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It had nothing to do with Luke being black. It was just not a good time.

We were barely getting by on Rick's meager earnings driving cab and our rented house was just big enough for our daughter and us. Taking in a lodger would be pushing it.

Luke was one of Rick's school buddies and down on his luck. He had no job or money and needed a place to crash.

Try as I would I could not convince my husband it was not a good idea.

"It will just be for a little while." Rick promised.

We had to move our eight-year-old daughter into our bedroom with us so Luke could have her bedroom in our tiny two-bedroom bungalow.

It was really an inopportune time as Rick and I were working on our second child. I would be so embarrassed with the bed squeaking knowing Luke was lying in the next room listening to every moan I made.

Not having a job Luke was around all the time. Rick offered to get him a cab to drive but he thought he was too good for that. Instead he would sit around all day watching TV and smoking my cigarettes.

At first it was a bit strange having another man around. I could not walk around in my undies any more and had to remember to lock the bathroom door. Eventually I became more comfortable and even let him see me in only a bra and blue jeans.

I think they call it propinquity, being close to somebody until you gradually start liking them. I don't know if I sent out the wrong signals but Luke started making suggestive remarks about him and I "getting it on". I assure him I wasn't interested in anybody but my husband but I don't think he believed me.

We were sitting around watching reruns on TV and finishing off a bottle or red wine. Rick was working and I was only wearing my robe having showered after putting Jessica to bed.

I guess the wine made me careless. I was unaware that the belt on my robe had worked loose allowing Luke a generous view of my bare breasts.

Without warning Luke reached over and put his hand in my robe. Gently he squeezed my left breast.

"What are you doing?" I cried.

Without answering his other hand released the belt and opened my robe exposing my crotch. For some stupid reason I felt embarrassed as he looked at my tangled bush.

"Do you want to fuck?" Luke asked.

"No!" I snapped.

Undiscouraged Luke pushed me back on the sofa and completely opened my robe. I struggled but he was on top of me forcing his way between my legs. I panicked when I felt the head of his cock spreading my labia.

"No, I don't want your baby" I struggled to escape.

My pussy yielded to his hard cock and he started to enter me. Oh God no, I was unprotected and had a black cock going into me.

"Please!" I begged as he filled me.

I tried not to move in a desperate attempt to delay the inevitable. Slowly Luke started fucking. Instinctively my cunt betrayed me by starting to lubricate the big black cock in me. Involuntarily my hips twitched causing my cunt to provoke Luke's cock in me.

It was no good, Luke's cock had awakened a desire in me I was helpless to restrain. Shamelessly my legs wrapped around his hips and drew him into me.

"Oh Luke do you know what you are doing?" I asked as my hips began to move.

"Rick and I have an understanding." Luke answered.

Could it be true? Had my husband agreed to his black friend fucking me? It made sense in one way. My mother always said Rick was not good enough for me. Having a black baby would show what a slut I was.

Feeling somewhat justified in my infidelity I welcomed Luke into me.

Luke's hard black cock felt wonderful in me. It was so hard and thick compared to Rick's. My pussy gripped it like a rubber glove. He had amazing reach, the head of his cock felt as if it were touching my cervix.

"Oh yes!" I moaned as he stirred my orgasm.

Knowing that Rick approved of his friend fucking me made me want him all the more. I wrapped my arms around Luke and drawing him in I kissed him.

I held on for dear life as Luke rode me. I was quickly approaching my climax and new Luke was about to blow a load of his black baby batter into my hungry pussy.

"Cum in me Luke!" I pleaded as my cunt began to spasm around his cock.

The sensation his warm cum entering me drove me over the top sending me into the most intense orgasm of my life.

Luke collapsed exhausted on top of me his cock draining into my womb.

I wanted more! I wanted to get on top of Luke and ride his big pole. I took Luke into his bedroom and tossed my robe onto a chair. Luke stripped and joined me on his bed.

I had Luke lay on his back with his long black pole pointing toward the ceiling. Throwing my leg over him I lowered my still wet cunt down onto his shaft. Ten inches of beautiful ebony cock slid between my white pussy lips. I released all my weight until I felt his balls squash beneath my labia. Luke reached up and filled his hands with my tits.

I never imagined a cock could reach so far into me, it felt like it was going to come out of my mouth. I rocked my ass to feel it move inside of me. It was wonderful being in control of Luke's black monster.

How peculiar it was, here was a relative stranger for whom I had no feelings with his cock in me possibly fathering my baby and I was willingly encouraging him. I begin sliding my stretched lips up and down his shaft.

Each time I rested my weight on Luke's cock it felt as if it penetrated me deeper. I began driving him harder into me hoping he would be deep when he gave me his seed.

Luke squeezed my tits as my cunt clenched his cock. I was ready for another load of his jism.

Luke erupted in me like a volcano, his cum flooding my pussy like hot lava. His explosion tripped my climax as my juices flushed over his slick cock.

We fucked for about an hour before I left Luke's bed satisfied.

It was after 2 am when Rick joined me in bed.

"I'm full of black cum!" I whispered in his ear.

His hand went down and felt my drenched cunt.

He wasted no time spreading my legs and burying his face in my sloppy pussy. He began lapping and sucking up his friend's cum from my juicy cunt.

Millions of Luke's sperm had been swimming around in my cunt for hours so I knew he was not going to prevent my conceiving a black baby.

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