tagBDSMLucky Jack Learns to Obey Ch. 03

Lucky Jack Learns to Obey Ch. 03


When the doorbell rang, Bella tossed a pillow to the floor in the corner of the room.

"You kneel on that right now, facing the door, and I'll bring my friend up to see you." Collared and naked, Jack was mesmerised by the situation; he did not fully understand submission yet, but his cock stiffened as he was told. He realised this was much more than youthful respect for authority; he was now yearning to be of service to her. he yearned to lick her asshole again as he watched her slip on the black silk robe and watched her beautiful cheeks move as she left the room to greet her friend. He waited, his cock now stiff again as he knelt listening to the murmurs and giggling as the two women came back up the stairs. He took a deep breath as the door opened.

Bella walked in with a broad smile on her face as she viewed her new conquest kneeling obediently, and erect, waiting like a puppy. Madeline followed, and Jack's first sight of her made his balls and anus tingle.

Madeline was a very severe looking plump woman; she wore a tight skirt and top which accentuated her plump curves, her red hair was up in a bun; she was every inch the assertive headmistress in Jack's eyes. She removed her glasses and moved over to jack, stroking his hair.

"Oh he's adorable; I do so like it when you can catch them at a young age; please say you'll let me have some fun in moulding him." Jack's cock bobbed excitedly as he smelled her feminine perfume and listened to her words; he was already resigned to beginning a new chapter in his short life and it got more exciting by the minute. Bella smiled at Madeline and let her silk gown drop, standing naked with erect nipples and looking very pleased with herself.

"Of course Madeline! Just why else would I have asked you over? Young Jack would love to lick your asshole while I watch wouldn't you Jack." Jack had little option or little hesitation with his reply; he had gone from never having experienced oral sex, to licking both the sex and anus of a mature woman, and now he would sample the scent and taste of another in one afternoon.

"Yes Bella, I..." Madeline slapped his face, more playfully than in spite, much to the approval of Bella.

"Yes MISTRESS Bella; we'll have to instil some strict obedience in you right from the word go young man. You shall address all women as 'Mistress' from now on." Jack's balls tingled with a strange pleasure at the chastisement. "Yes Mistress Madeline." Jack's cock dribbled as the stern plump woman undressed before him; her ample breasts were slightly saggy but unbelievable attractive to Jack. Madeline smiled as she furthered the tease, and his training.

"Yes Mistress Madeline what?" She dropped her skirt as she said this, and turned with her beautiful round ass in his face as she peeled her panties from the plump and quivering cheeks. Poor jack struggled to get the words out as she caught a whiff of her intimate womanly scents as the sticky panties dropped to her ankles.

"Yes Mistress Madeline, I would like to lick your ass whilst Mistress Bella watches." The middle aged woman went down on all fours and spread her cheeks invitingly; Jacks cock was close to spurting of its own accord as he took in the tangy whiff of her asshole and the soft musky scent of her richly aroused and bulging cunt; a tiny tuft of red hair evident on her otherwise cleanly shaven and inviting womanhood. Bella laughed as Madeline wobbled her delectable ass at the boy, who was both learning and enjoying the dominance of the better sex.

"What are you waiting for? Lick boy, lick!" Jack yearned to come again as he sampled the beautiful tangy taste of the sternly authoritative woman, the warmth of her delightful folds holding him sufficiently captive on their own. Bella rubbed her pussy as she watched her Jack service Madeline, now she looked at him obliging another woman she was now certain he'd be hers to have as a pet and treat her friends for favours. Madeline moaned with pleasure as Jack licked her asshole in complete submission to her.

"Good boy, good boy, I think you've deserved your first treat from Aunty Madeline and your new Mistress." She pulled her soft cheeks way from him and had him lie on the bed. Bella came over and the two giggled as they straddled him. If Jack's sense of enjoyment of submission had been aroused before, it was now completely and utterly exploded into pure heaven. He was trapped below the ample cheeks and delectable ginger pussy of Madeline, as she ground her hot slimy cunt and asshole across his mouth and nose, taking care to ensure his arms were trapped by her luscious calves and thighs; his Mistress Bella sat on his middle and took his cock deep into her hot aroused pussy, and ground away. Jack was trapped and at the complete mercy of the two stern women; he fought hard to stop himself from coming, such was the ecstasy he experienced at being trapped and used as a plaything by two women who had complete control over him.

Bella moaned in orgasm, and Madeline groaned and sighed as her beautifully scented pussy and asshole ground more and more urgently on Jack's face. Try as he might to hold back, it was no use; an ecstasy like he'd never known before, wrapped his entire body as he squirmed and struggled beneath his two mistresses, he bucked as best he could as he was held firm by the two dommes. Bella teased on having finished her orgasm.

"Good boy, that's it, give yourself up for your new mistress; give your cream to me now, I'm going to have you lick your mess from me when you're done." Madeline seemed to hover and her engorged cunt stuck firmly over his mouth as Jack exploded into Bella's welcoming pussy, which seemed to suck the cream from his balls like a spider devours its bound prey, as he jetted again and again in absolute heaven. The smell and taste of the ginger cunt, the feeling of helpless captivity, along with the warmth of his mistress's cunt and the promise of licking it clean made him shoot like never before. Madeline moaned in ecstasy too and her pussy trickled more juices for Jack to lovingly lap and swallow as he bucked and squirmed in submissive heaven.

The two women giggled victoriously as all three orgasms subsided. Bella lay back on the bed, spread her legs and simply pointed sternly at her messy and spent pussy. Madeline stroked Jack's back affectionately as he set to the task of lapping his own salty cream from his mistress's sloppy and pleasured cunt. Madeline was most happy to have been invited.

"You've been a good boy. Bella and I will put a letter together to ensure your parents do not worry about you; you're going to have a nice little holiday with Bella at Aunty Madeline's Villa in Corfu very shortly. There are lots of ladies we know who'll be delighted to have you service them; they do so appreciate a young and obedient male who knows his place. Are we going to take him to Deerhampton Manor Bella? He'll have to learn about the more 'severe' treatments t some stage." Jack felt Bella's pussy pulse at the mention of the manor; his cock began to stiffen instinctively as this seemed to have some significance as yet unknown to him.

Bella stroked his hair as he continued to lap at her womanhood, eager to ensure every last drop of his cream was licked from her.

"We'll see how he develops after some discipline in Corfu first; I'd love to take him to Deerhampton, but I want him to have a gentle introduction first; he's taken to submission so easily thus far." The two women fired up a computer in the corner of the room and began to type out the letter to his parents, from the company that Madeline owned; 'Athena Services Ltd.' Jack was to be apprenticed with the company which would mean he would be stationed away from where he lived and quite often abroad. Jack was made to kneel in the corner, with Madeline's panties over his head; the gusset across his nose to ensure her sweet scent kept him aroused. His cock rose as the two discussed the fact that he would go home for the last time that evening, give the letter to his parents, and report back for 'work' tomorrow. The plan finalised, the two sat naked on the bed once more, and Jack's cock rose rigidly again as they commanded he join them.

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