tagIncest/TabooLuke and Amy Ch. 02

Luke and Amy Ch. 02


Author's note: I considered breaking this story up into two separate chapters because of the length. But, I decided against it. It's a bit of a marathon, so buckle yourself in and enjoy.


Amy's alarm clock blared its annoying buzz at a quarter to six, waking her from a blissful post-coital sleep. She stretched her body over her brother and fumbled with the clock. After turning it off, she collapsed back into her pillow.

She and her brother were still nude from the incestuous fuck session they shared the night before. After a small bit of pillow talk, they drifted off to dream land in each other's arms.

Amy stayed quiet for a few minutes, looking at her sleeping brother and thinking about the night's events.

She wasn't at all ashamed about what happened. She loved him dearly. There was nothing to regret. It was a decision that they both made and Luke even gave her the chance to back out before it happened. She smiled to herself as her fingertip trailed along his collarbone. She knew last night was just the beginning. They had a month together and would make the most of it, starting today.

Amy gently climbed up, straddled her brother, and lightly kissed all over his face as she whispered, "Wake up sleepy head. Wake up," over and over until he stirred.

Luke blinked his tired eyes open and Amy sat up on his lap. He was greeted with her perfect naked form and her glorious breasts as he awoke.

"Hey, Squirt," Luke greeted, with grogginess in his voice. He smiled as his cock began to stir already.

"Hey, you." Amy grinned back. "Are you ready for another fun day?"

Her brother wrapped his arms around her and sat up, holding her close. Her generous bosom pressed against the top of his chest.

"You know I am. Are you really going to skip school today?"

His sister nodded with a smile painted on her lips. "Yes I am. Unless, you don't want me to," she teased him as she rocked lightly on his hardening shaft.

"What's your plan to make it happen?" he asked as his mouth made its way to her tits, kissing and nibbling on her flesh.

Amy dropped her head back and whimpered at the sensations of his mouth on her before she spoke. Her fingers trailed through his soft short brown hair. "Well, I have to dress for school and leave at seven. I was thinking, maybe we tell Mom and Dad that you want to borrow my car today, so you will drop me off at school."

"Sounds good to me," Luke mumbled into her skin.

"They should both leave for work by eight. After that, we come back here and have our fun. Mom will get home around four, probably." Amy moaned softly as his mouth found her sensitive nipple and he sucked it between his teeth.

Luke gripped her ass with one hand and squeezed it hard. He let go of her nipple to look up at her. "So, I get to fuck my baby sister for eight hours today. That sounds fantastic." His member returned to full hard as she grinded on his lap.

Amy giggled. "Yes, I wonder how many times we will be able to cum. I bet it'll be a record for the both of us."

"We should keep tally marks on your body," Luke said, and then bit her left nipple.

His sister sealed her lips and squealed as she writhed on his lap. She waited until he pulled back before speaking. "I love that idea. It will be like we are playing a game or something." Amy gently tugged her brother's head back by his hair, and then dropped a kiss on his lips. "I'm going to go hop in the shower. Are you going to go after me?"

"I wish I could go with you, but I guess that will have to wait," Luke said, and then pecked her lips again.

"You'll get that later." Amy winked, and then slid out of his embrace.

Her feet touched the carpet and she bent over. Her mouth swallowed her brother's erection completely. She mashed her pretty face down into his pelvis. Her slippery tongue pressed hard against his flesh. Amy sucked back up quickly, rocking her head side to side on the way.

"You'll get that later too," she giggled, and then scurried around the air mattress on the floor, making her way to the bathroom.

They mercifully ended their shenanigans before their parents awoke downstairs.

Luke shook his head. "You're such a tease."

"It's only a tease if you didn't get anything. You got plenty last night, and trust me, my dear brother, you'll get way more than that," she said and then closed the bathroom door.

Luke smiled as his head hit the pillows again. He heard Amy start the water for her shower. He was filled with excitement for the days and weeks that lay ahead.

Luke thought for a moment about getting breakfast. But, he couldn't in such a state. He thought about spring training, and the fact that the Cubs were not likely to win the World Series for the near future. He was lying in Amy's mostly dried, but still slightly damp staining juices.

Inside the bathroom, Amy shampooed and conditioned her long brown hair and she cleansed her body of the sex the night before. Amy scrubbed at the ink on her calf. It was where her brother had her admit that she wanted him to fuck her. It mostly came off, but there was still a trace of it left.

She wanted to be soft and smooth for him. She quickly shaved her legs, armpits, and her pussy bare. She finished her shower and wrapped herself in a pink bathrobe and her hair in a towel.

Amy opened the bathroom door and smiled at him. "It's all yours in there."

"Did you save me some hot water?" he teased her.

"Yes," Amy replied, rolling her eyes. "I was only in there like fifteen minutes. Not my usual half an hour."

Luke got up from her bed and collected the articles of clothes that were spread around the room. He tossed them in the hamper before meeting her in the bathroom.

Amy looked over at him as she brushed her teeth. She couldn't stifle a giggle at the sight of his wobbling balls. Luke chuckled softly as her toothpaste frothed down her chin. He slid into the shower a moment later.

Amy rinsed out her mouth and then washed her face. She squatted down to get her blow dryer out the cabinet, and then plugged it in.

"Jeez, do you have anything that's not girly in here?" Luke asked from behind the curtain.

"Hmm... well, I am a girl, so doesn't that sort of explain itself?" Amy laughed as she towel dried her hair. "It's not that bad, I don't like flowery things, the soap smells like soap. You're not an Axe man are you?"

"No, I'm an Old Spice guy," Luke replied, soaping himself up.

"Well, you're hard to please. We can stop by the store while we are waiting to come back home," Amy chortled, and then began blow drying her hair.

"I just know what I like!" her brother protested loud enough for her to hear over the hair dryer.

"Can you even buy that stuff over there?" Amy asked and then flipped her head down, drying the underside of her hair.

"Yeah, but I just order it online. It's easier that way."

Amy laughed. "You're needy."

Luke pulled back the shower curtain, with his hair still full of shampoo. "Well, you're a slut in bed."

She straightened herself back up and looked into his blue eyes. She clicked off the dryer so he could hear her clearly. "I find that term endearing, so thank you, Luke. I am a slut in bed and you like me that way." She grinned, nibbling her lip as she awaited his response.

"You got that right. I love you that way. I love how dirty you talk." He smiled, and then closed the curtain and rinsed his hair.

Luke finished his shower as Amy dried her hair. Her brother toweled off and she parted her brunette mane for pigtail French braids.

Luke went back to her room and fished a pair of jeans and a black t-shirt out of his luggage. He was elated when he found his toothbrush. He went back to the bathroom, where his sister was still braiding her hair and playfully pushed her over before brushing his teeth.

"Some things never change, do they?" She sighed with her hands tied up in a braid.

Luke smiled through his whitening toothpaste.

Amy finished braiding, and then tied blue ribbons into the ends of her hair. They nearly perfectly matched the color of her eyes.

She left the bathroom and went to her closet. She pulled out all the necessary garments for her school uniform and laid them out on her bed.

Amy slipped into her silk, pink, high cut bikini panties and tied the sides in bows. The panties matched the ones she wore in one of the pictures her brother stumbled upon. She thought he would like the surprise. She quickly put her blue and green, plaid, knee length skirt on over it in case he came out of the bathroom before she was done getting ready.

Amy leaned forward, setting her large breasts into a matching pink, square cupped, silk bra. It had a pink ribbon weaved in along the cups. She tied a duplicate bow with ribbon between her tits that matched the ones on her hips. Her breasts were propped up even better than her tight young, gravity defying body held them.

Luke came out of the bathroom and Amy threw her white collared shirt on over herself before he could see. She turned back to him as she buttoned the top buttons.

"I didn't tell you yesterday, but you make that uniform look amazing," Luke said with a grin, stepping into a pair of gray boxer briefs.

"Really?" Amy smiled as she tied her blue and green striped tie. "It's just what I have to wear every day. It doesn't seem that special to me."

"God yes. I want to fuck you while you wear it. I want to pull your skirt up and fuck you from behind," Luke replied devilishly, and then put his jeans on.

His sister shivered. "I would very much love that."

She pulled the dark blue sweater vest up over her head and smoothed it out on her stomach. Then, she found her rectangular framed glasses on the nightstand and slid them on her face.

Luke put his t-shirt on and watched as his sister sat on the bed and put her white knee highs on. Tassels dangled from the outside of her legs, just below her knees. He missed finding out what panties and bra she had on, but he liked the suspense of finding out soon enough. Amy slipped black Mary Janes onto her feet, and then made her bed.

Her brother's eyes continued focusing on her as he rubbed through the scruff on his face. His mind was preoccupied but he made a mental note to buy razors at the store.

Amy finished making her bed, and then walked over to her brother. She dropped the last kiss on his lips that she would be able to give for the time being. She loved how his lips felt against hers. Her tongue gently glided over his lips and pushed into his mouth before she pulled away with a wicked smile, rejecting his lips that attempted to suckle her tongue.

"You're a tease," Luke groaned. He wanted to push her down on the bed and make love to her right now, or at least make out with her and feel her body underneath his hands.

"As I said, it's not a tease if you get something later. Call it a cliffhanger." Amy winked, and then headed out of her room.

Luke shook his head and sighed. He followed her downstairs.

Phil, his father, was sitting at the table reading the paper and drinking coffee. His mother, Kathryn, was busy starting the daily crossword and sinking her teeth into a toasted bagel.

He watched as Amy kissed her dad's cheek as she said good morning with the lips that were wrapped around his erection the night before and just moments ago. Then, she did the same to her mother. It made his member twitch beneath his clothes. Luke also felt a twinge of frost in his stomach, finding it both erotic and too dirty for his own mind to comprehend.

His sister brushed by him at the entrance to the dining room and she smiled to herself. Then, she made a bowl of off-brand honey toasted oats at the counter.

Luke came up behind her as she poured the cereal. With their parents out of view in the dining room, he wrapped his arm around her stomach and grinded his crotch against her skirt covered ass. Amy bit her lip and rolled her hips back against him for several moments, feeling him grow again beneath his jeans. Her skirt gathered up around her bum as her brother dry humped her in the kitchen.

"In a little over an hour I'm going to fuck you right here," Luke whispered in her ear.

His sister nuzzled her head against him as he lightly kissed her ear. She wanted so say something, she wanted to moan. It made her grow warm between her thighs doing this with their parents so close. Her brother's soft kisses moved down to her neck and he licked beneath the collar of her shirt.

Luke backed away and left his sister breathing a little harder than normal.

She turned to him and they both shared a wicked grin before she spoke. "Do you want cereal?"

"Sure," he replied casually. He reached down to adjust his package.

Amy watched him and she giggled before reaching in the cabinet for another bowl. They both brought their cereal to the dining room and sat down with their parents.

"What are your plans for the day, Luke?" his father asked.

Amy ate a spoonful of cereal as she squirmed in excitement. Hopefully, it wasn't noticeable to anyone but her brother.

He finished chewing before answering. "I wanted to go around the city and maybe see if any of my old friends from high-school are around. Amy said I could borrow her car today."

"Aren't you just a doll to your big brother?" Kathryn asked with a smile.

"I do my best, Mom." Amy replied and then took another spoonful.

"I'll drop her off, go exploring, and then pick her up at school. You guys still get out at two-thirty, right?" Luke locked eyes with his sister across the table.

She nodded a response as the cereal crunched between her teeth.

Both Luke and Amy finished their breakfast. Luke took her bowl for her and rinsed it in the sink, and then put it in the dishwasher. Amy gathered up her book bag from the front room and put it over one shoulder.

She returned to the kitchen and squatted down to pet Penny. She kissed the yellow lab's head, and then went to the dining room.

"I'll see you later. I love you guys." Amy said with a smile.

"Love you too, Amy," her mother and father replied in unison.

Amy pulled her car keys from her backpack and handed them to Luke. They went out the front door and down the few stairs that led to the side walk. Luke tickled the palm of her hand as they made their way to her dark green Honda Accord that was parked on the street. The car was her mother's, handed down to her when she was sixteen.

Luke clicked the remote and unlocked the doors for them. They slid in and both of them buckled their seatbelts.

Her brother looked over at her as he started up the car. "You should call Kristy, or text her. Tell her you're ditching school to hang out with your brother all day, but to keep it a secret or something like that."

"You're right. Or else she might be wondering where I am. I always tell her if I'm sick," Amy said and then pulled her phone from her bag. Her thumbs went to work typing a text message. "She will totally understand me skipping to be with you."

Luke smiled as he drove down the familiar streets he grew up on. "You should tell her that you're skipping to fuck me," he chuckled.

Amy playfully punched his arm. "Oh yeah, that'll go over great. Our cover will officially be blown."

They shared an intense glance as she finished sending her text message. Kristy replied immediately.

"Damn she's fast," Luke said.

Amy chortled. "She said, 'Awesome! Have fun! I'll tell everyone you're out sick. I'll get you your homework. Give me a call later so we can meet up to get the prom flyers and tickets done.'"

"That's if I can get you away from me long enough for you to meet up with her," Luke said with a wink.

His hand found her knee and pushed her skirt up her thigh as he drove and she typed a quick reply to her best friend.

His sister opened her legs for him. "I think we may have to stop fucking some times while you're here," she giggled.

"I would be okay if we didn't have to." Luke grinned, letting his fingers trail up and down her inner thigh.

"Me too. Too bad Mom and Dad don't have a vacation planned or anything." Amy whimpered as her brother's fingertips grazed over her silk panties before coming back down again.

"Well, we can't win everything. You may have to skip school a few more times though."

"I'll see what I can do. I believe I can have three absences this semester and still be excused from finals." Amy gently trailed her fingers along his forearm as he touched her.

Luke continued the same tease up and down her flesh, just barely touching her panties with each stroke before coming back down to her knee. "What am I going to do with you? My baby sister is volunteering to play hooky only to have her brother's cock inside of her all day."

Luke turned to her and grinned. He stopped at the light and kissed his sister's soft lips. It was his chance to bait her. He pulled back just as his tongue entered into her mouth.

Amy bit her lip as he took off from the stop light. "You can bend me over your lap and spank me for being a naughty little girl," she said softly in a very girly tone of voice.

Luke pushed the pads of his fingers into her slit through her thin silk panties, gathering her nectar on the fabric.

"Also, don't forget about spring break. We should do something fun."

"Now that sounds like a perfect plan." Luke's fingers traced up and down her pussy slit a few times beneath her panties, causing them to stain with her fluids. Then, his hand disappeared again.

Amy whimpered at his touch and her nipples swelled under her clothing. She wanted to just grab his hand and shove it in her panties, but she loved how he was teasing her and building her arousal.

"There is a pharmacy about two blocks away from the school. Do you want to stop in there?"

"Sounds good," Luke replied.

The torturous tease continued until they arrived at the pharmacy. Amy decided to stay in the car and wait for him to return in case any of her classmates were inside.

Luke picked up shampoo, razors, shaving cream, Old Spice body wash, lube, and a special surprise for his sister from the same aisle.

He checked out and went back to the car. He put a bow on top of the gift and stuffed it back in the bag.

He dropped the bag in Amy's lap and she noticed the razors immediately. "You're going to shave? I love your scruff and I think you'd look so handsome with a beard. I love how it feels between my tits and against my thighs."

"It'll grow back, Squirt. But, maybe you're right. I might let it grow out a bit. Also, keep looking in there, there's a present for you," he said with a wink.

Amy peeked in the bag again. "I see lube. I assume that's for later. Good thing you got it because I don't have any."

"Keep looking," Luke said as he left the parking lot.

Amy dug around, moving the shampoo bottle and body wash. She pulled out a vibrating cock ring inside a pink box with a green bow on top. "Oh, this looks like fun."

Luke looked over and smiled. "What do you think?"

His sister read the box. "I've never used anything like this before. I'm guessing you put it on the base of your cock and it vibrates. Am I right?"

"You got it. It makes my cock keep the blood in it so I get really thick. Also, it will vibrate my cock inside of you, which feels good for the both of us. The little notch on there, you see in the picture, that's where the vibrator is, and well, more pleasure for you."

Amy shivered and rubbed her thighs together. "Oh my goodness! That sounds fucking fantastic!"

Luke and Amy shared a smile. They continued to drive around, back towards the house. They wasted time until a bit past eight o'clock.

It was Amy's turn to tease him. Her hand rubbed along his thigh and scratched his balls through his jeans. She cupped his package, and then tickled down his leg.

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