Lucky Bastard Ch. 02


"No," she whimpered truthfully.

"No?" he asked forcefully.

"No sir! I want your big dick in me!" she pleaded.

Leo chuckled softly. He sank his fingers in to the knuckle as she mewled and gasped as he stroked them in her wet cunt. Leo saw an opportunity too good to pass up. He got back up to his haunches and his cock was hard and ready. He saw her open mouth and decided to give her what she wanted. Without a word he stuck his dick into her mouth and Tamika gagged it down.

"You said you wanted this deep in you, now you have it," He said as he began to fuck her mouth.

Leo grabbed a handful of her hair and began to force his dick in and out of her hungry mouth. To her credit Tamika swallowed him down and made it happen as he began to buck away at her. Tamika slurped on his pole loudly and Leo dug his fingers deep in her hungry pussy. He felt every contraction and each one made him smile wider. He kept at it until he felt her beginning to build up. He let go of her hair and his hand began to twist a very pert nipple. Tamika moaned loudly as he did and sucked him hard into her hungry mouth. She loved the taste of his sweet dick and let Leo know it by licking him in her mouth.

Leo felt the sweet tongue on him and groaned loudly. She was definitely to the point where he could do almost anything he wanted to her. His merciless fingers found a spot in her hole and Tamika straightened up. Leo had found her spot and savaged it. Her moans became louder and louder and soon she couldn't focus on sucking him. Leo pulled his dick from her mouth and a loud moan followed it. He kept at it and soon she was writhing and bucking madly trying to hold out.

"You wanna come don't you?' he asked loudly.

"Yes sir!" she begged.

"Ask me nicely," he teased.

Please Leo! Oh god please sir let me come!" she begged loudly.

Leo's answer came as he bent over and savagely kissed her thick lips. His tongue found hers and they kissed wildly. Tamika moaned into his mouth and let loose. She came with a violent series of bucks and twists. Leo kept his fingers in place as she lost her mind and soon he had a big smile on his face. The way she writhed made his dick throb painfully. He wanted to make her scream now. With a subtle twist of the tie he undid the top knot and allowed her arms to move. Without warning he put his hands under her and flipped her to her tummy. Tamika squeaked as she flipped and suddenly her arms were back over her head and she was brought up to her knees.

Leo made sure she grabbed the bars before he tied her back to it. He knew that this was it. He was going to make her howl before he was done and his smile was focused on her full ass. His hands ran over it and she shook a bit as he did. Leo recalled something that Myra did last night and leaned down over her full cheeks and flicked his tongue along the skin. The sudden feeling of Leo's tongue on her skin was unreal to Tamika. She looked over her shoulder at him, but through the blindfold she had no way of seeing what he was up to. Leo's tongue tasted her skin and he was enraptured by the taste. He saw another place that his tongue longed to go and it soon found it's way.

Tamika screamed aloud as his tongue found her dripping slit. Leo savaged her slit with long teasing licks and nips. Her head sunk down as he continued on for many minutes. Leo had never been as into oral before he met these two, now he was totally for it. His tongue found all her spots and her loud begs and whimpers made his blood begin to boil. His hard cock was straining for it's wish to plant itself in her hot cunt, and now she was more than ready for him. With one last long lick Leo got to his knees behind her.

Leo teased her entrance with his dripping cock and smiled down at her shaking body.

"What do you want baby girl?" he asked.

"Fuck me sir! Oh god fuck me make me your slut!" she screamed out loud.

Leo wasted no words and slammed into her in one full shove. Tamika's head flew back and the blindfold fell off. She was squinting from not only the light in her eyes, but the fury in Leo's pounding. Leo gripped her full hips and began his savage thrusts into her depths. His hand would slip away and a resounding slap would echo from the room as his hand impacted her ass. Tamika cried out at each one, but not in pain.

She was in bliss. Her whole life she was a submissive person. Her whole life people had used her; some good, some bad. Her own wants were put aside for others, but now she had something new. Her love for Myra was unquestioning, but a new feeling was building in her for Leo. He could be so tender with her from what she saw thus far. It was now, with him pounding her so hard, that showed the was also out to give her what she wanted.

Leo continued on and soon his hands slipped forwards to her full tits and squeezed them hard making her moan. Leo slowed his pace and played with her nipples for what seemed like an eternity as he slipped in and out of her abused cunt. Her soft mewls got to his head and he leaned over her back. Tamika felt his body along hers and leaned her head back desperate to taste his lips. Leo's mouth met hers and they kissed very sensually. The passion in it shocked the both of them. Their tongues thrashed away at the others as Leo continued his pumping. For a time Leo was content where he was, but suddenly he felt her very tight pussy clench him. Tamika came without asking him, but he didn't care.

The feeling of him still moving in her while she came sent Tamika over the edge. Her climax was as powerful as one she had ever known. She never came this hard with her old boyfriends, and with Myra it was a close feeling. Her body shook so wildly she couldn't contain it as tears came down her cheeks. Leo saw them and slowed down.

"Don't stop!" she begged loudly.

Leo ran his hands under her and made a shudder come from her body that Tamika couldn't contain. The sweet feeling in her body was all encompassing as she dipped her head low and accepted the rest. The hard feeling of Leo's thick cock impacting her sensitive hole made everything in her head spin out of control. Tamika looked up at Leo when she was able and the look at his eyes. The warmth in them was there as was a wild passion. She had never seen that look before from any of her other men. Leo's hand suddenly reached down and traced her cheek making her curl her face in his hand. Leo ran his fingers over her lips and without being asked she kissed them and sucked the middle finger into her mouth. She moaned loudly as she bit it and Leo growled.

Leo's eyes narrowed as he slammed deep into her. His gaze fixed on her face as she sucked and bit his finger hard and that was the catalyst. He tore his finger from her mouth and grabbed her hips firmly. Without a word he slammed away into her tight hole and Tamika urged him on with sweet whimpers.

"Oh god! Please....oh fuck please Leo! Oh god come in me baby!" she begged through his hammering blows.

Leo's breathing became very shallow as he fucked her hot hole. He knew that he was imminent. His eyes rolled into the back of his head as he felt it building up. He wanted to give her more, but this was too much. Even with all he had done last night, he felt this was the better time spent. He kept fucking her and suddenly he felt his balls unleash. The hot ropes exploded deep into Tamika's womb. She felt each and every thrusting spasm into her juicy pussy. Her head fell back as she cried out in release as the volley filled her up and then some. Their mixed juices dribbled down her thighs and Tamika felt it. She shuddered violently as he slowly pulled his softening cock out of her.

Tamika moaned loudly as he pulled out and her face was in the pillow beneath her. Her ass was in the air still and Leo watched the sight. He marveled at how naughty the sight was, but was startled at the feel of Myra's arms snaking around his naked sweaty torso. Pushing her bare body against his back, her lips pressed into his ear softly.

"Looks like you and her can't help but being wild can you?' she teasingly asked.

"I don't think either of us can help it,' Leo said back through his gasps.

Myra laughed a purring laugh before she let go of him and crawled on her hands and knees to her lover. She saw the glistening juices and her tongue got wet at the sight. She crawled to Tamika and licked the mixed juices from the back of her thighs and Tamika gasped loudly. Her moaning whimpers echoed along the room as Myra continued in her quest. Myra licked all the sweet juices from her thighs and looked at her dripping slit. Myra's tongue swept up their oozing juices from her lovers' body, and Tamika howled in pleasure as she hit all her spots.

Leo watched Myra devour Tamika's slit and he grinned as he heard the whimpers and moans come from Tamika's throat. The sounds were a symphony to his ears and he decided to get into the act. He got to his knees and saw Myra's firm ass in the air as she licked away at her lover. Though he felt a bit sore, he wanted to cement the day with a bang. Keeping his movements as steady as possible Leo got behind Myra and his hands eased forwards.

Myra blissfully licked and suckled Tamika's sweet pussy and devoured the mixture of Leo and her she enjoyed the flavor and could see why Tamika was so eager last night to do the same. As her tongue slashed the dripping slit she felt Leo suddenly behind her. She was about to look back when she felt his cock plunge into her. The moan that escaped from her throat sent a vibration into Tamika that made her squeal loudly. Leo sank deep into Myra and the warmth of her pussy made his eyes close. He sank fully in and his hands found her hips. The feeling of bottoming out in her was euphoric and Myra wasted no time in wiggling her hips on him. She ate Tamika as well as she could, but it was getting very difficult to concentrate when Leo began moving.

Leo knew that he was unlikely to last a long time, but he didn't care. He had finally struck gold with not just one, but two of the most perfect women he had ever met. His hips slapped into Myra with a fury and Myra's whimpers filled the room as did Tamika's whimpers and moans. Leo's pants joined their music as the tempo rose and rose. Myra let out a series of sharp pants and her pussy wrapped itself around Leo's dick like a glove. He felt the tremors start. Tamika's head fell back as an orgasm washed over her body that rocked her to her core. Her stomach muscles rippled and shook as she threw her head back and cried out in ecstasy.

Myra heard the calling of her lover's pleasure and that triggered her own explosion. Her mouth was filled with Tamika's pussy as she felt it hit her. Her eyes clamped shut and she threw her head back and cried out into the room. Her cries filled the room and Leo knew that he was not long in joining them. His hips didn't stop for one second as he pumped away at her dripping hole. His fingers dug into her hips and suddenly he felt something new. He was deep in her and as he wanted to erupt, he felt he needed to hold on a bit longer. His gaze went to Myra's ear and he fell along her body.

Myra felt his body along hers and his mouth next to her ear. She leaned into him and as she was panting to catch her breath she heard him speak.

"Say what you want," he demanded.

Myra leaned back and put her lips on his. The wild kiss they shared was a sweet one that was made sweeter by the Tamika's nectar still on her lips. Their tongues slashed around and soon Leo felt her clamp on him suddenly. The tight grip made Leo break the kiss and he threw his head back in the throes of massive pleasure. He fired off all he thought he could have left deep in Myra's waiting depths. Myra's toes curled and she couldn't help the tremors that swept over her as he flooded her. Her eyes narrowed as she leaned her head forwards and onto Tamika's ass. The cool skin helped cool her hot brow and as she rubbed her face on the smooth skin she couldn't help flicking her tongue along it as well. She planted sweet kisses on her and soon she felt Leo pull out.

Leo was spent. He looked down at the sight before him and let out a series of shallows breaths. His mind was swimming from that last one and he rocked back on his haunches for a breather. His soft cock was wet with a mixture of juices and he felt like he needed to sleep for a week, but at the same time he was as alive as he'd ever been. Myra took a few minutes to get her composure back and crawled up her lover's back. When she got to the front, Myra planted sweet kisses along her neck and lips making Tamika shake and purr into her.

The sweet kisses and soft words they shared between them was something Leo couldn't make out, but whatever they were saying it was obviously touching. Myra slowly undid the ties and as soon as her lover was free she hugged her to her and they stayed like that for many long minutes. The sweet embrace came to an end when Myra pulled away from Tamika. They shared a loving look and spoke softly.

"Happy anniversary baby," Myra said sweetly.

"I love you so much baby," Tamika purred as she kissed Myra's lips.

Leo sat back and his eyes were narrowed in confusion. They kissed sweetly and when they were done Tamika looked to Leo. Her eyes were happy and she reached out her hands to him. Leo took her hand and Myra put hers on theirs. It was a touching gesture and the ladies pushed him to his back. Leo had no resistance to it and slumped to his back. The ladies crawled on either side of him and snuggled up into his side. Leo felt their soft bodies along his and sighed softly. The ladies lounged softly on his body and the question in his mind came out suddenly.

"Anniversary?" he asked.

Tamika giggled and rolled into his chest. Myra put her head on top of his chest and looked into his eyes. She decided to let him in on what was happening.

"Yup. It's our third anniversary baby," she said softly.

"So I am your present to her?" he asked confused, but intrigued.

"And vice verse. We both saw you at the club and decided to try you out. And I must say it was the best present we have had," Tamika purred.

Leo let out a brief chuckle and looked at the ladies.

"I'm glad I was even OK," he said with a chuckle.

"Better than OK sweetie," Myra said and kissed his neck.

The three of them curled up tight and dozed off. The sweet dreams were ended when they all woke up a few hours later. The girls got up and went off to the bathroom. Leo sat up and stretched out. His back popped several times and he got to his feet. He went to the side dresser and pulled out a pair of boxers. He put them on and cracked his neck. Leo let out a slow breath as he heard the shower kick on. He chuckled and went to the living room. He found the girls clothes from the night before and gathered them up. He set them on the bed and looked in his drawers. He found a couple long shirts and dressed himself in a pair of jeans and a tee shirt. He went to the kitchen and decided to return the favor from the morning.

Leo made chicken salad and soup. As he cooked up the chicken he cut up everything he needed and once it was all done he tossed the chicken. He set out three plates and bowls then set the table. As soon as he had poured the last of the soup in it's bowl he heard the ladies get out of the shower. He went back to his fridge and got out some sodas and set them on the table. He heard Tamika and Myra giggling in the room as they dressed and came back out.

The visions of beauty came out and Leo had a smirk on his face as he saw Myra in her pleat skirt and his long shirt. Tamika wore her skirt as well and his dress shirt tied under her breasts. Myra had the socks on and she padded to the table. Like a gentleman Leo pulled the chairs for the ladies and they smiled at him as they sat down. The lunch was a welcome relief to the hungry grouping. The salad was a hit and the soup topped them off. They chatted about many small things. The conversation was mainly about the girls' work and Leo was a good listener.

Myra worked with her good friend in a tattoo parlor in a mall on Staten Island. She hated the commute, but she always made good money for it. As they talked she told Leo that if he wanted she could touch up his work. A smile crossed his face as he pondered it. He could imagine other works he would see if she could do as well.

Tamika was happy with her career. She had worked hard in college for her music degree. As she didn't want to waste her time she got into DJ work and sampling. It was a natural thing for her as she had a way of spinning things and making them sound very hot and fresh. The glimmer Leo saw in her eye showed how much her job meant to her and as he listened he made a note of sampling her work further.

The conversation was fun, but soon the time got away from them. Seeing what time it was Tamika sighed. She had to work that night and as she looked to Leo he nodded his head.

"Need me to take you home?" he asked.

"If you want," Myra said.

"Why wouldn't I?" he said with a grin on his face.

"You see, that's why you are a nice guy," Myra said and softly patted his cheek.

The ladies helped Leo load his dishwasher and as it started up they got their shoes on. Leo led them to the door and locked it. They got in the elevator and Myra and Tamika held his arms tight. Leo smiled as he looked down at the beautiful ladies and he couldn't help his grin. The elevator dinged in the garage and the happy trio walked to the car. Leo hit the locks and helped the ladies in. This time Myra sat up front and Tamika behind her.

The drive out into the streets was a pleasant one as the sounds of Lacuna Coil played. The girls smiled and bobbed their head as one of their favorites came on. Leo had his iTunes on and the girls actually were shocked as more than just rock played. The drive across the tunnel into Queens was short, but seemed to take forever. Leo really didn't want the day to end like this, but he really had little choice. He hoped to see the lovely ladies again and his mind was full of many possibilities. As they drove Myra saw his turmoil behind his eyes and patted his arm. Leo looked at her at the light and she shocked him with her next statement.

"So why haven't you asked us for a number to call us Leo? You don't want to see us again?' she pouted suddenly.

"Umm...I do....I just...umm..." he stammered.

"Well I don't know. I mean if you wanted to see us again you wouldn't be trying to be all bashful and what not. Lord knows last night you were more than determined to make us want to," Myra said and the gleam in her eyes was something devilish.

"Then get out your phone and take down my number," Leo said firmly as he saw the look in her eyes and she laughed.

They exchanged numbers by Myra calling his phone. At the next light he programmed her name into his phone and vice verse. The girls giggled at that and Leo shook his head as he realized how much of an ass he must have looked like at that moment. Myra led him to their place. As they got to it Leo parked in the side lot.

While Leo's place was large and sprawling, the ladies was smaller and more cozy. The building was as tall as Leo's, but he could tell there was likely two to three times the number of units. He walked them to their elevator and up to their floor. The long walk to their apartment was a quiet one. Leo saw the number on the door and smiled. Quickly he committed it to memory and as he was about to say something Tamika had opened the door. Myra looked at him, patted his cheek, and walked in without a word. Tamika followed her lover in and shut the door leaving Leo alone in the hall.

As Leo stood in the hallway, he felt like he should have done more at that moment. He watched the door for a brief minute, then as if by magic the door popped open and he saw no one standing near it. Last night and that morning Leo had manned up and made them want him, now in the moment he never thought would happen he had a new opportunity to be something more. Steeling his resolve he strode into the door and into the unknown. For good or ill Leo decided that he was going to try and make something work with them. He cast his die and shut the door behind him.

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