tagLoving WivesLucky Man Ch. 01

Lucky Man Ch. 01


First, all characters involved in sexual situations are over 18, and all of this work is mine, and no one else has permission to reproduce or sell it. So stop.

To my readers, I hope you like this. This isn't a revenge against a cheating wife type story, nor is it a spank-fest. The plot and characters come first, and then the sex, even though there's tons of sex in this chapter. There are many chapters to come.


Lucky Man

Chapter 1

Duncan Thomas was a very lucky man and he knew it. He had a gorgeous wife that he'd been married to for eight years. He had a great job, a nice truck, and a happy life. He smiled as he stared up at the ceiling in the darkened room, listening to the feminine figure beside him breathing quietly.

His wife, Kelly, was hands down the best thing that had ever happened to him. They'd met when they were both attending college. She was short, just like he'd always liked, and red-headed. She was ridiculously sexy, and had maintained her sexiness throughout their life together. He'd always had a thing for shorter girls, thin but with big breasts, but then again, who didn't? She had the most stunningly beautiful green eyes that he could get lost in if he wasn't careful. It was like staring into two deep green pools, almost hypnotic in their effect on him.

She shifted quietly next to him as he gently pulled himself out of bed.

Kelly had been the center of attention their entire life together, and it had made him learn to be a more relaxed person. There were always times when some guy or even girl would be caught staring at her. Or he'd overhear someone hitting on her. He didn't get jealous anymore when people noticed his wife. He knew she'd never cheat on him. She loved him more than he could fathom, and he honestly didn't know how he'd ever convinced her that he was worth her time. All of their friends would complain about how goofy they'd get over each other, and how in love they truly were.

"You guys are both retarded for each other," a friend once commented.

Sliding quietly out of bed, he moved around to the foot and began to climb in at the bottom of the sheet. His wife was a heavy sleeper and sometimes he'd wake her up in the morning this way.

At an early time in their marriage, they'd both tried sleeping naked and found that it had enhanced their sex life. Duncan always seemed to be ready to have sex, and having a naked woman as sexy as his wife lying next to him without anything on only made it more frequent.

He slid quietly up under the sheet, carefully navigating between her legs and moving towards her sleeping form.

She was always the center of attention at parties, but wasn't a naturally outgoing person. She always rolled her eyes when he told her how gorgeous she was and pointing out that everyone in the room was watching her. She'd just smile shyly and shrug.

Quietly, he ran his hands up underneath her buttocks and pulled her hips toward him, his lips and tongue engulfing her pussy. A few quick sucks and a single lick, and he felt her hand reach down and grab a handful of his hair.

"Mmm, good morning honey," she said, softly moaning. He licked her in response.

She'd gotten used to the attention she got in high school, and by the time she went to college, she hardly noticed it. When he'd asked her out, she blew him off. He was persistent, however, and every day after the class they shared, he'd ask her out. Finally she agreed to go to lunch with him, and they immediately hit it off. She was laughing at his jokes, and holding his hand by the end of the meal.

He gripped her hips tightly and pulled her pussy tightly against his face, his tongue pushing deeply inside her and then upwards across her slit, finding her clit and tickling. She moaned and pulled at his hair with both of her hands, lifting her legs wide and pulling her hips upwards.

At first, he'd been worried that he wasn't good enough, or that he'd lose her. As they dated, though, she never gave him any reason to think that she'd cheat on him, and in fact had proven her loyalty many times over.

He smiled as he thought back to one such time, his tongue running over her clitoris again and drawing a moan from her.

They were at a company Christmas party for her office. He'd been drinking, probably a little more than he should, as had she. A party game got out of hand, and she'd found herself pulled into an office with a coworker, who'd tried to kiss her. She slapped him and came to find her husband, demanding to know why he hadn't come to find her.

"I know you wouldn't do anything to hurt me baby," he'd told her. It was the truth. His wife could have been a goddess of sex in a previous life, but she was loyal to him.

She moaned at his touch, her body shaking in an orgasm as his tongue worked her over, her fingers pulling hard at his hair. Finally spent, she released him and began to try to pull him upwards.

He was a lucky man, and he knew it. She pulled him upwards and made him turn over to his back, her legs quickly straddling him as she kissed him deeply. She reached between her legs to guide his manhood in to her, sighing as it slid in easily.

Their sex life was decent and he knew he didn't have anything to complain about. They'd usually start out with a little bit of oral sex on her, and then they'd have sex. She liked to be on top, and they rarely did it missionary. She didn't like to give him oral sex and had always said that it was because she wasn't any good at it. He'd eventually given up, being more than satisfied to just have sex with her.

She bounced gently on top of him, his cock pushing deep inside her. He felt his orgasm building and felt her getting closer. As he erupted into her, he felt her begin to squeeze down on him involuntarily, her pussy contracting hard around him.

"Oh, oh," she muttered quietly as she rocked back and forth on top of him.

After a few minutes of gently fucking him, his cock had finally gone soft and slid out of her. She looked up at him as she slid to his side and smiled.

"Thank you," she whispered, her perfect body pressed up next to him.

He smiled at her and kissed her again. "You're welcome."

"You know, you don't have to do that for me," she told him for the thousandth time.

"As always baby, if you like it, I'll do it for you."

"Yeah, but I don't return the favor. It doesn't seem fair."

"If you don't like doing something, I'm not going to ask you to."

"I love you," she said finally.

"I love you," he replied.

She stood then and headed to the bathroom, and a few seconds later he heard the shower running.


Kelly turned the water on as hot as she could stand and then looked at her naked form in the mirror behind the door. She smiled, lifting one breast, and then arching her back. She loved the way her body looked now.

When she was younger, she'd been a skinny kid, and then when she turned sixteen she started getting larger breasts, She was the last of her friends to blossom, but she quickly grew bigger than they were. Her breasts finally stopped growing her senior year of high school, and were the size they were now. She really loved that Duncan enjoyed her body. In truth, she liked that other people noticed her, but it was him that she wanted to look good for.

Hopping in the shower, she thought back to their love-making session this morning, and previous mornings. Duncan had always been an early riser, so to speak, and she knew that his constant state of arousal in the mornings was at least partly because of her. Once they'd started sleeping naked, a few months after they were married, the sex was nearly every day, usually when they woke up.

She only given him a blowjob a few times, once on their wedding night, and then a few times after that. He'd had to stop her a few times, wincing or telling her that he wanted to go down on her instead. She could tell that he'd been disappointed though, and it had always bothered her. Duncan stopped asking for it, sensing her displeasure for the act, she guessed.

That thought stuck with her, and she considered why he thought she didn't like to do it. She wasn't very good at it, that much was clear. Maybe he sensed her discomfort, her worry about hurting him, or her embarrassment. Whatever the reason, she stopped attempting and he stopped asking for it. She grabbed the loofah and soap and lathered up her body.

She knew he would still enjoy one, but she just didn't know how to go about getting better. It wasn't like she could just ask anyone. A thought struck her then, and she smiled, a plan forming in her mind.

Later that day, Kelly was having lunch with a friend, and conversation inevitably turned to her personal life.

"So how are you and Duncan?" Marie asked. Marie was a close friend that Kelly enjoyed having lunch with at least once every few weeks. She tended to be a little wilder than she was used to, and the stories that she'd tell could make her blush like nothing else.

She was silent for longer than she had intended after the question had been asked and Marie sensed it.

"What's the matter?"

She sighed and shook her head. "Nothing's the matter. We're wonderful!"

"Kelly, I know you better than that. What's the matter?"

"Oh my gosh, we're fine, would you stop being so nosy!"

"We both know that I won't, so you might as well spill it," the brunette told her.

Kelly sighed and drank some of her tea and hoped that something would happen so she didn't have to have this conversation.

Marie was as patient as a vulture, however, and wouldn't be dissuaded.

"Come on, Marie, you know how uncomfortable talking about this stuff makes me. Can't we just talk about the weather?"

"First off sweetie, when you say 'Talking about this stuff,' I know it means sex and so we're gonna have to talk about it. Second, this is Texas and there's snow on the ground. It's January, it's cold."

"That's not always the case here."

"No, you aren't sidetracking me and changing the subject. Spill the beans, sister," she said.

Kelly laughed, defeated, and finally began to talk.

"We're really doing fine. We're having sex at least once a week. He always tells me how much I make him happy. He loves to wake me up by..." she trailed off.

Marie was looking at her expectantly. "By punching you in the face? Barking like a dog? What?"

Kelly leaned in close and whispered across the table, "by giving me oral sex," and immediately blushed when the waiter came up to refill her drink.

"Oh honey, lucky you! So what's the issue? Is he not any good?"

"No no," she said, shaking her head. "He's fine at it, that's not the issue."

"Okay, we'll ignore the 'Fine' comment for now, but we're going back to it at some point. Continue."

She giggled but continued to talk, quieter this time and still leaning forwards over the table.

"It's just that I know he wants me to return the favor, you know?"

Marie looked at with a puzzled expression. "You don't return the favor?"

Kelly blushed, suddenly feeling like she was some kind of deviant for not going down on her husband.

"Why not?" Marie asked sincerely. "I love doing that!"

"Can we talk about this later?" Kelly asked, suddenly aware of couple of men sitting at a nearby table paying an awful lot of attention to the two of them.

Marie glanced over and smiled, offering a little wave.

"Marie, you're terrible!"

"Oh, it's just some harmless flirting. If you knew half the stuff my husband lets me get away with, we probably wouldn't be friends anymore," she said with a wink.

"We'll just talk in the car on the way back to work."

Marie mercifully let her finish the rest of her meal in peace, and the two drove back to the office.

"So you don't suck your husband off. I gotta say, that's surprising. He seems really happy."

Kelly shot her a look. "He is really happy."

"He can't be that happy if you aren't sucking his dick."

"Can we keep this PG-rated, please?" Kelly asked.

Marie rolled her eyes. "We're talking about oral sex, it's kind of hard to keep it clean. So tell me why you don't go down."

Kelly was silent for a minute, lost in thought. "I don't know. I mean, I never did it until I met Duncan, and then I only did it a few times. He didn't seem to get too much out of it, and I was never very good at it. After he knew that I didn't really enjoy doing it, he never asked for it."

"But he kept going down on you?"

Kelly nodded. "He really seems to enjoy giving it to me, and he's good at it, I guess."

"You guess?" Marie asked.

"Well yeah, I don't have any basis for comparison."

"Well, it seems to be working for you guys, so what's the problem?"

Kelly chewed her lip for a second, contemplating her words. "I feel bad that he does it to me, and I don't do it for him."

"Well, that's easy to fix. Either make him stop or start going down on the man," she said.

"I'm sure not going to ask him to stop waking me up like that. It's the best part of waking up! I just can't start going down on him though. I don't even know how!"

Marie smiled. "So that's what this is about. You want me to show you how to suck his dick for you."

"Oh what the hell, Marie, no I don't!" Kelly said, turning red.

"I'm just playing with you, Kelly. Listen," she said, patting her leg. "Why don't you come over tonight and I'll show you what I can on a toy or two."

"Oh Marie, I don't know," Kelly said, fidgeting with her clothes.

"Come on, it'll just be us and I guarantee you'll learn something."

The smile that she finally flashed at Marie spoke volumes.

"So I'll see you after work?"

Kelly nodded. "I'll tell Duncan I'm going to be late."


"Okay, gonna have a beer with the guys then," Duncan sent back as soon as he got her text.

He and the guys drove to a bar near their office where they would normally catch a drink or two after work and talk about their wives and girlfriends, or sports. Duncan was able to hold his own with most of the conversation, but when it came to bragging about his sexual exploits, he was never comfortable with talking about his wife. She was too sweet and pure, too innocent and sexy and wonderful to be dragged into the filthy conversations that his friends had.

"So I had her tied up on the bed, both hands tied behind her back, and I'm plugging away from behind and then we hear this knock at the door," a friend named Drake was saying.

"Dad," said Mark, another of his friends.

"Hell yeah, Dad," Drake continued.

"What'd you do with Molly?"

"What could I do? The door was opening, so I rolled her ass off the bed and yanked my underwear up and she smacked into the dresser. My five[year old came in but luckily didn't see mommy swearing through her gag at daddy," Drake finished, downing his beer afterwards.

Duncan shook his head.

"Needless to say, we lock the door now."

"Shit, I'm surprised that she lets you anymore," Max, yet another of Duncan's friends, said as he too downed his beer.

"Did Drake tell you about his new babysitter?" Mark asked as he turned and looked at Max and Duncan.

Both men shrugged.

"So I was over the other day for a minute and they'd both just gotten home. I see this pretty blonde girl leaving as I pull up. She was tall, had tan skin, long blonde hair and great set of perky titties."

Drake grinned and nodded in agreement. "Yeah, she's fuckin' hot."

"So I go inside and ask Molly if she knows how hot her babysitter is? She nods and smiles at me and says, 'Yes, I do.' She says, 'The secret to keeping a man is to keep his stomach full and his balls empty.' I told her that may be the true, but if you leave him alone around something that fuckin' sexy, don't be surprised if you come home and he's waist deep in the babysitter."

The guys all burst out laughing then. Their waitress came by then and asked the guys if they wanted another round of drinks. Most said yes, but Duncan declined. He noticed Mark leaning over and making grabbing motion at the young girl's ass to him and chuckled.

The girl turned and raised an eyebrow at him, causing Mark to throw up his hands in defeat.

"Baby, I was just trying to see if you had one handful or two down there," Mark said with a grin.

"Well here then, take a better look and let me know what you think," she said playfully. She turned around and faced away from the table and bent over slightly.

"I'd say two maybe two and a half," Mark said with a grin. "If I could get my hands on it, I could get a more accurate measurement."

She smirked at him and patted him on chest. "Honey, you couldn't handle what I've got down there. Plus, I wouldn't want to beat your ass in front of your friends."

"Daaaaamn," went the collective group gathered at the table, followed by a raucous chorus of laughter.

Duncan had to laugh and patted Mark on the shoulder. A few minutes later she came back with the beers.

Duncan leaned over and whispered an apology in her ear, to which she just smiled and winked. "I get it all the time, sexy," she whispered back and then he felt her give him a peck on the cheek.

"Be careful Duncan, we might tell Kelly on you!" yelled one of his buddies.

The waitress turned and shook a finger at him. "That's breaking the guy code," she scolded. "Besides, it'd be worth it," she said as she turned and wiped at Duncan's cheek, attempting to remove the lipstick she'd left behind.

Duncan, thoroughly surprised and embarrassed, shook his head and stood to leave.

"Oh, come on man, we were just kidding!" Drake yelled.

"Yeah, come on man, don't leave yet. We haven't even gotten to tease you about your wife yet!" Mark said.

Laughing, Duncan began to walk towards the door. "I'll catch you guys at the office tomorrow."


Marie hugged Kelly and ushered her inside. "Come on in and head to the living room."

"Is Ed here?" Kelly asked as she headed towards the couch.

"Yeah, but he's up in his office. I told him not to bother us," Marie replied.

Kelly turned and shot Marie a concerned glance.

"Oh stop, Kelly, he's not going to come downstairs."

"Did you tell him why I came here?"

"Hell no I didn't tell him that, I wouldn't be able to get him to leave!"

Kelly smiled at that and turned, resuming her walk to the living room.

She paused as she entered the room and came around the couch. "Good Lord, Marie!"

The array of sexual aids that Marie had laid out was staggering, if not comical.

Kelly stood at the edge of couch, stunned, as Marie went around her and sat down.

At least 20 or so devices of varying shapes and sizes were on the table in front of the couch. Kelly finally came around the edge of the couch and sat down.

"What on earth would you need all these for, wouldn't one be enough?"

Marie smiled and shrugged. "I just need to know how big your husband is, so we can get a good basis for you to practice."

"Well..." Kelly started looking at the dildos. "Are they at least clean?"

Marie laughed out loud. "No, Kelly, I put them away dirty. Yes, of course they're clean! What kind of person do you think I am?"

Kelly laughed lightly at that and peered down at the selection.

"Well," she said, picking up a giant one. "He's big, but he's not deformed," she said, putting it back on the table.

"Oh that's Big Blue, he's for special occasions," Marie said.

"I don't want to know," Kelly said, raising a hand.

She closed her eyes and envisioned her husband's penis. Thinking the word "penis" however, instantly made her think of him peeing and she thought of him flaccid. She shook her head.

"Cock," she said quietly. That did it. She instantly pictured her husband's cock, erect and sliding into her.

She opened her eyes and looked down at the table.

"What are you doing, praying for the answer?" Marie asked.

"No, I was just trying to picture my husband's... penis, and I kept seeing it flaccid," she said, picking up a dildo.

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