Lucy Ch. 02


Author's Note: Do not read further if it is illegal for you to do so. These stories contain adults in sexual situations. If reading BDSM, stories of non-consent, or stories containing the use/ abuse of prescription drugs offends you, find something else to read.

Chapter 2 -- Lucy's New Toy

I opened my eyes slowly. The sun had thrown a few rays carelessly into our bedroom through the open window, and I frowned at them, disappointed that I couldn't will them away. I stretched, and Nik murmured in his sleep. I watched the rise and fall of his bare chest for a few minutes. He'd almost lost patience with me at one point the previous night, and I wondered for a moment if there was something he needed that I couldn't give him.

Still cuffed to our canopy bed, I decided to leave Nik to his slumber and indulge my need to wake up. I dressed, something I don't do very often on my own, and made my way out the front door to the coffee house on the corner of our street.

It was quiet, still too early for the white collar workers to get their coffees before heading to work, and I greeted Paul, the barista warmly.

"The usual, Ma'am?" he asked cheerily.

"Yes please," I replied, giving him a sweet smile. "Are the scones ready?"

"Yep, just come out of the oven," he said over the coffee machine.

"Two with jam, please," I said, and then turned my attention to the only other customer in the small shop.

He was young, and slight of frame. He was halfway through his coffee, and staring out the window, day dreaming, probably. His coffee was getting cold, sitting on the day's newspaper, and I knew Nik would want to check his stocks once I unlocked him from the bed.

"Excuse me," I said, getting increasingly irritated with the lack of movement the man in front of me was making. "If you're finished with the paper, may I?"

He looked at me then, and I was almost taken aback by the brightness of his blue eyes. They were so clear and vivid, I was sure I wasn't the first girl to get lost in them.

"Yeah, sure," he said pleasantly, moving his coffee cup.

"You're American?" I asked politely, taking the offered newspaper. "Thanks."

His coffee cup had made a ring on the front page.

"Canadian. I just moved a few weeks ago."

I nodded, and was about to introduce myself to the young man, but Paul spoke up first.

"Ma'am, your coffee's up," he called, and I turned back around, paid the man, and took the paper bag of breakfast from him.

"Here I'll get the door," the Canadian said, and jumped up to open it for me. "I'm Sebastian, by the way," he added, still smiling as he held the door.

"Thanks, Sebastian," I said, nodding, "I'm Lucy."

"See you round, Lucy," he said, waving as we parted ways.

I smiled to myself as I walked home. Those bright blue eyes had an innocent charm to them. Balancing the scones and coffees precariously on the folded newspaper, I unlocked and opened the front door, slipping inside and closing it again as quietly as I could. When I walked into the bedroom though, I realised I shouldn't have bothered tiptoeing. Nik was already awake, sitting up, holding onto the bed-head with his cuffed hands, watching the door for my return.

"I called out for you," he said softly, his eyes resting on my delivery.

"You looked so peaceful, I didn't want to disrupt your sleep," I replied kindly, joining him on the bed.

"You left."

I didn't look at the sad grey eyes, and instead took the key off my bracelet and unlocked the cuffs above Nik's head. He slowly lowered his arms, flexing and stretching his limbs. Angry red scratches lined his wrists, and he rubbed them gingerly with salve from the bedside table drawer. As soon as he was done, I handed him a coffee, the bag of scones, and the newspaper. Sitting up against the bed-head, he opened the newspaper and settled the coffee and scones beside him. One look at me, and he opened his arm, and I snuggled against the side of his chest, content to drink my coffee and press cool fingers onto his bruised nipples.

"Did you enjoy yourself last night?" he asked quietly, his dark eyes scanning the headlines.

"Mhm, thank-you."

A small smile spread on my lover's lips, and I ran a hand over his chest affectionately.

"Hm, cold hands," he murmured, sipping his coffee.

"I met a young man at the coffee shop, a Canadian by the name of Sebastian. Is that an odd name for a Canadian?" I asked, watching Nik's expression change.

He raised an eyebrow, and after a minute of reading, his eyes met mine, and gave me a long look.

"What does it matter?"

"Well, he's new to the area, and he held the door open for me when I left," I said softly, and Nik's smile returned.

"Ah, that's why you like him."

My lover knows me so well.

"He seemed, well, innocent," I added.

"Do you want him?"

Now I had Nik's full attention. Whatever I wanted, he always provided.

"Maybe. I think if I go to the coffee shop tomorrow morning, he'll be there."

"He likes you? Maybe I should come with you. If he's agreeable we could invite him round for tea."

Tea was the last thing either of us were thinking about. I nodded, smiling to myself again.

Nik disappeared to do some shopping shortly after he'd finished with the newspaper. He'd been quiet, even for him, and I wondered if he was still upset with me for not waking him before I went out to get breakfast, or whether it had something to do with the night before. I didn't want him to be angry with me, so I didn't press him to take me with him when he left. Instead, I sat at his study and logged onto the computer. After reading through the usual emails, I opened my novel, and sat back in Nik's tall leather chair, letting my mind run over the storyline. I was typing furiously by the time he'd returned, his arms full of his purchases.

"I have a present for you," he said by way of greeting in the doorway.

I looked up and smiled sweetly.


"Of course. Here," he said, handing over a decent sized box.

Normally my presents come in designer bags, but this one didn't look like it housed clothes or jewellery.

"What is it?" I asked, rattling it close to my ear, and playing our usual game.

"Open it and see."

Still smiling, I eagerly ripped the bright pink paper off the box, and then stared at it curiously.


He couldn't stop the guilty smile reaching across his lips.

"You said you wanted something you could break and put back together again perfectly, so until I find you a suitable candidate, you can play with this."

I looked at the box in my hand, the bright, cheerful lettering on it, and then looked at him incredulously.

"It's a Mr Potato-head."

"Actually, it's a Mrs Potato-head."

Chuckling to himself, Nik disappeared from the doorway, leaving me to stare at the plastic flower hat on the toy's head.

I spent the rest of the day not writing, but glaring at the children's toy, wondering how I could use it to make my lover suffer. Every now and then, I pulled an appendage off it, and stared at it before returning it to the doll.

"How is the writing going?"

Nik had finally popped his head back in the study doorway.

"It's not. Mrs Potato Head is quite the distraction."

"May I suggest dinner, then?" he asked, noticing that the doll had been taken out of the box, and was now perched next to the keyboard.

"It's that time already?"

He nodded and I stood; I wasn't hungry, and I had no interest in playing with Nik like last night.

Sitting together in our living room, I picked quietly at the salad Nik had made for me.

"What do you want to do tomorrow if your Canadian doesn't show up?" he asked, watching me push a cherry tomato around my plate.

"I don't think I'll get any writing done. Could we go dancing?"

Nik smiled and nodded.

"Of course."

He loved watching me dance, and I loved him twirling me around on the dance floor. Finally, I gave up on dinner, and sat back in the black leather recliner. Nik stood, and took the balancing plate off my lap and disappeared to the kitchen. Lost in my thoughts, I didn't notice his return.

"Bath or shower?"

I took his offered hand, caught a glimpse of the marks the cuffs had made, and stood, smiling gently.

"Shower. I want to go to bed."

I let Nik set the temperature, and watched him undress. My tall knight turned and on cue, I blushed. I couldn't help it, the way he looked at me as though he wanted to eat me. I felt better under the spray of hot water, and let my lover wash my hair, his fingers running through the tangles gently. I put my hands on his soap-slicked chest, revelling the strength of his body while he massaged mine. Much too soon, he was turning off the taps, and encompassing my shivering body in a big fluffy towel. I dried myself off slowly, admiring Nik's delicious body as he picked up our clothes and put them in the hamper. I yawned twice, not realising how tired I was, and Nik was on me in a second, picking me up easily in his strong arms. He carried me to our bedroom and lowered me into the soft covers. He disappeared from my side for a moment, turning lights off, and then he was beside me, his warm body stretched out along mine.

"Cold hands, again," he murmured, entwining our fingers.

I barely heard him, but looked past him to the alarm clock.

"Have you set the alarm?"

Nik nodded, smiling at me.

"Of course. You're excited."

I had the grace to blush.

"I can't help it. What if he doesn't show up, or we scare him off?" I asked softly.


Nik never called me by my name, and I stared at him. He obviously wanted my full attention.

"Please let me take care of this. If you want him, I will give him to you," he said softly, kissing each of my fingers as he spoke.

I smiled and nodded, letting my lover's soft kisses and caresses lull me to sleep.

Loud ringing woke me. I gave the alarm clock a fierce glare, but it ignored me and kept ringing anyway. Slowly, Nik rolled away from me and slapped the top of it. He rolled back just as quickly. He wanted to keep sleeping, but I stretched and sat up, and he slowly followed suit.

I watched him, with half the covers still pulled over me as he walked into the wardrobe. He pulled a hot pink halter-neck top and black skirt out, and presented them to me, but I shook my head sleepily at him. He disappeared into the walk-in again, and returned with a mauve knee-length dress, and I nodded, pulling the covers back.

It took Nik almost an hour to dress and groom me in the mornings. Sometimes I loved it, sometimes I hated it, but it always happened, whether I wanted it to or not, so I let him enjoy himself as he brushed my hair.

Before he dressed himself, I asked him to lie face down on the bed. I was nervous, we both knew it, and I felt a measure of loss of control. Giving our special drawer an appraising glance, I pulled out the KY and a medium sized butt plug. Nik was shivering in anticipation as soon as he saw it, and raised his ass in the air. Covering my index finger with the lube, I teased his rosebud, making it twitch before pushing my finger all the way into him. A small moan escaped his lips, and he started taking in short breaths, pushing his body back against the shallow stabbing my finger was making. I twisted my finger, and turned it, finding his prostate, and rubbed it heavily, turning his panting into sharp gasps. After forcing another loud moan from his lips, I pulled my finger back out of Nik's ass. He whimpered quietly, but I ignored him, and swabbed the plug with lube. His face was pressed into the pillow, but he watched me with one eye, as I pressed the tip of the plug to his hole.

"Push back," I ordered clearly.

Without hesitation, Nik lifted himself onto his elbows and forced the plug into his slick hole. As soon as the widest part was pushed around his ring, he paused, and I pushed it the rest of the way in, making him cry out as his sphincter nestled around the thin neck of the plug, forcing him back onto his stomach.

"You can get dressed now," I said sweetly, planting a kiss on the back of his head.

By the time we were both dressed and ready to leave the house, it was almost the same time it was yesterday, and I was starting to feel butterflies in my stomach again. Opening the front door for me, Nik gave me a charming smile.

"You look gorgeous," he said, closing it and clasping a hand in mine.

I blushed. He never ceased to compliment me, but he was the first who did, and it would always make my cheeks flush when he did.

We walked together in silence, the front lawns we passed were still covered in dew, and I shivered against the morning cold. Nik noticed, of course, and wrapped an arm around my shoulder. It made walking uncomfortable, but at least he was warming me up. Soon we were upon the coffee shop, and a quick glance through the large window told me Sebastian hadn't returned.

Nik opened the door, and I walked to an empty table to wait while he ordered.

"Morning, Sir, what can I get for you?"

Paul was his usual perky self, and I wondered absently what he'd be like without the benefits of caffeine.

"The usual, please, Paul," Nik said in his dominant tone.

The change in tone made me shiver. Nik told me he'd topped Paul once before; the young man was a born bottom, but like most encounters, Nik had kept the affair casual, knowing already that he couldn't take Paul as far into submission as he wanted to. The young man was playfully submissive, not driven by the need to serve.

Nik sat next to me, squirming slightly as the plug pushed further into his body, and I rubbed a soothing circle on his thigh under the table. Paul brought our coffees over, as well as the newspaper for Nik, and went back to his work. I stared out the window while my lover read the paper. He was very interested in all things news and business, but I'd never had any patience for anything to do with the outside world.

A young man in a white long sleeved shirt, and black business pants entered my view, and I squeezed Nik's thigh subtly. He looked up in time to see Sebastian walk through the door to the counter. The young man had given me a smile, but it dropped instantly when he saw Nik staring at him. And now, he was quickly trying to smile again as he nodded, walking past us.

"Just a flat white, thanks," he said quietly to Paul, and then went to the bar to sit down.

"Will you join us?" I asked, gesturing to the empty chair across from me.

"Sure," he said, smiling nervously at me, and sat down in the offered chair.

Nik leaned forward and extended a hand, and Sebastian took it uncertainly, but regained enough composure to give him a decent handshake.

"Sebastian, this is Nikolai, Nikolai, Sebastian," I said pleasantly, and sipped my coffee.

Paul brought Sebastian's coffee over, and the young man broke the handshake to grasp his cup. Nik leaned back, and I felt him tense again, which made me smile.

"Lucy tells me you're from Canada," Nik prodded, and his voice was like silk.

"Yeah, I just moved a few weeks ago," Sebastian said, glancing between the two of us.

"How are you getting along, then?" Nik asked, watching him intently.

"Okay, I guess. Got a job at the local computer store," he said, shrugging.

"Cable Ties?"

"Yeah, you know it?"

"I bought a computer from there a couple of months ago, but to be honest, I'm not one hundred percent happy with it's performance," Nik offered, and Sebastian's eyes widened.

"I could take a look at it for you, if you want?" he asked, and I smiled at his eagerness. "I'll be at work all day if you want to bring it in?"

Nik returned his smile.

"Well, we live just down the road. If you don't have any plans tonight, why don't you stop by?"

Sebastian blushed, and shook his head.

"Oh, I wouldn't want to intrude," he said, smiling politely.

I squeezed Nik's thigh again, which made him tense twice. Firstly at my touch, and then again at the plug invading his clamping muscles.

"I just invited you, so you wouldn't be intruding," he continued in a tone that defied argument, pretending nothing had happened.

I nodded as well.

"Nik makes a mean cheese souffle," I added, smiling sweetly at my lover.

Nik had never made a souffle in his life, and he knew I knew it, but he gave me a charming smile, anyway.

"Well, yeah, sure," Sebastian said finally, pulling out a small notepad from his pants pocket. "I finish at five, so is six okay? What's your address?"

Nik gave the young man our details, and I rose, ready to leave. Nik joined me, and we said our goodbyes quickly, making our way out the door. I was careful not to show any hint of affection to Nik, as I was sure Sebastian was watching us walk down the street.

"He seems friendly," Nik began, letting me link an arm through his as soon as we were out of eyesight.


"He seems very young," he finished.

The neighbourhood was awake, and I was eager to get back inside the house, but I thought about what my lover had said. Sebastian was probably a few years older than me, but he did seem rather naïve.

"Do you still want to go dancing?"

Nik held our front door open for me, and I smacked him on the bottom before walking through it, making him jump and groan.

"Yes, please, but we need to take care of something else, first."

Without a backward glance, I walked up the stairs to the bathroom, throwing clothes off as I went. Nik followed, picking up my dress, bra and panties, and put them in the hamper, followed quickly by his own clothes. The bottom of the plug was visible between his butt cheeks, but I waited until he filled the bathtub with hot water before I made a move.

"On your knees, hands on the lip," I said clearly, and he leaned down, pressing both hands on the lip of the bathtub.

I stroked his back, pressing a hand into the small of his back to straighten him out, and gripped the base of the plug, rubbing it in circles against his anal passage. After rubbing against his prostate for several minutes, I stopped, and let Nik catch his breath.

"Do you want more?" I asked, giving the plug a few hard pushes.

"Yes, please," Nik managed to get out, pressing back against my hand.

"Stay put."

I left the bathroom and headed straight for the bedroom. The drawer was still open from my search for the plug, and I found what I was looking for. Smearing some lube onto the large dildo, I rubbed it all over the skin coloured appendage as I walked back to the bathroom. Nik had obeyed, and couldn't see the large phallus that dwarfed my hand when I approached behind him.

"Push," I commanded, my free hand on the base of the plug.

Nik pushed, and moaned when I pulled the plug out of his ass. His hole contracted, but not completely, and I easily pushed two slick fingers into him, hitting his prostate with them, and rubbed gently over the stimulated gland.

The dildo had a suction capped base, and I planted it directly under Nik and knelt between his legs. With one hand around his waist, I pulled my fingers out of his trembling hole, and, holding the dildo upright, I pulled him back to rest on his calves, impaling him slowly, but firmly on the blunt object at the same time. Nik groaned at the intensely full feeling he was being forced to endure, and leaned back against my chest, heaving in breaths, his eyes shut tight. I held him still, both arms wrapped around his waist, and grasped his cock in one hand, while the other held onto his hip.

Very slowly, I lifted myself off my own calves, forcing him to raise himself up the rubber shaft, and at the same time pulled the length of his own erection. He moaned deliciously as I pulled him back down onto the phallus, and realising quickly what I wanted from him, he began moving of his own accord, pushing himself down as far as he could onto the plastic cock, and then pulling himself up again, while I masturbated his engorged member at a steady pace. With my other hand still on his hip, I kept Nik from increasing the speed of his self-fucking, instead keeping him in a slow rhythm, forcing his body to completely take the invading cock, and raising him until only the tip remained embedded in his burning channel.

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