tagLoving WivesLucky with the Landlords Ch. 02

Lucky with the Landlords Ch. 02


*if you like this one, part one (with Danny's former landlady) can be found on my author's page, or in Erotic Couplings ~ X-Factor*

Sharon was one half of his new landlords – a family that lived upstairs in a huge house in a rich neighborhood. She was in her early thirties, so just a couple of years older than Danny. She had pretty features, and tanned skin. Her dark hair was long, her brown eyes were beautiful whether she wore her glasses or not. She was around 5’8, about 120 pounds. She was very lanky, so her ample breasts looked even huger as a result. Her legs looked a little longer as well, and her ass looked a little skinnier. All in all, Danny immediately ranked her as very fuckable.

A few months after the Wendy incident, as Spring was approaching Summer, Danny blew a fuse in his apartment. He knocked on the door that led to the rest of the house. When Sharon heard the knock, at first she thought it was from the front door heading outside. Her husband and two children were away for a few hours, and she had a hand down her tights. She had just finished working out, and was feeling a little horny. As she sat on her couch, catching her breath, her hand had just begun to wander down into her panties when she heard the knock. She ignored it, pussy tingling as her fingers gently rubbed her clit in a little circle. If that idiot at the door would go away, she decided she would take off her pants and panties and head to the bedroom.

She heard a knock again, and realized it was coming from downstairs. She couldn’t deny that there was a surge of desire buzzing in her pussy when she realized it was Danny. He was a good-looking guy, a couple years her junior. At six foot one, two hundred and five pounds, she had to admit that it would feel pretty hot being in his strong arms. She’d imagined it more than once! As soon as she settled whatever it is he wanted, she would definitely head upstairs to her bedroom – and this time she knew what she would be imagining!

Sharon was all hot and sweaty, and she grabbed her glasses and took them off, as if that in some way would divert attention from her disheveled appearance. Her permed hair was up, and she was wearing black tights, along with a tight black shirt that stopped about three inches from her pants, revealing her tanned and slightly soft belly. Her bare feet walked across the floor to the stairs, and down them.

When his landlord opened the door, Danny could not deny that a surge of desire went through him. He had to focus on not showing any visible signs of immediate interest, like the widening of his eyes or the dropping of his jaw. It wasn’t like she was looking her finest; it was more that she was looking very sexy. She looked hot and bothered, her hair was up, but a little tussled. He had seen her in a tight shirt before, but it had been awhile, and he had forgotten how big her tits were. They weren’t huge; it was just that she had such a skinny body that it made them look even bigger. What really go him, though, was her tights. He had never seen her wear tight pants before, and these tights certainly qualified. They gave away the exact shape of her lower body, and when he glanced at the exposed skin above them, he felt a strong urge to fall to his knees and start kissing her there.

He explained to her that he blew a fuse, and she smiled at him, and cheerfully turned and walked down the hall into her laundry room. His eyes quickly locked onto that ass of hers. Yes, those tights really revealed her curves.

“How’s that?” He heard her call from the laundry room. He didn’t notice anything different.

“It didn’t work!” He called back. He heard her flip the switch on and off.

“There?” She asked.

“No. Nothing!” Danny replied.

“I don’t get it!” He heard her say. He left his apartment and walked down the hall. Sharon was standing by the fuse box, and she turned to him when she heard him enter – but not before he got another peek at that ass in those tights!

“That’s the right switch, that’s the one I always flip!” She said, frustrated. She was also a little flustered at being so aroused, and when Danny stood beside her she could feel her heart speed up mildly. His arm gently brushed against hers, and they both could feel the electricity.

“Yeah, the fuse is blown.” Danny observed. “We need a new one.” Sharon grabbed a package off the shelf nearby.

“Here’s some.” She said, evaluating what she held in her hand. He looked at the blown fuse and then reached out to take the package from her. His fingers lightly touched hers.

“That’s the one we need, right there.” He indicated the right one. She watched him pull out the old fuse and take the new one from the package. The whole time, neither of them moved their hand away from each other. The sexual energy was amplified by the touch of their skin.

“Here, let me put it in.” She said, setting the package on the shelf and breaking their touch. “I’ve never done it before, and I should probably learn!” He stepped back a little, handing Sharon the new fuse. Again, their skin made contact. Each of them was very aware of it every time they touched. She stepped in front of him. Her ass was touching him where his upper thigh met his hip, and he had to focus on not getting hard. He was so tempted to place his hand on her waist, and touch the skin that was exposed there.

She pushed in the fuse, but not all the way in.

“You got to push it in further.” He instructed. She pushed, but he could see that she wasn’t pushing hard enough.

“Here.” He stated, reaching up. His hand covered hers, and she felt a slight tingling in her crotch at his touch. His other hand lightly touched her exposed waist, and the tingling in her crotch intensified to an all out buzzing. Her breathing deepened as they pushed the fuse in. He didn’t move his hand and she didn’t object. She turned her face to him a little and their eyes made contact. He moved forward an inch or so, which was about half the distance.

When she didn’t turn away, he crossed the gap, his lips touching hers. She closed her eyes as he softly kissed her, lips smacking lightly.

Danny kissed her again, a little harder this time. Sharon’s lips parted, and his kiss lingered. His hand on her waste slowly moved around to her belly. This made the tingling in her crotch grow even more powerful, and she found herself kissing back, passionately. His tongue hesitantly touched her lips, and she nervously touched it with her own. The tips of their tongues rubbed against one another as their lips pressed with more force. He knew he won her over when he felt her tongue finally dart into his mouth. He sent his own tongue into her mouth as he gently ran his fingers around the exposed skin of her belly. His fingers were trailing just over top of her pants, and whenever they brushed over the middle part Sharon found her pussy getting wetter and wetter. She pressed her ass back against him, and when she felt the hardness in his pants a bolt of desire shot through her.

His fingers were lingering on her belly just above her crotch, and she found herself longing to be touched a little lower. She kissed him more urgently, hoping he would touch her. His hands didn’t wander – not even up her body to her breasts! She placed her other hand over his, hoping to move it south.

Using her left hand that was on the fuse, she pulled it out from beneath his and reached behind her. She held the back of his head as she kissed him with more urgency. At the same time, she used her right hand to slowly ease his hand down her body over her tights. Sharon stiffened when she felt him brush against her clit through the snug material. Taking the strong hint, Danny reached down and cupped her pussy over her pants, rubbing his fingers against her. He could feel the tremendous heat that was emanating from her crotch.

“Mmmm…” she moaned softly into his mouth. She broke the kiss, looking back at him with her dark eyes. He could see that her husband hadn’t been attending to her needs.

“We’re pretty exposed her.” She breathed. His hand was still on her crotch, and she didn’t want him to move it away. She was, however, very nervous about being caught be someone coming home. She didn’t know what she would do with her tenant – only what she wanted to do.

She had been loyal thus far in her six-year marriage. This experience was new and unexpected. She did not think that she could be any wetter!

“Okay.” Danny replied, kissing her once more on the lips. His hand left her crotch and the feeling of loss that she suddenly felt was unexpected. He switched the fuse on and then walked away, expecting her to follow.

Sharon followed him back down the hallway, wondering if he wanted her to go into the apartment with him, or if he was walking away from their kiss altogether. It was a silly thought, really, but she didn’t really know her tenant all that well other than the occasional small talk in the driveway. She decided that if he didn’t want her to follow him, then she could just use the pretense of checking to see if the power was on.

She walked through the door and into his apartment.

“Well,” she said, nervously trying to fill the silence. “The power seems to be working again.” She heard him shut the door behind them. Her pussy flooded. Sharon turned around and looked at him with her dark eyes as he stepped up to her. Her breath was shaky as he reached up and brushed her hair back, holding her cheek. He leaned forward and softly touched his lips against hers. Her lips parted, and their kissing slowly grew in intensity. Her tongue slipped into his mouth just as he was doing the same to her, and their tongues danced against one another, as their kiss grew more passionate. He put his arms around her, pulling her closer. She wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing him harder as she felt his hands slowly ease down her back.

For the first time, Danny’s hands locked onto Sharon’s ass over her tights. He could feel it clearly through the thin material, and he softly squeezed her cheeks. She sighed heavily into his mouth, feeling his hardness press against her stomach as he held her in his strong arms.

She was craving that cock! But she was a married woman! That thought snapped her out of her daze and she panicked, breaking the kiss.

“I’m a married woman, Danny.” She breathed. Her arms were still around his neck as she looked deeply into his eyes.

“You’re free to leave anytime, Sharon.” He replied. “I won’t make you do anything that you don’t want to do.”

She appeared to think for a moment, fighting her loyalty versus her arousal. No one would find out! But she couldn’t. She had children. That decided it. She took her arms off his shoulders, a look of disappointment on her face.

“I can’t. I’m sorry.” She said. He let go of her soft bum and let her step away. He watched her slowly walk towards the door. His eyes took in the wonderful view. He could see the tanned skin of her lower back beneath her tight shirt.

He could see the shape of her ass perfectly in those black tights, and the desire that surged within him could not be controlled. He wanted this woman! She put her hand on the doorknob as he stepped up behind her. He put his hand on her side, touching her skin. Electricity shot up the two of them. He gently turned her around, and she looked up at him.

Danny bent and kissed her softly, lips smacking. He kissed her again, this time holding his lips against hers. He kissed her harder, pressing his body against hers, and pushing her back against the door. His tongue snuck into her mouth, and he was thrilled when he felt her tongue dart into his. Her arms went around his neck and she kissed him eagerly.

Their tongues danced against one another as they breathed laboriously into each other’s mouth.

He slowly ran his hand down the front of Sharon’s body, and when she felt it creep towards her crotch she subtly parted her legs a little wider for him. He touched her between her legs over her pants, and she gasped into his mouth. Her pussy was buzzing like crazy. He rubbed her a little harder, clearly feeling the outline of her lips through the thin material.

“Mmm…” she moaned into his mouth, bolts of pleasure shooting up her body. She kissed him harder, disappointed when she felt his hand leave her crotch. He ran it up her body, boldly sliding it up under the bottom of her shirt. He slid his hand into her sports bra, grasping Sharon’s naked breast for the first time. She moaned into his mouth again, and this time he moaned as well. He wanted this woman badly!

Her tit was big and soft, and her nipple was rock hard in his palm. He squeezed it lustfully, his tongue shooting far into her mouth. He pressed her harder against the door, and she could feel just how aroused he was when he pressed against her exposed belly. She needed him inside her, and that was when she realized that she was all his. He squeezed her naked tit again, before releasing it. He ran his hand back down her body, sliding it into her tights. He could feel a tiny wisp of neatly trimmed pubic hair as he reached his hand underneath her.

When Danny felt the lips of her pussy, he knew that he had her. She was sopping wet! His finger was instantly coated with her flowing juices, and her pussy was so hot! He dipped a finger inside her snug tunnel.

“Ohhh…” she moaned, temporarily breaking the kiss before kissing him even more passionately.

As she sent her tongue deep into his mouth, she slid her hand down his chest to his crotch, feeling the outline of his dick through his jeans. As soon as he felt her do that, he knew he could make another move.

He broke the kiss, sliding his hand out of her pants. She looked at him, chest heaving, hesitantly taking her hand off his hardness.

Maintaining eye contact, he took her by the hand. She didn’t protest, and so he gently led her away from the door. It was as if she was hypnotized, following him to his bed. At the foot of the bed, he turned to her. Her heart was pounding as she looked up at him. His lips softly touched hers, and they kissed. She slipped her arms around his neck, opening her mouth, as their kissing grew stronger. Danny slid his hands into the back of her tights, into her cotton panties, and over the smooth cheeks of her skinny bum.

He squeezed the cool skin of her ass, spreading her cheeks apart a little as she pressed her body against him. She could feel how hard he was against her stomach, and she shot her tongue into his mouth. He gave Sharon’s ass one more squeeze before sliding his hands out of her tights and up her bare back, taking her shirt with them. She broke the kiss as she felt her shirt rise above her ample breasts, and she raised her arms, allowing her tenant to pull it up over her head and off. Her tits were straining against her sports bra, and he was dying to see them, but she had grabbed his shirt and was raising it up his body. He allowed her to pull his shirt off.

They fell into his bed together. It was a completely mutual act, neither one initiating the move; they just both knew that was what they wanted. They lay side by side as they kissed passionately, his hands slipping back into the back of her tights and over her cotton panties.

He squeezed her soft ass as he pulled her body closer. Without breaking the kiss, Danny began pushing Sharon’s pants down, gradually easing them off of her ass and down her thighs. When he could reach no further, he broke the kiss and grabbed the waist of her tights and pulled them downward. She lifted her leg, watching as he pulled them down to her ankle. She pulled her bare foot out of it. She pulled her other foot out of the other leg and she was down to her bra and white cotton panties with her tenant. She looked up at him lustfully, her hand grabbing the bulge in his jeans. His mouth was on hers again, and she kissed him hard, her nimble fingers undoing his button and slowly easing down his zipper. She had to feel his hardness in her hand!

Like a horny teenager, or more accurately, an under appreciated housewife, her hand dove into his underwear and wrapped around his tool. She sighed into his mouth as her hand eagerly stroked him. Her tongue shot far into his mouth as she swung a leg over him, rolling him onto his back. She broke the kiss and she quickly moved down the bed. Her hand grabbed both his pants and his underwear and she tugged downward. He raised his ass off the bed and allowed the married woman to pull his clothes down his legs. His rock hard penis popped free, and her dark eyes locked on it as she pulled his pants and underwear right off of him and dropped them on the floor. He was now completely naked, while she remained in her panties and sports bra.

Sharon straddled his right leg, running her hands up his other leg as she hovered over his stiff pole. She bent down and he could feel her hot breath on his exposed manhood. Her fingers wrapped around his shaft, raising it up in the air as her tongue snaked out of her mouth. She lightly licked his bag, and he caught his breath, watching everything. She looked up at him, eyes locking on his as her tongue slowly ran up the length of his cock. When it reached the top, she slowly ran it around his mushroom head. Suddenly, her lips parted and she took him inside, almost before her tongue retracted back into her mouth. He watched her lips quickly slide down his pole, almost reaching the base as she took most of his member inside. He looked right into her eyes as her mouth made his cock nearly disappear. She slowly ran her mouth up his thick, hard cock, approaching the top before sucking him back inside. She began to suck on him eagerly. Her lips ran up and down his shaft faster, slurping hungrily on his meat. ‘Slurp! Slurp! Slurp! Slurp!’ She slobbered all over his dick ravenously, eyes closed. The sucking noises were incredibly loud, and her lips were giving him the perfect pussy sensation.

Danny began subtly writhing his hips up off the bed, fucking her mouth. He reached down and placed a hand on either side of her head. Her hair was in a ponytail, and so was pressed tightly against the sides of her head. He watched the way Sharon’s lips ran up and down the white skin of his hard shaft. He had to fuck this woman! Gently, he lifted her head a little. Taking the hint, she allowed his dick to slip out of her mouth, and she looked up at him. The two shared a little smile, and the smile remained on their faces as she began to crawl up the bed, straddling him. She planted her thinly covered, horny crotch firmly on his organ, and she bent and kissed him hard. He felt her tongue dart into his mouth, and he sent his own tongue back into her mouth. His hands rubbed up and down her warm back as she ground her needy pussy against his hardness. Their lips were smacking loudly as they kissed sloppily. He ran his hands down her back to her ass, grasping her cheeks. He ran his tongue along the back of her mouth as he slipped his hands into the sides of her panties, feeling her soft, naked ass. He ran his fingers along the crack of her bum, squeezing her cheeks and forcing her to press harder against him.

They were breathing hard into each other’s mouth as they dry-fucked. He ran his hands up her back, taking her sports bra with them. He broke the kiss so he could watch the emergence of her tits. They popped free, and were huge in contrast to her slender body. She raised her arms and allowed him to pull it over her head and off. He grabbed a breast in each hand as she sat up, watching him. He leaned upward and sucked a hard nipple into his mouth, briefly.

Sharon continued to rub her thinly protected pussy up and down his thick shaft as he slid his hands back down her back to her ass. As he squeezed her soft cheeks under the sides of her panties, his lips wrapped around her other hard nipple. He could hear her panting above him as he released her nipple and kissed her chest right between her tits. Feeling those two big melons on either side of his face was indescribable – other than the sensation was soft, and her skin was smooth. He looked up at her.

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