream. He sat up and stretched loudly and heard many of his stiff joints crack and pop announcing he was awake to all. Leo was just about to get up when something happened that made him stay in bed. Myra's head peeked in the door and suddenly his eyes focused on her smiling face. A very sudden and amazing thought rang out in his head.

"It wasn't a dream after all," he said and an intrigued smile was on his face.

"Nope. No dream sweetie," Myra said cutely as she walked into his room.

Leo watched transfixed as the beautiful woman walked into his room. Her sexy dark skin was on full display in the morning light. Her skin was flawless and what she was wearing made his eyes widen. She was dressed in only one of his white striped dress shirts. It went down to her mid thigh as he was taller than her by a few inches. He admired how good she made the shirt look and as he watched her as she sauntered to him and crawled onto the bed.

Like a tigress, Myra stalked towards him on her hands and knees. As she got to his lap she straddled it and put her arms around his neck. Her sweet lips met his and she gave him a full good morning kiss. Leo's hands found her lower back and she moaned disappointingly. Her hands left his neck and found his. She took them off her hips and put them on her ass and smiled into his face.

"That's better," she said playfully and kissed him again.

Leo couldn't deny what she wanted and squeezed her ass firmly making her giggle into the kiss. The playfulness in the kiss was fun, but under it he sensed something else he couldn't put a finger on. Myra broke it after a long minute and her radiant smile blinded him a bit.

"So did you sleep well baby?" she asked rubbing her nose along his.

"Best I have in a long time," Leo honestly replied.

He couldn't remember when he had ever slept so soundly in his life. The feeling of the two women snuggled into him was all the blanket he could ever need. The way they held him and each other as they slept was something that he couldn't, or didn't want, to get from his mind. Her cute face was inches from his and she was gazing into his eyes with her own beautiful ones. She leaned into his ear and whispered softly.

"I am still tingling from last night baby. Maybe if we eat something, another go could be in the offering?" she asked sweetly.

Leo's eyes widened at that notion and he smiled darkly as he leaned into hers.

"Absolutely," he said huskily and nipped her ear lobe.

Myra giggled sweetly and bounced eagerly from his lap. She got off his bed and held out her hands to him. Leo took them and she helped him from the bed. She led him to the bathroom and slapped his naked ass as he went in and he smirked at that. Leo walked to the sink and turned on the faucet. He put his hands under the cold water and splashed his face. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes and looked in the mirror. Myra was gone and he was alone again. Leo picked up his toothbrush and brushed his teeth.

It took him a few minutes to freshen up, but when he was done he found a pair of gym shorts on the edge of the bed that wasn't there before. He put them on and tied the tie as he walked to the living room. As he walked in his nose alerted him to the smells of breakfast foods being cooked. A thankful look passed his eyes as he walked to the kitchen and saw the two women in it. Tamika was wearing a dress shirt that was light blue and she looked adorable in it. Both had a wild sexy appeal to the way they wore the shirts that made his eyes sparkle.

Tamika was at the stove cooking something and Myra was chopping something next to her. He stood back and watched them work for a moment then made his presence known.

"Need any help?" Leo offered.

Tamika smiled over her shoulder at him and the look in her eyes was a wild one.

"Maybe," she teased and her accent came through.

"And what would that maybe be?" Leo asked and walked towards her.

She coyly curled her index finger to him as he walked towards her. When he got to her, Tamika's hand shot out and grabbed him by the draw string pulling him to her body. Her lips met his with a sweet kiss that rocked him a bit. She turned fully into his body and wrapped her arms around his waist as his arms went around her back. She teased his tongue ever so lovingly as she kissed him. As it broke she nipped his lips one last time.

"Morning sweetie," she chirped cutely.

"Good morning to you beautiful," he said smiling at her.

"Aww...you said I'm beautiful," Tamika said and her eyes were melting.

"Well you are, the both of you," he said honestly.

"And you are a sweet talker," Myra said as she came up from behind him and hugged him.

Leo felt both of their bodies surrounding him and his eyes closed. The feeling of it was something that he never wanted to end. The firm body of Myra behind him and the soft body of Tamika in front of him made his mind wander as they held him. As they held him he felt Myra's lips on his neck and Tamika's find the other side. He sighed as they kissed and licked his neck teasingly. It lasted for a brief moment then it stopped and both women had his face turning to and fro as they took turns kissing his lips and each others. Leo felt the energy building, but it stopped as they stepped back and went back to the stove and cutting board.

Leo stood in place breathing shallow breaths trying to get his mind back in order. The girls giggled and finished what they had started quickly. Leo was amazed that they had three plates of food and were taking them out to the living room. He watched as they set them on the table and Myra came back to the kitchen. She found three glasses and took them to the table as Tamika went to the fridge and got a pitcher of juice. As Tamika got it she hooked her arm around Leo's elbow and led him to the couch. Once there Myra shoved him to the corner and handed him a plate. She got one for herself and sat in his lap while Tamika got hers and got in her lap. The ladies wiggled around a bit until they were all good then leaned back into Leo as they turned on the TV.

Myra had her head on his chest as they flipped through the channels absently. Nothing good was on and as she went on she found the premium channels. It took a few minutes of surfing, but they found a good movie to watch. As they watched it they ate their breakfasts. Myra occasionally would give Tamika a piece of fruit and Leo got to watch as Tamika return the favor. The two of them were something amazing. He could see why they were lovers. They seemed so comfortable with each other and it showed in the simple gestures of feeding each other. The fact that they were so eager to please each other and him was something that he had never known before. A curiosity came to Leo's mind as they ate and he decided to take a risk and sate it.

"So what brought us to this point?" he asked seriously.

Myra leaned back into him and purred, "Your cute."

Leo smiled at that comment and kissed the top of her head. She moaned happily and shifted in his lap so he felt her ass perfectly. Myra giggled as his hand went across her tummy and Tamika leaned closer to her as well. Myra saw Tamika's hungry eyes and she invited her up to meet her face. The loving kiss they shared made Leo blow out a slow breath. The sheer passion in it for each other made his mind swim in circles of the basic question he had asked since the time he met them.

"How could I have been so lucky?" resonated like a Swiss watch alarm.

As the kiss broke Myra looked to Tamika and raised her eyes questioningly. Tamika bit her lip and nodded her head.

"Well the real reason is simple. We have been lovers for a few years now and every now and then like to have fun. As it is a special time for us we decided to have some real fun and found you," Myra said honestly.

"I see," Leo said nodding his head, "I was just a lucky guy in the right place."

Tamika giggled at that and looked to his eyes.

"No sweetie. We knew of you through your friend Alan. He mentioned that he was bringing you to the club a few days ago," She said.

"See Alan has kept hitting on us for months now. Every damn day he has something to say about him setting us right and so on. He just needs to shut his face and find someone who can stand listening to his ass more than he loves to listen to himself," she said dismissively.

"He does like to talk," Leo said chuckling.

"Too fucking much," Myra spat.

"Now that just means he pissed you off somehow," Leo teased and kissed her ear.

"Two weeks ago he grabbed my ass. Kept saying he wanted to see it jiggle," Myra said angrily.

"Now that I didn't know," Leo said shocked.

"Oh don't worry, I took care of him with a left hook. I don't mind people admiring, just keep your hands to yourself," Myra said firmly.

The glimmer in her eyes came to life as she looked at Leo suggestively.

"Unless I ask," she purred and ground her ass into him.

Leo sighed happily as she ground into him and made him realize how hot she was. He felt a blazing heat in her crotch that made his dick start to rise. Leo's hand traveled up her tummy to her pert breast and squeezed it firmly making her sigh. Tamika saw it and joined in the fun. She loved playing with Myra's sexy body and got to have her fun by slipping her hand behind her and teasing Myra's soft pussy lips.

Myra gasped loudly as Tamika's fingers found her clit ring and teased it ever so gently. Her legs opened wider for her lover and Tamika didn't need to be told any more as she slipped a finger deep inside of her lover's hungry hole. As she did Leo got a creative idea.

"So how did you two become an item if I may ask?" he whispered into her ear as he tweaked her nipple and teased the ring through it.

Myra shuddered and sighed as he did and tried to focus, but couldn't. She was moaning softly as her lover's fingers found her spots and teased them mercilessly.

"We met in college," Tamika said sweetly as she turned in Myra's lap to face her more fully and give her more attention.

Her tongue licked up Myra's thigh and after she did she continued, "I had just gotten out of a really bad break up and was wandering lost and alone. Then one happy day I met my baby girl," she purred sweetly.

Myra arched into Leo's body as the fingers found her most sensitive spot and her ass left his lap. Leo grinned as she did and bit her neck as she came back down. Myra felt the bite and exhaled throatily as she felt her legs start to shake a bit.

"She met me while I was down. It was the best moment of my life when she kissed me after our first date. Once we became an item my life got a whole lot better. She loves me so much I don't ever want to let her go," Tamika said sweetly as she sank between her lovers legs and lapped at her clit ring.

Myra arched into Tamika's eager tongue and soon Leo found himself front row center to a hell of a show. Tamika madly licked and nibbled Myra's clit ring and before long Myra's legs began to wrap around her neck. Leo had a smirk that wouldn't stop as he began to play with her nipples as Tamika made her legs shake hard. It took four buttons for the shirt to be opened and expose Myra's sweet flesh. Leo took a second to admire her beautiful skin and lightly brushed his fingers along it making her shudder into him. Leo's teeth sank into her shoulder and Myra squealed as he did it in unison to Tamika biting her fat lips.

Leo and Tamika began to mercilessly make Myra squirm. She was tossing her head from side to side as Leo's fingers twisted and tugged on her rings making her moan as Tamika bit and licked her lips and clit. Myra had never felt so alive as she did at that very moment. Her eyes rolled into her head as the teasing and sweet torture continued. Tamika sensed her getting close and decided to go further.

"Did you like last night baby girl?" she teased as she licked her ring and blew on it.

"Oh god yes!" Myra hissed.

"Did you like feeling his big dick deep inside of you?" she purred and licked again making Myra arch up.

"YES!" Myra squealed.

"Do you need it again baby girl?" she purred sweetly as she rubbed her face on Myra's thighs.

Myra couldn't answer as her throat was busy making gasping noises. She wanted to answer, but all she could get out was a mewling noise as her head fell back on Leo's chest.

"Leo, my baby girl needs you again," Tamika said sweetly.

"Does she now?" Leo teased as he shifted under Myra's ass.

Myra moaned loudly as she felt his rock hard cock slip between her ass cheeks. Tamika saw the bulge and she was bright eyed. She had enjoyed watching Myra last night. Seeing her lover doing what she was doing made her all sorts of hot and bothered. Tamika wanted Myra to enjoy the day as much as she was going to, and giving her Leo first was the idea. Tamika looked down at the draw string and smiled devilishly as she reached her hand to it.

Leo felt the perfect ass grind on him and suddenly he felt the draw string on his shorts being pulled. He looked down to see Tamika with it in her eager hands and soon his shorts had a open flap. The cool air mixed with the blazing heat of Myra's slickening hole made him shudder as Tamika's cool hand found his cock and began to aim it where it was begging to go.

Myra felt the blunt head in her hole and threw her head back. Her long hair went over Leo's shoulder and Leo sighed as he felt her press into him. She began to feel him start to fill her up when suddenly all their eyes were on his door as an obnoxious pounding was going on. Leo's eyes widened in absolute shock as he recognized the pounding.

"What the fucking shit?!" he exclaimed.

Myra looked at the door and Tamika peeked over the couch at it.

"Who the fuck is that?" Myra asked and was very agitated as she asked it.

"Alan...." Leo said incredulously, his eyes wide at the door.

"Umm, why is he here?" Tamika asked confused.

"Because he is my friend and obviously something is wrong," he said trying his best to come up with an answer.

"Tell him to go away and get your dick back in here," Myra said and diddled her clit.

Leo was shocked as she did and got off his lap. Leo vaulted over the couch and sprinted across the loft to the door before Alan could use his key. Leo had given Alan a spare key in case of emergencies. He heard the tumbler starting to undo and he undid the bolt and opened the door a crack so he could poke his head out.

"Hey dude, can you come back later?" Leo asked suddenly.

Alan was shocked to see Leo's face peeking out of the door. Alan noticed Leo was wild eyed and looked very panicked.

"Dude can I come in, that fucking bitch killed me," he grumbled.

"Umm," Leo said and looked back to the girls who gave him dangerous looks, "No." he said very abruptly as he turned his head back.

"No?" Alan asked confused.

"Yeah, dude I'm kinda.....busy right now," Leo said being polite, but his eyes were screaming at Alan to leave.

"Come on Leo let me in man. I had a real shitty night bro," Alan begged.

"Dude....seriously I'm kinda entertaining right now," Leo said and was being more forceful.

"That woman killed me man. She took my wallet and left me high and dry. I been walking here all night trying to find a lift home," he complained.

"Alan...listen bro...lemme get you some cash and you can get a cab..." Leo started to say, but suddenly he was shoved aside by an angry Myra.

Myra was standing in the doorway fully nude except for the dress shirt that hung wide open. She could care less what Alan saw as she opened the door and stood there with an angry expression on her face. Alan was wide eyed as she glared at him and soon found himself backing up a few steps. She tossed a fifty dollar bill at him and as it hit him on the shirt then drifted to the floor she spoke loudly and clearly.

"Excuse me, but I am trying to get my fuck on! Now if you aren't contributing to that you can go. Leo, say goodbye to your friend then bring your dick back over here!" she said in an agitated tone and slammed the door in Alan's face.

Alan stood there stunned as he finally got to see Myra naked, but the way she was glaring at him made him just stand there lost. His jaw was slack as he looked at the door in blank amazement at the sight he had just witnessed. Alan looked down at the money and picked it up. He turned away shaking his head in amazement as he did. After the money was in his hand he began to walk away and he couldn't help from saying it.

"That lucky bastard," he said as he got in the elevator.

Leo was slack jawed as he stood there. He couldn't believe what he had just seen. When she slammed the door she muttered something he couldn't make out, but it sounded like she called Alan a cock blocking ass hole. He was almost laughing when she suddenly looked his way and her beautiful features were now casting their hungry gaze upon him.

Leo felt Myra's hand grab his now soft dick and pull him along. He was quick to follow her to the couch where she shoved him back to it. Leo felt the couch almost swallow him up. He was suddenly in the presence of the beautiful woman who was in his lap kissing him madly. Leo's hands found Myra's full ass and squeezed it hard as she ground in his lap. The frantic kissing was maddening, but he gladly endured her lusts. In time he began to return them in force as she was suddenly pushed to her back.

Tamika watched her lover kissing Leo's lips and was undoing the buttons on the shirt she was wearing. She was starting to feel the tingles in her body as she watched Myra devour Leo's lips. She wanted a taste of him as well and decided to take action. She reached over, grabbed Leo's hair, and yanked him to her face where she promptly kissed him deeply. Leo felt the pain of his hair being pulled and reluctantly left Myra's hungry lips and snaked his tongue into Tamika's mouth. Tamika began to kiss him wildly and soon her moaning got to Myra's ears. The smile that spread across her face was purely devilish as she watched her sweetie making out with Leo. Her feral eyes sought a certain prize and located it.

Leo's dick was at full mast again and sticking out of the shorts. Myra's hands snuck in and grabbed him fully. Leo groaned into Tamika's mouth and suddenly he was aware that Tamika's hand had joined Myra's. Her soft hands squeezed him gently, making his head fall back and break the kiss as his eyes clamped shut in pleasure. Her gentle fingers began to stroke him, making a sigh come from his lips. Leo felt the stroking continue and soon he felt the warmth of Tamika's tongue on his nipple. A groan of pleasure ripped through his lungs and out his mouth as she licked and pleasured him.

Myra's mouth began to water as she felt the throbbing member in her hand. She scooted under him a bit and found a lovely sight. She saw Tamika's glistening lips and her tongue started to water. She leaned to the side and licked her lips softly. Tamika shuddered as her tongue flicked along Leo's hardened nipple. Myra purred as she repeatedly licked her lover. Her licks began to probe Tamika's lips and soon Tamika was moaning on Leo's chest. She latched onto his nipple with her mouth and suckled hard as Myra's tongue slithered along her aroused lips.

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