tagNonConsent/ReluctanceLucky Guy Ch. 3

Lucky Guy Ch. 3


It all started I guess about 6 months ago. When I got drunk with one of my sister's friends and we ended up fucking and me passing out and my father waking me up the next day for school to find me naked. It was embarrassing as hell but, hey, at least I got some pussy. I was proud because she was 21 and I was younger, but my parents weren't proud. I wonder why.

But, anyway, one night me, Wendy (the one I fucked 6 months ago), one of my friends, and my sister all went partying and ended up getting really wasted. By the time we got home, Wendy was puking out of the car door in the middle of the street in front of our house. After we managed to get her inside, we decided to put her in my bed, since my sister, whom she was friends with, moved out and she had no bed, and I left her in there. Or until everyone went to sleep at least.

About 2 hours later, everyone else was asleep and my golden chance had arrived. I managed to creep back to my room and lock the door without anyone waking up. When I got in there she was passed out and I started talking to her to see how trashed she really was. She was totally out of it. She was slurring all of her words and when I was fondling her, she didn't seem to care or notice. Which made all of my chances even better.

While I was talking to her, I was rubbing on her 34DD tits, she didn't seem to mind. After a while of talking to her, I managed to slip my hand down her pants and started to finger-fuck her. She really seemed to like that since she got wet as I went on and on. She seemed to be looser than I had remembered her to be.

After about five minutes of fingering her, I went on with it and got her to roll over and pull her pants off. By now she was laying on her stomach with her ass facing me. I didn't have any rubbers so I had to fuck her bare, which I had no problem with. My only hope was that she wouldn't wake up. God only knows what she would say, and whom she would tell. But I guess the alcohol was enough to keep her unconscious.

As I spread her ass cheeks apart, her lips came into clearer and clearer view and looked more luscious than they did six months ago. I slowly slipped my cock in her waiting cunt. She was so wet, I just fit right in. By that time, she was more awake now. I started to fuck her faster and faster, getting closer and closer to cumming. But she never became totally awake.

As I watched my cock slide in and out of her pussy, her asshole just looked so intriguing to me, and I decided it was worth it to fuck her in her ass. I figured I'd already be in trouble for fucking her in the first place, so I might as well and go all out. I reached over to my bedside table and got some lotion out and applied to my cock and then lubed up my fingers really good and slid them one by one into her ass. Eventually it was just perfect and as I tried to put my dick in her ass, and to my luck it went right in. As I fucked her faster and faster, I was just seconds away from blowing my load right there. Now, if she was conscious, I would have made myself last longer than that.

As time came, so did the closer I got to cumming. And I shot load after load of cum into her hot, loose asshole. When I pulled out, her ass had cum dripping out of it. What a sight! I couldn't believe that she didn't wake up through all of that. She must have been totally fucked up. But hey, who's complaining?

After I was through, I slid my finger in and scraped out a lot of cum, so she wouldn't notice in the morning. Most of it managed to come out, the only bit left was very little. Which did work pretty good by the way. And I don't think she would know it came from me, or anyone for that matter.

Well, that's another one of my stories, hope you like it. Please e-mail me and tell me what you think. Thanks.

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