tagIncest/TabooLucy's Punishment

Lucy's Punishment


*The characters in this story are both over 18 and although there is reluctance and S&M, both are fully consenting.*


Hal sat at the kitchen table, a pile of unopened mail in front of him. He'd been sitting there for ten minutes now and he knew he needed to go through the rest of it. A couple of the envelopes even had fairly threatening red print reading "Final Notice" on them. But he was too absorbed by the single heavy sheet he held in his hands to even pay attention to them. For the first time in months, money wasn't the only thing on his mind.

He sighed heavily as he read over the report card yet again and then the handwritten note from Lucy's guidance counselor at the bottom. "Mr. Moore," it read, "I realize that Lucy has been going through some hard times with her mother gone, but I'm concerned that this may result in a change of status on her college acceptance for next year. Mrs. S."

Looking over each quarter's grades, Hal couldn't help thinking that Mrs. S. could very well be right. Lucy's mother, a private government contractor, had left for Iraq in September. Lucy had been withdrawn and depressed for a while, but she seemed to pull out of it and had kept her grades in the A and B range. The second quarter had seen B's and C's with only one A, but Hal hadn't thought much of it at the time. He had figured that after getting her early acceptance to college, Lucy was just getting lazy and blowing off some steam. But he couldn't ignore this. She had failed two classes this quarter and her highest grade was a C-. This wasn't just senioritis or even having her mother gone for her eighteenth birthday. It was clear that something was going on.

Hal suspected the drop in grades had something to do with her taking up with an older guy. Dave was twenty and Hal could tell he was on the path of a lifetime loser. He chuckled bitterly to himself in the quiet kitchen. If anyone was qualified to judge a lifetime loser, it was Hal Moore. He wished his wife Molly was there. The problem was that Hal really had no idea how to deal with a boyfriend issue. By the time he had married Molly, Lucy was twelve and she and her mom had already had "the talk." And he didn't have any kids of his own, so becoming a step-father to a teenager had been a little like getting shipwrecked on an island populated with cannibals. He smiled and talked softly and hoped he didn't get his head bitten off. Disciplining Lucy was Molly's job. He had trod lightly since she left, but he was obviously going to have to put his foot down.

He was still sitting there fifteen minutes later when a glare of light on the ceiling and the crunch of tires on gravel told him that Lucy was home. He looked out the window at the beat up red coupe. He couldn't see Dave or Lucy through the light reflecting off the windshield, but considering how long it was taking her to come inside, he could certainly guess what they were up to. Finally his step daughter emerged from the car, only to immediately lean back into the window for another kiss. Although the April day was cool, she wore a miniskirt and tank top, her jacket slung over her arm. The way she leaned into the car, it was obvious that she was treating Dave to quite the view. Not to mention the entire neighborhood, Hal thought angrily as he noted the way her skirt barely covered her ass when she was bent over. He scowled out the window and went back to his place at the table. In a few minutes, he heard her light steps coming up the stairs.

She didn't notice her stepfather right away, so he took a moment to evaluate her appearance. Her long brown hair was tangled, her lips red and swollen. Her tank top was pulled low, revealing the top of her bra and an expanse of creamy flesh. Her skirt was slightly askew and her face was flushed. Hal felt heat rising in his own face. She was lust and desire personified. Had they been fucking in broad daylight right in his driveway? She smiled when she saw Hal and came into the kitchen before she noticed that he was holding her report card. Her face fell.

"Sit down, Lucy," he said quietly. She did and as she leaned forward to drop her bag, Hal noticed that her stiff nipples were pressing through the thin fabric of her bra and shirt. He crossed his legs to mask the sudden rush of arousal he felt, telling himself that it was just that he was missing his wife. "Do you want to tell me what this is about?" He held the report card out to her.

"It's a report card," she replied sullenly.

"I can see that. What I'm wondering is how you managed to go from A's and B's to failing in a matter of less than six months, Lucy. Mrs. Sandolinsky thinks you're going to lose your place at Wofford because of this." Lucy said nothing and just stared at the table. "Does this have anything to do with the time you're spending with Dave?"

Now she glared at him. "Stop trying to act like a father," she hissed. "It's none of your damn business what I do, Hal." She jumped to her feet.

"It is my damn business if you're throwing away your future on a loser like that!" he retorted, rising as well.

"You're one to talk about being a loser!" She stomped out of the kitchen and up the stairs. Hal sighed, feeling the fight go out of him. He followed her up to her room, relieved to find her door unlocked. He opened it without knocking and was greeted with a scowl. "Get out," she growled.

His voice was soft when he spoke. "You're right," he said. "I am a loser. Do you really think I don't know it? Do you think I like the fact that your mother has to go eight thousand miles just for us to keep a roof over our heads? Is that what you want out of your life? What do you think will happen with him? He'll knock you up and be out the door so fast you won't know what hit you." When she didn't say anything he went on. "You're not going out tonight. You're going to stay right here and do the extra credit work that I know you have. Don't even bother telling me how unfair it is," he said when she opened her mouth to give an outraged reply. "Life isn't fair." He walked out without waiting for a response and closed the door gently behind him. He hoped it would be enough, but somehow he didn't think so.

Hal didn't see Lucy for the rest of the evening. He knocked on her door to tell her that dinner was ready, but all he got for an answer was a thud against the other side of the door that he suspected was a large stuffed animal. He rattled the doorknob and found that it was now locked. He sighed and went back down to the kitchen for his solitary meatloaf.

A few hours later, when he went upstairs to bed, Hal hesitated outside Lucy's bedroom. It was quiet and that worried him. Normally Lucy played music at all hours of the day and night and fell asleep with it on. He or Molly usually had to go in and turn it off. Well, mostly just him these days. He pressed his ear to the door, straining to hear any movement, thinking that perhaps she just had headphones on, but there was nothing. No clicking on her keyboard or flick of pages or even her soft snoring. He tried the knob, which was just as locked as it had been at dinner. His suspicion growing, he got down on his hands and knees and pressed his face to the floor. Through the narrow crack he could see a dim light, probably from her desk, but no shadows, no movement.

"That brat!" he growled. "That little whore!" Hal stomped down the stairs to the junk drawer in the kitchen and pulled out a screwdriver. He was good with his hands and the locks on the doors inside the house weren't the kind meant to stop anyone that really wanted to get in. He jammed it into the hole in the knob and popped the lock in a matter of moments.

Lucy's bedroom was empty. The desk lamp was on, but the screen of her laptop was dark and her bed was still made. A cold breeze stirred the curtains and Hal saw that she'd left the window open a crack, probably to make it easier to get back in later. The roof of the back porch sloped away from the house here, making an easy way out for an athletic girl like Lucy. She probably wouldn't even struggle to get up there, thanks to the railings on the porch that would give her a good leg up.

Hal sat down heavily on the bed and pressed his hands against his forehead. He'd given her every chance to do the right thing. He hadn't come down too hard on her and he'd never tried to be some kind of dictator. As he sat there brooding, letting his anger fill him up, he heard the rustle of footsteps in the overlong grass of the backyard. Lucy was back. He wondered how many times she'd snuck out this way. Clearly she had some experience at it, since he hadn't heard a car or the slam of the door. Dave must have parked a good distance away. He listened hard. She was climbing onto the railing now. Hal heard the scrape of her clothes on the edge of the roof as she levered herself up. He couldn't let her make a fool of him this way. He crept to the door, careful to stay out of view of the window. He shut the door with barely a click and leaned against it, waiting.

Lucy appeared through the dark glass of the window. She slipped her fingers beneath the window and pushed it up as softly as she could. She wasn't looking around as she dropped one long leg over the sill to the ground. The movement pulled her already short skirt further up her hip. Hal felt his breath quicken at the sight, the lamp light gleaming on the creamy smooth flesh, the soft curve of her bare ass. He caught a flash of a red thong between her parted thighs. As she ducked her head and shoulders through the window, shadows deepened the look of her cleavage. It looked like she was wearing a matching bra.

As she turned around and pushed the window softly closed, Hal crossed the room in two large strides to grab her tightly by the arms. "Have a nice night out?" he hissed in her ear. He spun her around so that she had no choice but to meet his eyes.

"Hal," she said is a falsely bright voice, "I, um, just went out for a, um, a midnight snack." It was a pathetic lie and they both knew it. Hal felt his anger rising. He released her arms and brought his hand hard against her face. The force of the blow knocked her against the desk. Hal watched her, rage still coursing through his body. But not just rage. He felt power too, as Lucy looked up at him with such shock and fear plain on her pretty face, the red imprint of his hand bright on her soft cheek.

"What are you doing?" she whimpered softly.

"Something I should have done years ago," Hal growled. "You've shown me nothing but disrespect for the last six years. It's about time you learned some goddamn discipline." He hauled her up from a crouch by one arm. "Panties off. Face down on the bed." He voice was a sharp bark.

"What?" Her voice still held shock, but now it was coupled with outrage. "Are you out of your mind?"

"You heard me. If you're going to act like a naughty schoolgirl, I'm going to treat you like one. And if can't muster up some respect for yourself, why should I show you any?" His step-daughter's eyes opened ever wider as she listened. "Now, panties off and on the bed. Jacket off too."

Eyes wide, Lucy nodded and wiggled her jacket from her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. She turned slightly away from Hal as she hooked her thumbs into her panties and slipped them down her legs. Hal smirked at this show of modesty, his hands moving to his belt, pulling it slowly, almost lovingly through the belt loops and folding it in half. Lucy lay on the bed, face turned towards him so that he saw only one large hazel eye, her hands tucked up by her chin. She eyed the belt in his hand as he moved towards the bed.

Hal watched her, the sweet curve of her body from back to ankle, the tumble of wavy hair over her shoulders, the shuddering breath as he placed one knee on the edge of the bed. Softly, gently, he pushed her skirt up with one hand, baring her ass. It was glorious, like her mother's must have been years ago, before childbirth and the cares of daily life, when she still cared about her figure. Hal rubbed it a moment before bringing the belt down on the tender flesh with a savage crack. Lucy cried out, the sound muffled by her pillow. Almost immediately a bright red welt rose against the whiteness of her skin. Hal raised the belt again and delivered another blow. Lucy whimpered and squirmed, until Hal pressed his free hand into the small of her back, pinning her under his much greater weight. He brought the belt down three more times, raising welts with each lash. At last he laid the belt on the bed.

"Now, that hurt, didn't it?" he said softly. He leaned close to her face. She nodded. Hal saw that there were tears on her cheeks, but not as many as he'd expected from the amount of whimpering and crying. He reached down and picked up the crumpled thong panties off the floor. "These are awfully wet, baby. What have you and David been up to tonight? Have you been acting like a little whore?" She shook her head quickly. Not that Hal believed her. He brought the panties to his face and breathed in deeply. "These reek of sex," he said coldly. "You've been fucking that little dirt bag." Lucy just looked at him.

"No," she whispered.

"Lying is just going to get you another bunch of licks, little girl." He thrust his rough hand between her legs, levering them apart. She cried out again, but it quickly turned into a gasp as he pushed two fingers into her snatch. She was tight and warm, and incredibly wet. It was a struggle to keep his breathing even as he caressed the velvety softness inside her. His other fingers noted with satisfaction that her bush was clipped short. It was with greatest reluctance that he withdrew his hand. His fingers glistened and he brought them to his lips. "That's not just you," he said, as his tongue flicked out. "You let that asshole fuck you raw." He slapped her ass hard with his bare hand. "That's another five licks."

"No!" Lucy cried out. "I didn't!"

"And two more for lying," he said matter-of-factly. The blows rained down on her already tender skin. Beneath the onslaught, the girl writhed and whined. But there was something in her movements that struck Hal as strange. She wasn't tensing for the blows, or even trying to move so as to catch them on the less tender, undamaged skin. When he finished, he let the belt drop to the floor. "Roll over," he ordered, schooling his voice to hardness, so that it betrayed none of his suspicions.

She rolled over slowly, wincing as her tender skin brushed against the sheets. Hal noticed with some satisfaction that she didn't even attempt to cover herself with her skirt or to straighten her top, which twisted and pulled to reveal a red lace bra that did indeed match her panties. But it wasn't the fabric that Hal was looking at. Her nipples were hard against the lace, her cheeks flushed and her lips swollen. Most notable of all was that fact that her eyes were dry. She had been crying, but had stopped some time ago.

"You really are a whore, aren't you?" Hal said with a nasty little chuckle. "Just been fucked a couple hours ago and you're ready to go again. What's the matter, baby? Dave don't know what he's doing?" He grabbed the belt and smacked her across the thighs without warning. Lying on her back now, Lucy couldn't hide her pleasure. She pressed into the smack of the leather, eyes closed and back arched. "You're loving this aren't you? Fucking slut."

Hal's own erection has been growing since the moment he'd caught that flash of skin and panties as she climbed in the window. Now he pulled off his t-shirt and unbuttoned his jeans, easing their hold on his stiff cock. Lucy watched him beneath lowered eyelids. "Maybe I should give you a few more for being such a naughty, twisted girl." A visible shiver moved over her body, but she didn't move or make a sound. Hal raised the belt and smacked her across the thighs again. This time she bit her lip with a little gasp. He hit her again as she squirmed.

Lucy opened her eyes and met Hal's. Gaze locked on him, she reached up and pulled her shirt lower, exposing her lace-clad breasts completely. She caressed them with her hands, pinching the nipples lightly through the fabric as he watched, spellbound. Then, with a tiny flick, she opened the clasp of her bra. The lace pulled away, only to catch on the stiff nubs. Hal couldn't resist the invitation. He leaned over his step-daughter and ripped the lace roughly away, letting his eyes feast on the sight. Her breasts were round and smooth with youth and he took one roughly in his hand, squeezing as he reveled in the contrast of his rough, tan skin on her soft white flesh. Her nipples were small and dark pink, like pencil erasers. He rolled one between his fingers before giving it a sharp, short pinch. Lucy moaned as she replaced his hand with his mouth, sucking her firm tit into his mouth and letting his teeth play across her skin.

He reached between her thighs again, and this time she spread them at his touch, lifting her hips, eager for his fingers to explore her once more. He felt the scratch of her fingernails on his back, pulling him closer. He couldn't believe that this was his step-daughter, the girl who'd barely spoken to him the first two years he'd known her.

After a few minutes he pulled away from her breasts, noting the redness of bites and hickeys. Lucy was panting, waiting for him. "You want me to fuck you?" Lucy's eyes went wide once more, but she bit her lip to hide her smile.

"No, Daddy," she whimpered. "Please don't. I'll be good from now on!" Her voice was soft and childish, an obvious act, but one that stirred him.

"I don't think you've learned your lesson yet, little girl," he growled. He pulled down his jeans and boxers, finally letting his erection stand free. He'd never been so hard in his life and he was gratified by Lucy's stuttering gasp. Clearly Dave couldn't compare to her step-daddy's thick ten inches. "You've been such a dirty girl," Hal said hoarsely as he knelt on the bed between his step-daughter's thighs. He lifted one of her legs and rested it on his shoulder. "I've got to make sure the lesson sticks, so you don't make this mistake again." He smacked her ass and she squirmed. The movement brought her pussy against his cock and Hal felt the pull of her warmth like a magnet.

"Give me your cock, Daddy," Lucy moaned. "Fuck me like a whore." She reached for his thick member with her small, delicate hands, rubbing the head against her dripping slit.

He grabbed her wrists hard in his rough hands and forced them over her head. His dick slid against her smooth lips. He was so close that it was almost too much for him to take, but he couldn't let her think that she was running this show. He switched his grip so that both her wrists were held in one large hand. He squeezed hard and leaned down, knowing he was probably leaving bruises and pleased with the thought of marking her.

"I will fuck you when I'm good and goddamn ready, bitch!" he growled into her ear. When he pulled away and examined her face, he saw that her eyes were once again wide with fear and pain. Hal's dick ached with the force of his erection and finally he couldn't resist anymore.

He thrust hard into Lucy's tight little cunt, making her cry out. There was pleasure in the sound, but pain too. She was much tighter than he'd expected and he held there a moment, reveling in the tears that leapt to her eyes. Slowly he began to pull out, her cunt tightening even more, as if to hold him there. She may have been fucking Dave that night, but it probably wasn't more than the second or third time she had. The thought of another man's dick inside her filled him with jealousy and rage. He slammed into her again, grinding against her so that he felt her juices on his balls. She whimpered louder with each small movement he made.

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