tagInterracial LoveLucky's Lucky Night Ch. 03

Lucky's Lucky Night Ch. 03


I didn't get much sleep that night and I wasn't complaining. Cole and I spent those precious hours before sunrise getting to know each other. There were very few words spoken between us, very few words of substance, anyway.

The soft glow from the small lamp on my nightstand captured our movements, cast our forms in flickering shadows against the walls, a sweat slick mass of tangled limbs. Needy and anxious whispers passed between us as I curled myself around him, as he pulled and pushed, moving my body in ways I'd not been aware it had been able to move. Pleasure mixed sweetly with the pain and I would think, fleetingly, that I would definitely be sore in the morning. Perhaps sensing my mind wandering, Cole would thrust deeply into me, the head of his cock hitting my cervix, bringing me back to the here and now, bringing my eyes back to his, claiming me.

Skin slipped along skin, tongues danced to an unknown yet familiar song, lips parted only long enough to give praise, to moan and plead for more, deeper, harder, faster. He was a generous and skillful lover and I tried my best to give as good as I got.

As the sun slid over the horizon and burned away the early morning fog, as exhaustion finally beat out need, we fell asleep, still entwined.

I woke on my own sometime around 10 and lay for a minute with the feel of Cole's breath warm on the back of my neck before extricating myself and slipping into the bathroom.

I took care of business and stood for a long moment staring at the disheveled creature reflected in the mirror. My hair, usually unruly, stood out in funny angles from my head. My lips were still slightly swollen from Cole's hungry kisses. My lightly bronzed skin seemed to glow and my eyes... Different somehow, wider and slightly unfocused. Satisfied... and a little bit frightened.

I exited the bathroom, turning out the light as I went. Crossing the room, I found myself sinking down on my knees beside the bed rather than climbing back into it.

Cole was lying on his side, the bend of his arms and the indent in the pillow the only evidence that I had been there just moments ago. Lifting a hand, I brushed a stray lock of dark brown hair back from his forehead, watching his mouth twitch slightly with the shadow of a smile. His lightly tanned skin looked good against the dark blue pillows and bed dressings. Inviting. I ran my hand lightly along the sculpted curve of his shoulder, along the ridges of his ribs and abs, adoring the way the flesh rippled under my fingers.

Suddenly, feeling as if I'd been dunked in ice cold water, I pulled back, pondering these strange new emotions flooding through me.

I looked around the room, at the clothes spread out across the carpet, and then back at the slumbering figure in my bed. This...this was new. And a little creepy. I was feeling up a man in his sleep, thinking how perfect he looked in MY bed, when before last night I wasn't even sure he'd known my name. This morning, I was familiar with the taste of his flesh, the way his body fit inside mine. I knew the rhythm of his hips as he slid between my thighs, the harsh sound of his breathing in my ear when he came. My name was a whisper, a prayer, on his lips. And, I wanted more.

For someone who rarely saw things through, who got a new tattoo or piercing whenever she got bored, just for the newness of it, it was strange to want to keep this man.

The distant sound of my cell phone ringing in the living room brought me back and I scuttled out of the bedroom, sliding into Cole's t-shirt as I went. The scent of his cologne still clung to it, fainter now, and my mind flashed back to the night before, sending a tremor along my spine.

The phone was still ringing when I made it to the living room. Carla's ring tone. Pulling it from beneath the couch, (God only knows how it got there) I hit the send button and was immediately bombarded with a dozen questions.

"Did you do it? How many times? How was it? Is he big? Is he still there? Did you do anything kinky?..."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa! Will you please slow down? I haven't even had my coffee yet."

"I'm sorry," she replied, sounding anything but. "I'm just really happy for you."

I wrinkled my nose. "Your happy that I got laid."

Carla laughed. "Is that so wrong? You're a good kid, Lucky, and I think you need somebody like Cole Teague in your life."

I was curious about that statement, but I let it go. I leaned back into the couch, cringing at a small tug in my lower back, remembering how I got it. It wasn't a bad memory, a sign I'd done something right.

"In response to one of the fifty-eleven questions you just asked me; Yeah, Cole's still here. He's sleeping."

"'Atta girl!"

Carla was far too cheerful for my tastes this time of morning.

"Now, let me ask you a question," I said. "What in the world made you decide to hook us up?"

Carla's answer was almost matter-of-fact. "I noticed the way you two had been ogling each other. He didn't start leaving his office door open until you started working for the agency, so I took it as a sign. And, when he asked about you last night, I went for it." I could hear the satisfied smile on her face when she added. "God, I'm good."

"Slow your roll, Little Bit," I warned, using the nickname I'd affectionately given her in college. "What makes you think this isn't just another one night stand?"

I was already beginning to pick things apart in my head. I wasn't used to this contented feeling, wasn't used to things being so... good. A connection had been made last night. The reins I'd let slip were resting loosely in my hands now and I was feeling suddenly very vulnerable, a feeling to which I had never and would never admit. And I had no idea what Cole was feeling or thinking. Very girly, I know, but well... I'm a girl. Get over it.

"What could I possibly have to offer someone like Cole? He's successful, accomplished, and more importantly, he's stable, something I've never claimed to be."

"Oh, will you stop it, Lucky? You're nitpicking now. I saw you two at the bar last night and there were definitely sparks. Did you have fun with him?"


"Then, let it go, kiddo. Cole seems like one of the good ones. And if he's not, then I will personally take full responsibility."

"What are you getting out of this?"

Carla sighed, a heavy, irritated sound. "The satisfaction of seeing my friend happy."

"Who's to say I'm not happy with the way things are?"

Her tone was serious this time, almost sad. "You don't have to say it, Lucky. I can see it in your eyes. And on that depressing note, I'm going to let you get back to your man. Call me later so I can get the details."

Carla hung up and I sat staring at the phone, wondering when the hell things had changed. I'd been having a blast last night, drinking and having fun with friends, flirting with a gorgeous older man and eventually having the best sex I'd had in a long, looong time. And here I was, the very next morning, up to my neck in an emotional swamp. Those few hours that I'd spent with Cole had forced some things to the forefront, things I'd made an effort not to think about.

That's what you get for having sex. Getting laid only serves to clear out the cobwebs, ya idiot, I thought to myself.

Refusing to dwell anymore and with Carla's voice still echoing in my head, I heading to the kitchen to start a pot of coffee. Obviously, I wasn't going back to bed anytime soon.

As I stood at the kitchen counter, watching the coffee drip slowly into it's glass urn, I tried not to think about all those what ifs. I'd had a good time last night. Why couldn't I just leave it at that? Fact of thw matter was... I just couldn't.

I wondered if this thing, whatever it would turn out to be, with Cole would work. As I'd said to Carla, I wasn't anywhere close to being those things I'd said about him and couldn't remember ever being them. I'd gotten comfortable floating. Floating through life. I had no intentions of getting a real job, even though at 27 I had a Master's Degree in African American Studies and could have been teaching by now. I liked change. My scarred and inked body was a testament to it. So, I found myself thinking again for the eighth time that morning, what the fuck did I have to offer Cole Teague, besides what I had already given him?

"You look real good in my shirt."

I jumped at the sound of Cole's voice and turned to find him standing in the kitchen doorway. He was wearing his jeans and a lazy Cheshire cat grin. His hair was an unruly and adorable mess, falling into his face, making him appear much younger and even more delicious. His unbuttoned jeans and five o'clock shadow added to the bad boy look. I fought the urge to wrap myself around him once more, to run my tongue along the sculpted plane of his torso and to places much lower. I could feel him in my mouth already, warm velvet pulled tight over steel. Heat, instant and immediate, thrilled along my skin and pulsed between my thighs.

"Good morning," I said, as cheerfully as I could.

He moved deeper into the kitchen. As he sauntered toward me, I noticed the look of pure male satisfaction on his face. My confidence kicked up a notch and I allowed him to pull me into a lingering embrace.

"When I fell asleep, you were in my arms," he murmured, nuzzling my neck, his hands pulling me closer. "When I woke up, you weren't there. I don't think I like that."

"Sorry," I replied, feeling my knees already starting to go weak. Who was this man? How did it come to be that the touch of his skin, the press of his lips against my neck could affect me so? "Carla called a little bit ago. I had to answer my phone or it would still be ringing as we speak." Yes, make a joke. Lighten the mood.

Cole pulled back a little, looking deeply into my eyes. "Good morning, sweetheart," he said softly before leaning down to kiss me.

It felt good and familiar to be like this with him. Not the least bit awkward, as I had assumed it would be. I kissed him back and soon I felt a soft poke in my stomach.

"Look at you," I said, playfully rubbing myself against him. His fingers dug into my hips, trying to pull me closer still.

"Can't help it. You do this to me."

"I look like a lunatic and I smell like sex."

His eyes darkened slightly. "I like smelling myself on your skin."

Alpha, came a soft whisper at the back of my mind. There is something to be said about animal instincts. No matter how evolved we claim to be, there is still a bit of the primal lingering just below the surface. The hungry look in Cole's eyes struck a chord inside me. Any doubts or fears I might have had evaporated like the early morning fog, replaced with memories of last night that echoed forcefully through my body.

"What would you like for breakfast?" I offered, stupidly, feeling myself beginning to slip away, melting into the strong arms surrounding me.

"You," Cole replied, before dipping his head to claim my mouth.

I allowed his tongue to slip between my lips, teasing and coaxing, and I didn't realize we had moved until I felt the bite of the kitchen counter in my lower back. There was no need to get pumped up. My body had gone from zero to sixty in the space of a breath. I moaned when Cole's hand slid down the front of my body and underneath the t-shirt. His fingers slipped between my thighs and he groaned aloud, finding me already wet and ready.

"God, I can't get enough of you," he said.

I tried to respond, but his fingers were moving against me. They slid in a slow lazy rhythm, moving over my clit again and again, dipping down to tease my opening, pulling low needy sounds out of me. Even though it felt incredible, I was craving more. I pushed his jeans down over his hips and his cock sprang forward into my hand. I stroked him slowly from base to tip, circling my palm around the head, smearing the few drops of pre cum that were already there over his throbbing length, thrilling in the moans he forced into my mouth.

"That feels so good. You feel so good," he said, his voice taking on a familiar husky tone.

I stepped away and turned my back to him. Hiking up the shirt, I leaned forward over the counter, looking back over my shoulder invitingly, offering myself to him.

Cole's eyes were hot and hungry as he moved behind me. His left hand came up to curl around my throat, not tightly but enough to remind that he was there. While he placed searing kisses over the back of my neck, he used his right hand to guide his cock to my dripping slit. I moaned as he slid the tip along my heat, pressing back against him, begging for him to enter me.

He slipped smoothly between my folds and I gasped at the feel of him pushing into my depths. The feeling of being penetrated that first time is always incredible. I could feel my walls stretching to accommodate him, throbbing and pulsing around the thick length of his shaft. I spread my legs wider, bending forward more, changing the angle.

Cole pulled out a little and thrust deep, his hands moving to my hips to hold me in place. I was at his mercy now, the edge of the counter keeping me from moving. I pressed my palms flat against the cool counter, bucking against him, challenging him, and he didn't hesitate to respond to the challenge. His hips rocked into me as he pushed himself deeper and I was moaning loudly as he found a rhythm.

"Tell me how you like it, Lucky," he said, as if we hadn't spent the night before figuring out what the other liked and disliked. But, I knew what he meant. He wanted to hear the words.

"Please," I moaned, grunting in tandem with his thrusts.

"Tell me, baby."

"Harder, Cole. Give it to me," I groaned, squeezing my eyes shut tightly, reveling in the feel of his body moving inside me.

He let out a pleased growl, one hand moving up to grip at my shoulder. He pressed me into the counter and began thrusting hard and deep in and out of me.

My fingers scrabbled for purchase over the slick marble countertop as Cole pounded himself into me, going deep, causing my back to bow as I let out a string of obscenities I hadn't even known were in my vocabulary and, believe me, I know quite a few. This was different than last night. This was pure need, nothing pretty and romantic about it, just my need to be claimed by Cole and his need to claim me. The reins were gone now. They'd slipped from my grasp and lay forgotten at my feet.

I felt his strong fingers slide over my clit and I growled at him as he drove me toward ecstasy. Soon I was coming apart, trembling and panting, pinned as I was between Cole's solid form and the kitchen counter.

I could feel myself tightening around his cock, trying desperately to hold on even as he rode out my orgasm and his own came crashing over him and into me. My brain went fuzzy. My knees turned to jelly. Cole thrust into me a couple more times before collapsing against my back. His mouth brushed over the bare patch of flesh exposed at my shoulder as I vibrated beneath him.

"Forget breakfast," I managed, breathless and hoarse. "I'm worn out. Let's go back to bed."

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