Lucy 01


"She really is a nasty little slut. What she is collecting all that cum for?"

"I don't care", I answered and used the tip of my tongue on his million dollar spot. Then I shoved my finger very slowly into his male pussy to change his focus.

What happened in the following five hours is another story, too. But after that, Dan was nearly a wreck. He was dripping precum constantly now. The show was over and when I was about to cool Dan down to put him back into his chastity, he complained:

"Wow, What's that? You told me, I would cum at the end of the show,"

"I did. But the show isn't over, yet", I smiled like a little bitch.

"Oh, god", was all he could answer.

When we walked out of the sex shop and Dan was about to enter the car, I told him that I've to go back to have a few words with Carroll. In all his frustration he begged me to hurry up. So I went back into the shop and with a big grin Carroll handed me over the cum filled bottle. Then she showed me a memory stick with a video of today that I wanted her to take. I put the bottle into my bag and told her to keep the video on a save place. Then I went out of the shop and couldn't wait to get home.

There it was about to come. The big moment. Dan couldn't get off his clothes quick enough and was heading towards the bedroom.

"Not that quick, Dan", I slowed him down. "First you go into the bathroom and get your ass clean and ready for me."

Dan sighed and followed my order. That gave me the time to make my final preparations. I went into the kitchen and got the bottle out of my bag. My cunt started dripping immediately by the look at it. The one liter bottle was filled up to three quarters. More than a pint of creamy, white, yummy cum. I took a pint glass and a black plate out of the kitchen cupboard and went with all my stuff into our bedroom, then I took my squirting strapon and filled it up with half a pint of the cum and stored the strapon, the glass, the plate and the bottle underneath the bed and started the webcam, just in case I would need another video to remind Dan of a few things one day. Just in time I was laying on the bed, when Dan entered our room. I tied him to the bedposts in doggy style position. His wrists, his ankles and at last his thighs. His thighs were tied at the top and at the bottom of the bed to hold him in position and to give him as less opportunities to move as possible. There he was, still locked up, absolutely helpless and ready for me. A big tingle went through my body and when I put the strapon on my juices were running down my legs in streams. Then I kneeled behind him and put plenty of lube on the strapon and around and into his little male pussy. I put my finger deep into his ass and played with his swollen prostate, while using my other hand to play with his nipples. He moaned.

"Come on! Stop teasing me, please. I really need to cum," he begged.

I started chuckling.

"We never even started, sweetie. There are hours and hours left, before the day is over."

Then I reached out for the plate and put it underneath Dan's locked up cock. I pressed the tip of the strapon against Dan's love hole.

"Relax", I whispered in his ear and shoved the strapon slowly into him; all the way, till my balls were touching is bud cheeks. And while I was playing with his sensitive nipples, I started to fuck him. I never stopped for nearly an hour and Dan was moaning and begging constantly, to let him out of his chastity and finally cum. He was so desperate to cum, that he was about to start crying. So I let him cool down for a couple of minutes.

"Please, pleaaaase. I'll do anything", he gasped.

"Oh, I'm sure about that", I giggled and gave him a little spank on the cheek. His total desperation just made me hotter. "But I'm pretty sure you can take plenty of more, before you will do anything for real." And I continued fucking him for another two hours. He was on the edge all the time. But I was sure; he couldn't go over it; not by getting his ass fucked with regularly little breaks of a few seconds. Then happened, what I was waiting for. Not just precum was dripping down, but long streams of white, thick semen started to leave Dan's chastity belt and were dripping onto the black plate. And when I stopped fucking him, there was more cum on the plate, than Dan was used to shoot with two, three loads.

"Oh, come on!" Dan was whining again. "I really can't take it anymore, please let me cum, pleaaase! You promised it!"

I pulled the strapon out of Dan's pussy, followed by another big stream of cum flowing down onto the plate.

"No I never did", I said in a cool voice.

"WHAT?!" Dan called in disbelief. "You DID! Come on."

"All I said was that I'll release that pressure in your balls and that I'll get the very last drop out of them. I never said anything about you having an orgasm."

"WHAT?" was all Dan could say. He still couldn't believe, what I was saying.

"I mean, look at the plate, there is so much cum on it and under normal circumstances I just would continue to fuck the very last drop out of you and leave you alone. But maybe you're right and I should give you an orgasm, but you would have to earn it."

"Anything." Dan's voice sounded relieved at those words. "I'll do anything."

"Anything?" I asked.

"Yeah, Lucy. Anything. Just let me cum, please. I do anything, you want me to do."

"You won't have a choice", I said and reached out for the pint glass and put it onto the night table. Then I grabbed the bottle and held it directly in front of Dan's face. "You know, what this is?" I asked him.

Dan looked at the bottle and then at the glass.

"You are kidding me, aren't you?"

Without a word I opened the bottle and poured all the cum into the pint glass, till it was filled up to the rim. Then I took the key to Dan's chastity belt and held it over it.

"And you know, what this is, right?" And I dropped the key into the glass. Dan's eyes were wide open and he still couldn't believe it. "First things first. If you want out of your chastity belt, you have to get the key out of the glass, by drinking all of it. If you spill one drop, you'll stay locked for another six months."

Dan was swallowing. "No way! You know, I won't do it..."

"Oh, in that chase I'll continue fucking your little pussy. And if you remember, there was much more cum in that bottle, when we left the show. If you don't drink it, I'll squirt nearly half a pint of that cum right into your arse..."

"You... you won't."

"I will." Then I put more lube onto the strapon and started to fuck him again.

It just took seconds, till Dan was moaning and begging in frustration again. I could hear him thinking, what would be the lesser of two evils. He was begging for a way out of all this, but no way in the world there was a way back. I had him exactly, where I wanted him to be and I was horny as hell, too. After another half an hour I felt like a real slutty bitch and with a big grin on my lips I said:

"Here we go, baby. Make your choice. I really can't hold it anymore. I have to cum, right now", I moaned in an artificial desperation just to tease Dan a little bit more. "One... two.... - oh, my god! Three... four... five... Oooohhh GOD! SIX.... SEVEN..."

"HNGH! STOP IT!" Dan was shouting at me. He couldn't take it anymore and the thought of having real cum in his arse, was worse than the thought of swallowing it. "I'll do it... I'll do it, if you never bring me in a situation like that again. Promise it!"

I knew that this would come, but for the moment I was fine with that. So I promised it, grabbed for the glass, brought it to Dan's mouth and kept fucking his pussy very slow.

"Here we go, sweetie. Don't spill a drop."

I couldn't believe it. There it was: The moment I was waiting for so long and I was in charge. It was up to me, how fast or slow he would drink the cum. How often he would have to sip. How often he would have to fight his own will before swallowing down this white, gooey semen. Of course he wanted to drink it down in one go, but I started with little tiny sips and verbally teased him that he should enjoy it and if he would love the taste of other men's cum. I came in a shivering orgasm, just watching him drinking the whole glass empty. He swallowed more cum in one go, than I did in my whole life. It was unbelievable. With the last bit he got the key for his belt into his mouth and I told him, to suck it clean. Then he spit it onto the pillow.

"That was disgusting! And now let me cum...", he demanded angry.

"Uh, uh, uh", I reminded him, "have you forgotten who is in charge. "And in the end you will get used to it", I whispered in his ear while picking up the key.

"What you are talking about?" Dan moaned, because I gave him a good thrust into his little pussy, before I reached around his hip and put the key into the lock of the chastity belt. And while I was undoing it, I explained Dan the whole situation he was in:

"Well - you said, you would do anything to have an orgasm, right?" Dan just moaned in frustration as he felt his cock being released of its cage and becoming rock hard in a second. I put the belt aside and started fucking him again. "And if you remember, I told you that drinking all the cum would be the price, to get your dick out of its cage, didn't I?" And while I was grabbing his cock and started to stroke it tantalizing slow, Dan stumbled:

" Ooooohhhh... myyyyy...god! Please... I... I can't take it anymore. Come on... finish me. Fuck me. Pleeaase! Oh my... - fuck!" I let his cock go and he nearly screamed, while Dan was humping the air in front of him, pushing my strapon into himself and against his prostate over and over again - but it didn't help. He couldn't cum. Just a big white stream of semen dripped down onto the plate and next to it.

"Mmhmmmm..." I was smiling like the greatest bitch ever. "You really... I mean, you REALLY have to cum, don't you?" Dan was nearly crying. "Tell you what – I promised you, I will never bring you into a situation like this again, but if you wanna cum and don't being locked up again for at least another six months, you have to give me one last promise, too."

"Anything", he whined. I grabbed his cock again and brought him right to the edge in less than three seconds. I made sure, that I barely touched him and that my strokes were so gentle that he just was riding it.

"From now on and whenever I want you to, you will consume every little drop of cum that is leaving your cock. You will lick it from my tits, my ass cheeks, legs and feet. You will drink it out of my fresh fucked pussy, a glass, my hands or what so ever. You will never hesitate and of course – you will swallow it."

"Hnghhh..." Dan couldn't take it anymore.

"One last thing – you will beg me to do so, whenever I tell you to do so. Promise it and I'll let you cum." This was the most important point for other plans, I had in mind for Dan. Anyway - he was really a wreck and so desperate to shoot his load that he agreed and promised everything I said.

"And I have one last surprise for you", I whispered in his ear with a slutty voice. And while I tightened my grip around his cock and pumped it, like it would be the last time, I grabbed the pump of my squirting dildo with my left. And then he came. He came in an eruption. His whole body was shaking. And while he was screaming out all his lust and frustration in a big never ending relief, I fucked his arse and pumped all the leftover semen that was stored in the strapon into him. I came myself in a big shivering orgasm and with a wonderful feeling about the things, I was going to experience in the future.

But this was not the end of the story. I still had something to do:

While Dan was still tied up, the taste of semen in his mouth, big streams of cum running out of his little pussy and a plate full of his own cum underneath his dripping dick, his eyes were searching for mine and all he could say was:

"You are a fucking bitch!"

"And you never would like to have me different..." I answered with a big grin on my lips. I got up, put the plate onto the pillow and reminded Dan of the fact that he just gave me a promise and that we never have broken them in our relationship. And he did it. With the utmost reluctance he bent forward and licked it all up. I could feel my own juices running down my legs.

"Good boy", I smiled and went to the computer.

"What are you doing there?" he asked, "Come here and undo me."

"Well", I said and started to upload the video to Carroll's email address. "I was just checking something." I turned around, gave Dan a wink and left the room, to get some ice out of the kitchen. When I came back, Dan asked me again, to undo him. "First things first", I told him and held the towel full of ice against his still erected cock. He protested, but he knew the position he was in. So I cooled him down and put the chastity belt back on. Then I untied him and told him, we would have a shower first, before we would go to bed. Of course I kept teasing him. While I was playing with his nipples and ass cheeks, I asked him, how it would feel to get so much sperm pumped into his ass and if he enjoyed drinking all that other men's cum. He just kept moaning all the time. He wanted to cum again, but I had other plans in my mind.

When we came back into the bedroom the smell of semen was still in the air. We laid down and I started to play with myself while licking on Dan's nipples to keep him horny. There he was. My fresh made little cumslut. From now on things would be different, but I wanted more of him. Playfully I stuck a finger deep into my dripping cunt and let him lick it clean:

"You know, if I wouldn't have given you a promise, it would be easy to get you into a similar situation again, don't you?"

"What kind of situation?" Dan was pulling on his cage. He was already full of lust again.

"Making you drink other men's cum", I whispered into his ear.

"No way in the world." Dan was shaking his head.

"Wanna bet?"

"No! Certainly not. Worse enough, that I gave you the promise to swallow my own cum and that every time."

"Oh, we could fix that up, if you want to, do you?"


"Ok. Listen. If I manage, not just to make you drink other men's cum again, but also make you beg to do it and all this in between three months, then you will drink it directly from the source one day..."

"WHAT?" Dan couldn't belief, what I was saying.

"Shhhhhhh... If I fail, then you will never have to have cum in your mouth again. How sounds that?"



"Three months?" Dan looked very certain about that he couldn't lose this.

"Deal?" Still rubbing my clit, I was on the very edge of another orgasm and then again he pushed me over with saying only one word.


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