Lucy Ch. 05


Author's Note:

Do not read further if it is illegal for you to do so. These stories contain adults in sexual situations. If reading BDSM, stories of non-consent, or stories containing gay male and anal play offends you, find something else to read.

Focussing on other stories, I haven't had a chance to look at Lucy, but here we are. There'll be a few more chapters coming soon.


"This isn't going to work."

"Of course it will. Stay here and do as you're told."

The young man gave his companion a sidelong glance. More than once, Lucy had stumped him, and she'd done it again. She was small, petite even, and a classic red-head. Sweet and innocent one moment, fiery and tempestuous, the next.

"Mr and Mrs Browning, pleased to meet you," she murmured under her breath, and opened the car door. "Wait here. I shouldn't be more than thirty minutes."

"Miss, I really don't want you to go in there alone," Nik said from the driver's seat, but Lucy had already closed the car door again, and he had no choice but to watch with Cody as the petite redhead walked away up the street.

Taking a deep breath, Lucy knocked on the door. She didn't look back; she didn't want to give the Brownings the opportunity to see their son peering out at them from Nik's car window.

"Susan Browning?"

"Yes?" frowned the woman as she opened the door.

"Mrs Browning, pleased to meet you," Lucy said gently, extending a hand. "My name's Lucy. I go to college with Cody."

"Cody? Have you seen him? Is he alright?"

"Yes," Lucy said, still smiling warmly at the woman. "May I come in?"

Nik and Cody watched Lucy disappear into the Browning residence.

"So far, so good," Cody muttered, shaking his head.

"Mrs. Browning, is your husband home?"

"Susan, please. And no, Mark's at work. Cup of tea?"

"Please," Lucy enthused, and sat on a recliner. "To be honest, I'm kind of glad Mr. Browning's not here. From what Cody said, he's a bit scary."

Susan returned from the kitchen, two mugs in her hands. She gave one to the girl and frowned, sitting across from her.

"He's not, he just wants what's best for Cody; we both do, but it's just so hard when he won't talk to us."

"Even more when he's been kicked out," Lucy added with a raised eyebrow. "He told me," she added when Susan only frowned at her more deeply.

Susan sipped her tea and regarded the young girl from where she sat.

"He was doing so well, just a few years ago. He started going to school again, then all of a sudden he's shutting himself up in his room just like before. He says barely two words to us unless it's an insult and Mark was at the end of his tether; he didn't mean what he said."

"Well," Lucy replied shrugging, "whatever happened, he's sleeping off a nasty hangover at my place."

"Well, thank goodness he's alright."

Lucy blew on her tea.

"I wouldn't go that far," she said softly.

"You said you go to college with him?"

Lucy smiled and sipped.

"Well, not lately," she replied. "After the break-up, he started skipping class."

"The break-up?"

Lucy internally crossed her fingers, her tongue ready to spin her story.

"He didn't tell you?" she asked, raising her eyebrows.

Susan shook her head.

"He doesn't tell us anything."

"Oh," Lucy said, staring at her cup and fidgeting. "I don't know, I mean, he doesn't know I'm here, I just came to get some of his things. He told me his dad kicked him out, so I just assumed it was because he'd told you."

Susan shook her head again, and curiosity got the better of her.

"Told us what?"

"Mrs Browning, Susan, sorry. Cody's break-up, well he told me it was his first real relationship, you know. The one you go all the way with," Lucy said, frowning and cringing, but the woman only nodded and sat forward. "He got real quiet, didn't want to hang out any more, and when I asked him what was up, he said that Nik had stopped calling. Every day he just looked worse and worse. The last day he came to school, he told me Nik was everything to him, that he couldn't live without him."

Lucy stopped and waited with baited breath for the information to sink in. To her surprise, Cody's mother's expression didn't darken, instead she relaxed, and sat back.

"You're telling me my son is gay?"

Lucy nodded.

"And he was too scared to tell us?"

"I guess," Lucy said, breathing a sigh of relief.

"Oh, my poor boy. All these years and he didn't tell us, but he was right. He couldn't tell us. Mark, he'd have kicked him out anyway. My husband, you see, he's a devout Christian. This... this would have destroyed both of them."

Impressed with the woman's acceptance, Lucy decided to give her some more information.

"Well, that's not all," she said, tightening the grip on her internally crossed fingers. "Before Cody stopped coming to school, I took Nik's number off his phone, and got in contact with him, myself. I wanted to know what was going on."

Susan Browning was hanging on Lucy's every word, and the girl continued.

"Nik told me he'd made Cody too reliant on him. He told me he'd paid for the photography course and the camera as presents, and he felt like he was having too much influence on Cody's decisions. He didn't mean to hurt him, he'd just wanted to withdraw so that Cody could grow on his own."

"So, let me get this straight," Susan said, frowning. "This Nik, he's the reason Cody stopped acting so strange and went to school?"

"Well I don't know what Cody was like before I met him, but yeah I guess, if what he was like last night is any indication."

Susan put her cup down and sat back in the lounge. She wondered at the girl sitting in front of her, could see the obvious concern etched on Lucy's sweet face. Finally, after a long minute, she decided if her son could trust her, then so could she.

"I don't suppose you can get in contact with Nik again? Only, I mean, if the only reason they're not together is because he didn't want to smother Cody. It's, just, well it seems like he's the only one who ever got through to him. Even if it means my son is with a man, I don't care, as long as he's healthy and happy."

Lucy recognised the courage it took for Cody's mother to say this and nodded her head.

"I'll try. Either way, I'll get him back to college. I miss my study-mate, anyhow," she replied, smiling. "Oh, speaking of which, I don't mean to impose, but would you mind if I picked up some of Cody's things?" she asked, standing.

"Oh, yes of course, first door up on your left," Susan said, and pointed at the staircase. "Are you sure it's okay with your parents for him to stay with you?"

"I don't live with my parents," Lucy replied, smiling as she walked to the stairs. "I've only got one house-mate, and we've got a spare room, so it's really no trouble at all."

Susan nodded, and went back to staring at her mug. Lucy disappeared from the woman's view, and felt herself relax as she entered Cody's room. It was a complete mess, and smelled of boy. Every inch of wall was covered with posters of rock bands, and CDs were strewn across the floor.

Tiptoeing over dirty clothes and books, she grabbed a large, empty backpack and took the key Cody had given her out of her skirt pocket. Unlocking the chest at the end of his bed, she took out the camera Nik had given him, and the bundle of photography magazines, packing them swiftly into the bag. Uninterested in the majority of items in his room, she grabbed his phone, charger and mp3 player from his bedside table and packed those as well.

"I've got his phone and charger, so if you want to ring Cody, you should be able to get a hold of him," Lucy said, as she walked back down the stairs.

"I seriously doubt he'll want to talk to us," the woman said bitterly as she watched her head for the door.

Lucy nodded and slung the heavy bag over her shoulder. She spied a phone on the hallway bureau, and next to it lay a notepad and pen.

"This is my home number. If you can't get in touch with him, call me. I might not be able to get him on the phone, but at least you'll know he's okay," she said and scribbled the home number down.

"Thank-you, Lucy," Susan said, and Lucy told herself to describe the woman's genuine smile to Cody later. "Please tell him to call me when he's ready."

"I will," Lucy reassured, and opened the front door. "Goodbye, Susan."

Without a backward glance, Lucy skipped down the road to the black sedan still parked where they'd stopped. The passenger door was opened from the inside, and ducking her head, she passed the bag over before getting in.

"Your mother's very nice," she mentioned lightly, buckling her seatbelt.

Cody opened his backpack and frowned.

"Yeah, when she's not letting dad walk all over her," he said, bitterly.

"The things we do for the ones we love," she replied, giving him a meaningful look.

"Cody, you're forgetting something," Nik said sternly from the driver's seat, already changing gears to pull away from the curb.

"Thank-you," he murmured, zipping his bag back up again. "Miss," he added, seeing his Master's glare in the rear-view mirror.

"You're moving in," Lucy said, staring out the car window as though she hadn't heard him. "Nik, can we convert the downstairs storage space?"

Nik nodded thoughtfully, and glanced at her through the rear-view mirror, even as Cody stared at her incredulously.

"I've been meaning to get a storage shed installed in the back yard. The soundproofing will have to wait again, though," he said, and Lucy clicked her tongue and rolled her eyes.

"Fine. Order the shed when we get home. Then I want that room cleared as soon as possible."

"Wait, please," Cody begged, his head reeling. "Why are you doing this?"

Lucy turned her attention to the young man.

"You need somewhere to sleep, or would you prefer the foot of our bed?" Nik asked, not taking his eyes off the road.

Cody blushed bright red, and sat back, his head reeling.

"You're going back to school."


"And we're going to get you a part time job."


"What part of 'do as you're told' don't you understand?" Lucy asked, curtly.

Shivers ran up Cody's arms and spine, but he said nothing more.

"I've told your mother she's welcome to call you when she wants, and I also told her," she continued when he looked ready to interrupt, "that you'll call her when you're ready. If you don't pick up her calls, she'll call the house, and I will ensure you speak with her. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Miss," he whispered, not daring to say anything else for fear that his voice would tremble.

A week later, and Cody was staring at the room he'd been given. Nik had bought all the furniture, making sure it was tastefully coordinated with the rest of his house. The single bed had bars at the top, and Cody hadn't needed to wonder what they were for, as his Master had already hooked cuffs over them, after installing eye-bolts at other points around the room. Just looking at the subtly added adornments made his stomach turn in anticipation, and his groin stir with arousal.

Cody liked the way the room was set up, but it still looked bare, and if it weren't for his books sitting on a shelf, someone could pass the room by without knowing it was being lived in.

"I thought your room could use some decorating," Lucy said, as if reading his mind.

Turning to find the petite redhead smiling warmly at him, Cody spied the flat package in her hands.

"Thank-you, Miss," he murmured, accepting the gift. "What is it?"

Lucy smiled.

"Open it and see."

Sitting on the side of the small bed, Cody ripped the wrapping, and recognised one of his photos, enlarged and framed by a heavy black border. In the picture was his Master, sitting in his leather recliner, absorbed in a book. In the foreground a cup of coffee and pair of metal handcuffs sat on the coffee table, and in the background, Lucy's red tresses were flicked out, as though she'd just escaped the shot.

"It's my favourite, so far," she said softly, outlining Nik's furrowed eyebrows. "You're very talented."

Cody smiled at the photo and put it aside as Lucy encompassed him in her arms. He returned the hug, touched by her generosity.

However much he wanted to dislike or be jealous of Lucy, it just didn't fit. Every time he expected her to do something out of spite, she'd turn around and embrace him, or give him encouraging words, and though he felt no pull of sexual attraction to her, he could understand how his Master was so lost in his love for her.

His own love was bittersweet, a half love, and even though he wanted more, he was quickly learning to make his peace with what he had. They'd given him so much already, more than anyone else in his whole life. If they turned around tomorrow and said he was going to be kept in the basement, chained to a wall, never to see the light of day again, he'd still be just as content.

"Thank-you," he said again, satisfied that there were no better words for the moment.

"My pleasure," Lucy replied, sweetly. "Now, will you help me with a present for Nik?"

Nodding eagerly, Cody put the photo on the bedside table.

"Good. Take off your shirt and lie down on your back," Lucy instructed, her sweet smile turning into an evil grin.

His breath caught in his throat, Cody obeyed, feeling instantly numb. Before he lay back, Lucy unlocked the top drawer of the bedside table. He'd been told never to open that drawer, and knew better than to try to peek. Lucy followed him back on the bed, her small, waif-like body covering his, and he wondered just what exactly she had planned for him. He wasn't surprised when she asked him to raise his hands up, but the cold steel and bite of the handcuffs made him gasp anyway as she locked them around his wrists.

"Too tight?"

Cody struggled earnestly against them, and then shook his head. The metal rubbed his skin mercilessly, and he would quickly want them off, but he didn't want to give her the satisfaction of showing weakness. He felt a fever coming on, knowing he was truly stuck there, now, at the mercy of this girl who could hop from sweetly innocent to sweetly devilish in less time than it took for her to bat her long lashes.

"When was the last time you came?" she asked, sitting up on his chest, and he blushed darkly.

"Um, the day before I came back," he stuttered, not meeting her eyes.

He thought about adding that it was his Master that had not allowed him release since, but thought better of it if she was about to grant his frustration's end.

"So just nine days, then?"

Cody nodded, and Lucy smiled down at him.

"Tell me about it," she murmured, and unbuckled his belt. "Tell me," she continued, pulling his pants down and off his ankles, "about everyone you've been with, since Nik."

"No one," Cody answered immediately, trying to ignore his nudity and the close proximity of the girl. "I haven't been with anyone else," he said, and then realised he was wrong. "Oh, except Sebastian."

Lucy gave him a funny look as she straddled him once more.

"So the day before you got here, you were masturbating, then?"

Cody felt his blush deepen as the girl raked her nails over his chest, scratching his nipples lightly, and then circling his navel. Her simple touch and the mere memory of thrusting his fingers into his hole and pulling on his cock made him rigid.

"Yes," he whispered.

"And you were fantasizing about your Master?"

Cody swallowed, but his mouth was dry. Lucy lifted herself up off him, and turned her attention to the drawer, pulling out three lengths of rope and a small tube of lube.


He watched as she moved halfway down the bed, and threaded one of the lengths of rope under his knees, dropping the ends of the rope up near his wrists.

"And what was he doing to you?she asked, standing at the top of the bed.

At the same time, she pulled the ends of the rope up, raising his knees up to almost touch his chest, forcing the breath out of him.

"H-he was, angry," he gasped, staring at his knees, less than a foot from his face.

She tied the rope above his head, around the bars near his wrists, making sure to double knot the rope. Moving back down the bed, Lucy said nothing, and grabbed his left foot, pushing down on it, so that his heel rested on his thigh, and started tying another piece of rope around his ankle and thigh, keeping his leg completely bent.


"He was hard," he panted, watching her knot the rope, realising he wouldn't be able to undo it himself, even if he could get free of the handcuffs. "He took me forcefully, almost painful, like he wanted to hurt me."

Cody instinctively struggled against the handcuffs as Lucy tied his right leg up the same way as his left, but bit his lip to suppress his protests. He was completely exposed to her, and wanted nothing more than to close his legs, but she'd made it impossible.

"Did you like the way it hurt?" she asked softly, kneeling at his bottom.

Feeling his erection twitch against his abdomen, Cody eyed the lube precariously, and nodded.

"I liked it. I wanted him to be angry, because," he paused as he felt a cool, slick finger glide across his crack. "B-because, ah, it was passionate," he finished, closing his eyes to the gentle, sliding finger over his crack.

"Open your eyes, Cody," Lucy instructed, and he did so, his eyes clouded with lust, just as she watched him curiously. "Do you think, if I make you cum now, he'll be angry with you?" she asked, and pressed her finger at his well oiled entrance.

Cody arched his back involuntarily and whimpered as he felt the small digit enter him.

"Yes," he whispered hoarsely.

"And do you think he'll fuck you hard, painfully, just like you imagined he would?"

The finger inside him curled upwards, and he cried out as it grazed his prostate, wobbling clumsily where he lay, trussed up like a turkey about to be stuffed. A drop of pre-cum leaked from his slit, and Lucy picked up with her other hand and ran it along his bottom lip.

"Please," he begged, almost a whimper, "please don't."

Lucy withdrew her finger and sat back, surprised to see the tears brimming in his dark brown eyes.

"You don't want to cum?"

"I don't want Master to be angry with me," Cody whispered, suddenly desperate. "I don't want him to send me away again."

"Oh Cody," she murmured, and he couldn't resist licking the cum off his lip. "Poor, sweet Cody. He won't send you away again. I won't let him."

Smiling devilishly, she bounced off the bed, and he watched fearfully as she unthreaded his belt from his discarded pants. Then, just as quickly, she pulled her underwear off. And just as he opened his mouth to speak, she stuffed the lacy panties in, and wrapped his belt around his face, buckling it and keeping them in place. With a wink and a cheerful wave, Lucy danced out the door.

"Miss? What are you doing cooking? Where's Cody? He's supposed to do that," Nik said, frowning from the kitchen doorway.

Lucy turned and gave her lover an innocent look from where she was preparing dinner, and enjoyed the flash of annoyance in his dark eyes.

"Maybe his room?"

Without a word, Nik left her to the food, and shopping bags still in hand, headed straight for the small bedroom at the end of the corridor.

"Cody," he started angrily, not even reaching the door, "why is Miss cooking?"

He stopped abruptly at the sight before him, and dropped the bags he was holding. Unable to answer coherently, Cody could only muffle behind the gag and struggle against the handcuffs.

"What are Miss Lucy's panties doing in your mouth?" he asked instead, and sat next to the hog-tied young man.

Very gently, he unbuckled the belt, and took the wet panties out of Cody's mouth.

"She wanted to make me cum and I asked her not to, so she left me like this," the young man stuttered very quickly, fresh tears pricking his eyes.

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