tagBDSMLucy's First Submission Ch. 10

Lucy's First Submission Ch. 10


My new sissy boy has now been tied, hung, and forced to stand on tiptoes for almost 13 hours now. A few times, his legs gave way, and he collapsed, pulling the chain around his balls up. That chain was the only thing stopping him from falling, so all his weight was on his balls. Trust Me, those screams were beautiful, especially when I began beating his balls at the same time. Lucy and slut were upstairs, Lucy playing with slut who, from the sounds of it, was having some amazing orgasms.

I went up, and untied slut, brought her downstairs, and let the two of them carry on right in front of sissy boy. Poor baby. He looked kind of excited being made to watch two girls service and shag each other. I was horny too, so I made slut lick and tongue fuck My ass while Lucy rode My cock, and sucked off sissy boy. Sissy boy was not allowed to come, and his screams for an orgasm, along with sluts cold tongue in My ass, made Me come in a few minutes. I shot a load of hot come into the condom I was wearing, then made sissy boy drink it.

We spent the next few hours teasing and torturing sissy boy. I let My cock hungry slaves do what they wanted to him, as long as he didn't come. It was fun watching Lucy getting a cock she needed in her mouth, and his frustration and not being stimulated enough to come. I wondered what it felt like, being a guy who has been constantly teased and tortured now, for almost 17 hours!

To be honest, I like to be teased a little Myself, as long as I am in control of it. I find orgasms are always so much better when you have been made to wait. However I found out I love My bitches screams even more, so I tied Lucy up, so her mouth was just under sissy boys balls. I told her to keep licking, sucking, biting and pulling on them, while I allowed slut to lick Lucy's ass and pussy. Such a beautiful sight. My two beautiful girl slaves, and all I could think of was how to tease and torture them more. I cant describe how much I love them both, they are smart, funny, sexy as hell, and I am so lucky that they both belong to Me.

I got some large anal beads and started slipping them in and out of sluts ass, fucking her ass with them. She began licking Lucys pussy harder and faster, really getting into it, making Lucy grip sissy boys balls with her teeth as she enters the throws of an intense orgasm. I kept fucking sluts ass, and flicked her clit as well, then started kicking the head of sissy boys cock. Just before Lucy came, I stopped and pulled sluts hair back. Sluts tongue kept reaching and licking nothing but air, and looked so cute, while Lucy screamed and begged to let her carry on. I laughed at the sweetness, and made Lucy and sissy boy watch as I tortured slut.

I clamped her clit, and pulled so it stretched out, then tied it off round a table leg, so it stayed stretched. I waved a feather in front of sluts face, and was amused to see the fear and excitement in her eyes. I grinned and told her it was going to be a very long day for her. Lucy was begging Me to use her, so I gave her pussy a quick, hard slap and told her to keep teasing sissy boys balls. I began by tickling sluts inner thighs with the feather, making her squirm. I deliberately hadn't restrained her yet, as I wanted to see what she would do when she was able to move. I ran the feather up her flat, tanned, tummy and in-between her full breasts. I could see that, although she had had a ton of orgasms earlier, she was ready for more. I love a desperate horny slut, especially when I own them. They are so cute, needy and eager to please. I kept playing with the feather, it made her moan and squirm, then I lightly brushed it over her nipples making her gasp, and her pussy, which made her moan.

I abandoned the feather, and gently licked the stretched clit, making Lucy beg for Me, and slut moan even louder. I ignored Lucy, knowing that the lack of attention would be more torture for her then any pain I could possibly inflict, and continued to lick sluts clit, then slid three fingers into her soaked cunt. Just before she started coming, I stopped and flicked her clit hard, making her scream. After five hours of this, I grabbed her hair and pulled her head back, then slid My cock into her mouth. I banged it around a bit, and forced her to deep throat Me, while looking at Lucy. God she looked sexy, all tied up, sucking on sissy boys balls, looking at Me fucking sluts mouth, crying as she wished it was her. I came deep in sluts mouth, and told her to hold it, and kiss Lucy. Lucy greedily reached to slut, and as they kissed, Lucy became forceful, grapping every last drop of My come.

I asked sissy boy if he was ok, and he couldn't stop crying. He begged for an orgasm, and I said no. I untied Lucy, and let her blow Me as well. I kept saying how nice it was for My cock to be sucked by her, how good it feels to be able to come, all just to torture sissy boy even more. After I came again, I untied sissy boy, and retied him spread on his back. I tied his balls again, threading the chain over a hook in the ceiling, pulling his balls up, and of course, added weights. I felt like 3 pounds was enough, then he was made to lick slut and Lucy's pussies, while I kicked, whipped and paddled his balls. We kept this up for over six hours, because My sluts love their pussies licked, then I took My bitches to bed, where for the first time, we all slept together, Me sandwiched between the two most sexy girls on earth.

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