Lucy Ch. 04


Author's Note: Do not read further if it is illegal for you to do so. These stories contain adults in sexual situations. If reading BDSM, stories of non-consent, or stories containing gay male and anal play offends you, find something else to read.


I wasn't pissed off, not any more. That feeling had disappeared years ago. Two weeks after he stopped calling, and I felt a sense of betrayal. Two months later, and I was well and truly back in the hole he'd pulled me out of. Now, almost two years later, and I felt like I'd lost everything of myself. I locked away my camera, and stopped studying. I retreated to my music and my room, and barely left it. If I had to go out in public, I wore black again in an effort to shun everyone.

Mum and Dad didn't understand; Mum cried, and the last words Dad said to me were 'Get out', and after the months of verbal lashings we'd given each other, I no longer had any intention of sticking around.

I went to the first place I knew to begin my search. It cost me two hundred dollars and an hour of painful floggings at Hellfire to get the information I wanted from the House Mistress. The Domme told me he, although no less potent in public, had all but retreated to serving an unheard of Dominatrix by the name of Lucy. Before I left her den, the Domme offered me a position under her whip, and I respectfully declined. I spent the rest of the afternoon drinking at The Gauge, trying to forget the experience.

The sun had long since set by the time I'd drunk enough courage to follow the Domme's directions to his house. I caught a cab, which cost me another hundred, but finally I recognised the neighbourhood we were driving through.

"Here," I said, and the cab driver pulled over.

I walked the rest of the way, my resolve crumbling away with every step. By the time I was standing before the familiar front door, I was shaking. I hadn't thought this through; I didn't know what I was going to say. And how was he going to react to me standing on his doorstep after so long, anyway?

Swallowing back the bile that threatened to tip into my dry mouth, I closed my eyes and pressed the doorbell. I heard the chime, and waited. My hands were clammy, and I tried to steady my breathing, but it was no use.

I didn't hear or see the doorknob turn, but I knew he was standing in front of me, and biting my lip, opened my eyes.

"Cody. Have you been drinking?"

God, he looked different, but so much was the same. He'd let his hair grow, but his body was still lean and muscular. Those familiar leather pants clung to his thighs, but there was something different about him, something I couldn't pinpoint.

"You stopped calling," I said quietly, not knowing what else to say to him.

He frowned, but his shoulders were slightly slumped as he crossed his arms over his bare chest. I lowered my eyes. I knew that look; he was disappointed in me, and I swayed where I stood.

"You're wearing that ridiculous make-up, again."

I wanted to cry; Even after all this time, I wanted to fall at his feet and beg him to take me back, but I just stood there, staring at my boots.

"Who is it?"

A high pitched, female voice struck me. I looked up, and into the green eyes of a young red-head.

"So it's true, then," I slurred, barely able to speak, let alone think coherently.

She looked from me to him, who'd turned around to her.

"This is Cody."

I stared at her, I couldn't help it. This was the woman who'd stolen him from me, but I couldn't do anything about it; I was frozen.


The title slipped out of me before I realised it, and as he turned sharply back to me, I saw sudden understanding cross her face.

"Cody," she greeted, stepping forward with a warm smile. "Won't you come in?"

He stepped from the door, into the hallway, closer to her, and further away from me. I couldn't allow it, and immediately followed, stepping into the dim entrance-way.

"I'm Lucy," she added, holding a hand out to me.

One look at him, and his subtle shake of the head, and I knew better than to use her name, or take her outstretched hand. Instead I looked down, until her hand was under my chin, lifting my eyes to meet hers.

"You're going to shower, wash off that eye-shadow and come downstairs."

I gulped and nodded.


Nik was watching us intently, but his expression was unreadable.

"Go with him, Nik. I want him clean and sober."

Nik? Nik?! I stared at the girl as she skipped away and disappeared through the basement door.

"Come with me."

None of his power had diminished then, as he spoke with complete command. I did as I was told, and after he closed the front door, I followed him up the stairs to the bathroom. He closed the door behind us, and gave me an appraising glare.

"What are you doing here, Cody?" he asked, as he turned me around and around, undressing me quickly.

I saw my naked reflection in the large mirror, and hiccuped. A trail of tears, made grey by make-up had slid down my cheeks without me even realising it. I wiped at them futilely and sniffled.

"I had to find you," I said, finally, gulping again.

He was naked as well, and was turning taps, his back to me.

"Who whipped you?" he asked, watching me with one hand under the shower.

I lowered my gaze again.

"Mistress Danica."

He beckoned me to him.

"From Hellfire? Why did you go to her?"

I walked, wobbling slightly under his intense gaze until the hot water was rushing over me.

"I had to find you," I repeated, sniffling again.

I knew tears were coming fast, but under the rain of the shower, they could go unnoticed. What wouldn't go unnoticed was my uncontrollable shaking. I could feel my bottom lip trembling.

"Close your eyes."

Soap slicked hands washed me from head to toe, and it felt like the first time all over again. His touch was gentle, and so new to me.

"Why her?"

The soft touch became a tight strangle hold around my throat, but before I could struggle for breath, he released just as quickly.

"Miss Lucy is very important to me," he said quietly, his voice close to my ear.

He pulled me under the water again, letting the water run the soap off me.

"And I'm not."

Lips were on me, strong and powerful, and I melted against him, let him take what he wanted from my mouth.

"You taste like cheap wine."

I sobbed aloud then; maybe he missed me, but he was angry, and god, how he could scare and arouse me when he was angry.

"Get on your knees, and I will show you how important to me you are."

I dropped to my knees as soon as the words left his mouth. Fingers traced my lips. I stayed as still as possible, my eyes closed against the hot water raining on my face and off his body, and waited for his word.


I opened my mouth wide, and his semi-hard cock was placed just inside my lips.


I closed my lips around his warm member, and began swallowing, ignoring taste, touch or smell. I was where I belonged, after the anguish of being cast aside, and moaned at the need to stay where I was. The hot flow quickly stopped, but I continued to suck, my tongue licking and searching for more.

"Good boy. Make me cum," he said, his hands resting on my head.

I put my hands on his thighs, the only place I was allowed to touch, and began sucking him in earnest. His cock grew in my mouth, and I continued to work it with my tongue. He pressed my head closer, and began fucking my mouth, forcing his cock down my throat, pushing until my nose was pressed against skin.

He kept me there, and I relaxed completely until I knew my body would start struggling for breath. This fight was what excited him most, and as soon as every muscle began tensing, clenching around his cock, he pulled back, and thrust into my mouth a few more times before finally allowing me to breathe.

I gasped as much air as I could with the head of his cock still in my mouth, and when he decided I'd breathed enough, he pushed my head again, fucking my mouth slowly, but deeply, stretching my throat with his meat, and finally held me still with just the head of his cock in my mouth again.

"Swallow," he ordered, and I sucked the engorged tip greedily, overwhelmed by the need to drink his essence.

He growled then, and pushed his cock as far down my throat as he could. I felt his hot cum forcing it's way down my throat. He withdrew slowly, still cumming, but I kept my mouth secured tightly around him, swallowing everything he gave me.

He patted me on the back of the head, and I let go of his slackening member.


I opened my mouth to show him I'd swallowed all of his cum, and he patted me on the head again.

"Good boy. Get up."

I stood as he turned the water off, but I was still overwhelmed, and still fairly drunk; more-so on what he'd just fed me.

He guided me out of the shower, and thrust a towel into my hands. I dried him off, making sure I was thorough, enjoying the feel of his body under the towel, and then rubbed the half-wet towel over my own body. I ignored my erection. It wasn't up to me whether it would be dealt with, or not.


I was staring at the towel in my hands, and had missed everything he'd said. I looked up to see him dressed back in his leather pants, looking at me curiously.

"You asked why?"

I frowned. Did I?

"Sorry, Sir," I mumbled, laying the towel over a rail.

He ignored me and started walking away, down the stairs.

"Pay attention. Lucy has company in the basement. Behave and be quiet while we're there. Do not disturb them."

"Yes, Sir."

I followed him down to the basement door. He held the doorknob, but didn't open it.

"I expect you to obey Lucy as well as you obey me. Do you understand?"

I nodded; I didn't care.

"Cody," he said sternly.

I shivered.

"Yes, Sir, I understand."

"Good. Follow me."

He opened the door, and waited for me to start walking down the stairs. I knew he'd lock the door once I stepped through, but the resounding click still made me jump. I held onto the rail as I walked down. The lighting wasn't overwhelming, and I could see the dungeon hadn't changed at all in my absence, except for one thing.

A naked man, on his elbows and knees, was strapped to the stainless steel bench in the middle of the room. Black nylon rope was wound around his arms and legs, pinning him securely to the table, and a metal T-bar held him up at the hips. He wasn't blindfolded, but he didn't notice me. I wasn't surprised. His mouth was filled with a phallic gag, and dribble was escaping around the corners of his lips and pooled below his chin on the bench. I knew from experience that it meant the gag had been in place for at least an hour. Which made the fucking machine all the more troubling. It pushed and pulled a large dildo in his arse at a slow, but steady pace.

"Do you like my toy?"

Lucy was sitting cross-legged in the black leather chair. I turned to her, and saw my Master standing on the last step. I nodded mutely. She got up, and walked around me once, making me realise suddenly that I was naked in front of a stranger. She stepped over to the man, and lifted his chin. His eyes were closed, but at her touch, they opened.

I stared into bright blue eyes, but only saw glazed lust, no real recognition in them. Either the man wasn't really seeing me, or he didn't care.

"Sebastian, say hello to Cody."

The man moaned into his gag, and she released his chin. He closed his eyes again, his attention forced back to the continuous, mechanical fucking he was receiving. At closer inspection, I saw a wide belt of plastic secured around the base of his cock and balls. It kept him soft, and unable to cum, though a string of semen made it's way to a small puddle on the bench-top.

"Miss, may I check him?"

Lucy nodded, and Sir moved over to Sebastian. The young man didn't notice him until he turned the machine off, and pulled the dildo out of him. I watched, entranced. As soon as his anal passage was emptied, Sebastian's eyes flashed open, and he started moaning louder, trying unsuccessfully to push himself backward. Lucy pulled his face up to hers again.

"Be patient, pet," she cooed softly.

Distracted, I didn't see that my Master had pushed fingers into Sebastian's arse until the bound man groaned and pushed back against him.

"He can take another hour," Sir said, removed his fingers, and replaced the fucking machine.

He set it to a slightly faster pace than before, and watched as it impaled Sebastian again and again, to the man's renewed moans. Lucy giggled and sat back on the chair, a satisfied smile on her face. She stopped, and gave me a funny look, and I realised I was panting, my own eyes half-closed at the scene in front of me.

"Are you still drunk?"

I swallowed, figuring I should be completely honest.

"A bit," I replied, nodding.

Her gaze went from me to Nik, back to me again, instantly going from sweet and happy to annoyed.

"I thought I said I wanted him sober?" she barked, and I was sure my eyes bulged when I saw a guilty blush grace my Master's cheeks.

"I can't control the effects of alcohol, Miss," he replied, walking over to me. "Open," he commanded, and I opened my mouth.

He pushed the fingers that had been inside the bound man's arse into my mouth. I couldn't help but moan wantonly as the taste of Sebastian's arse and lube touched my tongue. I closed my eyes and sucked each digit in turn.

"He is still useful, Miss," I heard him say, and I moaned in agreement.

Lucy didn't say anything, and I opened my eyes to look over Master's shoulder at her, my tongue still pulling every flavour off his fingers.


I opened my mouth, and let the fingers go. I was hard again, painfully so, and it was getting harder to ignore.

"Come here, and sit down," Lucy ordered, pointing at the floor by her feet.

I walked over meekly, and sat, curling my legs under me. Lucy put a hand on my head, and stroked gently.

"It took a lot for you to get here," she said softly.

I looked up at her. Something told me she knew what I'd been through, and more than that, something told me she cared. Was it her fault I'd lost him in the first place? Yes. Was it her fault he never attempted to contact me again? No. Losing himself completely was something he was incapable of.

I was slowly starting to feel sober, when the man tied to the bench's moans started getting louder. Part of me wanted to relieve him of the torment he was in, but another part of me knew he was there because he wanted to be there. He wanted the torture of being slowly and continuously fucked without possibility of release. He wanted the lack of control they were giving him.

Lucy and Master were watching him curiously as he writhed against his bonds. I shivered; his need to cum was getting harder to control, but his restriction would hold him back long after he lost consciousness or his sanity, or both.

"Not long, Miss."

I turned to look at my Master, and Lucy's fingers stilled from their soft caresses.


I turned my attention back to her.

"It's your choice. Give him what he wants, or give him what he needs," she said, still soft-spoken, her gaze on me unflinching.


Lucy nodded, and gave me a sweet smile.

"Can I take the gag off him and ask him?"

Standing behind her, Master shook his head.

"He won't make any sense."

I frowned to myself. If I left him alone to his torture, he'd pass out or lose his mind. But if I gave him the orgasm his body was begging for, he might hate me. I didn't know this man. What did it matter if he hated me for ending his nirvana of need?

"I'd like to give him what he needs," I said finally, not entirely sure what that was going to entail.

"Take the T bar away," Lucy instructed, taking her hand off my head.

I stared at my Master as he approached Sebastian. He unscrewed the base of the bar, and took it away, then beckoned me over. Standing nervously, I walked towards him as the bound man's body dropped low, near the bench. He had better manoeuvrability over the lower half of his body now, and he was helping the machine do it's job, pushing back against it mindlessly. Master turned it off, and the muffled moans coming from Sebastian changed to pained whimpers. Master pulled my wrist behind my back, and walked me to the front of the bench. Pressing one hand on my back, he pushed me down until I was bent over it, my chest touching the cold steel, my face inches from Sebastian's. I was breathing heavily already, my cock twitching at the simple touches my Master was bestowing on me.


He walked away from me, then, and I was left staring into the unfocused blue eyes of Lucy's 'toy'. I wasn't kept wondering very long, as Master was back behind me, and Sebastian's eyes were drawn to what ever my Master was doing behind me.

Very suddenly, a slick finger was pressed into my arse, and I gasped. Lost in his own sexual torment, Sebastian's eyes only grew more hazy as my Master added another finger and moved them inside me. It had been months since I'd been touched this way, but my body was reacting just as strongly, if not stronger. I couldn't help but moan as he scissored them roughly inside me, stretching me easily.

"Your pleasure belongs to me, Cody. Remember that," he said, leaning into my ear.

"Yes, Sir," I nodded feebly.

He took the fingers out of my arse, pulled me up and turned me around.


As soon as his fingers were in my mouth again, I closed my eyes in bliss. I sucked desperately at the digits that had just been ruthlessly fucking my arse.

"Cody, Look at me," he ordered, and as soon as our eyes met, I felt a maddening need for him to take me. "Let go," he said, finally, but I hesitated.

I wanted more of him.


Lucy was standing next to us, watching me, and I reluctantly let the fingers slide out of my mouth.

"Don't be selfish," she added. "Someone's waiting for your attention."

I blushed and looked down, but she lifted my chin again, and pulled me by the hand to the side of the bench.


Master helped me get on the bench, and I swung a leg under the man to lie underneath him. It was difficult; he was still pushing himself back on the dildo planted firmly in his arse, and we weren't even an inch from each other. Lucy moved around until she was back in front of him. My Master took hold of the wide band of plastic constricting his cock and balls.

"This might hurt a little, pet," she whispered.

Sebastian's scream against his gag made me jump, and his feverish, sweat-slicked body touched mine for a moment.

"Turn over."

I did as I was told, and Lucy pulled my hands up past Sebastian's chin, pressing my grip over the edge of the bench. His cock rested on top of my arse now, and just as I became dizzy at the thought of being taken by him, my Master moved his hand between us. One moment, I felt the tip of a cock at my entrance, and the next, Sebastian sheathed himself completely within me. I howled, saw stars, and almost passed out from the brutality with which he took me.

Reduced to a primal animal, he pounded into me, the loosening my Master had provided my neglected arse doing little to stop the intense burn. He was grunting against the gag, and it wasn't long before I felt his body above me go rigid. Wet heat filled my anal passage as he came, but he didn't stop.

Sebastian recovered quickly, and began fucking me again. His cum had made my channel slick, and where it had burned only moments ago, the friction had lessened. His pace was slower, and I felt his cock graze my prostate with every thrust. I moaned, and began to push back against him.

"He's going to bite through the gag," Lucy whispered to Master, and he walked around to check.

"No, he won't. Cody your pleasure belongs to me. You will not orgasm without my permission."

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