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Lucky Christmas Bitch


This story is bothering a lot of people. Warning: its a fetish story with some gay oral sex, ok? Don't hurt yourselves by reading all the way through and then feeling disgust. This is a place of free will. I hope by changing categories I've improved things. It was a fun request story and an experiment, which has been interesting. Thank you for your interest and comments, one and all. Peace!


Thank God, I had finally found a job. It had been a long, humiliating ten months since the firm I worked for had folded and even my manhood was beginning to feel threatened as I watched my wife run her busy salon uptown. But the holiday season was approaching and I had been hired by a big catering company. It was the industry I'd been in when I met my wife, Mariah, thirteen years ago, so I pretty much had the skills to land the pantry position, with a dessert chef apprenticeship possibility, too.

"Let's get these things proofing. Then, if you'll wrap the last of those tarts and put them away, we can get out of here."

My boss was a tall European nearly twenty years my junior. I liked the guy a lot. I even had a little man crush on him if the truth be told.

"That couple!"

And we both broke out laughing again.

"Can you believe that guy's dick!"

Jerome had a deep voice to go with his tall physique and he made a twelve inch span between his hands. We'd been the only ones left at the end of a big Thanksgiving gig at a lodge and there'd been a middle aged couple rather obviously making out in a booth in the corner.

Before we knew it, things had developed and we stopped what we were doing to check them out from the next room. It would have been impossible to ignore them since she had climbed into his lap, hitching her skirt up completely, revealing stockings and garter and a pretty good looking ass with no panties.

"You know, I think they knew we were watching. Did you see how she smiled at us when they were leaving?"

"His boner will be burned into my memory for a while," I laughed.

I hoped he didn't think I was gay. Nah....he knew I was married.

Later that night when I was showering I jerked off to the images that I'd gained at work, picturing the huge veiny cock on that man when the lady had climbed off. Was I a basement closet gay? I was aroused by seeing that couple fuck in public and the best part had been the ending when the steaming phallus was revealed inch by juicy inch.

Wow. I started to stroke myself faster in the shower as my own medium cock was doing its best to emulate the pole in my mind. I had girth enough to fill my wife's pussy and she screamed when I drove it into her, but my cock was now pulsing to the images of the extra large model I couldn't forget.

As the warm water lubricated my dick, my own pre cum was adding to the slickness. I squeezed my fingers tighter, sliding up and down my now steel hard rod, holding the end under the ridge as I began to jerk and spasm for an uncontrollably long ejaculation. By the time the last thick drops of my cum had finished bursting out of my convulsing cock my legs were weak and I felt dizzy.

Damn. I had cum so much I was a little embarrassed, because even though it was my secret, I knew it was because I'd been thinking of another man's meat.

When I was in bed with Mariah later that night I got a nice thick boner and we made love like we hadn't in some time. Sleeping beside her I was at peace, for obviously I hadn't left the world of heterosexual love. I loved my wife as much as I ever had, but lately we'd been spare with each other as couples tended to do. That was something we had to change, I thought, as I drifted off to sleep beside her.

It was the middle of December and our schedule at work was bordering on ridiculous with private parties every night and even lots of extra staff. Jerome was in top form, keeping us all somehow fluid, and the place was decorated to the hilt. The business was located in one of the city's oldest and largest manors. It had been built by a lumber baron. The ceilings were painted with frescoes. There were lions' heads on the fireplace mantles and several floors of endless rooms and balconies.

"We have a double party tonight, as you all know, ladies and gentlemen. There will be people in every part of this house, as we've opened the whole place up by request. Please try to keep your smiles on and your legs lubricated. Now let's get back out there!"

Jerome was in good spirits.

I already knew exactly who was coming tonight. My wife's salon and their sister salon were having their Christmas party and that was going to be a little different for me. I had watched my wife laying out her gown the night before. It was a hot, tight number, slit up to there. It was also cut low to cling to her small firm breasts. She could still go braless, her lovely nipples accentuating the gentle slope of 34b orbs. She was proud of her toned figure and so was I. She would be wearing silk stockings like the lady from the lodge banquet. I was eager to see her arrive tonight.

But I was kept too busy to barely say hello to her all night. She looked dazzling, though, and I couldn't wait to get home at the end of this night. I was planning to take off everything but those stockings and fuck her ever-loving brains out.

Nursing my horny thoughts, a well used memory popped up again: the night we saw that couple fucking and the dude's giant dick. Then, indulging further, I thought of that strange man fucking my wife! I pictured him plunging into her while she bent over, spreading her pussy for him and taking every amazing inch.

In my mind I clearly saw them as he forced his large ramrod into her delicate pink. She moaned and braced herself, taking the entire beast to the hilt. Then he'd draw out slowly, revealing the shiny red cock, slippery with my wife's hot juices...just like in my memory and the multitude of fantasies I'd had. Within seconds my work trousers were bulging, my own prick getting painfully stiff from these wild things in my uncontrollable head and I was glad to be wearing an apron to hide my boner. Luckily I was sent on another busy task and semi forgot my erotic thoughts for a while.

As the evening wound down and the guests were thinning out, I took a break. It was the first one I'd had all night so I felt ok about leaving the main rooms and wandering up to the second floor to get away and breath. I knew of a room that was always vacant and I let myself in.

I sank into a chair and felt my muscles release a load of energy as I gave in to the soft gravity. I was almost drifting off into another horny dream when I heard voices coming through a register in the floor near me. As I perked up my ears to listen, the sounds I heard perked up my interest. It was heavy breathing and sounded a lot like sex. I sat still and eaves-dropped as much as I could and then had to get up to find the source of the leak and discovered I could see through to the floor below.

A woman was on her knees with her face in a man's lap, bobbing her head, moaning and rather writhing on the floor. The guy was big and wearing a white kitchen uniform. Just then he groaned, bending his head back and it was Jerome. By now I also knew that it was Mariah doing the sucking. My lovely wife was blowing my boss and I was getting a very hard boner myself, watching them.

I was fixated, and got my cock out of my pants and started to stroke myself. Rather than be pissed, I was hotter than I could ever remember in my entire life. Jerome had his eyes closed, thank god, because he might have been able to discover me, I had my face so close to the old mansion register as I beat myself and watched.

Jerome was holding my wife's head now and pushing it down forcefully as he bucked and fucked her beautiful face. I knew what that felt like, she was good for sure. From what I could see, Jerome had a nice thick cock, too and I watched Mariah's scarlet lips stretching in her best form, swallowing it into her mouth and then deeper into her throat. She was like a hinge-jawed snake, that bitch. She was proving her talents tonight with my boss and they both were getting louder as I was getting extremely turned on along with them.

Jerome was holding her head again as he arched his back and groaned, not letting her stop, spewing his abundant cum down her throat as she tried to swallow it, gagging and choking as he fucked her face over and over. My own orgasm was filling my hands with a ton of cum, too, and it took everything in me not to shout and give the whole voyeurism thing away. This was so hot I was just hoping I wouldn't ruin a good thing. I was hooked, I wanted more. And the craziest thing of all was I wanted some of that cock, too.

I realized that I was probably losing track of time so I got up from the floor and cleaned up quickly. As I rounded the corner to the kitchen downstairs I almost crashed into Mariah. She had come looking for me to say she was leaving, and boy did she look frazzled. What was she thinking, the lovely slut.

But I grabbed her and pulled her around the corner and laid a kiss on her sex bruised lips, tasting another man's semen in her mouth, still bitter and delicious! I was really aroused by the taste and where it had come from. She was reluctant at first then gave in to my thirst and let me drink in the last it. She felt warm and soft in my arms as I swirled my tongue in her mouth, savoring the flavored sex of another man. A man I liked. A taste I needed more of.

"Wow, honey! Where did that come from?"

She blushed, as if she weren't already sex flushed. She tried to free herself from my hug, but not too seriously.

"It came from my heart, babe," I smiled. "Something's put me in a great mood. You look pretty happy yourself."

"I think Jerome is looking for you," she said and gave me a funny look.

"Yah, I've been looking, too. I gotta go help the crew. What a fucking night!"

We kissed again, my tongue searching out the last lingering molecules of her lover's jism.

"See you at home," she said and left before we would both be meeting my boss together.

That night I brought my IPad to our bed. We used to watch porn together sometimes and I thought it was time to revive the practice. Besides, watching others having sex had reminded me of an all time favorite of mine.

In it a woman slowly and tenderly fucked a very long, erect penis with her hands....squeezing and stroking the shiny purple cock, so obviously aching with pleasure as her manicured fingers moved up and back down. We snuggled and kissed as together we watched her masturbate the faceless man, as his moans and sighs kept building while her hands worked his lengthy erection.

As the sighs got louder and the streams of cum began to shoot out, I whispered to Mariah that this was the thing most erotic to me of all: watching a man shoot his load in ropes of white cream on or in almost anything. She nodded and said it drove her wild, too. Then she laughed and squeezed my cock, which was aching to feel her hands, her mouth, her pussy.

We fucked like we used to when we were first in love. Who knows what she was really thinking about her own secret, but I wanted to nudge her closer to mine. And she seemed as hungry for me as I had ever felt as we made love that night. I knew that I was thrilled at my discovery, only wanting to get another show. How was I going to pull that off?

For days the image of my handsome young boss fucking my wife's face kept me in a half state of arousal, having to relieve myself more than usual and cuming in the biggest way. I have to admit that half the time I was beginning to change the fantasy more and more to me sucking the cock of my boss and licking his juices as he exploded in My face. Yes, it was something to admit to myself and then see what I could do about it.

The fact that I knew he was banging Mariah didn't bother me, it elated me. I was in better spirits at work, him never the wiser to my good moods. I did start to pay more attention to her comings and goings which wasn't easy with my schedule and the Holiday festivities she was involved in. But I just kept hoping for a sign of another rendezvous.

As it turned out, four days before Christmas I got my wish. The first tip off was the stockings again.

"What's the occasion?" I startled her as she was putting on her earrings.

She jumped, but recovered fast, saying she had been given extra tickets to the opera and since she knew I couldn't go she was taking Joan. "Besides, you don't like Wagner, darling."

Well, I knew she hated Wagner, and besides, she was blushing despite herself.

I could hope. She was also wearing the perfume she usually only wore for me! Aha.

At work, we were on our second to the last holiday gig and everyone was ready to get some time off. As another hopeful sign, when I got to work, I discovered that the boss was getting the second half of the night off, himself. Promising. I was gleeful as I hurried through my duties, and a co-worker said she'd cover for me to get out of there early.

My plan was to follow Jerome when he left. I managed to get off first and had a chance to watch as he left the parking lot. I was pretty sure where he was going and sure enough he pulled into his own house. And there was Mariah's SUV parked in the driveway. I pulled up to the neighbor's curb and waited while they got inside. I also wanted to give them enough time to get things rolling so hopefully I could sneak up.

The first thing I did was try the door, and it was unlocked. Quietly I stole inside. Not a soul was in sight and as I listened I could hear their voices coming from a room in the back of the house. I took off my shoes and tiptoed my way in until I saw a little light coming from a crack in a doorway. I carefully took a look and saw them.

They were already starting to fuck. Mariah was on her back with her legs tied to the bed posts and her arms were also tied, leaving her spread out and vulnerable. I admired the beautiful pert breasts of my wife. Jerome had mounted her and this time I was able to see his erection much better and it was a beauty, thick and swollen to the point of bursting. He was teasing her by barely entering her, and her exposed pussy was glistening and pink from her slickness as he stuck in the fat, purple head and then pulled it out to her protests.

I watched as he plunged it back in, his cock disappearing, smothered in her grabbing depths...grinding her into the bed and then suddenly denying her, holding himself above her, then again driving deep as she had to take whatever he did. She was trying to squirm but he had her cords pulled very taut and all she could do was beg. Seeing her like that was sensational.

I was seeing another side of my employer as he laughed at her and pulled all the way out again.

"Oh Jerome! Please fuck me, baby, please give me your heavy, hard cock. Fuck me!! Please put it inside me. Don't torture me." Moan, head roll. Pleading smile.

I was loving this so much. It was better than my dreams and I'd been dreaming about this a lot. I was rock hard too, of course and had unzipped myself and gotten a hold of my rod to play along at home, folks. Mariah was getting her wish now as he pounded away at her without pause. She was throwing her head from side to side and I could tell she was blinded by the lust driving her towards her orgasm.

"Your cunt is the tightest, Mariah. Your pussy's so tight, baby. I'm so close I can't stop fucking your hot, Slam, tight, Slam, fucking, Slam.....Pussy! Do you like my cock pounding into you, baby?"

He was driving so deep I could practically feel the floor moving. It was hot. It was so hot that I started to explode in my hand and all over the hall floor. I clenched my teeth as I burst with all my force, trying not to close my eyes. Mariah was screaming to the lord. Jerome was shoving himself into her with his own forceful ejaculation taking over. We were all cuming together.

And then I lost my balance. I stumbled into the room with my dick in my hand, as Jerome spun around and his eyes widened first in shock, then realization as to who had barged in. My wife was spread eagle, panting, furiously trying to rise, but couldn't. And I was just embarrassed. Everyone was breathing hard and all I could do was stare at the long steaming organ of the man who was over my wife. It dripped their juices onto the bed and the floor as he began to get up and recover.

Still, nobody had said anything. He had whispered to her that it was me, though. She struggled against her straps but was bound.

I finally broke the silence. "Let me clean her up. I want to lick her now after you had her. Just let me do it and then we'll go from there, eh."

What I had really wanted to request was to clean them both up. But I wasn't able to find the courage no matter how much I desired to suck on his cock.

And so as he watched from the side I climbed between her legs and licked her messy snatch. It was fragrant and sticky and I got hard again at the salty, pungent taste. Oh fucking yah, the same taste as our kiss that night after she had been nourished by his seed. I lapped and lapped and she began to writhe around in her bonds, getting hot and wet for my hungry mouth.

"Suck me. Suck on my clit. Give me your tongue, fuck my pussy with your mouth...eat me now!! "

On and on she begged, as I teased her luscious lips and clit, sucking and nipping, burying my fingers into her at the same time now. Just as I knew from her sounds that she was close, I put a finger in her butt and wiggled it as her orgasm tightened on my fingers and her ass convulsed in rhythm to her pussy muscles.

As she came, clenching my fingers tightly, I hungrily licked the streaming female taste of her, slick and viscous as it poured into my mouth. One of my favorite flavors, enhanced with man cum, and I gave her pulsing clit a good long suck.

She screamed loudly and I could see Jerome beating his meat out the side of my vision. It was so hot, as my wife and her lover were cuming with my pleasure. Just as she was starting to subside, without hesitation I got up and grabbed his still throbbing member and finished him off.

I bravely fell to my knees and sucked it into my mouth while he was still pumping, hoping his ecstasy would allow for this. His thick hot cum was my elixir, my egg nog, my insane delight. It was the moment I'd been waiting for, the feel of a steel bar of flesh in my lips, my mouth, my throat...his hot ridged skin sliding over my begging tongue... lightly brushing my teeth.

He let me milk his cock and I drank the last sizzling drops down my throat with pleasure as he now had to fuck my face, his passion too far gone to stop himself from pumping in and out of my greedy mouth. Finally he stopped spasming and his cock fell from my gripping lips. I was pretty clean for I had taken everything down my throat. I stared at the gorgeous member hanging in front of me, trying not to grin. I reached out and gave it one more little tug...it could be my last chance.

"Fucking damn that was hot!" Mariah had gotten a good view of what we had done and she was smiling at us as I finally released his penis.

"Why am I not surprised..." she mused.

"I am surprised, man" was all Jerome managed to say. But he wasn't backing down. He was smiling with us. "I have never ever had my cock in another man's mouth, I swear."

"But its too hot to resist, right?" I said. "Its better because you were fucking Mariah first, then I did you both to round it out." Not a bad theory. I wanted to cut through any awkwardness.

"You know that this means you must admit you love cock, husband." Jerome was beside her, untying her bonds and he kissed her mouth and helped her up.

"Yah, man. You have definitely got a thing for cock, I'd say." But it wasn't a judgement under the circumstances.

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