This is my first story and my first submission.

I wrote the best that I could.

Hopefully you enjoy it.

Feedback is greatly appreciated.


Hiro took off his shirt and walked to the end of the pool farthest from the main gate of the community pool. He crouched at the edge staring intensely at the water. He dove in to the deep end of the pool and went down until he was near the floor. Feeling the pressure building at the side of his temples, he crouched feet to the floor and sprung up, jettisoning him toward the surface. When he reached the surface, he began to swim hard. As he began to grow a little tired he swam to where the water was shallower. He placed his hands at the deck and sprung himself out of the water landing in the same crouch as he was before he dove. He was looking at the ground, water dripping off his lean body. He looked up and noticed a woman possibly late 30's to early 40's walk through the main gate. He had never seen this woman before, or had he?

"Hiro! Is that you?!" the woman yelled at him. He slowly stood, seeing familiarity in the woman's face.

"It's me, Lucrezia. I met you at Cecilia and Tom's wedding," she said as she walked towards him.

Hiro recalled his cousin's wedding and remembered that she and her husband were seated at the same table as him. He also recalled that he had danced with her throughout the night, at her husband's request. Of course he didn't mind dancing with this mature beauty.

"Oh I'm sorry, I-I-I didn't recognize you," he said embarrassedly.

"Oh it's fine," she said kindly as she wrapped her arms around him, giving him a hug.

He was a little shocked that she hugged him since it had been quite long since they had seen each other, but he enjoyed the feeling of her warm curvaceous body against his own, as he wrapped his hands around her and. The hug broke off and they stood a few inches from each other.

"Would you care to join me?" Hiro asked.

"Yes I would," Lucrezia said.

The two walked towards Hiro's stuff. The two sat down and continued to talk about what they had been up to. They talked about his schooling and if he had done any design outside of school. He was still studying graphic design and was designing for a friend's clothing company, although he didn't state what the company is, afraid he might be sending the wrong message or that she might look at him in a negative way. She was happy for him. Glad he was doing what he loved.

Hiro was curious about what Lucrezia and her husband, Sam, had been up to. She was doing good, still in real estate, and her husband often on business trips. He was actually on a three month long trip now. He noticed a slightly sad tone in her voice as she spoke. He listened to every word as they flowed from her full lips. He allowed his eyes to wonder for a second, admiring her body. Hiro watched her intently. She looked somewhat different than she had a few years ago. She now had shoulder length straight hair, instead of the long curly sandy blonde hair that reached halfway down her back, but the color remained the same, but that wasn't all that had changed. She was also a little thinner and more toned, but appeared just as curvaceous as she was in the past. Time had been kind to her. Her physical maturity was apparent, but she still had a youthful look, making her look younger than she really was. She was the same height as he was, only five foot, two inches. Her face was as beautiful as the first time he saw her, and her breasts were a good size, not too big, not too small, just right for a woman her size. His eyes traced the curve of her hourglass body and down her toned legs. Hiro had an almost unobstructed view of her body, the rest being covered by a white bikini that seemed a little small for her, she looked good, really good he though as he started to feel a little warmth in his loins. He always thought she was attractive, but he never though he would see her like this. He never thought he would feel this way about a woman who was around 20 years older than him. He had fantasized about her in the past, but fantasy and reality are all too different.

"Hiro!" Lucrezia said a little loud, shaking his arm a little.

"Huh?" he said as he was suddenly brought back into reality.

"Hiro, are you okay?" she asked.

"Oh yeah I-I-I'm fine, just thinking," he stammered, hoping she didn't catch on to him admiring her body.

"About what?" she cooed as she propped herself up towards him, her breasts now pointing towards him.

He gulped, his breath laboring as he saw those lovely orbs hanging over her arm, being propped up allowing him a nice view.

"Uh, nothing," he said nervously, bringing his knees near his chest, trying to hide his growing cock straining against his swim trunks.

"Are you sure?" she said seductively. He felt like a deer in the headlights.

"Yes," he said as he started to blush.

She knew the correct answer, she knew what he was thinking about, but this wasn't the place to continue this conversation.

"I'm getting a little hot, would you care join me in the coolness of my abode," she said seductively.

All Hiro could do was nod. He stood and collected his stuff and followed Lucrezia just as more people arrived at the pool. Her home was nearby so the walk wasn't any trouble. They arrived at her lovely single-story house about 10 minutes after leaving the pool. When they walked in, Hiro was surprised by how modern the home was. The interior of house looked like something you would see in Architectural Digest.

"Your home is beautiful," he said kindly, scanning the small apartment, admiring her choice of furniture and color schemes.

"Well, thank you Hiro." Lucrezia said appreciatively. "Would you like something to drink?"

"Just a glass of water would be great," he said, hoping to wet his dry mouth that made speaking difficult.

She handed him a cold glass of water and poured herself a glass of champagne. They walked to her couch and took a seat. Once they sat, Hiro drank the entire glass of water in practically one gulp. She continued to sip at her champagne, sitting it on the table.

"Now, where were we?" she asked, already knowing the answer to her question, while placing her hand on his thigh. Hiro squirmed a little at the feel of her touch.

"It's okay Hiro, I won't bite," she said with a seductive smirk. Hiro gulped, his heart staring to pound faster and harder. The two sat silent for a few minutes.

"I saw how you were looking at me Hiro," she said quietly yet sternly, breaking the silence. He looked down with a nervous shameful look.

"It's ok Hiro. I'm flattered that you were looking at me the way you did, it made me feel good, sexy," she said, running her hand along his arm.

"Well, you are beautiful and sexy, Lucrezia, I've always thought that since the day I met you," he said genuinely, but somewhat timidly.

He looked at her, seeing the desire in her eyes. The two drew closer, and finally she placed a light kiss on his lips. She then took his face in her hands, and they began to kiss passionately, bringing his cock back to life. She then sat on his lap, making his cock harder. Their eyes met. They both knew where this going to end up.

"What about Sam?" he said worried.

"I haven't had any sex in over a year. Sam doesn't pay attention to me like he used to when we first married. I'm frustrated Hiro, I need someone who wants to hold and love me. So please, make love to me, and be my little sex toy?" she lustily said, as she traced her finger from his lean yet muscular chest along his flat stomach, feeling his forming abs. Hiro inhaled sharply.

Hearing those words made Hiro even harder, he loved the thought of being a woman's object of lust and desire. He leaned forward kissing and nuzzling where her shoulders met her neck.

"I'll take that as a yes," she said slightly short of breath. She stood up, grabbing Hiro by the hand and leading him to her bedroom.

Lucrezia had Hiro lay on the bed, his head resting against some pillows. She climbed on top of him. The two began kissing, more passionately than before, savoring each other. They broke off, both breathing heavily. She began to kiss down his virtually hairless body. His arms remained at his side. She kissed his chest, giving each of his nipples a small lick. He inhaled sharply. She could feel him shaking. She could feel his nervousness not only physically, but she could also sense it hidden within their lust and desire. She knew this was his first time being with a woman.

"Is this your first time being with a woman Hiro?" she purred already knowing the answer to the question.

"Yes," he said quietly.

She gave him a big seductive smile. He moaned as she began to kiss further down his body, placing a kiss every few inches. She then kissed just above his swim trunks, eliciting a groan from his lips. She placed her hands at the top of his trunks and their eyes met. She started to pull them down, but Hiro stopped her. He leaned forward a little and she saw a slight unconfident look in his eyes and on his face.

"Let me see you Hiro, please?" she said pleadingly. He released his grip and she slid his trunks off.

"Ohhh Hiro," she moaned, sliding her hands down his completely bald pubic area.

He was shaved, not a single hair on his pubic zone. She lightly massaged his hairless erect cock that was resting a little lower than his belly button. He wasn't big, a little less than six inches erect.

"It's nothing to be ashamed of Hiro, it's beautiful," she said comforting him, admiring the smooth rosy cock.

She wrapped her fingers around his cock, feeling it pulse in her hand. He moaned and let his head fall back. She nuzzled her face against his cock, kissing and licking his shaft. He was breathing hard. She licked the underside of his cock, up the head and slowly took his cock into her mouth. He lifted his head looking at her.

"Fuck," he quietly groaned, laying his head back as she engulfed him with her hot mouth.

Lucrezia looked up at him and saw the lust and pleasure written all over his face. She sucked his head, swirling her tongue around it, tasting his precum. She then started to take him deeper into her mouth. He started to writhe around a little as she was sucking him deeper. She started to lick the underside of his cock, coaxing more gasps and moans out of him.

"Fuck, I'm getting close," he moaned in ecstasy as he started to thrust his cock upward a little.

She took the cock out of her mouth for a second. "Oh Hiro, cum for me baby. Fill my mouth with your hot seed," Lucrezia said lustily before taking him into her mouth again.

He looked at her as she sucked him harder this time, and a minute later he grunted and groaned loudly, filling her mouth with his cum. Three or four ropes of cum shot in her mouth, coating her tongue and hitting the back of her throat. He threw his head back, his hands gripping the bed sheets, moaning hard, as she lightly sucked him while he was cumming. He leaned forward watching her swallow his cum. He fell back breathing heavily.

Lucrezia moved up and began to kiss Hiro. He took her face in his hands, kissing her deeply, in the process tasting some of his cum that remained inside her mouth. He didn't mind. He was too engrossed with this beautiful woman to care.

"I can tell you enjoyed that Hiro," she said with a slight giggle.

"It was amazing Lucrezia, it felt sooo good," he said short of breath. She felt her desire and lust for him increase as she listened to the young man's praises and saw the pleasure on his face.

Even though Hiro was nude, Lucrezia was still in her bikini. He had her rise and the movied to sit behind her. He then began to lightly and lovingly kiss her back. His hands running up and down her stomach, until he cupped her breasts. She inhaled sharply, feeling his warm hands on her breasts. He then move his hands behind her and untied the bikini top, pulling it off her, releasing her soft yet firm breasts. The cool air combined with her sexual desire made her nipples grow hard. He moved his hands forward again, caressing the sensitive underside of her breasts. She leaned back, throwing her head back against his shoulder, placing kisses up and down her neck and nuzzling the back of her ear, placing light kisses. He then began massaging her breasts and pulling at her nipples, making her groan.

"Ohhh Hiro, that feels wonderful," Lucrezia said between breaths.

He allowed one hand to trail down her stomach until they were just above her bikini bottoms. He slipped his hand inside her bottoms making her gasp. He continued to kiss her neck and back as he sensually massaged her breasts and pubic mound. It was shaved too, except for a small strip of hair pointing to her pussy. He pulled his hand out of her bottoms, making her groan in anticipation. He laid her down and began kissing her passionately on the lips. He then began kissing down her body. Stopping to kiss her breasts. He kissed the underside of each breast, and suckled each nipple like a child at his or her mother's tit. He lightly nibbled on each nipple, sending bolts of pleasure surging through her body. As he moved further down, kissing her lean stomach he continued to massage her breasts. When he reached her bottoms, he kissed her pubic mound his warm breath penetrating the thin material. She arched her back breathing heavily, the anticipation killing her. He then untied one side of the bottoms, but left the other side tied. He placed the string from the side that remained tied in his mouth, pulling until it came undone and slowly rose pulling the bottoms from her body. She giggled at him. He looked at her and smiled, the bottoms still hanging from his mouth. He took it from his mouth, tossing it aside. He moved down back to her pubic mound nuzzling the small strip of hair pointing towards her sex. She ran her hands through his short wavy hair, pushing him lower towards her wet pussy.

Hiro stared intently at the neatly shaven pussy, the lips engorged with blood and covered in her dew. He breathed against it before kissing up each leg until he was near her pussy. He licked each side of her pubic area teasingly before placing a kiss on her sex.

"Are you sure this is your first time Hiro?" Lucrezia asked between her moans, wondering if it truly was his first time.

"Yes, but I've seen and read quite a bit," he said somewhat vaguely.

"You naughty boy!" she cooed, she knew exactly what he was implying.

He returned to her sex, licking each lip, and sucking them into his mouth. She was writhing under his mouth and tongue, the room filled with her moans. He intently listened to her, listening for cues to see if he was hitting the right spots. So far he was. He the placed his hands on her thighs, spreading her pussy open with his thumbs. He moved closer and slowly licked up her pussy, flicking her clit with his tongue. She gasped, moaning loudly. He then penetrated her pussy with his finger, then two, swirling it around inside her, causing her to moan loudly.

"I can feel your pussy gripping my fingers," he said with a moan.

She was still tight. He loved that feeling of her pussy holding onto his fingers as if it had a mind of it's own. He flicked her clit again and began lightly sucking on it. She arched her back, bucking her hips wildly as if trying to shove her entire pussy into his mouth.

"Fuck Hiro! Eat my pussy! Keep sucking my clit! Make me cum baby!" she growled.

He was slightly taken aback by the words coming from this sweet woman's mouth, but he gladly obliged. He began sucking and licking at her clit with a little more enthusiasm, at times switching back to her pussy lips.

"Oh god Hiro! Keep going! You're gonna make me cum!" Lucrezia groaned between gasps.

Hiro picked up the pace, sucking harder. He then removed his fingers and placed his entire mouth, or as much of it as he could, over her pussy and began sucking and licking, pushing his tongue into her pussy. Her nails dug into his scalp as she came.

"I'M CUMMMING!" she screamed in the throws of pleasure.

Her orgasm tore through her like bullets. Her juices flooded Hiro's mouth, coating his tongue in her sweet nectar. He swallowed her juices, savoring the taste. He moved up and she grabbed him kissing him hungrily, tasting herself on his lips and tongue.

"Oh Hiro, that was amazing! I haven't cum that hard in such a long time!" she said still recovering.

"Really? I did good?" Hiro asked.

"Yes!" she grabbed him again, kissing him with a passion and hunger that almost startled him, the two intertwined, their bodies melding together.

Lucrezia noticed that his cock was hard again. The head already coated in precum.

"Got a little excited didn't you?" she purred teasingly, grabbing a hold of his cock, giving it a few tugs.

She got off the bed and got on her knees. She massaged her breasts, pulling at her nipples. She looked at Hiro and crooked her finger at him, wordlessly calling him over. He slid off the bed near her and stood in front of her. She took his cock in her mouth again, wetting it. He placed his hands on the bed behind him, enjoying the pleasure she was giving him. She stopped sucking and squeezed her breasts together and looked at him. He knew what to do next. He came a little closer and slipped his cock through the valley between her breasts. Hiro moaned loudly. The feeling of her warm, milky white breasts wrapped around his cock was driving him up the wall.

"That feel good baby?" she asked with a devilish grin.

"Oh yeah," he said, his breath laboring. He began pumping harder and faster, his hips now calling the shots.

"Do you like fucking my tits Hiro? Do they feel good wrapped around your hard cock?" she said, her eyes hazed with lust. Her dirty talking was getting to him.

"Fuck yeah," he hissed with a smile.

She could see the hunger in his eyes. She was drawing out the more animalistic lust and desire that he kept hidden. Hiro often didn't like being seen as the stereotypical guy, who only thought about sex. Truth was that underneath, he was still like every guy, except he kept it expertly hidden from everyone he knew, but he was fine with that. There are certain character traits that should only be expressed to certain people, but now his true animalistic lust and desire was running free, now in control of his mind, heart and body.

Hiro fucked Lucrezia's breasts for a few minutes. Intently watching as his cock disappeared between them and then watching as his head appeared through the valley.

"I've wanted this so bad since the first time I met you. I even had dreams about it," he said with a big grin.

"Really?" she purred. "What else did you dream about?"

"Fucking your tight, wet pussy," he growled.

She pushed him back against the bed releasing his cock from her breasts. She stood up and kissed him deeply. She broke off the kiss and hopped on the bed. She patted the bed and Hiro joined her. She had him lay down, his head against some pillows. She sat behind his cock. He looked up her as she rubbed her pussy up and down his cock. She then crouched above his cock, slowly impaling herself on his cock. They both moaned, overwhelmed by the sensation they were experiencing.

"Fuck, it's been so long since I've had a nice, hard cock in my tight pussy!" she moaned.

"God your pussy...words can't describe how good it feels. It feels like you're melting my cock!" he groaned. They laid there for a few moments, adjusting to the sensation.

Lucrezia and Hiro wrapped their arms around each other, her face on his shoulder and began slowly bouncing her pussy on his cock. The sounds of they're sweating bodies making contact, slapping together filled the room. They're breathing and moaning also became louder. She got up off his cock. He heard the slurping noise as his cock slipped out of her. He moaned as he saw how her pussy lips gripped onto his cock as she stood up. She then got on all fours.

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