tagNovels and NovellasLucky Beyond Belief Ch. 05

Lucky Beyond Belief Ch. 05


Thanks to my editor, Nymphwriter, and my loyal beta readers who found my errors, made corrections, comments, and suggestions to improve my story. Any errors you may find are mine alone.

Dear readers—if you haven't read Chapters 1 through 4 of this series, I suggest you return to Chapter 1 to catch up. If you choose not to do that, be aware that Mike, Emily, Kayla, and Maria are nudists.


* * * August 16, 2007

Emily and I discussed the merits of sharing our apartment with Kayla during our senior year. Emily argued that since Kayla and Maria wouldn't be roommates anymore, the fall semester was only a couple weeks away, and apartments were filling up, having her live with us wouldn't be any trouble at all.

My argument against having Kayla living with us was that it would be difficult for Emily and I to have sex the way we had before, if Kayla was in the apartment with us. I was concerned that Kayla would interfere with the spontaneity of our love-making, and having Kayla watching our most intimate act wasn't at the top of my list, either.

Emily finally won the argument. She said Kayla was her best girlfriend and wouldn't even think of letting Kayla live in the dorm her final year of college. Emily said we'd find a way to have sex, even if Kayla shared our apartment.

I gave in, because having Kayla living in our apartment would give me an opportunity to spend more time around her. She was sexy, hot, and we'd had a history of sexual activity, although we hadn't engaged in intercourse.

Emily and I arrived at school three days before classes began and readied ourselves for the coming school year. Maria and her husband, Jim, had moved into Maria and Kayla's old apartment. Kayla showed up a day later.

The first thing we noticed about Kayla was that she'd let her pubic hair grow. "I didn't have anyone like Mike to shave it for me," she explained.

The next thing we noticed when Kayla turned around was that she had a Monarch butterfly tattoo closely resembling Emily's on her left butt cheek. "I liked Emily's and decided to get one of my own. Now we're like sisters," Kayla chirped.

Emily stood next to Kayla and they both wiggled their butterfly-tattooed asses at me. Looking at their tattoos, it was difficult to tell much difference between them, but I found them both highly desirable.

After some small talk about what we'd done during the summer, Emily and I helped Kayla move her clothing, books, and other belongings from her old apartment into ours.

Emily and I permitted Kayla use the closet in our study room, because we weren't using it. Kayla only brought enough clothing for wearing outside and to classes, so Emily let her use the empty bottom half of her dresser, too. Since both girls were the same size, they decided they could wear each other's clothing in public. There wasn't enough space in the study room for a third desk, but Kayla said she'd be happy to study at the dining table since there was a light fixture directly above it.

We ate dinner, watched a movie, and it was about 10 PM when we decided it was time to go to bed; we had early classes the next morning. After we'd all peed, showered, and brushed out teeth, we were ready for bed.

When all three of us were finally ready to climb into bed nude, we discussed sleeping arrangements. Both girls wanted to sleep next to me. Emily usually slept on my left, so Kayla decided to sleep on my right. It seemed a little awkward going to bed with Kayla on my right side, but I'd slept between Lisa and Emily before.

I really wanted to have sex with Emily, but with Kayla right there next to me, I tried thinking of things less exciting than sex, so I tried recalling the names of all the state capitols. I'd reached 'Oklahoma,' when I realized both girls were asleep beside me.

After several attempts during the next hour or so, I finally fell asleep on my back. Sometime later, Kayla, in her sleep, rolled against me with her arm across my chest, her tit pressed on my arm, and her damp pussy lightly nudging my hip, waking me up. The feeling of her hot, wet pussy on my hip gave me an immediate hard-on.

I lay there, sexually frustrated, while the girls peacefully slept next to me. The digital clock on the dresser read, 1:39 AM. 'Damn—this is going to be a long night,' I thought to myself.

It took another hour or so until my cock wilted and I willed myself back to sleep. Morning finally arrived with Emily bounding out of bed, singing a cheerful, "Hey you sleepyheads—time to get up and get to class."

I dragged myself out of bed, shaved, and joined the girls for a breakfast of cereal and milk. Since I'd already shaved, they were free to use the bathroom to put on their makeup and fix their hair.

The three of us headed off to class. We were all eager to begin our final year at college. I had a computer security class at 8 AM. Kayla had a marketing class, and Emily had a management class.

We met at the apartment for a sandwich at lunch, then headed off for an afternoon of classes. That evening over dinner, we talked about the classes we'd had that day and our classes for the next day. During our conversation, Emily asked if I'd shave her pussy that evening. Kayla added that hers had grown out and she'd like hers shaved, too.

I spent an hour or so—it's so hard to keep track of time when you're shaving pussies—grooming their pubes, making them baby-bottom smooth with my straight razor.

Shaving their pussies made me extra horny. Usually after a pussy shave they were horny too, but that night when I asked Emily if she wanted sex, she indicated she wasn't in the mood. Kayla was a virgin, which left me high and dry.

Later that evening, at bedtime, I asked, "Who wants to use the bathroom first?"

"You can," Emily answered.

I said, "I'm going to take a shower," leaving the two girls sitting in front of the TV watching a news feature about a fireman who'd rescued a kitten from a house fire.

As I stood with my hands on my hips over the toilet relieving my bladder, I felt a warm hand slide down my abdomen and wrap around my cock.

"I've always wanted to try this," Kayla chuckled, aiming it at the middle of the bowl.

As my cock stiffened, I responded, "Yeah, I suppose you girls don't really need to worry about your aim, do you?"

"No—we just sit down and let it go," Kayla answered, as she steered my stream around and around, splashing in the bottom of the toilet.

When the final dribble ended, Kayla asked, "Now what do you do?"

"I give it a tug under the bottom to squeeze out what's in my urethra, then I give it a couple shakes to get rid of the last couple of drops."

"You don't wipe off the last drops with some toilet paper?"

"No, they don't place toilet paper rolls next to the urinals in men's restrooms," I answered.

"Really? I've never been in one, so I wouldn't know."

Kayla gave it a couple weak flips, and I said, "I usually shake it more than that."

"Like this?" Kayla asked, stroking as if she was giving me a hand job. Since I hadn't had sex for about three days, my cock was aching for some action. Kayla wasn't helping by making it rigid.

"I'm sorry. I shouldn't have made it so stiff for you, but I know how to fix it—if you want," Kayla smirked, as my cock was now rock-hard.

"I'd planned to take a shower," I said.

"Let me take care of it for you—then we can shower together." Kayla had an answer for everything.

When Kayla and I stepped into the shower, she dropped to her knees, giving me a blow job.

About a minute later, Emily came into the bathroom. "I don't hear any water running."

Kayla took my cock out of her mouth and said, "I'm giving him a blow job. We'll take our shower in a few minutes."

Emily responded, "Don't use all the hot water. I want to take a shower, too." Then she began brushing her teeth while Kayla placed her lips on my cock again.

Kayla's blow jobs weren't quite as good as Amy's, but Amy didn't squeeze my balls or hum like Kayla did. It didn't take long until I felt the pleasant tingle, the build-up, then the urge to ejaculate.

I tapped Kayla on the shoulder, saying, "I'm about to cum."

She looked up into my eyes and intensified her efforts. Kayla had her left hand around my cock and her right hand wrapped around my balls, so she knew exactly when the first blast was going to hit her throat. As she slipped her tongue under the most sensitive spot of my cock, I couldn't hold back any more. I erupted like Mount Vesuvius when it buried Pompeii, flooding Kayla's mouth. She swallowed every drop, then milked the last dribble out, saying, "You needed that, didn't you?"

"Yes, it's been three days," I murmured, as I slumped with my back against the shower wall.

Kayla and I showered together. When she dropped the soap and bent over to pick it up, I had thoughts of plunging my cock into her sweet pussy like I'd taken Lisa, but I recalled she was still a virgin—at least that's what she said the previous semester. Given her willingness to give blow jobs, I wondered how much longer that would last?

We finished our shower and were drying off when Emily entered the bathroom a second time. "It took you two long enough," she said. "I was thinking I might have to wait until morning."

Going back to bed, we slept in the same positions as the previous night. I kissed Emily goodnight, then Kayla gave me a hot goodnight kiss on the lips, which surprised me. Emily turned out the light and the only light in the room came from the glare of the parking lot lights through the curtains.

Even though I'd blown a load when Kayla gave me a blow job, I was still horny. However, I fell asleep shortly after my head hit the pillow. I awoke in the middle of the night needing to take a leak. I slipped out of bed as quietly as possible and emptied my bladder. When I came back to bed, Kayla had moved across the bed, lying on her side, with her right arm wrapped around Emily. I quietly returned to bed, on my side behind Kayla. When I rubbed my nose, I got a good whiff of both girls' pussy odor from my fingers—it had lingered there from when I'd shaved their pussies. That made me hornier than a two-peckered billy goat. With Kayla in front of me, my cock naturally landed at the juncture of her butt cheeks and the top of her thighs. If she'd pushed back, I'd have skewered her like a shish-kabob for sure, but she continued sleeping. I slept fitfully until morning.

Emily awoke first the next morning, rousting me awake. "How did Kayla get in the middle? ...and why do you have your cock up her butt?" she asked.

"I think she moved behind you when I got up to take a leak, and I didn't have my cock up her butt. It was just nestled between her buns, between her thighs," I answered, as I rolled out of bed with my cock at full attention.

Kayla had been sleeping like Rip Van Winkle, and I doubt she even heard Emily's conversation with me. Emily had to give her a vigorous shake to wake her.

Again that night, Emily and I didn't have sex with Kayla sleeping beside us. When we went to bed, I lay there hoping Kayla would go to sleep so I could roll behind Emily and enter her pussy from the rear and have at least some quiet sex, but every time I checked, Kayla was lying there awake with her head next to my shoulder, staring at me.

Emily and I usually had sex every night before we went to sleep, but with Kayla in bed next to us, it didn't seem right for us to fuck right in front of her—even though she'd accidentally seen us having sex about marketing two years before.

Eventually, I dozed off, only to be awakened by Kayla, again asleep on her side with her thigh over mine, gently humping her freshly-shaved pussy on my leg. I felt a wet spot on my leg where her pussy's lubrication had leaked out. That only made me hornier. I laid there with a full boner trying to go back to sleep. I considered rolling to my left and just fucking Emily's brains out, but she was asleep, softly snoring. Kayla was a virgin, and I couldn't bring myself to deflower her. It was the longest night I'd ever spent with two naked women. Talk about being sexually frustrated and horny—but at length, I did fall asleep.

Typically I don't remember dreams, but sometime toward morning, I had a dream so vivid that it woke me up. I dreamed I had a huge boner, fucking Kayla doggie style. The dream was so realistic that I awakened just in time to prevent a wet dream—and I hadn't had a wet dream since I was in high school.

Later, after we'd gotten up, I talked with Emily while Kayla was using the bathroom, about how horny I was and that we'd been missing sex while Kayla was sharing the same bed.

I suggested that Emily and I could have sex during the afternoons Kayla had a class and neither of us did. I mentioned that Kayla had her marketing seminars on Wednesdays and Fridays.

"I think she will just have to get used to us having sex while she's here. I want sex more often than twice a week," Emily answered. "I'll talk to her about it at dinner this evening."

At dinner, Emily began a conversation with Kayla about our talk earlier that day. Emily began, "Kayla, I think you already know Mike and I had sex nearly every night before you moved in."

Kayla nodded her head, "Yes."

Emily said, "We'd like to continue doing that, but we don't want to make you feel uncomfortable."

"Oh, I'm not uncomfortable. I get a visceral thrill watching you having sex."

"Watching us having sex is only going to make you hornier," Emily answered.

Kayla responded, "I'm getting tired of being a virgin."

"But you don't have a boyfriend," Emily countered.

Kayla bit her lip and didn't say anything for a few seconds, then she looked directly at me and dropped her eyes to the floor. In almost a whisper, she said, "I was hoping..."

Emily asked, "You don't mean Mike do you?"

"Yes, I'd like to join in and for Mike to be my first," Kayla said, meekly.

I said, "Kayla, you do realize Emily and I are a couple now and engaged to be married, don't you? We don't want you trying to break up our relationship."

"Oh, I'd never do that," Kayla answered. "You're both my best friends and under no circumstances would I attempt to come between you."

Emily pointed out, "You're not even on birth control."

"Mike could use a condom," Kayla replied.

I said, "Kayla, you need a boyfriend. He'd be able to satisfy your intellectual, emotional, and sexual needs."

Kayla teared up, about ready to cry, "I've tried boyfriends. You and Emily were kind enough to find a number of dates with nice men, but...," she bawled.

"What did you have in mind?" I interrupted. Seeing a woman in tears always hit me right in the gut.

Kayla sniffled and answered, "I was hoping that I'd occasionally get to have sex with you, Mike. That is, if it's okay with Emily. I don't want to interfere with your relationship—I'm willing to be just a friend with benefits."

I think Kayla's tears had the same effect on Emily as they did on me.

Emily wrapped her arm around Kayla, "Kayla's my best friend—almost like a sister. I'm open to sharing Mike for a short time until Kayla finds a permanent boyfriend."

Kayla turned toward Emily and embraced her. They hugged and had a cry together. After more sniffling, Kayla said, "Thank you—I love you, sis," to Emily.

Emily said, "I love you too, sis."

After considering the situation, Emily said, "Kayla, you'll have to get on the pill."

"My mother would have kittens if she found birth control pills in my purse," Kayla answered.

"Yes, but you'd be more embarrassed if you had to tell her that you're pregnant," Emily argued.

"I suppose you're right," Kayla replied.

"Tomorrow, we're going to student health services and get you started on birth control," Emily stated emphatically.

The next morning Emily accompanied Kayla to student health services. Because Kayla chose birth control pills, Emily said the nurse-practitioner warned her that even if she started that day, it would be a week before she could have unprotected sex.

Kayla began her birth control pills the same day. In the meantime, we continued with our classes.

Emily and I had quickie sex a couple times while Kayla was out of the apartment, but we couldn't spend the several hours of foreplay and enjoy the multiple couplings that we'd become accustomed to.

* * * August 30, 2007

A week later, when I came back from class, only Emily was in the apartment. "Tonight's the night," she said. "Kayla's been on the pill for a week, so she's protected. I'll be working on a project in our study room tonight while you and Kayla get it on. Please give her an orgasm she won't forget."

I was probably more anxious than Kayla, because not only did I want to please her for her first sexual intercourse, but I wanted Emily to know I'd done my best.

That evening at dinner, I was as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs, as my grandfather used to say. Kayla seemed to be on edge. Even Emily was somewhat flustered.

Emily finally said, "I need to work a couple hours on a project in our study room," as she left the table.

Kayla and I were left sitting alone at the dining table. "Now what?" I asked.

"I don't know," Kayla responded.

Even though we both knew why Emily left us alone, and what was expected of us, it was almost like a first date between two shy adolescents. We sat in silence for a couple minutes.

"Are you ready?" I finally blurted out.

"Yes, I think so," Kayla answered.

I grabbed Kayla's hand and lifted it to my mouth, kissing it. "Won't you come with me?" I asked.

Kayla let me lead her by the hand to the bedroom. Emily had lit several candles in the bedroom before she went to our study room, attempting to make the scene as romantic as possible.

I placed a bath towel on the bed, then asked Kayla to lie back on it. I figured if I ate her pussy, I'd get her in the best mood before I deprived her of her virginity.

So I bent over the bed, showering her with kisses on the lips, cheeks, neck, nose, and shoulders. Kayla responded by shivering—her skin was covered with goose bumps.

I moved lower and sucked on each of her nipples, spending several minutes, getting little moans of delight as I sucked, nibbled, and licked them. I let my tongue trail down her tummy, around her navel, to a spot just above her pussy.

Then I positioned myself between her legs to target her pussy. I began kissing and licking the inside of her right thigh toward her pussy until I was about four inches from it. I did the same with her left thigh. At this point, she was trembling with anticipation, and her aroused pussy's odor caught my attention.

My final assault was with my tongue on her pussy. I used it to part her labia, then licked up and down between her outer and inner labia, before I made a swipe up the middle from bottom to top, ending on her clit.

"Oh... yes... more...," she moaned.

I made several more similar swipes of my tongue between her swollen inner labia, always giving her clit a little flip at the end, which elicited even more moans. Her pussy's flavor was different from Emily's, but it intrigued me. I hardened my tongue and pierced her opening with it, causing Kayla to shiver and cry out, "Do that again..."

After several more penetrations of my tongue, Kayla was like a puddle of warm jelly. At last, I spent nearly all my time tonguing and flipping her clit. She grabbed my head, pulling it into her crotch, "Right there... right there...," she chanted, as I had Kayla's lubrication dripping off my chin.

When I inserted my middle finger in her pussy and began massaging her g-spot, she lost it, with sudden spasms of nearly every muscle in her body. Her orgasm hit without warning—she shook; she shuddered; she writhed in ecstasy.

"Oh, wow. That was awesome," Kayla said, panting, when her orgasm had passed.

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