tagSci-Fi & FantasyLucky Ep. 11

Lucky Ep. 11


The interrogation

"Well?" Cheryl repeated as her eyebrows began to narrow. "Where exactly were you last night?"

"According to the main computer," Addison's voice called back from the front door, catching Lucky before he was able to say a word. "Lucky was here all night last night."

Lucky and Cheryl turned their heads to watch as the detective walked up to them, sliding her phone back into her coat pocket. Her hair was extremely short. Shorter than anything Lucky had seen as far as in-fashion goes. Not that he really had eyes for fashion, but he did notice different things that women did to look how they currently felt. Or maybe they just picked a style that they thought would grab the most positive attention? He honestly wasn't sure, but to his knowledge he had never seen a woman with her hair cut to finger width length before. Something about it was... attractive.

"I guess that puts the two of you in the clear," Addison stated as her eyes met Lucky's for a brief moment followed by what he thought might have been a smile. He couldn't tell because it was so fast before returning to her permanent frown.

"Anything you need, just ask." Cheryl said with a look of determination on her face. She was wiping the tears from her eyes as she spoke. "I want to see justice done to whoever is responsible."

"Actually there is something that I could use some help with." Addison stated as she looked from Lucky to Cheryl. "Lucky here was a pupil of Vicky and therefore he may have information that could be helpful. Even if he may isn't aware of it. I'd like to take him to my office down-town and question him a bit."

"You are more than welcome to ask him anything right here," Cheryl said seemingly taken aback from the request. "He doesn't hide anything from me."

"With all due respect," Addison started as she allowed her smile to return. "I'll have an easier time if you would allow me to take him. All of my gear is back at the office and sometimes it's easier for a man to speak freely when they are away from their owners. I promise I'll bring him right back and no harm will be done to him."

Cheryl looked from Addison to Lucky with a look of helplessness. She opened her mouth to retort a few times, but eventually gave in with a shrug of her shoulders.

"No harm is to be done to him," she ordered. "I'm a lawyer and could make life very difficult for you if that promise is broken."

"No harm," Addison agreed with a nod before looking to Lucky and dropping her smile once more. "Come on, let's get this done with so I can get you back."

Lucky turned to look at Cheryl as he followed the detective out the door. His master was looking at him leave as tears welled up in her eyes once more. The last thing he saw before the front door shut behind him was her setting down back down at the dining room table and pressing her face in the palms of her hands.

"Get in," Addison ordered as she opened a car door. "We have a lot to talk about."

He sat down in the car and she closed the door behind him before walking around to set in the seat next to him. She hit a button on her phone and the car began driving away from Cheryl.

They sat in silence for what felt like an eternity before the woman broke the ice.

"You went to the party last night," she declared, not looking in his direction. "You were in Vicky's car. I didn't want to say anything to your master because I wanted complete truth from you on this matter. I know you didn't kill her, but you know a lot more than Cheryl realizes."

Shocked, he didn't know what to say exactly. She could have told Cheryl about it and the then it would be over. He would never have a life as good as he did right now. The fact that so much pressure was on him to change the world was enough to break him. He wasn't sure how he would react if things with his home now went south.

"Thank you," he managed to mutter.

Addison turned her head to look into his eyes. Her frown was matched by her brows in anger. She reached her hand up to a point before speaking.

"You hide something from me and my silence will be broken with you master. You understand? You even omit a cough from last night and you and I are finished." She pulled her hand back and looked back out her window. "I'm as fair as I am harsh. You do that for me and I'll keep my promise for you."

"I understand," he said calmly as he looked out his own window to see the buildings fly by as the car raced deeper into the city. The drive didn't take much more than twenty minutes, but it felt like hours. Finally, the car pulled into a large parking garage and before long the two were in an elevator traveling to the 20'th floor.

"Addison," a woman called as they exited the elevator. The detective turned and began talking with another woman on the floor for a few minutes.

He took the opportunity to look around the office. Women were busy at their desks. Some were on the phone. Some were placing files in different folders on their computers and a few were in deep conversations with one another. He wasn't sure what any of their work meant, so nothing, in particular, stuck in his mind.

"Lucky," he heard Addison call as he looked over to see her walking away. He followed her into a separate office with a large window view of the city spread out as far as he could see. It really was quite something. She closed the door behind them and walked around her large desk to take a seat.

"So first thing's first," she started while gesturing for him to take a seat across from her. "Why did Vicky take you to the party last night?"

"My master didn't want me to go, but Vicky thought it was important that I be there," he answered honestly.

"And why would Vicky think it so important for you to be there?" She asked with one eyebrow raised.

"She arranged for me to have an interview with Jean Steller."

"The reporter?" He couldn't tell if the detective was skeptical or impressed by the tone of her voice. "What exactly would a reporter want to do with you?"

"She is considering doing a piece on freeing men as equals in society." He couldn't believe what he was saying. This had to be the most ridiculous thing that the detective had ever heard.

"Okay," she began before falling silent and leaning back in her chair. "Start from the beginning of this and don't leave anything out.

"Vicky and I got close during her time training me," he started to explain before he was interrupted.

"I said from the beginning," she snapped as she leaned forward in her chair and placed her elbows on the desk. Heat glowed in her eyes. "Vicky was a ruthless man trainer and wouldn't just 'get close' to you out of nowhere. What made her get close to you?"

He took a deep breath and leaned back in his chair. Should he tell her about it all? Should he tell her about Project Lucky? Would she know if he didn't? Too many questions flowed through his head and he couldn't make any single point stop long enough to respond.

"Everything," she said again coldly.

Lucky took a deep breath, leaned forward in his chair and began. He told the detective about every single thing he could remember. He told her about Terra. He told her about the Project. He even told her about the other men who had apparently died in the procedure. She took it all in. Her facial expressions changed often depending on the part of his story. Finally, when he was done, she stood up and walked over to his side of her desk before setting down.

"Show me," she said with a flat tone.

"I'm sorry?" He wasn't sure what she wanted from him.

"I want you to prove to me that this story is real," she clarified. "If you can cause this strange change in emotion on me then I'll know it is true and if you cannot then I know that everything you just said to me is a lie. And I don't think I need to repeat what happens if it's a lie."

Lucky looked the woman up and down. She was quite beautiful for sure. Her short brown hair was oddly different enough to make her more attractive to him and her body type was tall and thin, but not lacking curves. He couldn't tell how large her breasts were due to the long coat she was wearing so he figured he'd start there.

He stood up from his chair and leaned against the desk, spreading her legs apart to make room for him. He pushed his hands inside of her coat to feel the heat from her body within as he leaned forward and kissed the side of her neck.

As he continued to kiss the side of her neck, he slid her coat off of her shoulders and down her arms, revealing her to be wearing a blue button-up shirt with c-cup breasts pushing out. Her breath grew heavier as he began to unbutton her shirt. He made it halfway down to reveal her white bra when her hands grabbed his wrists firmly.

"My shirt stays on," she declared as she looked into his eyes.

"That's fine," he said as he reached down and unbuttoned her dark gray slacks before running the zipper all the way down to take a peek at her white panties.

With a gentle yet firm grasp, he grabbed her by the hips and pulled her to her feet before pulling her pants down to her ankles. She hastily kicked them off as he began kissing her inner thighs and moving his mouth up to her panties. She moaned as his lips met her pussy with only the cloth of her underwear separating the two. He wrapped his hands around to grasp her ass just before yanking her panties down to her ankles and tossing her back on the desk.

She spread closed her legs around his head as his tongue first met her clit. Her moans began to grow louder as he worked her slit up and down with his tongue. She grew wetter and wetter as he rubbed his hands up and down her ass, going further up her back each time until he felt something on her skin.

She reached around and pushed his hand down and he allowed it. What was that? It felt like a different texture completely. What was she hiding?

He pulled his head back and stood up to face her. Her mouth was slightly open and she had a starry look in her eyes.

"You going to fuck me or what?" she asked before pulling at the waist of his pants.

He pulled his pants and underwear down and kicked them away as she took the time to take a view of his rock hard erection. She grabbed his rod with one of her hands as he stood back up straight and smiled.

"Impressive," she stated before he pushed back into her and pressed his open mouth to hers. Their tongues danced while he could feel the moisture from her pussy rub over the tip of his dick as she pulled him into her.

He pressed further until her pussy was suddenly surrounding the top half of his shaft. She let out a soft shout and her arms wrapped around his neck as he pushed further in. He could feel her pussy squeezing at him as her legs tightened around him.

"I'm cumming," she whispered in his ear. "Oh my God I'm cumming!"

He couldn't believe it. She had cum faster than that Amanda woman who he had first met at the party the previous night. Addison must not have orgasmed in a long time.

He began pushing and pulling in and out of her as he was just getting started. She moaned and trembled as she began wanting more again. He sped up until he was happy with the rhythm. He slid one of his hands up the back of her neck and rubbed his fingers over her short hair, feeling the stubble as his other hand slid up her lower back as he felt it again.

What was that?

She started to push his hand away once more, but he had other things in mind. With one motion, Lucky pulled her ass off of the desk and spun her around to where her back was facing him. He pushed her over until her elbows were pressed against the top of her desk and her ass was for the taking.

He pushed his throbbing hard cock into her pussy once more, drawing a cry of passion from the woman as he began pounding himself into her once more. He grabbed the back bottom of her shirt and yanked it up so hard and fast that he heard a ripping sound. She didn't seem to notice, or maybe she did, but she didn't seem to mind at the time.

He could see what he had felt now.

The woman had a long scar stretching up her back. It looked as if someone had cut her from the lower back all the way up to wherever it stopped. She must have been self conscious about it, but to be honest it only made her that much more attractive to him. He slammed his cock into her over and over as the slapping sounds of flesh on flesh grew louder. She wasn't even trying to hide her screams of ecstasy as her pussy began squeezing his cock once more.

"I'm cumming again," she shouted as he held onto her hips tightly. Her knees began to get wobbly so he just picked her up by her hips and continued his fast-paced rhythm until he could feel his dick swell and his balls tighten. It was time. He knew he wouldn't be able to hold his cum back at this point. He was going to have to go.

"I'm going to cum," he grunted through poundings.

He slammed his cock into her and held it as he emptied himself into her womb. Her body twitched as her cunt seemed to attempt to drink as much as it could before pouring down her inner thighs. He held her hips up for a moment before releasing her feet back to the floor.

"That was," she began as she turned to look him in the eyes. He could see that she had tears drying on her cheeks and her eyes were slightly reddened. "Amazing!"

"Believe me?" He asked with a smile.

"I do," she admitted as she pulled her panties back up and looked down to see that her shirt had ripped at a button. "I thought I heard a rip."

She turned from him as she bent over to pull her pants back up. He watched as her tight ass got covered up by her slacks once more. Just above her waistline, he could see the beginning of her scar.

"You shouldn't be ashamed of the scar," he stated as he walked over to her and placed his hand on her back. "It's really hot."

She turned to look him in the eyes again. Her expression shifted from pure rage to defeat.

"I was on a case to find a murderer," she started as her eyes seemed to go somewhere different. "Let's just say that she found me before I could find her."

"You lived," he said as he pulled her toward him and gave her a kiss on the forehead. "That's what matters. That scar is just proof of that."

She smiled faintly at him as she placed her hands on his shoulders and squeezed.

"Maybe you're right," she admitted before pulling her coat back on and walking toward the door that lead back out into the main office. "We need to get you back before Cheryl begins to write up a lawsuit against me."

He followed her out the door and noticed that every woman in the office was trying to sneak glances over to them as they walked through. Was her office not soundproof? He thought it was for some reason, but from the reddened face of Addison, he was beginning to think that she had gotten a little carried away with her shouts of pleasure at work.

He picked up his pace as she practically ran into the elevator.

"They heard?" He asked as he looked over at her.

"I guess so," she agreed with a slight nod.

The elevator opened and they got back into her car and before long they were riding back to Cheryl's house.

"I won't say a word to anyone," she stated as they drove through the city. "Your secret is safe with me. It might help me get to the killer though, so I may need to speak with you more. I'm going to tell Cheryl that you didn't know anything that could help in the case. I'll have to think of a way to get back with you again. Until then just act as though I was a bitch to you and was angry to have wasted my time."

"I understand," he agreed. "Wait, do you think that Vicky was murdered because of me? Because of Project Lucky?"

There was a long silence before Addison spoke again. She looked over at him with a very serious expression on her face.

"I don't know," she began before looking out her window. "But that would be enough reason for a lot of different women to want her dead. We may all be at risk as far as I know."

Lucky couldn't believe it. He didn't ask to be the one to change the world and now he was the one putting people's lives in danger.

Maybe it would be best to disappear so that others could live.

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