Lucky Lawnmower Ladies Ch. 1

byTawny T©

"Oh God, that's good. It's so big and thick. Push it in slowly Don. It's been a long time since I had a cock in there. Too long! Yes, it's stretching me so good. Oh, Yes. Ohhh. Yesss!" She hissed.

The head slid inside and I watched as her pussy closed behind it. I worked it in and out of her slowly. She was very tight and hot. Just a little too tight if that is possible.

"God, I love that. It's so wonderful to see his cock slide in and out. I can see your lips pushed in, and then pulled outward, as he slides it out. It tastes so good too. Your clit is hard as a rock Trish. Fuck her Darling. Fuck my beautiful Lady Lover. Yes, stick that big cock of yours up inside her sweet pussy. Make her juices run so I can lick them off your cock as you slide in and out of her delicious pussy." Diane said her voice muffled by Trish's cunt.

I wanted this to last, and Diane had taken the edge off my lust by my fucking her first. Trish's pussy slowly loosened, and accommodated my cock as I slid in and out. I pressed inward feeling her cervix against the head of my cock. She moaned as I hit it. I could feel Diane's tongue on the underside as I slid it in and out. Her hands fondled my swinging balls. I moved slowly deeper until I had all seven inches inside her and my thighs pressed against her cute butt. I reached around and slid my hands between the two 69ing women. I fondled Trish's round breasts and rolled her hard nipples between my fingers. I squeezed the nipples hard as I rolled them and her moans told me she liked it.

As I fucked her, I moved my hips from side to side and up and down making my cock head reach every part of her sweet tight pussy. She squeezed her vaginal muscles milking me. I could hardly believe I was fucking this gorgeous woman while my wife was there, and the two were 69ing each other at the same time. I shook my head in wonder and grinned like an idiot, as I fucked her sweet pussy. I moved a little and rode her high like Diane loved for me to, hitting her g-spot. I heard her loud moan and a muffled "Yesss!" and pressed harder against that spot.

Trish moaned and cried out as my cock inside her, and Diane's talented tongue and lips on her clit, drove her to a climax. I felt her pussy grip my cock and she began to cry and scream as the climaxed. Her pussy clamped down almost painfully on my cock as she came. I thrust hard into her, and my cock exploded and shot my juices deep into my beautiful neighbor's spasming pussy. Her lips and tongue drove Diane over the edge too, and the three of us cried out our passion as we all exploded. I was glad our house wasn't close to the neighbors or they might have called the police, we were making so much noise, and both women were screaming their pleasure.

Slowly we came down and I slid my softening cock out of Trish's tight pussy. Diane's mouth covered the opening immediately and she sucked and licked our combined juices as they slid out. Trish gave a shudder as she had a mini climax moments later.

I got up and got us fresh drinks. When I came back, the two women were cuddling and kissing. They parted and took their drinks.

"Well, Ladies, was it all that you hoped?" I asked, sitting beside Trish and giving her a kiss on her lips. I tasted Diane's pussy juices and flicked my tongue across them.

"Oh, God, yes. Watching your big thick cock slide in and out of her sweet pussy, and tasting the juices from her was fantastic. I loved to watch her pussy lips move in and out and see her clit being moved back and forth as you fucked her. Her clit was bigger and harder than I've ever seen it. Then when you slid out, her pussy was still spread, and I sucked your cum out, mixed with her sweet pussy juices. I almost came just licking her. It was the most erotic thing I've ever seen." Diane said her face radiant. She turned to Trish and kissed her lips. Her tongue slid out and licked her pussy juices off Trish's lips.

They pulled apart long minutes later. "I've never been filled like that, you stud. Diane, you are a lucky woman to have such a good lover. He has such a long thick cock and really knows how to use it. I think he hit every erotic nerve in my pussy and a few I didn't know I had. When he rubbed my g-spot so long, I went in orbit. I've been known to gush pussy juices out when that happens. With that thick cock in there, there was no way they could have come out. Thank you, Lover!" She said kissing me. Her tongue slid into my mouth and her hand reached down to squeeze my slightly sore cock. God, she had a tight pussy.

We sat and talked, kissed and hugged. Diane reached over and began to slip her fingers into Trish's spread pussy. I cupped her breasts and kissed them till we had her hot again.

"I want you to fuck her again, Honey." Diane said. "She's hot and I want to watch you fuck this beautiful woman."

"Honey, I'd love to but she has such a tight pussy, it's made my cock sore. If I do her again, which I'd love to, it will be raw. I'd love to again, but why don't you two make love to each other while I watch. Whoa, I have a better idea. Why don't you make love while I shot it on video."

"I like that idea." My lovely wife said. Trish quickly agreed.

I'd had a fantasy about this before and told the women what it was. They thought it was a wonderful idea. I got the camcorder and Trish dressed, combed her hair, fixed her makeup - naturally - and she was ready. I slipped on a pair of trunks and went outside and got her coming around the corner of the house, moving to the front door and going inside. Then I followed her up the stairs calling for Diane. I moved ahead of her and got her coming up the last few steps calling for Diane again. She went to the bedroom and saw the bathroom door open. We put Diane in the shower, water running.

The shower door is lightly steamed and I got some good shots of her ass, and body as she washed her body, then soaping her pussy, and masturbating where we could see the action lightly veiled. Damn, it was erotic.

I changed to view of Trish, while she watched. She gets horny and slips her hand down under her dress and begins to rub herself too. She takes her panties down and lifts her dress and I get close ups of her fingers slipping inside, and rubbing her clit. I was so close I could smell her heavenly excited pussy. She closes her eyes as she starts to cum, and then I turn to the shower, and Diane as she opens the door and sees Trish masturbating, eyes closed. She moves to Trish and surprises her and pulls her close and kisses her.

Trish and Diane kiss passionately, tongues fencing. Diane fondles Trish's breasts and Trish's hands move to her ass and pull their hips together. I moved filming from one to the other. They were lost in each other and didn't seem to know I was there. Diane pulls Trish's dress up over her head leaving her clad in only shoes and her half bra. She moves down to kiss and caress the beautiful breasts. I was getting very hard watching.

I motioned to Diane to move to the bedroom. She needed no urging and pulled Trish with her. They lay on the bed and began to make love passionately. The half bra disappeared and they kissed and caressed each other, the camera completely forgotten. For the next fifteen minutes I filmed as they made love to each other.

It was a dream come true for me, to film, and watch the two beautiful women make love as if they were completely alone. A voyeur's dream. They went into a 69, and I moved from one to the other, catching tongues licking spread pussies, and lips sucking, as they climaxed again and again. Later we counted three climaxes for each beautiful woman. Finally they fell apart, turned and moved together to cuddle and kiss softly. They closed their eyes and I left the room quietly.

I went down and ran the tape. It was sensational, it needed a little editing, but was phenomenal. What a pair of women! Later they came down, they had slept a little after their lovemaking. I ran the edited tape and they were ecstatic.

"Well, Don, you did terrific camera work. I loved it." Trish said later as we sat and had a drink. We were all nude and I felt like a harem sultan with two lovely ladies there with me. "When are you going to have your sister here, so Diane and I both can make love to her. I've heard she is really a beautiful woman, and talented lover. I imagine you'll want to make love to her too. Won't you? " She continued.

She and Diane laughed as my mouth dropped open and I was speechless.

"Come on Don, I think that if I can make love to your beautiful sister, then you can too." Diane said laughing.

"Well, fantasizing about Joanne is one thing, doing it is another." I said red faced. Damn, they really had me on that one. Of course I had thought about it for years, still did. Joanne was in my dreams, beautiful, desirable and very fuckable. I had fucked her in my dreams many times. Could I do it in person? I really didn't know.

To Be Continued...

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