tagGroup SexLucky Man Ch. 08

Lucky Man Ch. 08



Duncan chuckled when he thought of his wife. He was glad that she was feeling better than she'd been on Sunday, not that he didn't understand the reason behind it. He was a little somber that Heidi had to leave. She was a good friend to his wife, sure, but she was also incredible in bed, and he'd never forget the times he shared with her, both on Friday and on Saturday.

He sighed as he thought back about the fun, but then smiled when he heard the familiar click-clack of Kara's footsteps as she walked towards her desk. He glanced up from his work and through the window to her area.

Kara dropped her purse into the drawer she kept it in and turned to smile and wave at him. Turning, she knocked on his door and popped her head in.

"Coffee?" she asked.

Duncan nodded and she disappeared again. The click-clack faded away slightly and then returned as she pushed the door open completely and brought his coffee in.

She seemed to be all business at the moment, standing in front of his desk and going over his schedule for the day. Duncan's gaze wandered though, and he found himself staring at her gorgeous body. He thought back to when he'd gotten her top at Double D's, and how perky and perfect her boobs were then. She must have sensed him staring because she playfully cocked her hips with a hand on them and eyed him suspiciously.

Chuckling, he shrugged.

"I got a very odd text from Kelly this morning," she said eventually.

He laughed. "I'm sorry. She's... a little over-zealous sometimes when she gets excited."

Kara smiled and walked towards his office door, but surprised him when she closed it instead of walking out. Turning back towards him, she lowered a smoldering gaze at him. He gulped.

"She told me to wear something sexy. I hope I picked something suitable." She turned and showed him the little black skirt she was wearing. It was very tight on her, and it looked spectacular. She had a white button-down shirt on, but it was undone down past her cleavage and he could see her pretty pink bra. Bending over slightly, she put her palms on the chair in front of her and looked back.

"Do you like the color of my panties?" she asked.

He chuckled and looked, but was briefly shocked to see that she wasn't wearing any. He saw a few wispy strands of red pubic hair in the light coming from behind her. She stood and came around the desk. Placing her hands on the arms of his chair, she pushed until he bumped into the cabinet behind him, his eyes never leaving her gorgeous body.

"When she told me on Friday that you guys had fooled around with Heidi, I was really excited. I got all wet thinking about you guys, I hope that's okay."

Duncan smiled as she looked at him with a pouting, innocent face.

She turned and faced her rear towards him as she laid her arms on his desk. "I can understand if you need to spank me for such lascivious thoughts about my boss and his wife. Not to mention, I'm such a naughty girl for not wearing panties."

He gulped again, but didn't move.

She turned and looked at him intensely, waiting. Finally, he stood and came up behind her as she turned back around. He came forwards and stopped just short of letting his cock brush against her. It was protruding outwards rudely, demanding to be allowed to penetrate her waiting pussy. He ignored it and glanced up and looked around. There wasn't anyone else in the office as of yet, so he decided to acquiesce to her request. Gingerly, he placed both hands on her shapely ass and squeezed, eliciting a moan from the redhead in front of him.

She turned and glanced back through a lock of red-hair. "I really should be punished. I'm being such a... distraction."

He smiled and caressed both of her cheeks. She had a wonderfully curvy rump. He playfully swatted at it, but she reached back and pulled her skirt up, revealing her pale buttocks. He fought the urge to drop to his knees and devour her snatch then and there.

"Please," she moaned, turning back to look at him through the same lock of hair. "Please punish me for being so naughty."

Duncan smiled again, and pulled his hand back to spank her. Someone crossed in front of his window then, on their way to another office and spooked the both of them. She stood quickly and lowered her skirt, coming back around to the front of his desk.

He sat back in his chair and wheeled it up close to his desk to hide his erection should someone enter. She walked to his door but stopped as she opened it.

"I'll be at my desk, should you need anything, Sir," she said. "I fully expect you to punish me for my transgressions this morning."

He smiled and looked down at her ass, admiring the shapely feature for a few moments before he realized she wasn't leaving. He glanced up and saw her looking back at him intensely, like she needed something. A moment later he couldn't stand it. He stood and came around his desk quickly as she whimpered and shut the door, coming around to hide and squirming in place behind it as he came up to her quickly.

As he neared her, she practically leapt into his arms and spread her legs around him as he caught her and pressed her up against the door. She moaned as their lips met and he roughly began to kiss her. Her pussy pressed against the bulge in his pants and she reached down between them to stroke his erection. She groaned in pleasure as it slid up her pussy, and she began to desperately claw at his slacks, trying to free it. There was no subtlety in her actions. She wasn't performing for him, she simply wanted him to fuck her at that moment.

Duncan wanted nothing more than to start pounding into her up against his door, then and there, but he knew the timing wasn't right. Her kisses grew desperate, almost frantic as she pulled his belt free and began to work on the button.

He groaned and pulled her hand up. "We can't, not here, someone will see and I don't want anyone to think badly of you."

She whimpered and pouted briefly for a second, but it ended with a naughty grin.

"Are you sure you don't want to nail me to this door?" she asked, leaning back and splaying both arms above her head as he continued to press her against it. His erection was forced between then, squishing up against her bare pussy and his own stomach.

Groaning, he sighed and began to set her down. Backing up, he turned and sat in his desk. She smiled at him.

"I'm impressed by your willpower. I definitely wouldn't have stopped you from fucking my tight little pussy." As she spoke, she lowered herself to her knees and looked over at him. "See, all you have to do is walk over here and stick your cock in my mouth. I've made it easy for you."

He groaned loudly and chuckled. "You're making this really difficult," he allowed.

She pouted then. "Can I please?" she asked, looking up at him with wide-innocent eyes.

He sighed and ran a hand through his hair. "What the fuck is wrong with me?" he asked aloud.

Giggling, she stood and began to smooth herself out. Satisfied she looked okay, she came around to him and grabbed a tissue to wipe his face free of her lipstick. "Just getting you presentable again," she said as she worked. Her other hand was sneakily worming its way down his chest, but he stopped her and brought it up to his lips.

She sighed. "God, you're just too well-behaved," she said with another pout.

He chuckled and helped her stand up completely.

"Are you sure there's nothing you need?" Kara asked, looking down at him as he stared at her cleavage. "Anything at all?"

Duncan sighed a final time and shook his head. "Unfortunately, my dear, sweet Kara, there's nothing I need at this moment."

She frowned then. "Pity," she said. "Still, Kelly said I need to get a selfie with you, so let me sit in your lap for a second and then I'll really go back to work."

Chuckling, he sighed but eventually opened his arms while she pulled his phone from his shirt pocket. She unlocked it and opened the camera. A smile played across her face as he glanced at her, wondering how she knew the code. She turned and slid into his lap like silk draped across a mannequin.

He kept his hands beside him, but she immediately wiggled into his crotch and brought one of them up and slid it inside her top. "I want to make sure she knows that I was doing what she asked," she said. "Get your other hand up here."

Duncan sighed again but complied, placing the other hand on her waist and pulling gently. A moan of pleasure spilled from her lips. "God," she whispered, feeling his erection pressing into her butt. "Just think of how easy it would be for me to spin around and shove this thing in my hungry little pussy."

He groaned audibly and she snapped the picture. Giggling, she stood and checked out her work. The expression on Duncan's face was priceless. His eyes were rolled back in mid-groan, and one hand was in her shirt, obviously playing with her breast.

She quickly fired it off to Kelly and attached a quick note saying that it was a present from her, signing it -Kara.

Finally standing, Kara turned and left the office without another word, though she did bend low in front of her desk and "retrieve" something from the bottom drawer.

He chuckled and shook his head. "I'm not gonna get a damn thing done if she doesn't start behaving."

After that, the morning actually seemed to pass normally. Kara behaved herself, for the most part, and only flashed him her ass a few times when she bent over her desk for something. His mind was constantly on sex, though, and he had to force himself back to task multiple times.



She smiled as she walked away, enjoying the sensation of her boss' eyes on her ass as she walked in front of him. She added a little extra oomph to her sway as she headed to her desk, and even bent down low when he passed by. Her shapely rump poked outwards, and she swore she could feel him watching it. Her pussy was getting squishy in her panties when she finally sat down and began her work day. A few minutes later, Marie emerged and waved at Kelly with a wide grin.

"Slut," Kelly whispered with a wink.

"Tramp," Marie shot back.

She glanced down as she heard her phone buzz and saw that Amy was calling her.

"Hello, this is Kelly," she said, picking it up.

"Hey Kelly, it's Amy Winger," came the familiar voice.

"Hi, Amy! How are you?" she answered.

"Oh, I'm fine. I just had a quick proposition for you. Zeke and I felt bad that we kind of sprung that on you guys without much warning, and we wanted to talk about it. Would you guys like to go to dinner with us some time tonight? We're both off and we'd be delighted to treat you again."

Kelly smiled into the phone and laughed lightly. "Dinner sounds lovely. I'll just make sure that Duncan hasn't made plans for us. You guys pick the place and time and we'll meet you there."

"That sounds great! I look forward to seeing you guys again," Amy said.

"Me too! It'll be good to catch up! I'll talk to you later then." After a few quick goodbyes, she hung up the phone and immediately sent a message to Duncan about what happened.

"Sounds awesome," he said. "Maybe I'll get another blowjob." He sent a widely grinning smiley face with the last message.

She snickered. "Don't make me punish you," she replied and included a smiling devil-face smiley. He replied with a frowny-face.

She giggled and told him she'd send him the details later.

"Been flirting?" he asked.

"Oh yeah, I'll tell you all about it this evening. You?"

"Kara is being a naughty girl, but somehow I think you knew that," he replied.

She sent the widely grinning smiley back to him and went back to work after sending a quick "love you, ttyl" to him.

That evening, the two of them got home around the same time.

"So, what happened today?" Duncan asked.

Kelly giggled as she slid on the supremely sexy and skimpy little black dress that she'd been embarrassed to wear a few weeks before.

"Well, Mr. Sellers and I arrived at the same time, so we rode the elevator up together. When we got off, we heard Marie and Bob Deekins making a racket and we peeked around the corner. Marie was on her desk with her boss' face between her legs.

Duncan chuckled and pulled on a pair of tight blue jeans that Kelly had selected for him. She said it showed his package nicely. After, he reached for the tight fitting shirt that she's picked and slid it on.

"Damn you look good," Kelly said, admiring her handiwork.

"Back at you, sexy," he said, stopping her to twirl her around. "Zeke's gonna be drooling all over you!"

"Isn't that the idea?" Kelly asked playfully. She wiggled a finger at him to follow her to the bathroom so she could finish getting ready. She entered and began to fix her hair. She'd been blessed with perfect hair, or so all of her friends were fond of saying. She never needed to curl it to give the sexy bounce and allure that other women did. Most times, she just needed to dry it and run a brush through it. More than once, women had stated that they hated her because of it, in jest of course.

Duncan briefly groomed his beard and combed his hair. "So what happened after you saw Marie and her boss."

"Well," Kelly said, leaning close to the mirror as she put on a little makeup. "I was positioned in front, and I reached back to grab Mr. Sellers and pull him around so that he could see. I felt him put a hand on my shoulder to steady himself, and then I could feel him as he got an erection."

Duncan grinned. "That deviant old bastard," he chuckled.

"I reached back at one point and might have stroked it a second," she said, winking at him. "I turned around after that and told him he was such a naughty man for what he'd done and you should have seen the look on his face. I told him I wanted him to stare at my ass while I walked away from him, and he groaned again."

Duncan's smile was wide as she glanced over. "And your adventures?" she asked.

He shrugged and began to relate the morning's shenanigans to her. "I believe she would have had sex then and there," he said.

"Well who can blame her, with my sexy man-candy tantalizing her," Kelly said. She stepped back and admired herself in the mirror. "Damn I look good, too."

Duncan nodded vigorously. "Hell yes you do." They quickly began to disagree on who won the actual bet though, and decided it was a tie.

"I was thinking," she said as they hopped in his truck.

"What's that, Babe?" he asked.

"I really like that we're challenging each other. I think we need to do that more. I think we need to text each other missions and we have to accomplish them."

He cocked his head at her. "Missions?"

She nodded. "Like I tell you to go flirt with someone new, or you tell me to go and flash Marie, or flirt with my boss."

Duncan smiled. "I like that idea," he said, grinning wickedly.

She smirked and shook her head. "I think I've made a mistake."

He laughed.

Amy texted that Zeke had, unsurprisingly, picked Double D's as the restaurant they were going to meet at.

Kelly slid next to Duncan as they drove and absentmindedly stroked the outside of his bulge. He began to grow tumescent, but only slightly as his cock began to stir from its slumber. It seemed to grow to the perfect size to be delectable looking and desirable, but not obscene.

As they pulled in, Duncan helped her out of the truck and held her hand as they walked to the door. Paris, the attractive black hostess, smiled as they came in. "Hello Mr. and Mrs. Thomas. We're so glad you could join us this evening. Is it just the two of you again?"

Duncan began to say no, but he saw Amy and Zeke approaching from the bar area.

"Can you believe this place?" Zeke asked, smiling widely as he shook Duncan's hand firmly. Amy immediately embraced Kelly and kissed her on the cheek.

"You both look so sexy tonight," she said, briefly eyeing Kelly and Duncan up and down. Kelly saw her eyes fixate on Duncan's crotch for a second before flashing back up to her.

"Wow," she mouthed. Kelly giggled and drew her in for a hug. She decided then and there that she liked the two eccentric police officers.

"You look incredible," Duncan said, leaning down and kissing Amy on the cheek. He held her out at arm's length briefly. She was wearing a very sexy tight dress in the same style as Kelly's, though hers was red. Her gorgeous blonde locks were pulled up off of her neck and styled to one side, giving a tantalizing view of her spectacular breasts and very alluring cleavage. She smiled as he kissed her cheek.

Zeke admired Kelly for a second before leaning down and pulling her in for a kiss on the cheek. "You look stunning," he said with a smile. "I think we're the two luckiest sons of bitches in town tonight," he said with a grin and clapped Duncan on the shoulder.

"I couldn't agree more," he said.

"So four of you?" Paris interjected.

"Oh, I'm sorry, Paris," Kelly said. "Yes, the four of us. Kara or Kimber if possible please," she said, selecting their two favorite waitresses.

The gorgeous, ebony skinned beauty checked her chart and then disappeared for a minute. Reappearing a few seconds later, she frowned. "I'm sorry guys, it's going to be a wait for those sections. Is there anywhere else we can seat you?"

"We don't mind waiting," Zeke said, glancing at Duncan and Kelly.

"Absolutely," Amy agreed. "If those are y'all's favorites, we'll gladly wait."

Kelly smiled and glanced at Duncan, who nodded. "We'll wait in the bar."

Paris smiled widely and gestured towards the other door. "It shouldn't longer than 30 minutes," she said. "I'll tell the bartender to let you know."

"Thanks," Kelly said with a smile. She followed Zeke and Duncan, entwining her arm with Amy's as the two women followed behind. Finding a few seats at the bar, they quickly arranged themselves and Duncan bought a round of drinks. Duncan sat on one end, Zeke on the other, and the wives in between.

Taking a big swallow, Amy dove right in to address the elephant in the room. "So... Zeke and I wanted to make sure you guys knew that we weren't always like that."

Kelly and Duncan both smiled. "Well, we didn't figure you were."

Zeke laughed. "I know, it must seem really odd, especially to another guy."

Duncan nodded. "It did throw me for a loop, but who am I to judge."

"I'm a normal dude," he said, looking at Duncan. "I love football, barbecue, and poker just as much as the next fella."

Duncan chuckled. "I never assumed differently." Conversation was light for a few minutes then, but it was obvious that it was being steered back to what had occurred a few nights ago.

Zeke nodded. "Well, Amy and I have recently decided to try and expand our horizons, as it were."

Duncan chuckled and looked at Kelly, who was giggling. "There must be something in the water," he said. "That's what we decided recently too."

"We even call it the same thing," Kelly said with a smirk.

"No way!" Amy said. "We thought you guys were long time swingers!"

Kelly shook her head. "Nope, in fact, the girl you saw us with, my very dear friend Heidi, was our first foray into that world."

"Wow," Zeke said. "I hope we didn't intrude on anything."

"Oh, no, no," Duncan said, smiling. "It was fine. I certainly didn't mind," he grinned, winking at Amy. She blushed briefly and smiled at him.

Zeke spoke next. "Well, we were always fans of the thought of sharing each other, though neither of us had ever done it. I've always been fascinated with being humiliated by my lovers for some reason, even growing up," he admitted.

"Was there a certain event that triggered this fetish?" Kelly asked, genuinely curious.

"You know, we've discussed that before, but he can't recall the specific moment," Amy replied.

"My dad was a collector of porn, and so I was exposed to it earlier than most folks. I'm sure I saw something that triggered it when I was snooping around his stash. Amy and I would talk and fantasize about such things when we were intimate, but I really don't have a clue where it came from."

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