Lucy Ch. 03


Author's Note: Do not read further if it is illegal for you to do so. These stories contain adults in sexual situations. If reading BDSM, stories of non-consent, or stories containing gay male and anal play offends you, find something else to read.


He's back again. Just as I knew he would be. I turn away from him and give my lover a knowing smile.

"I beg your pardon, Miss, you were right," Nikolai says softly, bowing his head.

My smile widens as we gaze intently at the man on my doorstep. Sebastian Parke is of average height, and slim. His hair is light brown, and cut close to his scalp. But it's his eyes that interest me; clear blue, and intense. My lover is taller, and leaner, with long dark chocolate hair, and deep grey eyes. Sometimes when he stares up at me helplessly, I swear I could swim in those dark orbs forever. But this man, his eyes are so bright, they defy conventional responses to the twisted situations I insist upon him.

"Are you going to stand in my doorway all day?"

I turn on my heel, and sweep away from both men, skipping down the echoing hallway. I'm short and petite, and I love to dance around my Home in my skirts, watching them swish around my legs. I stand at the basement door, and wait patiently for him to enter my House. Nik closes the door after him and holds his hands out expectantly. It's clear to both of us, Seb doesn't know why he's returned. He stares at Nik's hands, and then quickly starts unbuttoning his white business shirt. His black shoes, socks and business slacks follow immediately, but he hesitates when it comes to his boxer briefs. He looks at both of us in turn, and blushes deep red as he slips his fingers over his satin boxes. He pulls them off awkwardly, and folds them, placing them at the top of the pile in Nik's hands. His cock is growing slowly, at the embarrassing silence, and his nudity. My lover nods at him in approval, and takes the clothes up the staircase to the study safe, where Seb's clothes will stay until I'm finished with him. Seb starts walking toward me, but I whistle sharply at him which makes him jump and his cock grow even more. I set a stern glare on him.

"Get on your knees and crawl, puppy," I command, tapping a stiletto toe just in front of where I'm standing.

He does as he's told, and still blushing furiously, wobbles on his hands and knees toward me. By the time he reaches my feet, Nik has returned, and is watching him lick the toes of my shoes. He hands me a collar with a chain leash, and I bend down to my puppy, collaring him and holding the chain. A quick yank on the chain, and he stands again, a few inches taller than me, but not as tall as Nik. Now that the collar is on him, it seems he can't look either of us in the eye, but his cock is rigid from anticipation.

Nik unlocks the basement door, and ushers Seb through the door first. As far as safety goes, it's better to have him enter the downstairs dungeon before us, as there's no exit from this room. It's the first time we've brought him down here, and if my puppy gets scared and turns to leave, we're in his way. But he doesn't look back at us. The chain running from his neck to my hand swings and clinks in the cold air. Nik turns the ambience lights on, and locks the basement door as he joins us on the stairs. As soon as we reach the bottom, I pull the chain toward a waist-high metal table.

"Up, and on your hands and knees."

He gets up on the table quickly, resting on his hands and knees like I've instructed. He lets his back fall down into a small arch, and stares straight down at the stainless steel under him. I lock the hand-loop of the leash under the head of the bench, and walk around the bench to his feet, enjoying the view. Nik hands me two alligator clips, joined by wire. Carefully avoiding his hard-on, I clip one to his left inner thigh, relishing the sound of the yelp my puppy makes.

"What brings you back to my den?" I ask, attaching the other clip to the same spot on his other thigh.

He is trembling, the pinching of the clips making him lose focus.

"WELL?!" I yell, making him jump again.

I slap him once on each ass cheek, causing him to gasp, and the clips to jiggle painfully. His cock stays hard though, the truth of the matter clear for Nik and I to see.

"I, I want more," he stutters, "Mistress," he adds, stopping my hand from slapping his ass again.

"You want more," I repeat in a teasing tone, massaging his butt cheeks softly.

I stay near his feet, out of sight, but Nik is setting up the electrical equipment next to his head. He moves swiftly and surely, as I run a long fingernail down my puppy's thighs.

"You love what I do to you, you crave it, don't you, puppy," I coo, using both hands to spread his tight buns.

"Yes, Mistress," he replies shakily.

"Then be prepared for more, much more than last time," I whisper sweetly from his feet.

I blow cold air onto his wrinkled rosebud, and he tenses. Nik hands me three more clips, all connected by wires. I crimp one on the loose skin of his ball sac. Seb's trembling becomes a shake, and I hush and soothe him. He must be biting his lip to stop from making noises. I run a hand up his toned back, and then clamp the last two clips onto each nipple. He whimpers as each one bites down on his tiny pink nubs.

"Beg me," I say, standing back. "Beg like a good dog."

Nik is standing by, ready with the dials. He is smiling menacingly at Seb, waiting for the young man to speak the words which will damn him.

"Please, use me, Mistress," he whispers, his head hanging low. "Please use me however you wish."

I nod, and Nik turns a dial. Seb screams, an anguished lung-full revealing the intense pain wrought by the shocks running through his sensitive nipples and groin. Nik turns the dial back, and Seb's body wracks with resonating charges. As soon as his shrieks mellow to whimpers, Nik turns the dial up again. The shock this time is the only thing that makes Seb yelp, and he grits his teeth while the electricity is forced through his quivering body. A thin line of pre-cum has dribbled from his cock onto the table beneath him, and I watch intently as it breaks away to make a droplet puddle. Then I turn away, and find a small, black rubber butt plug, about the length of my index finger, but three times as wide. I watch as Nik ups the voltage, making Seb's body reactions increase. He is shaking uncontrollably, and his squealing is getting louder. I apply a very generous amount of lubricant to the butt plug, and lather my own slender fingers in the slippery substance, and give Nik the cut-throat signal.

"Had enough, puppy?" he asks, stroking the dial in front of Seb's eyes.

The young man only whimpers again, and Nik shuts the machine off. Seb's cock has dribbled more cum onto the table under him, but all of us ignore the small mess he's making. Nik watches as I return to my puppy's ass, and run a finger down his crack. Seb shivers, and tries to turn, but Nik holds his head fast.

"Please, I haven't done anything down there before," he pleads in a croaky voice, much to my delight.

"Ooh, is my puppy a virgin?" I coo, tracing the same finger up and down his smooth crack.

The lube on my hand is spreading in globs down over his hole onto his ball sac. I put the rubber buttplug on the bench between his knees, and use both hands to tickle his bare button, catching the escaping lube from beneath him, and pressing it back over his virgin rosebud.

"Y-yes," he stammers, "I don't think I can do that."

"Do what?" I ask innocently. "Your little boy-pussy is getting very wet from this attention."

Nik is smiling, happier than ever at this news. We'd known Sebastian was new when he'd first visited us, but this was just too delicious.

"I asked my puppy a question," I prod, slapping his bottom, making it glisten with my hand-print. "What exactly can't you do?" My tone has changed instantly from sweet to stern.

Seb is trying to look down at his hands, but Nik keeps him facing forward.

"I can't do, ah," he gasps in as I press a fingertip at his entrance, "ass-play, please," he finishes in a whisper.

I frown and push out my bottom lip at Nik. His expression softens instantly, he always makes sure I get what I want. He bends down to Seb's eye level.

"You look so hot and vulnerable right now, I could fuck you this second, hard, or you can let Miss Lucy take her time."

He stands upright again. Seb considers what he's been told. If he really wanted to, he could have us arrested in a heartbeat, but deep in his heart, he knows this is what he needs, even if he doesn't understand why.

"Okay," he says finally, bowing his head.

Nik winks at me.

"What was that, puppy? I didn't hear you."

I wink back at Nik. Such a good man.

"Please Mistress, use my ass for your pleasure," he says.

Goosebumps raise on his butt cheeks and up his back, and his softened member jerks, confirming his excited anticipation.

"That's a good boy. I'm going to stretch your virgin hole nice and wide so we can fuck you whenever we want."

I run my slick index finger back over his hole, and circle the tiny rosebud. His sphincter muscles contract continuously at the attention.

"Spread your knees," I order clearly.

Seb does as told, and shuffles his knees further apart from the buttplug sitting squarely between them. As soon as he relaxes into position again, I prod my slippery finger directly into Seb's puckering, but only past the first muscle. He yelps, and tries to squirm forward, but I hold him back at the hip with my free hand. His sphincter is warm, and tight, and tightens even more at the intruding digit, but I move it around in small circles against the muscle, and then push deeper, until I'm past the second ring. Seb is panting, trembling again, and begins to whimper as I push my finger as deep as it will go, the walls of his anus clamping on me painfully. Just as my rigid index finger buries in his ass, I pull it back out again, still making slow circles against his tunnel as I draw back. Before I pull my finger all the way out, so he can relax, I push it back in again, to the hilt. I curl my finger downwards, and make small thrusts. I push deep and fast, curling my finger down on the withdrawal and straightening it on the push back in. Seb's body betrays him as he begins ever so slightly pushing back against my finger.

"Does that make my puppy feel good?" I ask, holding his hips still, making him realise he'd been moving.

A deep blush reaches around his neck to the top of his shoulders.

"Yes, Mistress," he pants, as my finger continues it's soft rubbing.

I pull my finger out completely, and his wet hole closes to it's original size. Seb mewls at the emptiness left behind, but I quickly press my squeezed finger, along with my middle finger at his entrance. Nik is watching me intently with lust-glazed eyes, his cock hard and ready, as usual.

"Does puppy want something to suckle on while your Mistress plays with your boycunt?" he asks

Seb nods his head vigorously.

"Please, Sir," he replies.

Nik makes quick work of his leather pants, then gets up on the bench, and sits right on the edge, his lean, tanned legs dangling over either side. His cock is long and thin, like the rest of him, and sticks pointedly up at Seb's chin, but just far enough away that Seb has to lean forward to reach it. I watch silently as he dips his head to lick around the tip of Nik's cock, making it bob slightly, and then he leans as far as he dares away from my fingers, to cover the entire head with his mouth. Nik closes his eyes and lets his head fall back in bliss as he holds the younger man in place by the back of the neck. Just as Nik moans softly in enjoyment, I push both fingers into Seb's ass, making him groan over my lover's cock.

"Mmm, that's good, puppy," he murmurs, "do you love having your Mistress' fingers in your pussy?"

Seb only groans more fervently as I plunge my fingers deeper into his ass. I repeat my actions from before, curling both fingers downward as I pull back, rubbing against his virgin prostate gland, and then flex them straight as I push back deeply again. His cock begins dribbling pre-cum again, more fluidly than before. I thrust into his now very slippery hole, his hot channel squeezing back every time I withdraw. Just as he begins sucking the head of Nik's cock in earnest, I change tactics, and scissor the two fingers inside him. He gasps, and Nik forces his head further down on his hard member. I give his prostate a last deep rub, forcing his cock to ooze further, before removing my fingers from his now loosened hole, making him groan and gag over the cock stuffed in his mouth.

"Nik, puppy needs a break. Give him something else to suck on."

Nik immediately takes his hand from the back of Seb's neck, and the young man pulls his head up, gasping in ragged breaths. Nik climbs off the table, walks over to the adjacent bench and picks up a black rubber penis gag. I put my hands on Seb's spread ass cheeks to stop him backing away from the gag being brought to his face. Nik only smiles menacingly as he pushes the thumb-sized phallus to his lips. I wonder if his lips are trembling before he opens his mouth to let Nik push the baby dildo in. Deftly, having done it so many times before, Nik stretches the rubber band over Seb's head, letting it snap against his scalp. Seb squeals behind the gag at the sting the rubber band makes on contact, but makes no other movement.

"Back at the dials, please, my love," I call from behind them.

Nik's smile grows, and he takes his post back next to the small box. Seb starts to tremble again, his eyes focussed on the dial Nik's hand hasn't yet reached. Seb's hard-on has subsided again, and I click my tongue a few times, and lick my lips. The buttplug is sitting stately between Seb's shivering knees, and I pick it up. It's still well lubricated, but colder than my fingers. My puppy will definitely feel the difference. I press the tip against his now loosened rosebud. It's bigger than my two fingers, but I decide he can take the larger size, and push the whole plug in. He sobs loudly against the gag as the widest part squeezes through his tight sphincter. Once the thinner circumference of the neck of the plug is resting in his hole, I give it a few rhythmic, circular nudges, forcing it to rub against the walls of his channel. I push the plug, and move it around like this until Seb starts softly grinding back. Then, my finger still on the plug, but no longer moving it, I motion for Nik to turn the dial. He does so, but only just so it's on, and the electricity running through Seb's body is like a tickling buzz. I press the plug rhythmically again, and my puppy starts humming around the gag, and pushing against my finger.

"More," I order, and Nik turns the dial, upping the electricity running through the wires, into the clips and through his body.

Seb shudders, and the breath from his nose is huffing out. As the electrical force is increased, I increase my rhythm, and widen the circular motion of the buttplug.

"How is my puppy looking?" I ask Nik.

My hand continues to push and rotate the plug fitted securely in his ass, and Seb's grinding against it almost makes his ass come in contact with my hand.

"He looks ready to be fucked properly, Miss."

"Good. Turn the machine off."

Nik does as told, and I ask him to come down to where I'm standing. For a few seconds we're both out of Seb's view, and his trembling starts again. Very carefully, without touching him anywhere else, I clasp the alligator clip on his ball sac and unclip it, pulling it away before he screams against the phallus, and shakes about on the table. Nik holds him down with a hand on his back, and presses his other hand gently around the base of the young man's throat. To the casual observer, it looks like Nik might be about to strangle the poor thing, but we learned from our previous encounter with Seb that he finds it a greater source of comfort, and gives him a more complete feeling of relinquishing control. Seb's breathing becomes deeper, and his body relaxes under Nik's hold, just as I unclasp the two clips pinching his thighs. He knows this was going to happen, but strangled cries still escape his lips. Nik's hand runs up and down the length of his spine soothingly. I pat the end of the table, and Nik moves to it, taking his hands off Seb's shivering body. I move around and for the first time am standing face to face with Seb. He doesn't look up at me, but I can see the strain on his face. I bend down, and pull his chin up to look me in the eye.

"Hands on the table, puppy," I say, stretching my arms under his chest.

He places his hands flat on the table, and nods, but his eyes are full of fear. Taking both clips in my hands, I smile sweetly at him, and pull the clamps off, pull them away, and stand in one quick movement. At the same time, Nik pulls the butt plug roughly from Seb's ass. My puppy bites on his gag, and screams at the same time, but I hold his hands down onto the table, stopping him from moving at all.

"Time to roll over, puppy," I say, smiling down at him.

Nik pulls his legs together, and I bring his hands up to the top of the table, sliding him up so that he rests on his elbows and then chest on the table. Nik lifts his hips and then stretches out his legs so that he's now lying face down and stretched out on the table. I wait patiently as my lover turns Seb over onto his back. His nipples are red and sore, along with the twin red patches on his thighs. Very gently, to avoid pulling any hair out, I remove the rubber band from his head, and pull on the penis gag, but he doesn't give it up at first. After I raise an eyebrow at him, he lets me pull it out of his mouth, with a plop. Nik pulls him down the table so that his legs dangle over the edge.

"Ready to worship your Mistress?" I ask, and Nik gets on all fours beside the table.

I use my lover like a step ladder, and kneel on the table next to Seb's shoulder. He licks his lips, his throat obviously dry.

"Yes, Mistress," he replies in a coarse whisper.

Smiling, I lift the tulle layers of my skirt and plant my smooth pussy directly over his mouth, my knees on either side of his head.

"Be a good puppy and don't bite," I warn.

I feel his warm breath tickle my pussy lips as he runs his tongue tentatively up my slit. I let my skirt go, and it covers his whole head as I sit on his face properly. Now his mouth and nose are covered by my sex, and he can only breathe when I lean back off him. I turn and put a hand on his chest, giving him ample opportunity to breathe while he flicks his tongue over my moist cleft, and watch as Nik applies liberal amounts of lubricant to his engorged cock at the foot of the table. He pushes a slick finger into Seb's depths, which makes the young man grunt under me, vibrations rushing into my wet channel.

"Mmm, Mistress, you've stretched your puppy's pussy so well, it's practically begging to be fucked, isn't that right, puppy?"

The only sound escaping Seb's lips is an agreeable hum as I push back over his face, forcing his tongue flat against my pussy. His hot breath is rushed out through his nose and over my clit, making it tingle deliciously, and I shudder all over at the sensation.

I lean on my knees, lifting myself up from Seb's overworked mouth to allow him a few moments to catch his breath. Before I can relax my sensitised pussy back onto his lips, I feel his body pushed up, and hear a strangled cry beneath me. A savage grunt from Nik tells me he has pushed his long staff all the way inside Seb's warm, velvety channel. I look back to see my lover's head thrown back in ecstasy, his cock buried to the hilt in Seb's ass. Curls of dark brown tickle against my puppy's balls, his own cock small and flaccid above. Nik looks back across at me, heat flushing his cheeks, and his eyes full of lust. I smile, then look down, lifting my skirt. Seb's tear streaked face is red, his eyes shut tight. His chin is just inches from my still slick pussy. I take in every wrinkle of pain to daydream about later.

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