Lucky's Lucky Night Ch. 02


"Are you okay with this, Lucky?"

"Of course," she whispered, her breath hot against my face.

I raised up a little more, forcing her to look into my eyes. "I mean it. Are you okay with this?"

Another teasing smile tugged at the corners of her mouth. "What the hell happened to that alpha I met earlier," she joked.

I couldn't help smiling back at her. "Oh, you want the alpha, huh?"

"If you're up to it."

She bucked a little and I felt her legs hook over my hips. My cock slid over her warm pussy, over the moisture already gathered there and I groaned loudly, fighting not to drive into her just then.

"I warned you about teasing me." I growled. The gentleman in me was beginning to slip away, leaving behind a hulking creature that wanted nothing more than to fuck this woman into oblivion. What kind of power did this being have over me that she could bring this beast to life so quickly, so easily?

"Yeah, you did, but sometimes I don't hear so good."

The smile was fading and Lucky stared at me through eyes made hazy with lust. She rocked her hips, sliding her hot, slick opening over my cock, pulling another low growl from me.

"Sometimes I need to be taught a lesson," she finished in that heated purr.

Any thoughts of being sweet and gentle were banished with her whispered challenge. All bets were off. She wanted a lesson, she'd get a lesson, I thought, smiling inwardly.


In the low light, I watched Cole's eyes darken. Lazy shadows danced across his face. My stomach bottomed out and a tiny bit of fear trickled along my skin, wrapping icy-hot tentacles around my spine. I wasn't afraid. Not really. Somehow, I knew this man wouldn't physically hurt me, but I had given up the reins just then and that was a scary thing. I don't know why I did it. Perhaps the certainty with which his hands moved over me, the passionate way he kissed me, as if he couldn't get enough of my skin, my lips, caused a loosening somewhere inside me.

He slipped down my body, placing searing kisses against my neck, my breasts. He suckled there briefly, pushing and kneading them, pulling each nipple into his mouth, rolling them with his tongue, sending a pleasurable shock up my spine, causing me to arch into his touch. His mouth was wet and hot. He slid his palms down my sides and cupped my ass in his large hands. He ground his hips against me, letting me feel his thick erection, rubbing it against my throbbing clit and the sound that came out of my mouth was something between a moan and a yowl. He was so close. I wanted him inside me, to fill me up and I rocked my hips trying to slide him into me.

He laughed, a low rumble in his chest that vibrated through me.

"So eager," he murmured as he continued his trek down my torso. His voice had grown husky with his own need. His tongue flicked at the little ring in my navel and I whimpered at the sensation. "And here I thought you were pierced a little lower. But I like this, too." His teeth closed around it, tugged gently, and he laughed again when my nails dug into his shoulders. Having a piercing touched intimately is a different feeling altogether, no matter where it is. It's just this side of pain, an exquisite sting that makes the flesh tingle with anticipation.

I felt like a tightly coiled spring. I was hot and needy, writhing against the bed as he trailed his tongue along the crease of one hip, then the other. I knew where he was headed and I was pissed that he was taking his good old time about it. I knew now not to tease him again. And, I knew that was a lie when I thought it.

My legs were spread wide as he began kissing my thighs, tracing his tongue along the tender flesh. I fisted my hands in the sheets, arching my hips, inviting him, begging him to taste me. I felt wild and wanton and he merely laughed again, holding my body in place with his large hands. I stared down the line of my body at him, thinking, fleetingly, how beautiful his lightly tanned skin looked against my darker tone.

"Did you want something, Lucky?"

"You're a horrible person," I growled at him, more out of frustration than anger.

"In that case, I'll stop."

"Don't you dare!"

More laughter. "Say please."

"Please," I muttered through clenched teeth, reminding myself that I'd asked for this.

I nearly screamed when he leaned forward and flicked his tongue across my clit. Just once, damn him. It was enough. I was on fire. I could feel my body beginning to tremble. My hips were moving again, trying their damndest to entice him.

"Say it like you mean it, Lucky."

"F... uh..." Stifling the curses forming at the back of my throat, I took a deep breath that did nothing to calm my racing heart or my raging hormones. "Please. I want to feel your tongue on me, Cole."

"Good girl. Now, don't take those pretty eyes off me."

His heated green gaze still holding mine, he lifted my legs so that my knees were resting on his shoulders. I nearly came off the bed when his lips sealed over my clit. He sucked briefly, then began to flick that skillful tongue over it. I watched him lap and lick, nibble and suck as waves of pleasure coursed through my body. I was panting and moaning and wet as all hell by the time he slid a finger inside me. The walls of my pussy tightened around him, pulsing against his thick finger as he slid it slowly back and forth, his mouth working me over the entire time. A familiar warmth began to stir low in my belly.

He stayed like that a while, watching me moan and cuss through a fringe of dark hair that had fallen into his face. His tongue slipped through my wetness, his finger arching toward my g-spot, coaxing me closer and closer to orgasm. And when it hit, it hit hard. A scream echoed in my ears, a scream I found out later belonged to me, as stars exploded behind my closed eyelids. Cole rode me through it, his tongue moving rapidly over my highly sensitized clit, drawing it out of me until I was practically begging him to stop. I was breathing hard when he lowered himself over me once more. Humor flickered in his eyes as he gazed down at me. And something else, something I couldn't quite put my finger on in that moment.

"I say, again... you're a horrible person." I didn't mean it. My body was tingly all over and the man on top of me felt so good. I slid my fingers along the corded muscles of his back, loving the give and pull there as he nuzzled my neck.

"Sounded to me like you liked it," he said.

"Oh, you just wait. You let me catch my breath... you'll get yours, cowboy."

He kissed me and I could taste myself on his tongue. I was sweet and warm in his mouth.



"Tell me you're on the pill or something."

"Tell me your clean." Such wonderful pillow talk, huh?

"As a whistle."

I nipped at his chin, raising my still shaky legs and hooking them around his hips, inviting him, welcoming him inside. "Then we're clear."

"Are you sure?"

I smiled. "Am I sure that I'm on the pill?"

"No, that you want to do this."

I lifted my hips, sliding my slickness over him, offering him a taste of what he wanted, moaning as the head of his thick cock slid over my swollen clit. He sighed into my neck, his teeth catching my earlobe.

"I want you inside me, Cole," I whispered, and I meant it with every fiber of my being.


I was pushing into her even before I'd decided to do it. She was so wet, so warm, so inviting. I groaned as she rocked her hips to meet me, pulling me deeper. In one breath I was buried inside her to the hilt, and the feel of her womanly walls stretching and pulsing against my cock was almost too much. I took a breath to steady myself.

"God, that feels so good," she purred into my ear. Her sharp little teeth grazed my shoulder, sending a tickle of electricity down my spine and into my cock.

I began to move, sliding in and out of her in long sure strokes, delighting in the feel of her, in the sounds I was pulling out of her as she pushed up to meet me. I had been in control while I was lapping up the nectar between her thighs, but that control was quickly dissolving with every thrust of my hips. I wanted her to come again, but wasn't sure how long I could hold out. I was sinking into this woman. Her scent enveloped me, swirled through my brain.

"You don't have to hold back, Cole," she whimpered.

"Get on top."


"Get on top or this is going to be over real soon."

I rolled over pulling her with me, never breaking contact and watched in awe as she arched above me, her hips rising and falling, impaling herself on my swollen shaft. Her name passed my lips in a whisper as I reached up to cup her supple breasts in my hands. She was a vision of light and shadow moving over me, riding me.

She began to move faster, a low keening sound, rising in her throat. She was close.

I closed my hands around her waist, helping her move and lifting my hips to give her that extra bit of friction.

She was coming apart in my arms again before I knew it, but I continued moving her, driving up into her until I felt that familiar ache in my balls. Her walls clenched around me, urging me on and my cries soon mingled with hers as I came undone.

We lay in a tangled, sweaty, sated heap atop her disheveled bedspread, both trying to catch our breath.

Lucky was the first to find her voice.

"That was... fan-fucking-tastic."

"I couldn't agree more.

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