Lucky with the Landlords


He leaned forward and kissed them softly, causing them to shake a little. She gasped as her naked cunt felt his mouth for the first time. Her hand still held the back of his head, and she raised her feet in the air a little higher and opened her legs a touch wider for him. He stuck his tongue out tentatively, as if he wanted to cherish every second of this (which he certainly did). He slowly, ever so lightly, touched the lips of her vagina with the tip of his tongue.

Wendy sucked her breath quickly. She was quivering with desire. He tasted her pussy, and he slowly ran his tongue up her lips, gathering more of her delicious flavor. He lightly nudged her clit, and she sucked inward again. He softly kissed her swollen lips again, and they quivered once more at his touch. He then grabbed the tiny elastic at her sides with both hands and pulled downward. She raised her ass off the bed, allowing him to slide her skimpy panties down her sexy, tanned legs. He slid them down her thighs, staring at the well-trimmed treasure trail of brown pubic hair that was just above her gorgeous pussy. Danny slid them down over her knees, and down her calves. She pulled first one pretty foot out of them, and then the other.

He dropped the dainty things on the corner of the bed, still holding one of her feet up with his other hand. He kissed her instep, and then quickly kissed her big toe. He raised her foot higher up in the air and kissed her heel and down her lower leg. He quickly kissed towards the underside of her knee, sucking her skin a little as he did so. He let go of her foot and Wendy kept it in the air, raising her other leg to join it, spreading wider for him. His eyes locked onto her beautiful pussy as he kissed her inner thigh further and further up her leg. She was perfectly shaven around the swollen lips of her cunt, with the exception of the tiny strip of pubic hair up top. Her lips were pressed tightly together, beckoning him. His lips gently brushed against the top of her leg, and the tingling in her vagina intensified. Suddenly, he quickly sucked the lips of her treasure into his mouth and released them, sending bolts of pleasure up her body.

Danny slipped his hands underneath her soft bum, holding her cheeks tightly as his tongue snaked out of his mouth. He slowly licked from the bottom of her needy slit up to the top, tasting her delicious juices. His tongue nudged her clitoris, and Wendy gasped, toes curling. Holding her ass firmly, he slid his tongue between the petals of her vagina, pushing it as far inside as possible. He wiggled it around inside her, causing her to squirm with ecstasy. Her eyes closed and she turned her head, enjoying the sensation of her ex-tenant eating her cunt. He pulled his tongue out of her tunnel and sucked her swollen lips back into his mouth. This time he kept them there, holding them trapped between his lips as he slowly ran his tongue up and down the sensitive skin. He began to lick at her lips a little faster…faster…faster. Wendy gasped, beginning to writhe her crotch up into his face somewhat.

He released her slit, and suddenly sucked the top of her pussy into his mouth, including her clitoris. He gently sucked on it, and she could feel the stirrings of an orgasm begin within her. Still sucking her button, he began to run his tongue back and forth across it, shooting bolts of electricity through her body. Wendy was bucking against his face, but his hands held her ass tightly as he lapped at her clit as fast as he could. She lost it.

“OHHHHHHH!” She groaned, shaking. She squeezed her thighs around his head a little as the inner walls of her pussy began to pulsate. He tightened his grip on her bare ass, holding her in place as he continued to fleck his tongue over her sensitive button. Blood was rushing through her body, her muscles were tense, and she was conscious of the way her vagina was convulsing as she enjoyed an incredible orgasm. She wrapped her legs around his head, rubbing her cunt into his face as she lost all control.

Finally, her orgasm subsided and her legs released their grip on his head. He kissed her quivering pussy lips once more before raising himself up on his arms and slowly crawling up the bed towards her. Her gaze drifted from his lusting eyes down to his rock-hard penis was sticking straight up towards her hungry pussy as he moved closer to her.

Wendy’s sexy legs subtly opened wider, her feet rising higher in the air as Danny approached. He quickly kissed her nipple that was still exposed above her bra, and then kissed up her neck, his hand gripping his thick hard-on. He aimed it at her treasure, feeling the tremendous heat that was emanating from it. He pushed forward, and the swollen lips of her pussy easily parted for him.

“Ohhhh…” she sighed as she felt him penetrate her. Only the head of his penis had entered her body so far, but it was heaven nonetheless. He continued easing himself into her heat, until she gripped half of his mighty cock. He pulled back a little, surprised at how cool the air of the room felt on the wetness of his dick. Danny pushed forward again, this time easing his entire penis inside Wendy’s needy vagina.

“Ohhhh!” She gasped, eyes closing for a moment as she felt her body fill up. He did it! He was inside Wendy’s pussy! She opened her pretty eyes, looking up at him with ecstasy. Holding himself inside her, he bent to kiss her. She kissed back urgently, her tongue darting into his mouth as her arms went around his neck. She rested her feet on the back of his ass as she kissed him with a fiery passion.

He slowly eased his throbbing member along the slick walls of her cunt, pulling most of it out of her. He eased it back into her, just as slowly, and the two of them moaned into each other’s mouth. He held himself as far inside her as he could, savoring the feeling of every inch of his cock being gripped tightly by the pussy of such a beautiful woman. She was holding him as close as possible, loving the feeling of being penetrated so deeply. Her tongue was frantic inside his mouth as his penis lay still inside her pussy. Still kissing him, she began to push her crotch up against him, hinting for him to fuck her. He could then feel her toes slowly caress up his legs. When her felt them on his ass, he knew that her legs could not be any wider for him.

He slowly moved his manhood in and out of her warmth, not breaking the kiss. “Mmmmph!” She grunted into his mouth as she felt his hard tool thrust back into her body. Danny sent his tongue as far into Wendy’s mouth as he could, fucking her using short strokes and keeping his cock deep inside her. She could feel every inch of his penis gliding along the slick walls of her vagina. She could feel his bone poking at the back of her pussy each time he thrust into her. The lips of her pussy gripped at the base of his cock when he was inside her, and pulled him into her when he wasn’t inside her.

“Mmmph! Mmmmph! Mmmmph! Mmmmph!” She moaned into his mouth, writhing her cunt up against him to meet his short thrusts. He could feel her feet bouncing off his as he drilled his mighty penis deep inside her. He broke the kiss, holding himself up on his arms and looking down at her. He lengthened his thrusts, sliding most of his manhood out of her treasure before ramming the whole thing back into her violently.

“Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!” Wendy moaned as she felt the stirrings of an orgasm begin within her. She raised her feet high in the air, increasing the sensation of his long penis gliding in and out of her sensitive vagina.

“UNNGHH!” She moaned, cumming hard. Her face was contorted, and she was curling and uncurling her toes above Danny’s thrusting ass. Her legs tightened around him as the inner walls of her pussy convulsed. Her heart was pounding rapidly as he continued to jam his cock into her needy cunt.

As her orgasm subsided, his pace slowed. Still catching her breath, Wendy pushed up on his shoulders, urging him off of her. He slipped his hard penis out of her sopping wet cunt and he rolled onto his back.

She took one look at the way his hard dick stood straight up in the air, and her pussy tingled just a little bit more. She swung a tanned leg over his body and quickly straddled him. Her heart was pounding quickly when she felt his hardness press against her. She was so wet that she probably could have sucked him inside her without too much effort, but she raised herself off of him a little and reached beneath her. She grabbed his manhood and held it up, placing her hot entrance against the tip of his penis. She pushed downward and arched her head back when she felt him pierce her body.

“Ohhhhh…” she sighed as he slowly eased into her hungry pussy. Danny moaned as well, slowly feeling her warmth engulf him. Wendy just kept going, sliding her wet cunt down his thick pole until her groin was pressed against his. She had her hands on his chest, holding herself up straight. There was a look of pure ecstasy in her eyes as she looked down at him. His hands reached around her body and locked onto her amazing ass, holding her cheeks tightly. She bent down and kissed him, her eager tongue darting into his mouth.

As they kissed, Wendy began to raise and drop her ass on his lap, sliding his organ in and out of her body using short strokes. Danny gripped her ass, pulling her down on him over and over. He began bucking his hips up off the bed, drilling his cock deeper into her needy pussy. Their kissing was sloppy, their lips were smacking loudly as they were overcome by the passion.

He released her ass and slowly ran his hands up her back to her bra. Wendy didn’t slow her pace any, continuing to slide her sopping wet pussy up and down his rock hard dick as she felt her bra loosen. It fell down her arms, revealing two big, beautiful breasts. She slid his long, hard penis in her cunt over and over again, as Danny pulled her bra right off and tossed it onto the floor. Her humongous breasts were freed, and they were bouncing up and down with her motions.

He eagerly reached up and filled each hand with a breast. He began to squeeze and caress them erotically as he leaned up and pressed his mouth against her cleavage. He kissed up the slope of her breast to her areola. His tongue slowly licked around the brown circle, gradually approaching the hard nub of her nipple. He fucked upward a little harder as he sucked her nipple into his mouth.

“Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!” Her cries rang throughout the apartment as his thick tool jabbed up into her vagina repeatedly. He released her nipple, laying back on the bed as his hands slid down her back to her beautiful ass. Wendy continued sliding her hot cunt down his organ as his hands locked onto her soft cheeks. He squeezed her smooth cheeks hard as he felt her warm, snug cunt glide up and down his pole. He looked up at her, and could see a look of sheer pleasure on her face. Her eyelids were drooping sexily, and when his gaze drifted downwards he could see her perfect tits bouncing up and down in front of him.

Her face dove down onto his, her lips eagerly kissing at him. He caught her mouth with his own, and was caught off guard by how quickly her tongue darted into his mouth. She was gasping for breath into his mouth as they kissed sloppily.

“Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmph! Mmmph!” She was moaning loudly in his mouth, feeling another orgasm stirring inside her. Danny held her ass in a death grip and bounced his ass up off the bad and drove his hard cock deep inside her horny pussy. Her lips were still pressed against his, no longer kissing him, but groaning as her orgasm rose.

“Ohhhhhhh!” She cried as an orgasm exploded within her. Wendy’s heart was about to burst, and she could feel the inner walls of her vagina pulsating around his driving cock. She stopped fucking him, wincing as all of her muscles tensed up. Danny still held her ass tightly, and drilled his penis upward over and over, fucking her as she came and came and came.

“Ohhhh…” she moaned again as she came to her senses. Suddenly, Danny grabbed her and lifted her off of him with his strong hands. She didn’t like the feeling of his dick leaving her body, and when she landed on her back she opened her legs wide for him, feet in the air. Her treasure trail of pubic hair led to two swollen pussy lips, pressed together beautifully. Danny mounted her, aiming his cock right at the entrance to the promise land and practically fell on top of her as she sucked him inside.

Wendy moaned as she felt him enter her body. She felt his lips on her neck as he thrust into her. She groaned every time he pierced her vagina with his rampant member. His lips trailed over her cheek and she turned to him. They kissed passionately as he began fucking her even harder. She could feel every inch of his manhood glide along the inner walls of her pussy. Her feet were flailing behind him helplessly, bouncing off his ass.

Danny broke the kiss, holding himself up on his arms. He was losing it, and he wanted all the momentum he could get. He jackhammered his penis in and out of her needy vagina as fast as he could.

“UNH! UNH! UNH! UNH!” Her cries rang throughout the apartment as she took his mighty rod over and over. Her eyebrows were raised erotically, and her face was wincing a little. Her beautiful tits were violently bouncing up and down. He pistoned in and out of her horny cunt as fast as he could, oblivious to her moans. Danny slid his entire penis all the way inside Wendy’s warm vagina and held it there. His cock twitched inside her, unleashing a huge, thick load of semen and blasting it off the back of her pussy. He moaned as her warm legs rested around his waist, penis jerking again. Another hot river of cum sprayed into the depths of her cunt. No thought was given to whether she was on the pill or not, he just assumed that she was. His organ twitched again, firing more of his sperm into her hungry vagina.

He collapsed on her, and she breathlessly kissed at his face, holding him close as more of his seed trickled inside her. His lips found hers and they kissed sloppily, loudly, as the last drips of his cum fell into the bottom of her pussy.

Wendy gave a sigh of contentment, running her bare feet up and down his legs as his softening penis remained inside her. She smiled at him as he kissed her pretty lips over and over again. She wrapped her arms and legs around him and squeezed him tight, her mouth kissing his deeply. Their lips smacked loudly as they kissed passionately.

He broke the kiss and held himself up, slowly slipping his softening penis out of her full vagina. The two of them could hear the ‘slurp’ noise as he pulled out. He lay on his side beside her, his hand caressing over her sexy belly.

They lay that way and talked for the next thirty minutes, before getting up and getting dressed. Danny’s experiences with landlords were only just beginning.

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