tagMatureLucky Guy Pt. 05

Lucky Guy Pt. 05


I hope you enjoy this story. Please provide me feedback. This story includes contact between parent and an adult child that may be offensive to some. While not incest, if any contact offends you, please don't read.

Edited by DRGRIFFIN, with my thanks!

I meet Sam and his wife to discuss disposition of Eva's share of the business

After sleeping on the idea of buying Eva's share of Max's construction company, I called her to let her know my decision.

"Hi, this is Eva."

"This is Lance. I have decided I don't want to buy into Max Construction."

"I was actually thinking about giving it to you but I think you really don't want it under any circumstance."

"I love design and it is what I am trained to do. I really enjoy the projects I am getting now. Max loved construction and he worked very hard at it. I don't want to commit the amount of effort it takes to make construction a success. It wouldn't be fair to Sam and the effort I am putting in now is not fair to Sam. But, I really appreciate the offer."

"I understand and am not surprised. You are right that this is not fair to Sam. Would you help me sell it?"

"I expected that. I think it is why Max asked me to take care of his portion of the business. I will approach Sam and a couple of people I know that might be good partners for Sam. You know Sam has right of refusal anyway."

"Oh, I want to be more than fair to Sam. Max loved Sam and I think Sam loved Max. So make sure that Sam is happy with whatever we do. He has been very patient with me and I appreciate that."

"Trust me I will. It may be in Sam's best interest to have an established partner. I want him to have options. I know you don't need the money so whatever price we get from larger players would be a good price for Sam to pay. But let's allow him to pay out of profits and not make him go to a bank."

Eva said happily, "Good. One other thing. See if he will allow my L to take me by his job sites occasionally."

"Trust me, he will. He wants me to do more designs for him, especially on the high end."

"Lance, thank you so much. I need to work on my book the next couple of days. But can we do something Saturday night?"

"I have something planned. Be ready to go at six, I will pick you up."

"I am getting excited already. What should I wear?"

"I will take care of that. Don't worry." I wanted her to have something new for the event I was planning.

I called Sam, as soon as we hung up. We were to meet that afternoon for dinner at his house. I also contacted a couple of larger builders that I knew wanted to have Sam as a part of their enterprise. I thought these would be good options for Sam. Both were interested after I explained the situation. They promised to have me the framework of a deal the following day.

Sam was in his late thirties with two kids. His wife Sally was a very nice looking red head. Average sized, hard body and I would guess C-cup. She had fixed us a very nice dinner and served us separate from the kids so we could talk.

"Eva wants to sell her portion of the business but she wants to make certain you are happy with whatever is done. It is more than your right of refusal. You are a friend and Max loved you. She wants that to be true after this transaction. She also very much appreciates your patience. She really couldn't deal with this situation until now."

"No problem. Max was not only my business partner but also my friend. Of course, we got together socially a few times but Eva was hard to get to know. I was being patient for Max and I want to be friends with you and Eva. No matter what I want you to continue to do my high-end designs."

"She offered to give me her share of the business but you know I am a designer, not a builder and only want to piddle on the construction side. I certainly want to continue designing for the company. So, we have two basic options. First you buy her out. She made it clear that if you decided that option to make it a very fair price and allow you to make the payouts over time out of profits. She wants to make it easy for you. The second option is for someone else to buy her out. I have contacted a couple of larger builders and one has already put a proposal on the table. The other will have something for me tomorrow morning."

I laid out the larger builder's proposal including his price for Eva's portion and how he would roll Sam in as a partner in his larger business, Empire Construction.

I continued, "Eva does not expect you to pay as much as Empire Construction if you decide to stay independent. She also wants you to know that if you decide to roll into one of these larger businesses, you have all the time you want to negotiate with them. She is no hurry."

Nothing was said for several minutes as Sam thought. Sally came in and cleared the table. She said, "I will fix you guys a drink if you want to go in the living room to be more comfortable."

Sam said, "That would be great honey. Why don't you join us? I think it is time you hear what Eva is suggesting."

"I can't imagine what that woman would suggest."

"Don't jump to any conclusions, Honey. She may not be the person you think."

"Okay, I will be in a few minutes with your drinks. Lance, I think you are a scotch guy aren't you."

"Yep. Half water one cube of ice."

"Got it."

As Sam and I sat, I asked, "Does she not like Eva?"

"No she thinks she is a cold fish. They did not get along at all. Sally is a very warm person. Very different for Eva."

"I think you just don't know Eva," I defended. "To be honest, it is only lately that I got to know her completely. She is very complicated and extremely smart. It makes her hard to know. She only trusts and opens up reluctantly."

"I must admit that my mind is changing with this transaction," Sam stated. Sally had entered while we were discussing Eva. Sally sat next to Sam on the couch. "Sally tell Lance your opinion on Eva."

"I think she is a cold bitch."

"Sally, be nice," Sam said laughing.

"Well Lance asked."

"Lance tell Sally what Eva is proposing for her share of the business."

I laid it out for Sally without some of the detail. After I finished, Sam asked Sally, "What do you think?"

"I think I don't know who Eva is. That sounds very generous which isn't what I expected. It sounds to me like she is giving you all the options on how to proceed."

"It is more than that," I suggested. "She offered me Max's share for free if that was acceptable to Sam. But I like design so I declined the offer. She is willing for Sam to set his price if he wants to go it on his own. She is not the person you think she is and not the one I thought. Emma asked me to help her get over losing Max. Her relationship with Max was somewhat special."

"I don't understand that at all," Sam said. "I know Max said he loved her very much but it was not observable when we saw them in social situation."

"Yes, she can be very quiet," Sally agreed, "and I thought, well, snotty. Like she couldn't bother with us. She seemed to be in her own mind. It struck me that she thought she was too smart and pretty for us."

"I understand," I said, "but you misinterpreted her being uncomfortable around people for snotty. One of the reasons she loved Max so much was because he balanced her by being so outgoing and likeable. I can tell you she and Terry were very good friends. Losing both was hard on her. She needs friends."

"There is something else I don't understand," Sam said. "Max said he loved her very much but some of our most loyal employees talked about Max bringing his kept slut on the job site to entertain. They talk about a slut named Baby over a long period of time that, well, did Max's bidding no matter how nasty."

"Eva is Baby." Both Sam and Sally's mouths fell open.

Sam finally said while shaking his head, "No way!"

"It is true," I confirmed. "She is a submissive and needs a dominant in her life. Max did that for her. Emma, her daughter, and Eva asked me to take over that role. It is like she must have a sexual play periodically where she can be submissive. Let me show you. I had planned to take her to dinner Saturday night, make her dress very provocatively and well see what happen. Do you want to join us and either be the audience or join in?"

Sally finished her drink and said, "I need another drink. This is just not possible. You guys ready for another?"

We both did. Sam looked at Sally and said, "I am interested to see this. What do you think honey?"

Sally smiled and looked at Lance, "I may not be able to compete with Eva but I don't mind showing my stuff. Sam and I have done some, huh, different things with other couples. You are an attractive man. You never know what will happen. I am very interested in seeing a different Eva."

"Well she is a beautiful woman," Sam said, "that can't be denied."

Sally giggled and hit him on the shoulder, "Men, that is all they care about. Tits and ass and nothing else."

"We are animals," I agreed. "I thought I would rent a limo for the night, so we could go together."

Sam again looked at Sally, who nodded her agreement, "Want to go to Maud's? It has a reputation of looking the other way when couple want to get frisky. If Eva is Baby, it could get pretty raunchy according to the guys."

I explained, "She will only get as raunchy as I tell her. It is amazing to observe this calculating mathematician become so submissive to another person. She is extremely loyal to the person she has chosen to trust. I intend to do nothing but earn that trust. I am also trusting you two."

"I am going to erase all my thoughts of Eva," Sally said. "I loved Terry and if Terry was Eva's friend then I have to find out why. Lance, you can trust us. I think I am beginning to understand."

"Thanks for this," I said. We discussed the business further. In the end, they agreed to have an answer Saturday night on whether they wanted the business on their own or go the option of partnering with a larger firm.

The next day I went clothes shopping for Eva. I had gotten her sizes from Emma. Emma and I were talking on the phone regularly and she liked the idea of us befriending another couple. I wanted her to have something from me for our double date Saturday night. I texted Eva that Sam was considering the options we had discussed and we were joining them for dinner Saturday night. I had Eva's a new dress delivered Friday afternoon.

Our double date with Sam and Sally

I walked over to Eva's a few minutes before the limo was to pick us up. She answered the door in her new dress. It was stunning. It was a two-piece dress. The skirt was a tight mini skirt that showed off Eva's big nicely rounded ass. The top was a strapless bodice with a unique pleated peplum sweep. The bodice fit her breasts to force the bulk of her soft white flesh up and out. The bodice barely covered her large round brown areolas. You could just begin to see the start of the brown circles. The dark blue material over her breasts was covered with sparkles drawing the eye to this display. The bodice cinched to the waist and then flared with the pleated peplum. She accentuated it with several strains of opulent pearl necklaces and pearl earrings. She was wearing white pumps with a medium heel.

"Eva you are absolutely stunning. I want to send a picture to Emma. Okay?"

"Sure but don't you think it is too much for the restaurant we are going to? I mean it is very revealing. I don't want to embarrass my L tonight. But thank you, I think it is a beautiful dress and even I must admit it looks good on me."

"I will tell you about where we are going as we are on our way. I have rented a limo to take us with Sally and Sam. We will talk business for a little bit but then it will be purely social."

Eva said, "I hope they like me. I don't think I have been very nice to Sally."

"You will be fine. Your L wants you to be nice to both Sam and Sally tonight."

"I will do what my L tells me. I want my L's approval."

"Well so far he approves. Here is the limo." She had a shiny silver shawl to cover her shoulder and drape across her chest. It was semitransparent, so you could still see the outline of her grand breasts. As she got in the limo, I knew she was not wearing underwear. The skirt was so tight if she had been wearing even a thong you could have seen it and there was no need for a bra as the bodice was built to be the bra.

She saw that I was staring smiled, "Does my L want to know for sure?"

"Yes," I said.

She took my hand, spread her legs and inserted my finger in her damp pussy. She kept it their until I could feel a shudder. "I have thought about my L doing that to me all day and it felt better than I imagined."

My phone dinged and it was a text from Emma. I showed it to Eva and it said, "Mom is beautiful and her L has such good tastes. I am jealous but you guys have a good time and tell me all about it. Are you still coming to visit me next weekend?"

I had been talking to Emma about us taking her to the football game the following Saturday. Eva took my phone and text back, "This is Mom. Thank you, baby. We are still working it out, but yes, we plan to come next weekend. I will tell you all about our double date tomorrow. We love you baby. Study hard so you can get next weekend off."

Eva had a tear in her eye so I held her as she put her head on my shoulder. Eva said, "I love her so much and I am so happy right now. I just about can't stand it. Now what are we doing tonight."

I told her what Sam and Sally had told me about Maud's. Apparently, she and Max had considered Maud's for one of their night's out but had not gotten around to it. We got to Sam and Sally's house and they climbed in. Sally was wearing a short red cocktail dress. The top was beaded with white beads. It had thin shoulder straps with a drape that started about at the top of her breasts and V cut to almost the waist. Her firm breasts were clearly holding themselves up proudly. It had a short multilayer flared skirt that made her tight hips look more inviting. She wore long gold chains that came almost to the waist. When she bent over to get into the car, her breasts were visible and she planned it that way. They were nicely shaped with small pink areolas and already hard buds. Really pretty.

Eva said when she got in, "Sally I am so glad you agreed to having dinner with us tonight. You look beautiful in that dress."

"Eva, you are stunning also. Where did you get it?"

"Lance had it delivered to me last night. Isn't he sweet?" As she said this she took my arm between her breasts squeezed my arm into them and kissed me on the cheek.

Sam said to Eva, "You do look beautiful tonight. And you seem happy."

"Thanks Sam, I am happy. I mean I will always miss Max but he would want me to keep going. Max always thought so much of you."

Sam said, "I thought a lot of Max. He can never be replaced but we do have to keep going. You are so right that he would have wanted us both to move forward. I do want to get the business situated for the future but I was willing to wait as long as you needed. With Lance's help, we are still doing okay. Max was smart to have Lance help you keep his work thriving. Although I don't think Lance really wants to do this long term."

Sally chimed in, "Let's get the business stuff out of the way so we can enjoy the rest of the evening. Go ahead baby and just tell them what we want to do."

Sam stated, "Well our first choice is to have Lance as a partner but we know that is not in the cards. While it makes the most sense to have the business roll into a larger builder, emotionally that is not our second choice. Unless we can find a person who wants to be our partner soon enough for you, we will purchase your shares and then look for a partner. We like having a partner to lay off some of the risk and responsibility."

Eva said, "You have all the time you need as far as I am concerned. It is Lance who is carrying the load for me."

I smiled at Eva, "It just so happens another option may be on the table. Mind you it is not a full-blown option yet but I want to put it out there. My son John is a Marine in the Engineering Corp. He has had all the training in construction the Marines offer. He served two years in Iraq and helped build a lot of different structures. He is the equivalent of a construction foreman now. While we would have to help John to start with, he is a natural builder. Anyway, he called today and told me he was considering not signing up for another tour. It took me completely by surprise that he would even consider opting out. I thought he was in for his twenty. But when I told him about what was going on with Max Construction, he got very interested. I know it is asking a lot of all you guys to consider it but taking that I will carry a lot of the load initially, would you at least consider John as a partner."

We were at the restaurant. The limo driver opened the door to help Sally out of the car and got a nice view of her perky C-cups. He also helped Eva out. She had the nicest big ass I had ever seen and it was on display in this tight mini skirt.

Sam and Sally were walking to the door of the restaurant as Eva wrapped an arm around my waist, stopping me and stated, "I want to do this for you and John. It would make Max so happy to see John in his business. I remember him as a small boy going with Max to work sites. Max always said John was a natural builder. I think if John had not signed up for the Marines, Max would have offered him a job. I know Max didn't think John would go to college."

I said, "John was always an outdoor person and not cut out for college. But he is not so little anymore. He signed up for the Marines at seventeen and he has grown a lot in five years. I bet you would not recognize him."

Eva wrapped her arms around me and kissed me hard and deep. She said, "I want to fuck my L right here and now. Please make me fuck you soon. I don't care who sees it. Here feel." She took my hand again and put it between her legs with Sam and Sally waiting, standing at the entry to the restaurant. She humped it a few times and gave a gasp, letting me know she had a nice orgasm.

She let go of my hand and again kissed me deeply. We held hands as we walked up to Sam and Sally, both smiling as Sally said, "This is going to be fun. Eva you are hot as a pistol."

"I am that," Eva beamed, "Lance has me tingling all over. I am not responsible for what I do tonight. Just hope I don't embarrass you."

Sally wrapped an arm around Eva and said, "Don't worry honey, you may have to worry about me. I mean we have two kids so when we get a night with adults wanting to do adult things you never know." She slipped Sam's hand into the wide opening of the material draped over her tits and had him squeeze. She winked at me as they turned to enter Maud's.

Maud's was at the top of one of the city's tallest building overlooking the skyline. It had outdoor seating that was more private. Maud's was clearly set up to be a romantic place. The captain asked if we wanted to be seated at an outdoor table for more privacy saying it was heated. So, he showed us to an outside table in a nicely heated area that had a beautiful view of the city's skyline.

"How is this?" he asked.

Sam said, "This will work." He handed him a hundred and whispered something to him.

The table was rectangular with two love seats on either side. The love seats were heavily padded velour that was very comfortable. The lighting was very dim, with just enough light to see two other tables set up in the same manner. It was a clear beautiful early October evening. The stars were visible with a half moon and a city that shimmered. I was so happy to be here with Eva, Sam and Sally.

We were barely seated before Eva moved my hand to her naked thigh. I could see that the tight skirt was pulled where her pussy was easy to access. I looked over at Sally and knew she had done the same thing. I could feel Eva's hand on my thigh close to my crotch. Eva had placed her shawl on the arm of the love seat and her chest was heaving with each breathe. Sally was making no effort to keep her breast canceled by the loosely fitting halter top of her dress. I couldn't see below her waist but could observe her beautifully smooth white chest and most of her breasts. I was hard as a rock.

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