Lucky Day Ch. 1


Turning her back to him, she undid the remaining buttons of her night-gown. Spreading its collar and letting it slip gently down her body, she uncovered for him the bareness of her back. To Bob, it had the color of polished oak wood, over which her curls hung like Spanish moss.

"Come to me, Bob," said Janice. Bob took off his shirt and walked to within inches of her. He reached for her shoulders, but she stepped away, eluding his grasp.

"I want to feel your cock rubbing against my back," said Janice. "Just your cock."

Removing his remaining clothes, Bob stepped closer to Janice and, extending his pelvis forward, settled the tip of his erect penis just above her tail bone. Now on tip-toes, he plowed the furrow of her lower spine. Janice brought her arms up to her body and pressed the tips of her fingers to her nipples, moving them in rhythm with Bob's cock. Then, pulling the cuffs of the gown over her hands and working her arms free of its constraints, she let the gown drop to her feet and returned her hands to her nipples. Now, her totally was unveiled. Bob's eyes caressed even smooth curve of her bark-less trunk.

Janice leaned her head back and shook it slowly, letting her untamed curls sweep across Bob's bare chest. He propped his head against hers, and continued gyrating his hips and grinding his cock deeper into her back. She reached behind and pulled one of his hands to her belly, while the other she placed at the side of her rib cage. She let his hands stray momentarily over these areas, before taking hold of them again. She then wrapped his arms around her, drawing Bob closer.

"Taste me, Bob," she said. "Taste me." Bob kissed the tip of her shoulder and worked his way toward her neck. It did not matter that her curls got in the way. He sucked on them and pressed them against her neck with his lips.

"How do I taste?" Janice asked.

"Sweet," said Bob.

"Sweet," said Janice, "like caramel?"

"Like café au lait," said Bob.

Janice laughed, twirled around in Bob's arms and brought her lips within an inch of his. She evaded his attempts to kiss her, until he had almost given up. Then she took his face in her hands and kissed him wildly. Bob was surprised by her aggressiveness, and tried to keep up with her roving lips. She pulled away, breathing heavily. Then, removing his hands from around her back, she sat on the bed and drew him toward her.

"Now," said Janice, "let me see how you taste." As she held onto his wrists, she playfully licked the head of his penis. Then, she wrapped one hand around its shaft and rubbed the tip over and around her parted lips, then under her chin. Next, she took it with both hands and rubbed it against her cheeks, like it was some new-born animal.

"Mmm," she moaned, "you're so soft and warm." She then placed the tip of it to her forehead and slowly let it slide down the ridge of her nose. Holding it on the end of her nose, she bent her tongue upward, lightly brushed his soft fleshy underside. After dragging her tongue from bottom to top one last time, Janice stared up into Bob's eyes with a girlish grin.

She drew her feet up onto the bed, maintaining her hold on Bob's cock. She knelt there, tugging at his penis. Bob responded by climbing onto the bed and kneeling in front of her. Janice took hold of his hands and pressed their palms to her breasts, moving them over and around the two fleshy mounds. As Bob continued to play with her breasts, Janice slipped one of her hands into the dark bush between her legs and stoked the embers from her previous journeys there. Her eyes locked onto Bob's, keeping him entranced, as she slowly moved closer. She took one of his hands from her chest and placed it within the rekindled flame. She chuffed one of his fingers inside her and, holding onto his wrist, she worked his hand like a lever, making him pump her harder. She moved his other hand down her waist and around to her buttocks, letting him take hold of her there. The flame of her tongue licked his parted lips, till she grabbed his head and shot the flame deep into his mouth. Bob wrestled with the fire of her passion which now burned within him.

Even as her vagina was becoming sufficiently soaked and primed from Bob's probing, Janice frantically pulled away from him and fell onto the bed, panting and shaking.

"Where's your condom, Bob?" she asked between breaths.

"Huh?" muttered Bob.

"Your condom," she said more urgently. "Aren't you ready to screw me?"

"Oh," said Bob. He jumped off the bed and rummaged through his pants pockets.

"I must have dropped it somewhere between here and the living room," he said.

"It's your ticket to Paradise, Bob," said Janice. "You can't get inside me without it."

Bob crawled along the floor and out the bedroom door.

"I need you now, Bob," shouted Janice.

Bob found the condom in the hallway and raced back into the bedroom. He struggled to open the small package and remove the little ring-shaped latex. He quickly stretched it over the head of his penis and unfolded it down the shaft.

"I'm ready," said Bob.

"Take me, Bob," said Janice, with outstretched arms. Bob jumped onto the bed and into Janice's embrace. She wrapped her legs around his hips and began bucking him, even before he could get his penis in position.

"Fuck me, Bob!" she shouted, "Fuck me! I want you! I want you!"

After getting the head of his cock pivoted between Janice's pussy lips, Bob took over the bucking. But the tightness of her vagina resisted his efforts to penetrate.

"Harder, Bob," she cried. "Press harder!" As his cock began to make headway, she sensed a stinging sensation accompanying the widening of her vagina. The stinging turned to a burning pain, as Bob's cock broke through. Janice wailed, as she dug her fingernails into Bob's back. Soon, her wailing was reduced to a whimper and a deep moaning, as the natural lubrication took over and allowed Bob to move in and out with ease.

"Oh, Bob," moaned Janice, slapping his shoulder with her fist. "Oh, god! I can't stand it! More! More!"

Janice closed her eyes tightly and clung to Bob, as she felt his penis break through to her uterus. The first waves of orgasm began to build within her. Her pussy lips contracted and her hips shook uncontrollably. This was what she had been waiting for, for so long, to let a man dive into the inner depths of her being and bring to the surface the hidden treasures, even the same ones which Katy herself must have discovered that spring day, when Larry had buried his fingers deep within her. This was why she had broken off their friendship, knowing that she could never experience the same sweet discoveries, as long as she remained under her mother's roof. When the build up finally reached the surface and burst forth, Janice screamed, both for joy and for victory.

Sitting in the half-darkness before sunrise, and drawing from the spent butt its last vapor, Bob sees the finished puzzle lying before his mind, its far edges stretching back to where the week began, to where a young and innocent black woman named Janice had just begun to unravel his dull, routine-filled existence. She stirs beside him now, raises herself up and wraps her arms around his neck, kissing him firmly on the cheek.

"What've you been thinking about?" she asks.

"I've been thinking," says Bob, "that this must be my lucky day."

"Sure is," says Janice. "For both of us."

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