tagMatureLucy Sucks and Fucks Much Older Men

Lucy Sucks and Fucks Much Older Men


Edward has trained me well. When I spend a week every month at the slavery academy I am allowed no food that I cannot milk from the cocks of the men I serve. As a result, I have a hunger for cum, now, that will never leave me.

When I'm not at the academy I work in an art gallery. Many of the clients are friends of Edwards, and I am expected to suck their hard dicks whenever they come in to look at the art, lucking and gobbling like the little slave I am as they unload in my throat.

This particular day, though, I had drunk no cum. I was on my way home on the underground, that stretch of the Northern Line that goes up to High Barnet, when I uncovered my new source of nutrition. It was eleven o'clock at night and I was sitting next to an elderly man reading a newspaper article that said that 10% of men hadn't had sex for over a year, and I was looking at it over his shoulder and thinking how sad a thing that was, when the old man leaned across and said, 'it's true you know. Never grow old, love.'

I looked at him. He had a sweet face, a kind face really, and blue eyes behind rimless specs. 'Are you married?' I asked.

'My wife's in a nursing home,' for a moment he looked sad. 'I visit her every week. But no, no sex for five years.'

'That's tough,' I said, and I wondered whether he was propositioning me. I felt my juices rush to my pussy. God, Lucy, I thought, you slut. you can't... but it would be a kindness, said a voice in my head...and his balls will be full of luscious, creamy, salty mancum. I was so hungry for it. What would be the harm?

'Even tougher when a girl with legs like yours sits next to me,' he nodded at my slim thighs. 'I'd pay, you know. Just to touch?'

My throat went dry. I looked around the carriage. There was another old man asleep, opposite, and a Japanese girl wearing earphones who got up to get off as I made eye contact. I swallowed. 'To touch what?'

'Touch your sweet pussy. Fifty quid for five minutes.'

'I don't want your money,' I said, I wasn't that sort of girl. My pussy felt strangely hot at the thought of him fingering me.

"That's a shame,' he said, wistfully. 'You might be my last chance., and I learned to finger in Paris. You won't regret it. I may be seventy eight but I know what to do with your clit, sweeties.'

An lustful impulse took me. I stood, and without taking my eyes off his I took my panties off. Then I took his wrist, put it on his lap and very carefully I lowered my wet pussy onto him. 'You can finger me,' I said, 'if I can drink you...'

He didn't need asking twice. His fingers parted my pussy lips and thrust into me. His eyes glazed over, 'oh yeah, oh you like that, baby? Oh what a wet pussy...I love a cumslut...' Excitement flared in me immediately. The excitement and the wickedness of it were just gorgeous. I wiggled and thrust and shifted, and I began very gently to fuck his hand.

He whispered 'oh yeah... oh, I used to love to finger little girls like you...' and then he was plunging them deeper, roughly fingering my hot cunt as I began to gasp and pant. The train lurched forward in darkness as I worked his fingers, gushing my juices onto him as he churned and plunged in and out, surging to my quick, fabulous climax, moaning and squeezing on his lovely knobbly fingers as he sighed in pleasure... and as I climaxed he threw me forwards on to the floor of the train.

I landed on all fours, gasping, my dress round my waist, my pussy dripping as he straddled me and plunged his long warm cock into my pussy. I didn't have time to say no before he was fucking me like an animal, grunting and thrusting deep and hard against my tight wet pussy, grunting, 'oh fucking yes, oh yes baby, oh you're so tight and warm...oh yeah you like my cock fucking you, don't you, baby. You love an old cock in your cunt...'

I couldn't think straight. I hadn't had time to wonder if I wanted this or not. I had just started to tighten and thrust back against his fat prick when someone grabbed my face and thrust a warm, plump cockhead at my lips. The old man opposite was awake and wanted a piece of the action... 'oh, suck that, oh yeah, oh suck my cock...'

I sighed and opened on a moan, and in slid his cock, deep into my throat curved and dark, and I started to gobble and beg...

Oh god reader, how those two old men fucked me. As the train lurched on I was kebabed between these two lust-filled grandpas as they fucked and grunted and worked, and all I wanted was that they unloaded all the cum their balls had been saving into my hungry body. 'oh yeah, oh you love that don't you, beg for more baby, beg for it...oh you love that you little cumslut, look at you lusting and moaning...'

The fucking lasted an age. Nobody else got into our carriage, thank God, but I wouldn't have cared. As the first grandpa emptied his load deep into my pussy the second was jerking off in my throat, pints and pints of it, more than I have ever swallowed, and i moaned and nuzzled and suckled and fed off that lovely old prick as if I'd had no breakfast.

When they had finished with me they suckled my tits as if I was their mother, kneading and chewing on me as if I was a sex toy as i moaned and shuddered... and then they left me there, slumped on a seat, wandering off with a surprising spring in their strides. I couldn't help thinking I'd been set up. I really didn't care.

The first man had left me his card. It seems there was a whole secret society of them, looking for girls like me. If I played my cards right I could have more of these fast illicit fucks. When you are a slave to Edward as I am, when every fuck involves being controlled, blindfolded, clamped and double fucked by men who make me work and lick and gobble and beg for hours, these quick cumloads are glorious reward. I love the swift relief it gives me, the salty cum, the chance to please old celibate gents with such an array of gorgeous cocks.

Since that time, I've lurked in underground carriages often, and if I see an old man alone I'll offer, very quietly, a little suck of his cock. If he says yes, we sometimes leave the train and find a quiet corner where I can kneel and pleasure him. Sometimes they take me home and I spend the whole night on their cock, sucking and nuzzling and slurping and playing till they get a second and even a third hard-on. I love the fact that any time, as I doze, I may be woken to the glorious feeling of a hardening cockhead. I love to massage their hairy old balls as they jerk into my throat. I love them to fuck my pussy and my ass as the train bobs and rattles.

Most of all though, I love their cum. I love that wonderful feeling as the cock rears over me and I kneel in supplication and open to take it in. Gradually I am realising that i am enslaved to more than just Edward. I am enslaved to all of you who have a cock which needs to be sucked. All of you who would love to pump your balls into my hairy throat. All of those of you who are willing to donate your cum to a hungry girl in return for pure, free, pleasure.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous05/19/18

great story

Wish you were here for me to feed. I bust my nut everyday because my wife doesn't like to have sex anymore. Still love her, but no sex. Oh well.

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by justhorny205/12/18

What a story had me hard all the way through.

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