Lucky Lawnmower Ladies Ch. 2

byTawny T©

I found her clit, firm and swollen, peeking out. I stroked it slowly and gently till she was moaning, and begging me to fuck her. I sucked it, running my tongue over the head. It was firm and rather large. I sucked harder and she screamed out and climaxed. Her pussy squeezed my fingers. Some of both our juices were pushed out as her vagina spasmed. I kept my lips on her clit and saw movement above me. Trish and Diane had moved to her body and Trish was kissing her mouth, and Diane was kissing and kneading her breasts. We three soon had her moaning with need again.

I slipped between her thighs. She spread her thighs wide for me, and pulled her knees up to her breasts giving me her wide spread sex. I looked at the beautiful red flower like opening into her body and couldn't help myself, and covered it with my lips and thrust my tongue deep inside my sister's sweet sex.

I sucked and tasted a wonderful mixture of my juices and hers. Her hips thrust upward toward my lips. I sucked and tongue fucked her for a long time, then my swollen cock felt about to burst. I moved up and put the tip against her pussy and slowly pressed downward. Her pussy was like warm butter as my cock slid down into her wet center. She cried out and I joined her as I pressed my cock full length inside her and my stomach pressed firmly against hers. I was full length inside her. I could clearly feel the knob of her cervix and moved my cock head back and forth over it.

I held my weight off her with my arms and thrust my cock in long slow thrusts, moving my hips from side to side and up and down so my cockhead caressed every inch of her hot pussy. I bent forward and kissed her lips. Our tongues danced and played over each other making the erotic encounter all the more exciting. God, she was a skilled kisser. I thought of her tongue inside Diane and Trish's pussies. That made my cock throb even harder inside her.

The thought crossed my mind that all of a sudden I had three lovely ladies to make love to. Not fuck, make love to. I always try to be gentle and give the woman as many orgasms as she wants, or can handle. So far they have always liked it. Of course there are times when they want it quick and fast. OK, yes, I do fuck them hard and fast, but it's their call.

My cock drove slowly inside my lovely sister, and I looked over and Trish and Diane were locked in a beautiful 69. Damn they looked sexy. The sight was so erotic. I motioned with my head to Joanne. She looked over and a beautiful smile came on her face. She bent her head up a little and kissed me.

"Damn, you're a lucky man, Brother." I couldn't agree more.

I though back, I'm sure glad I didn't shut the lawnmower off that day I was out mowing the lawn. I looked over at Trish and Diane and back to my beautiful and sexy sister.

"I guess I'll just have to call those two 'my lucky lawnmower ladies'." I grinned and slid my cock as far as I could into my beautiful and very sexy sister. She grinned up at me and her hips thrust to meet mine. Beside me my wife and her female lover made love. I didn't think it could get any better than this.

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