tagGroup SexLucky Man Ch. 15

Lucky Man Ch. 15



Yawning, Kelly stretched her arms and accidentally bumped her husband in the head. She turned to face him as he stirred and eyed her quietly, a curious smile on his face.

"Mmph, morning," he mumbled.

"Morning, Baby," she whispered.

He yawned briefly and pulled her close to him, his arms closing around her torso easily. She happily let him draw her in, basking in the warmth that seemed to always flow out of him and into her. Nuzzling into his chest, she inhaled his musk and sighed contentedly.

"God, I love how you feel in the mornings," he said.

She giggled and looked up at him. "How's that?"

He lowered his chin and kissed her on the forehead. "Soft and warm. You make me want to stay in bed all day."

"Nope," she said playfully, pushing against his chest. "Gotta get up and make that money so I can spend it!"

He chuckled and kissed her again. Looking down at her, he rolled over onto his back as she moved to prop herself up on his chest.

"Did you have a good weekend?" she asked, tracing a line in his chest hair.

"I did," he confirmed. "I think I might have to give my dick a rest for awhile, though."

She snickered, but nodded in agreement. "I'm definitely feeling sore, but it's the good kind of sore."

He nodded. "I think my dick needs a breather, but I know I'll see Kara today so I don't know if I'll get one."

"Aww," she said, pouting at him playfully. "Do I need to call that hussy and tell her to keep her hands off of my baby?"

He laughed and shook his head. "I think that would just make it worse."

She laughed and couldn't deny the thought. Laying her head down on his chest, she sighed happily, thinking about the weekend. "So, did you enjoy getting to have sex with a pair of sisters?"

He laughed, unable to contain his wide grin and nodded. "That was definitely one for the record books," he confirmed. "I can't really believe it happened like it did. Those two are pretty wild in the sack."

She snickered. "Well, I think they really enjoyed being with you, from the looks they were giving and sounds they were making."

He shrugged, "Well, I hope they had fun."

"You said Rachel felt really incredible and tight the other day. Was Becky just as tight?" Kelly asked, turning her head and laying it on her hand on top of his chest.

He was quiet for a second, but then shook his head. "No, not as tight. She was still pretty small, but nowhere near as tight as Rachel felt. Why do you think that is?" he asked, stroking her hair.

She shrugged. "Some women have smaller vaginas than others. It takes awhile for me to adjust to your size. It's been like that since we first got married, if you remember."

He nodded. "We had to keep taking it really slow, so I didn't hurt you. I kept feeling like I was just ruining the experience for you."

She smiled and kissed him. "It just took awhile to get used to. I definitely enjoyed it."

Turning, he glanced at the clock and sighed. "We better shower before we make each other late."

She nodded and slid out of bed, leading him with a single hand to their bathroom.

"So Rachel has still felt the best?" she asked as she stepped into the shower after turning it on.

"It's not like that," he protested.

She smiled and shook her head at him. "Duncan, you and I are mature enough and secure enough in our relationship that we don't get upset when we talk about having sex with other people. I told you before, you can enjoy Rachel."

He nodded. "No, I know. I just don't want you to think she's the best."

She smiled and turned to begin washing herself as Duncan stepped in. "Baby, she can be the best sex you've had. It's not an insult to me. It's not an indicator of any kind of problem in our marriage. Her womanhood fits you like a glove and that makes the experience much more intense and pleasurable for you."

He nodded. "But..."

"But you still love me, and prefer to have sex with me," Kelly said, interrupting him.

He smiled. "Exactly."

"Exactly," she parroted. "Do you think for a second that I would have had sex with Mark so much if I didn't enjoy it?"

He shook his head. "Of course not."

"He's not better than you, he's not worse. It's a different experience and that's okay," she said, pulling him in with her.

"I get that, baby," he said. "I just don't want there to be any jealousy issues."

She smiled. "The fact that we talk so much about it and tell each other the big details of what happen, makes it so that there won't be jealousy."

He smiled and ran his hands up her neck, kneading her muscles. She sighed in pleasure.

"That being said, I really think it was pretty dang kinky that Mark couldn't control himself and came in my mouth. Don't you?" She looked up at him and saw a smile.

"The idea that the three of us were in such ecstasy that we couldn't control that...," he added.

She smiled. "Then, you came in my mouth and I got to swallow you. Did you know that men taste different?"

He chuckled. "No, Kelly," he said, crossing his eyes at her. "I didn't know that. Why would I?"

She giggled and shrugged. "There's something about it though. When he came in my mouth for the second, third... etc... times, it was such a damn turn on! It was like... it was a physical manifestation of how I was making him feel at that moment. I made him cum, you know? I did that! Lots of times!"

Duncan chuckled and nodded at her. "I know. You made him cum several times." He turned and looked pensive for a moment. "I'm actually surprised that he was able to keep going like that."

Kelly grinned. "A girl that suddenly likes giving blowjobs and swallowing cum could get used to a guy that can keep "doing that.""

They continued washing each other while talking, stepping out a few minutes later and toweling off and getting ready.

"So am I going to be getting pictures of you with strange men's cum in your mouth?" he asked.

She snickered. "Only if you're a good boy."

He laughed and spanked her playfully on the rump.

"Would you mind getting pictures like that?" she asked, looking at him. "Does it turn you on when I provoke you with pictures or when I talk to you on the phone?"

He grinned and flashed a look that gave her the answer. "Of course," he added. "I don't mind at all. I like it."

"Really?" she asked turning and looking at him.

He smiled. "It does. I mean, you don't demean me like Zeke likes, but you do prod me just enough to get me going. I like knowing that my baby is being a bad girl."

Kelly grinned and briefly thought about being a bad girl then and there, but knew they had to get to work. A sudden thought struck her and she turned, "Don't forget, we've got that wedding this coming weekend."

He frowned. "I thought that was the next weekend."

She scrunched up her face in thought. "What's today?" she asked.

He glanced at his watch. "April 3rd," he replied.

She frowned again. "I thought it was later than that. I guess it's two weekends away, on the weekend of the 22nd."

He nodded. "We'll need to get a hotel room if you don't want to deal with your mom and dad."

Kelly grumbled in irritation. "Definitely a hotel room."

They continued to talk while getting dressed, had a quick breakfast together and then kissed before heading off to work.

When Kelly got there, she saw Danielle had arrived and was already hard at work.

"Hey Kelly!" Danielle beamed. "Did you guys have a good time in Dallas?" she asked smiling sweetly and coming over to offer a hug.

Kelly, feeling playful, surprised the young woman by kissing her briefly after hugging her.

"Oh!" Danielle said, covering her mouth and then smiling.

"I certainly did have fun," Kelly answered, grinning playfully. "But, I'm sure you'll hear all of it when Marie starts prodding me for information."

Danielle grinned and followed her to her desk. "Well, we had a pretty good time at the party this weekend!" she said.

"It was definitely a fun time," Marie said, coming in behind the two.

"Oh yeah?" Kelly asked. "Do tell!"

Danielle grinned widely and sat on a filing cabinet next to Kelly's desk.

"Well, Zeke and Amy were working, and you, Duncan, Becky, Rachel, and Mark were all gone, so that just left Marie and Ed, Derrek, Dana, Drake and Molly, Conner and I, and Kimber and Erin." Marie came around and sat on the edge of Kara's desk.

"Whose turn was it to act out the fantasy?" Kelly asked.

"Ed volunteered," Marie said with a smile. "He wanted a blowjob from all the willing ladies in the group."

"Wait, Kara wasn't there?" Kelly asked.

Danielle snapped her fingers. "I knew I'd forget one!"

Marie shook her head. "I think she was at home, visiting her folks."

"So all the ladies gave Ed a blowjob?" she said, looking at Danielle.

The young woman grinned, but then shook her head at Kelly's inquisitive glance. "I thought about it, but I don't think Conner is ready for that. I didn't want him to get jealous."

Kelly giggled but nodded. "That's probably best, Kitten," she said. "You definitely don't want to push him away."

Danielle smiled. "It was still a lot of fun watching the others have a good time, though. Marie started, and then Dana took over, followed by Erin, Molly, and then I think Kimber was last. He went in her mouth!"

Kelly giggled. "Came," she corrected.

"Came," Danielle parroted. "He came in her mouth."

Kelly nodded, smiling at the young woman. "I had a pretty fun weekend myself," she said. She began to describe what had happened over the weekend, from the buildup at dinner and then the strip club, to fucking Duncan and Mark, and getting a load in her mouth.

"Oh my!" Danielle said, covering her mouth. "He did it by accident?"

Kelly giggled and nodded. "We were all so turned on and having so much fun that it just kind of happened. It was such a turn on though, and I just started swallowing it every time after that!"

Marie laughed and shook her head. "You two have really blossomed," she said, smiling at Kelly. "I'm sure Ed will love hearing that you swallow now."

Kelly rolled her eyes in their sockets, showing her pleasure at the idea of the act. "God, it's such a turn on!"

"I have to admit, watching Kimber and the others taking care of Marie's husband was a turn on for Conner and me," Danielle said. "I could barely keep his hands off of me. I ended up giving him a handjob on the way home. He came all over the steering wheel!"

Marie and Kelly both burst out laughing with Danielle.

"Well," Kelly said at length. "It sounds like we missed a heck of a time. We'll be there this weekend, though," she said.

Danielle grinned and clapped her hands excitedly. Kelly went back to her desk and started her day. Her boss showed up a few hours later and greeted them all cheerfully. Marie's boss, Mr. Deekins, was out that day, so all day, Kelly's boss was sneaking peeks at Danielle or Kelly when they bent over or walked away from him.

The day was a typical Monday though, and soon they were all waist deep in work.



"I definitely should have stayed in town and gone to the party," Kara said, sitting easily on Duncan's desk. "Or stowed away in your suitcase and gone with you and Kelly."

He smirked, looked up at her. "The folks being mean to you or something?" he asked.

She frowned and shook her head. "Just being mom and dad, you know."

Duncan nodded. "I do, though for me that's a much different connotation. Mine were super strict and super religious, remember?"

Kara smiled and nodded. "They just keep trying to control what I do. I wanted, for once, to have a nice weekend with them not pestering me about getting married or finding a better paying job."

Duncan smiled. "Am I not paying you enough?" he asked.

She snickered and shook her head. "It's not that, I mean, you can give me another raise if you want, but I'm doing just fine."

He laughed easily at that and smirked at her.

"You pay me more than any of the other secretaries, Mr. Thomas," she said. "It's just my parents being parents."

He smiled and reached for her hand. "Well I'm sorry that you didn't have as much fun as I did over the weekend."

She smiled and shrugged. "At least you and Kelly are back. I'll find my way to seducing you two again soon enough."

He laughed. "Sweetie, all you have to do is come over. You know we can't resist you."

Kara smiled sweetly at him. He sensed that she was feeling a little needy and vulnerable that morning and lifted her hand to kiss it.

"Duncan... I..." she said, stuttering adorably. "I like you," she admitted, sliding down into his lap. "I like you... a whole, whole bunch."

He smiled, drawing her chin up and kissing her. "I know you do. I like you too."

She smiled and kissed him and then stood quickly, surprising him. "I should get to work," she said. She smiled and started to turn to leave, but he pushed her back so that she sat on his desk again.

"I think I need to make up for you having such a crappy weekend," he said, grinning playfully. "Why don't you let me take care of you this morning?"

Kara's smile was nearly wider than her face as she looked quietly down at him.

He rolled his chair forwards as she rotated her hips backwards, laying on the small of her back and spreading her legs for him. She hadn't worn panties that morning, Duncan saw.

"Naughty, naughty," he admonished playfully.

"I was hoping you might fuck me today," she admitted. "Like I said, it was a crappy weekend."

He chuckled and began to slowly kiss up her thigh, moving towards her pussy as she gently stroked the top of his head.

She moaned in pleasure when he kissed her slit, his lips pushing against her and causing her to gasp lightly. He pushed with his tongue, running it upwards across her pussy and then closed his lips around her clitoral hood.

She gasped in surprise as he began to gently suck, tonguing her clitoris repeatedly before sucking the entire fleshy nub into his mouth. He buried his lips into her pussy, moaning loudly in tune with her.

"Oh my fucking God," she whispered, her eyes squeezed shut. "Fuck this is gonna be fast."

He smiled and repeated the move, his tongue running repeatedly upwards for several seconds before he sucked the small mound of flesh that hid her clitoris into his mouth.

She gasped and pulled at the back of his head, driving his face deeper into her pussy. She tasted wonderful, and he found himself wanting to drink her down, to taste all of her juices as she gyrated on his desk.

"Fuck, Baby," she groaned as her orgasm plowed into her. He stopped licking and concentrated on sucking her clit, his tongue probing against it gently while she whimpered against him.

Several seconds of quiet moans and flexing muscles followed before she was able to speak again. He felt her slide forwards and push him back in his seat as she slid off the desk. She reached down into his lap and fumbled with his zipper, desperate to free his cock.

He hadn't exactly been looking for sex, or even a blowjob from her that morning. Actually all he'd thought about doing was going down on her. It seemed like she had other plans.

Her warm hands slid into his underwear and stroked his erection for a second before pulling him free. She maneuvered it out and positioned it at her entrance, looking up at him with a wry smile as she rubbed him against her. She looked down and lowered herself, his cock pushing into her as he groaned in pleasure. He roughly gripped her soft hips, pulling her up and then back down as he plowed deeply into her again and again. She leaned her head forward, laying it on his shoulder as if she were surrendering herself, though her hips continued to bounce up and down as her pussy devoured his cock again and again.

Duncan groaned in pleasure as she lifted her head, her lips finding his. She smiled happily as she continued to bounce on him, her knees against the back of his chair as his cock thrust deeply into her.

He moaned, pulling her hips down forcefully as fingers of pleasure worked their way through him. She quickly brought herself to another orgasm, and stood, turning and presenting her backside to him as she reached back to position him again.

He found that she was able to control her movements much easier like that, and her hips slid up and down as she fucked his cock repeatedly. He groaned, feeling his orgasm building. Her hips slapped down a final time as he came, causing her to smile and cry out, "Yes!" as he filled her up.

She slowed her hips before finally stopping and turning. "Thank you so much," she muttered, facing him and sliding down to his lap.

"I just wanted to give you an orgasm," he said, smiling. "It was supposed to be about you this morning."

She smiled and looked up at him. "Trust me, it was." She leaned in and kissed him, sighing softly and melting into his chest. Eventually, she did leave his office and returned to work.

At lunch, he got a text from his wife mentioning that Dana called, asking when they would be able to schedule her fantasy.

He chuckled when he read it, remembering what Dana had requested he do to her. He told her that they'd talk that evening about it and makes some plans. Sighing, he dove back into his work.

That evening, over dinner, he brought it up again.

"So how do you think you want to handle the Dana thing?" he asked.

She turned, filling up his plate with food and handing it to him.

"Well, I had some thoughts and you can tell me what you think," she said, filling her own plate and walking to the dining area.

"First," she said, "I think we need to get Camille and her husband to film it. They are semi-professional and will do a better job than we will. I'm sure it will be relatively cheap to pay them for their time, or maybe I can just promise to do more scenes for her in exchange for it."

He nodded. "That sounds reasonable."

"Then, once we have them locked down, we can see about all our other actors." She sat down next to him as she continued talking.

"Other actors?" he asked.

She nodded. "I think it definitely needs to be more than one guy," she said. "Dana's fantasy is to be taken against her will, and that doesn't necessarily mean by just one guy. It will be much more believable if there are several of you."

He nodded. "That would definitely take some of the pressure off of me."

"I'll call her sometime this week and see if Friday works for her, and call Camille as well," Kelly said.

"Okay," Duncan replied. "Who do you think our other guys should be?"

"I think Drake and Derrek for sure, but I'm not sure about the fourth. Maybe Zeke?" she asked.

He nodded. "Four then huh?"

She smiled and nodded. "That's how many I think I'd like."

Grinning, he shook his head and took another bite of food as Kelly winked at him playfully.

After supper, they retired to the living room and lay on the couch watching TV. At one point, Kelly picked up her phone and called Dana.

"Okay," she said, after hanging up. "She's all for the four guy approach and doesn't mind the professional cameras as long as it's just for the group. She said she needs a safe word, and I assured her that we'd set that up in advance. She's also good with this Friday. I told her we'd get an appointment sometime this week to get waxed."

"Ouch," Duncan said, smiling at her. She snickered and started to dial Camille.

"Hey!" Camille said. "I just put up the last set that I have of you, as well as the video!"

"Oh yeah?" Kelly answered. "I guess it's time for more sessions then," she said, winking at Duncan.

"You read my mind!" Camille answered.

"I'm actually calling because we have a proposition for you," she said.

"You do? Do tell!" Camille said excitedly.

Kelly detailed the Saturday parties and the fantasies that the group acted out, followed by Dana's request and Kelly's own ideas about how it might go down. "So... with all four guys doing their thing and a safe word in place, all we'd need is for it to be filmed."

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