tagIncest/TabooLucky Pt. 02

Lucky Pt. 02


I have been beyond surprised at the reaction to my short story, "Lucky." I encourage you to read it if you haven't, the events in this sequel will make more sense if you do.

I had not planned on continuing this story it at all. I've always been interested in incest fiction. "Lucky" was meant to be a writing exercise on my part. I uploaded it on a whim and have been stunned at its popularity.

However, once I saw the reaction on the site and re-read it myself to see what the fuss was about, Angela and Jeff wouldn't leave me alone. The rest of their story popped into my head and I had to keep on writing. There will be at least one more story to follow this one, then I'll be on to the next thing.

Without further ado, Angela and Jeff are waiting ...


Two mornings later, Angela awoke in her bed, naked. Her brother, Jeff, was sprawled on his stomach next her, his arm draped over her midsection. She glanced over at him with a half-smile on her face. She had always been close to her brother, she had always loved him. Nothing had changed between them, but the last few days had been one long fuck-fest and she had reveled in every minute of it.

After that first, drunken, glorious time together, Angela had awakened to find herself being carried to her room. Jeff had gently laid her down and after noticing she was awake, he had lowered his mouth to hers and kissed her softly. Not asking, not questioning her feelings on the subject, he just climbing into bed with her, pulling a blanket over their nude bodies and proceeding to make love to her in every way imaginable all-night long.

It was past noon the next day when Angela awoke him with the best blowjob of her life. She had been married to an asshole who had loved them, so she had much practice in the past. She gave Jeff all her skill with a touch of adoration that her ex-husband had never received. She cared about Jeff, she did this for him because she wanted to, not because he expected it. His dick was larger than she was used to, but she had adjusted. Her favorite moment had come when she pushed his erection up with one hand and fed his ballsack into her hot mouth and sucked them, each one being lavished with her tongue as it swirled around each nugget gently. Nothing was forbidden between them. They were brother and sister, why have rules about sexual delicacy at this point? Her finger had been in his ass, more than one of them, in fact. He had given her load while she teased his prostate, fingering him to pleasure.

They had christened every room of her condo. Both bedrooms, both bathrooms, the small kitchen, the small dining table, even her recliner. He had been in her pussy, her mouth, her ass and even fucked her breasts. Their bodies were covered in love bites, every muscle in her body ached and Angela simply could not get enough of her brother.

What they did not do was talk. Oh, there was conversation. They talked about their parents. They talked about the estate. They took a break from sex long enough to meet with her parents' attorneys. Their parents had been teachers, so the estate had not been a substantial one. Once funeral costs had been paid and some charity bequests had been made, there was a nice amount left for the two of them to split. As he made more money, Jeff tried to give his half to Angela, but she wasn't having it.

They talked about her marriage, the disappointments of his dating life. They talked about Brett and Angela grudgingly accepted that perhaps things had worked out for the best. She did agree that staying mad at Brett was difficult. Jeff didn't make many close friends, the ones he did make, he kept. Better to find out from a friend that his then-girlfriend was an unfaithful slut than to find out some other way.

Angela and Jeff took turns cooking. They drove out to the house to look around for what they wanted to keep. It had been bittersweet, as the house and its contents contained so many wonderful memories. When they were finished, they arranged for the attorneys to sell everything else. Jeff shipped his choices down to New Orleans.

Her mind returning to the "here and now," she turned slightly so she could study her handsome brother as he slept. It was a sight that would never get old for her. His honey blond curls were stuck to his head at odd angles, but he was otherwise perfect. His lashes rested softly on his cheeks. He had something that looked like a faint smile on his face. Angela had long cherished a theory that genuinely happy people looked happy in their sleep. If that was the case, her brother was downright ecstatic right now.

She ran her finger down his naked back. When it reached the down comforter covering them, she merely slid it out of the way and continued her way down his spine. Her finger was stroking his smooth, warm back so lightly it was barely touching. She watched his face and saw the moment he started to awaken. The slight smile on his face became larger. "God woman, you are going to kill me."

Angela giggled and snuggled closer to Jeff. "What a way to go, hey?" She leaned forward and kissed his nose. Jeff responded by attacking suddenly, flipping her on her back as she whooped in delight. In a thrice, he was between her thighs, his morning erection sinking into her warm pussy. "Oh god, not one for wasting time, hey?"

Jeff bent his head down and kissed her lips, as his cock started to plunder her depths. His hands held hers over her head, his knees holding him over her body so as not to crush her. Angela wrapped one of her legs around his upper thighs, urging him in deeper, while the other foot pressed against the mattress, propelling her hips upward to join him in this glorious morning fuck.

Angela whimpered in desire. Despite having sex many, many times with her older brother over the past few days, she couldn't get enough. When they made love, they were wild, uninhibited lovers. Everything was on the menu, nothing was too dirty or shameful for them to refuse to do it. Sex with her husband Steve had been bland and boring in comparison. When they weren't in each other's arms, they were siblings dealing with the loss of both of their parents and partnered in settling their affairs. Angela preferred this. When her brother was fucking her slender, sore body, she didn't need to think about what would happen next. She could live in the moment for the first time in her life. She whispered filthy things in his ear and if he were so inclined, he did them for her.

"Fuck me, Jeff, I want to come all over that big hard dick of yours, baby. Tear up my pussy." She pressed her heel into the mattress and her pubic bone found his, allowing her to stimulate her clit even more than it already was by the indirect pressure of her brother's seven-inch cock pumping harder and harder into her steaming cunt.

"God, it's so fat, your dick." She murmured. "I can feel it spread me open and throb inside me. I just want to keep it there all the time, so I always feel this fucking good." Jeff bit her lip. She talked, he acted. She hissed, as his hand left her own over her head and reached down to pinch and twist her sensitive, erect nipple. "Ouch, fuck," she hissed again, loving the little bit of pain he gave her along with the intense pleasure. Jeff had learned by then that the pain only stimulated her to orgasm faster and as if on cue, she groaned loudly. "Fuck!" as she felt her body tingle and a kaleidoscope of colors burst over her vision, her heart beating furiously as her brother gave her a mind-exploding orgasm.

Jeff pulled his lips away from hers to watch his baby sister's face as she came for him. It was something that blew his mind every time he saw it. Angela was so responsive in bed. She gave as good as she got, she was never selfish. He loved making her cum, he couldn't get enough of feeling her juice coating his cock. When he had awakened to feel the simple act of a single finger running down his back, his dick had gotten intensely hard to the point of being almost painful. He didn't care about foreplay or whether he needed to pee. He needed to fuck something and that something was his younger sister.

Once his sister's moans subsided, he released her hands and his hands moved down to grasp her slender ass. He pulled it up into the air and started pounding her pussy wildly, rushing towards his own climax. He was too hard, too horny, to wildly aroused by his sister's spasms on his dick to do anything that had any finesse to it. Somehow, he felt Angela peak a second time as he let lose his own load, smashing into her over again, fiercely and possessively. He might have yelled something about her being his, he wasn't sure. He hoped not, but then again, he didn't care.

He rolled from Angela's body and they both panted, covered in sweat. Angela lay there with him for a few minutes, then kissed him and got out of bed, going into the adjoining bathroom. He heard her shower start a minute later. He sighed, then got up and went into his own room and showered there quickly. When he got out, he shaved off yesterday's collection of stubble. He looked over his torso and chest in the mirror. There were bruises and bite marks, nail gouges and scratches. He turned a shoulder to look at the part of his back visible to him. Long scratch marks appeared there as well. "Hellion," he chuckled.

Jeff met Angela in the kitchen. She greeted him with a smile and a cup of hot chocolate. They both detested coffee, as had their parents. They often felt like the only nuclear family in the US that hated coffee. Jeff and Angela tolerated tea when they were sick. They preferred wine to beer. Fortunately, they did like apple pie, otherwise, they'd probably have to give up their citizenship and be driven out of the country with pitch forks.

Angela settled their plates before them. She had kept it simple, some leftover ham, fruit and yogurt. She picked up a slice of the ham and bit into it, chewing thoughtfully. "I've been thinking over your idea about the charity bequests. Mom and Dad did leave it pretty vague, I think we should look over some drunk driving charities and maybe autism research?" Their mother had taught special needs kids and she knew that would be important to her.

Jeff spooned up some yogurt and nodded in agreement. "I am thinking of using my half of the estate to set up some sort of tuition grant for kids wanting to go into education. Teachers are underpaid as it is, they shouldn't have to graduate with so much debt."

Angela's eyes grew wide. "That is an amazing idea. I'm glad now that I refused your half. I wish I could afford to do the same thing, but that money will come in handy. I'm not sure I can count on the state to continue our pension fund."

They finished breakfast and spent a few hours working on more estate details. They made decisions quickly and concisely. They didn't really disagree on anything, which was great. She had known some people went tend rounds over who got their parent's good china. Their parents didn't have any good china. Her mother had collected Phaltzgraph and it was now in a large box in the corner of Angela's kitchen. She couldn't bear to part with it, so she decided she would sell her own set on Craig's List or something and use her mom's beloved dishes.

They had been working so hard, they had missed lunch. Angela drove them both to her favorite Indian restaurant where they munched on curry and samosas. After dinner, they drove around awhile, aimlessly. They wound up at their old school, walking around the grounds, remarking on the addition of a swimming pool, something they would have killed for when they had attended.

On their return home, they cuddled on her couch, watching a movie. They slid back into their roles as lovers. They kissed, held hands and eventually Angela pulled her brother's dick out and started to pull and rub at him until he was erect and squirming under her hand. She smiled sexily at him, then lowered his mouth to him, caressing his balls as she teased the sensitive underside part of his head with her tongue.

Jeff's hand found her hair and he pushed her head down, forcing her to take him deeper. She never would have figured him for a Dominant, but he was quite forceful with her body at times. Angela didn't mind, it was yet another thing about her big brother that she reveled in. He didn't walk around, thumping his chest, but once he had her in bed, he craved to control her. It was yet another thing they didn't discuss or examine. It just was.

Angela hummed on her big bother's cock, knowing the vibration drove him crazy. His head was close to her gag reflex, so she tried to breathe through her nose and force herself to relax. She wouldn't be able to throat him in this position and he seemed to recognize it. She sucked him slowly, a rhythm she found he preferred. It was counter-intuitive, one would think that a faster one would make him cum more quickly, but with Jeff it was just the opposite. She loved his taste, the texture of his cock, the way his hand tangled in her hair, the tenseness in his body. It made her love giving him head, all the way to completion. When Jeff came, she took his load appreciatively, moaning at his salty flavor. She pulled his sensitive cock out of her mouth, kissing the tip and looked up at him, smiling.

"Fuck, Angela." That's all Jeff said. He pulled her close and kissed her. He didn't seem to mind that she tasted of his own cum. They watched the rest of the movie wrapped up in each other, kissing and drinking wine.

When it ended, he picked her up, carrying her back to her bed and laying her down. He unzipped and pulled down her jeans, sliding them down her long legs. "Have I ever told you that you have the legs of a goddess," Jeff asked her as he picked up her left foot, kissing the arch. He kissed his way up that long leg, looking down at her face, her eyes so mysterious and knowing as they watched him. Jeff would have killed to know her thoughts, but they seemed to have this unspoken agreement to not talk about anything related to their new sex life.

Angela laid down and sighed. She still had her top on, but she supposed it would take care of herself. She parted her thighs for her big brother as his kisses reached them. He kissed his way up to her pussy. She had shaved it in the shower this morning and he chuckled when he way it. "Nice surprise here, Angie Bean."

He kissed her now-bare mons, then sucked both of her outer lips into his mouth. She arched her back, loving the pressure and the tease. His tongue dived into cunt, already growing wet for him and moaned at her taste. Angela had a flavor all her own, her own scent, her own taste. She was cream and sweetness, with a touch of tart. He wished they bottled it, but then again, he vastly preferred it at the source. He simply could not get enough of her and didn't know how he would ever live without it.

Angela gripped at the covers with her hands. Arching her back, she moaned his name. "Jeff," then a gasp. He loved hearing his name on her lips as they had sex. He knew she didn't close her eyes and pretend he was someone else. Her filthy mouth proved Angela knew exactly who was doing these incredibly wicked things to her body. He loved knowing this about her. He loved the way she took pleasure from him and gave it back in full measure. Jeff loved watching her toes curl, the way her hands buried in his hair.

Mostly, he loved the sounds she made. He also loved knowing that the more excited he made her, the better she was going to feel when his cock sank into her willing body.

Jeff sucked her aroused clit into his mouth and Angela came unglued. "Jeff, Jeff, baby, I'm cumming." Jeff had no need of any such warning, he felt her clit spasm under his tongue and he eased himself off it, knowing the orgasm would be even more intense and last longer if he didn't give it too much pressure. His finger found her opening and he finger fucked her warm passage, feeling her grow impossibly wet as her gooey cum-filled cum gripped his finger. His baby sister had a tight cunt and he loved it. He loved knowing it. He was so glad they had started this, because it would have been sad to have gone through their entire lives and he had never gotten to know how beloved sister had felt as her pussy strangled his cock.

He stood up, removing his pants. He grabbed some lube from the side table, just in case it was needed. Jeff crawled onto the bed, kissing Angela as she floated off somewhere, still coming down from her orgasm. "Ready for me, baby?"

Her eyelids flickered open and their hazel depths glittered dangerously. She kissed him, moaning at her taste on his tongue as his mouth ravaged hers. She flipped over, lying flat on her stomach. His hands parted her thighs and he got behind her, his cock sliding back into the warm tunnel of her sexy body. She squeezed her thighs tight, a preferred position they had discovered the previous night. Jeff's teeth sank into her shoulder, rutting into his baby sister. One arm braced his weight while the other snaked around her body to find a nipple and he squeezed it harshly. "You're going to take my dick over and over tonight, you know that, right?" His voice was rough and harsh. "I'm going to own this cunt and any other hole I want." Jeff didn't usually talk that much during sex, but Angela inspired him to try it.

"Yes, baby." Angela purred. "Make my pussy hurt, make it ache for you, baby." She whimpered, as her brother ground his way into her, moving slowly, deeply. Every thrust was deliberate and as he bottomed out, he moved his hips, trying to go even deeper. Angela ground back, her ass wriggling against his pelvis in the most delicious way. He bit the same spot on her shoulder, taking her like his bitch. She was so fucking wet, he almost couldn't stand how good it felt. It was almost too much pleasure.

Angela gripped the sheets. She wondered if she would have to buy new ones, she kept digging her nails into them so much, they were going to shred soon. Her brother ground his cock into her, throbbing and his teeth were deep into her shoulder, adding to her collection of marks, no doubt. She came again, her cunt gripping him and she could feel her brother shudder behind her, struggling to maintain his iron-clad control of their lovemaking.

Once she returned to earth, she felt his weight shift off her and something cold splurted onto her ass. She knew immediately that Jeff was lubing her butt. They had tried anal and discovered that they both loved it. She spread her legs a little wider, giving her big brother more access to her ass. Steve had liked anal as well, so she was experienced in it. She smiled inwardly, because even with her brother, it went the same way in the beginning almost every time.

Sure enough, Jeff's head poked into her tight, puckered hole. She felt the burn and groaned. Her mind fought the invasion, the burn, the spark of pain. Jeff held himself just inside her, only his head in her sphincter. Angela wriggled, then forced herself to relax and bore down a little. Just as always, she became convinced it wasn't going to work just as her asshole opened and she accepted him with a groan, the burn fading quickly. But work, oh my god, did it ever work. Jeff continued to hold still as she backed up on him, a little more each time until his cock was fully impaled in her dirty hole.

"Oh fuck, Jeff." She murmured with a groan. "I can't enough of feeling you back there. I can feel the shape of your head so much better than I can in my pussy. Every ridge, every vein in your cock. I can feel you throb for me." Angela grit her teeth, groaning. She looked over her shoulder, her expression almost angry. I want you to take that ass, baby. I want you to fucking attack it and then I want your load."

Jeff took that as his sign that he was cleared for take-off. He thrust slowly, moving forward a little, then withdrawing. He pressed again and his Angie Bean moaned. "Yes," she gritted out. "Fuck that ass, baby."

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