tagIncest/TabooLuke and Amy Ch. 10

Luke and Amy Ch. 10


Amy watched the Illinois scenery zoom by. The sky was gray and littered with clouds, shielding the sun. Large plowed farms were the only accompaniment to the scenery.

She felt her brother squeeze her hand and she turned to him and smiled. They were almost to civilization, but Chicago Proper was still a couple of hours away. They had left their grandmother's house in the early morning and were both thoroughly looking forward to having the house to themselves until Monday evening.

"Hey, handsome," she said with a smile, breaking a long peaceful silence between them. Her eyes trailed over his masculine features.

Luke glanced over and grinned. "Hello, beautiful."

Amy leaned over and kissed his cheek, just above his beard line. She settled back into her seat and curled one of her legs under her. Her head rested against the headrest, turned to the left so that she could look at him.

"Are you still doing okay? If you want a nap, I can drive for a bit." She reached over and trailed her hand over his arm that was covered with a soft, dark blue hooded sweat shirt.

"I'm good, thanks for the offer though. I may want a nap when we get home." He paused for a moment and smirked. "That is, after I fuck you."

His sister squirmed and giggled, "Nap all you want after you use me, my sexy man."

"I'm sure that my nerdy goddess has a lot of homework to catch up on today. So, that would be a good time for a nap."

"I don't have too much, but yes. It'll be a perfect time."

Amy rested her head on his shoulder and closed her eyes. She wasn't sleepy. She just wanted to be close to him. She breathed in his scent and cuddled in, wrapping her free arm around his.

"Hey, Luke, can I ask you something?" Her eyes remained closed.

"Always." He kissed through her brown hair.

"You said you were leaving March thirtieth, right?"

"That was the original plan, yes," Luke replied.

"Original plan?"

"Well, I've been thinking, since school doesn't start till the third, I could stay an extra day or two."

Amy perked up, lifting her head off of his shoulder, smiling wide. Her tone was excited as she rhetorically asked, "Really?"

"Really," her brother confirmed with a bright smile that matched hers. "I really don't need an entire weekend to get prepared for the semester. So, I was going to see if I can change my return flight to that Friday or Saturday."

She started bouncing in place, unable to control her jubilation. "Oh goodness, I hope so!"

"I really hope so too. I'll see what I can do. I promise."

"Another twenty-four or forty-eight hours with you would be wonderful. Also, I won't have to skip school to go to the airport with you."

"You want to come see me off?" he asked.

"Of course I do. Every moment with you is precious." She kissed through his facial hair, and then rested her head back on his shoulder and snuggled in tighter, pressing her breasts against his arm. "I'll be a mess, I'm sure. But, I want to go."

He smiled, and then kissed her head again. "I could be a mess too. Leaving you is going to be hell."

"It is." Amy sighed. "But, you have to go back. As you've said, you don't have much longer."

"I'd rather stay here with you."

His sister nuzzled her forehead into his neck. "I would like that too. But, I'm not letting you stay. You need to finish school. That doesn't mean I won't miss you. But, it's important that you go back."

"I know." He rested his cheek against her head. His voice was soft as he spoke, "I'll miss you more than you know."

She closed her eyes and drew in a deep breath, in attempt to keep tears from forming in her eyes. Her words came out a bit shaky, "So will I."

"Do you still want to come visit me in the summer?" He lifted his head to give himself a better view of the highway.

"Oh yes, I absolutely will." She had calmed the tears away and smiled. "It won't be too long till then."

"No it won't. And, I'll help you pay for the trip as much as I can."

"Thank you. I know I'll get a lot of money for graduation gifts, but I'm not sure how much it'll be."

He changed into the left lane to pass a slowly driven vehicle. "Well, you won't have to pay for a hotel."

She grinned and angled her head up so she could look up at his face. "Is that so?"

"Yup. My roommate is pretty cool, I've been teaching him English so it won't be all that weird. It won't be like you can never talk to him and it's always awkward."

"Well, umm, he knows you have a sister, doesn't he?"

"Yeah, but he's never seen a picture of you. I don't even think he knows your name."

Amy raised a chestnut brow and pulled away from his shoulder, but still keeping his her arm around his. "You've never told him my name?"

He chuckled. "Well, I haven't lived with him long. We moved in together in January. I always refer to you as 'meine Schewester,' and he refers to you as, 'deine Schewester,' meaning your sister."

She giggled, putting her head back down. "Well, it's probably a good thing he doesn't know my name. You should keep it that way."

"I definitely will."

The car was quiet for several minutes, except for the hum of the engine and the occasional clicking of the turn signal when Luke passed by other motorists.

During the silence, a melody began filling her mind. She closed her eyes and focused on it, it was soft and lyrical at first, and quickly started becoming more intense and passionate.

Luke was caught by surprise when she suddenly jerked up. "Are you okay?"

"Yes, yes," she replied in a hurried tone, "I just need to write something down." She reached to the floorboard, and then dug a pen out of her purse.

He kept a confused look on his face, but stayed quiet. Amy sat up on her knees and he glanced over to see her ass in her dark wash blue jeans. She turned in the seat, and then reached back into the pocket on the back of the passenger seat. Luke's eyes trailed over again as she turned around and her breasts bounced underneath her zipped up Cubs hoodie as she plopped back down in the seat.

She opened up her manuscript notebook, and then scrambled to find a blank page. Quickly, she drew treble clefs and bass clefs on all of the blank staffs on the page. Luke's puzzled expression faded when he realized what she was doing.

Amy closed her eyes again and hummed the opening melody she heard. She filled in the key signature and time signature, and then hummed the tune slowly as she began to notate it. Her fingers tapped on her knee occasionally, as if she was playing piano keys, and then she would fill in more notes.

She put her feet up on the dashboard and put the manuscript pad on her thighs. Her pen was going wild on the paper, writing out the piano piece that she was hearing in her head.

Luke took glances over at what she was writing, but he let her work with a smile on his face. He loved when she was focused on something.

When she turned to a blank page, he asked, "What is it you're writing?"

"One second," she muttered. She finished the phrase before answering, "I have to write a piece for my music theory class by the end of the semester. And, this will be it." While it was a piece for her class, it truly was her brother's song and she hoped to serenade him with it.

"That's awesome. Did it just come to you?"

She took a moment to fill out treble and bass clefs down the page and the next while they talked. "Yeah, pretty much."

"How does that happen?" he questioned with curiosity.

"It's the same as when you hear a random song in your head. Except, this isn't one you've heard before. I can't really explain it better than that. It just happens, and when it does, I need to write it out before I forget it."

"You don't have to." Luke smiled. "You're incredible."

Amy went back to writing. "You're not so bad yourself, love."

He rolled to a stop at a tollbooth. "Can I have a kiss before you get focused again?"

"I'm already there, but yes, you can have a kiss anytime you want."

Her brother turned his head, and she turned in her seat. Their lips met with a gentle brush, and then their tongues glided into each other's mouths. They played with and massaged the other's tongue for a few moments until Luke had to pull up to the booth.

He pulled the cash from his pocket and paid the toll. Amy went back to work.

Luke listened to the song that she was softly singing. Already, he liked how it sounded. Her hand was furiously writing, filling in the staffs.

The siblings were a couple miles from the exit for the shopping mall in the suburbs when Amy finished writing. She started from the beginning and sang the notes inside of her head, so that her brother wouldn't hear. She gave herself a nod as she closed up the notebook.

Luke looked over at her and said, "All done?"

"I think so." His sister smiled at him. "It's quite a lot longer than was necessary for the class. But, that won't matter. It was just a minimum, and I tripled it," she said smugly.

"You always do more than the minimum for anything." He took her hand again now that it was free.

She dropped the notebook on the floorboard, and then sat back in her seat. "You're right. I hope you think it's a good thing."

"It's a great thing."

Luke exited the highway, and then drove them towards the parking lot. The mall was right off of the highway. He didn't waste time looking for a space and took the first one he found. He knew Amy wouldn't complain about having to walk an extra few feet.

They got out of the car, and then met up by the trunk. Their hands interlocked again as they walked towards the doors.

"Are you going to help me pick out some stuff today?" Amy asked.

He looked over at her, watching her chestnut mane bounce on her chest. "Of course I will. Though, some stuff I pick out may be too slutty for you." He winked.

She swung their hands back and forth in the air as she smiled brightly. "That is a possibility. However, I think, too slutty to wear out may be a better way to put it."

"So, some will be for my eyes only?" Luke wiggled his eyebrows.

"A lot will be for your eyes only, my love." She kissed his lips gently, and then passed through the door that he was holding open.

The siblings walked hand in hand into the three-story mall. They reached a map and Amy tapped her lip as she looked over it, planning the best route to hit the stores that she wanted to go to.

"Do you plan on buying anything for yourself today?" She asked as she scanned over the backlit map.

"Is that sports store still on the third floor?"

His sister pointed to its exact location. "Yup, right here."

"I want to stop in there, but besides that, I wasn't planning on anything else." He kissed her temple.

"Okay, well if you want to stop somewhere, just drag me on in."

"Well, since you're the one we're here for. I would say you're the one who's doing the draggin' around," he said teasingly.

Amy playfully slapped his arm. "We are here to buy lingerie and skimpy dresses for me to wear for you. I would say that this is actually more of a shopping trip for you than me."

"You're onto something there."

They shared a salacious grin, and then began walking. Luke let her lead. The mall was set up a bit off-kilter with escalators and stairs in random places and the floor layouts did not stack right on top of each other. They dodged a small herd of teenage girls as they made their way to the first store.

"Where are we going first?" He asked.

"There is a pair of stilettos that I've been eying for a while, so we are going to go get those. Also, I'll be able to wear them while I try stuff on and it'll make more sense to wear those instead of sneakers with short skirts."

Luke smiled, already looking forward to what he was in for. He had been shopping with girls before and it always felt like a chore. But, today was not going to be that way.

Amy stopped in her tracks, and then they went inside of counter-culture store with loud heavy metal music playing. Luke was a bit puzzled at first, but kept his hand in hers as they went in. A sales girl who had more tattoos than bare skin greeted them as they walked in. The siblings smiled at her.

Amy took her brother straight to the back where the shoes were. She was on a mission. Luke's eyes got distracted by the numerous tiny skirts on the wall while she looked over a shoe rack.

She noticed where he was looking and grinned. "Do you like anything up there?"

"A couple." He grinned back.

His sister hooked her fingers into the sling-backs of a pair of shiny, black, peep-toe platform stilettos with contrasting red trim. "Decide what you like while I get these in my size.

Luke nodded an affirmation, and then she let go of his hand. He was left staring at what seemed like an endless amount of mini-skirts. All of them lacked enough material to make the garments proper. Some were more punky than others, some bright almost neon colors, pleats, smooth, plaid schoolgirl-eqse ones, shiny metallic, and sequins. Anything a male could imagine hung on the wall and he knew Amy would look mouthwatering in any of them.

Amy came back and sat down on a tiny bench after getting a sales associate to retrieve the shoes in her size. She took off her sneakers and socks, and then began rolling her jeans up her calves. She looked over at her brother who seemed to be in a trance. "Find anything yet?"

He hadn't even realized that she had returned. It took him a moment to reply. "Yeah, a lot of things actually."

"Good. Gabe will be back with the shoes in a second." She swung her bare feet, grazing her toes on the floor while she waited.

"Gabe? Who's Gabe?" His eyes were transfixed on berry colored, pucker flared skirt with a black band. The garment looked to be maybe six inches from top to bottom, definitely not any more.

"He's the sales guy that's helping me." She looked over at him and couldn't help but laugh at the bewildered expression on his face.

Gabe returned, carrying a shoe box. He opened it for Amy, and then handed her the shoes. She slipped her feet into them and hooked the sling-backs over her heels.

"Could you help my boyfriend?" She asked sweetly, pointing towards her brother. After the words came out of her mouth she smiled, realizing that was the first time she had called Luke her boyfriend out loud to anyone else.

The salesman with three vertical piercings in each eyebrow smiled. "Of course I can." He went over to pick up a pole that would help him reach anything high up on the wall.

Amy stood up and stepped over to a mirror, Luke took notice and wondered for a moment how she was able to walk in shoes like that, but she did so with finesse. Her hips swayed and what he could see of her calves looked amazing.

She looked over her feet with a giant smile on her face, looking at her lower legs from all angles. "Like them?"

Luke nodded, enjoying how the light caught on the shiny patent leather. "Very much."

She giggled and kicked one foot up behind her before scurrying over to him. She kissed his lips, and then pulled away quickly when Gabe returned.

Luke pointed at several skirts and the salesman fished them down. Some of the items had matching tops with them, much like bikini tops. Amy didn't look at the price tags on anything as the number of hangers grew in her fingers and Luke's. She had money saved since she had started babysitting at thirteen.

Gabe showed Amy to the dressing room, which was more like a closet with a curtain than anything else. She thanked him for his help, and then began putting the hangers on the hook in the room. Luke handed her the rest of the items, and then she drew the curtain closed.

She slipped her feet out of the stilettos, and then took of her hoodie and jeans. She slipped into the first skirt and buttoned it on her hip. It was pink and black plaid with suspenders that hung down off the hips, giving it a punky look. The skirt hugged her hips, set right below her hip bones.

Amy put the heels back on, and then went over to the mirror to look herself over. The back of the garment wasn't long enough to cover her butt. She giggled, feeling extra slutty and a bit shy since she had never worn something so short. Also, she was thankful she had on a red thong so her cheeks were on display. Her green t-shirt didn't make sense with the skirt, but left plenty of her stomach to view.

She went back to the curtain and pulled it open just a little so she could see her brother by poking her head out. He was chatting with the salesman a couple steps away.

"Luke," she got his attention. He stepped closer and she whispered, "This is so short it doesn't even cover my butt."

"I think that's the point," he said with a wicked grin. "Let me see."

Amy's cheeks turned pink. "I can't come out there. Everyone will see."

Luke looked over at Gabe and he gave him a go-ahead nod to go in there with her. The men shared an understanding smile, and then Luke stepped inside the dressing room.

His sister's platform stilettos brought her almost up to eyelevel with him. He kissed her lips softly before taking a step back to look her over. He could see the bottom of her ass clearly in the mirror, peeking out beneath the pleated skirt.

She nibbled her lip as she did a slow spin for him. His fingers grazed over her exposed bum as she turned.

"You look ridiculously hot," he muttered. "Insanely hot."

"Really?" She blushed while playing with the dangling suspenders.

"Fuck yes." He reached around her and patted her ass. "Bend over. Let me see you like that."

Amy giggled and turned around. She bent from her waist, looking over her shoulder at her brother as her skirt rose up higher and higher, completely showing off her ass. She wiggled her butt at him and he softly groaned from the view of her bum and red lace covered mound.

She backed up into him, grinding her butt against his crotch. His hands found her hips and he pulled her into him. Her pussy grew warm as she felt his cock stir with life beneath his jeans.

Luke leaned over her, his hands trailing up to grope her ample breasts. His cock pressed against her, dry humping his sister as he whispered, "I'm going to fuck you wearing everything you buy today."

Her knees went weak and his grip held her up. "I'd like that very much," she whimpered.

He kissed her warm cheek before backing away, leaving her breathing a little harder than normal. It took her a moment to recover and he picked up another skirt.

"The one you have on is a keeper, let's keep going or else we will never get out of here." He grinned as he handed her the next one.

Amy tried on several different skirts. Most were just as short as the pink plaid one; some were just a little longer and covered her ass, but nothing more. The more she tried on, the more comfortable she got wearing things so short. Some of them looked better on the rack than on her. They weren't bad, they just weren't the best.

When Amy put on a satin black skirt with attached garters and a bow over right where her pussy was, Luke lost his breath for a moment. His mouth watered and his heart jumped several beats. The garment left just a peek at her butt, but she only had to bend over just a tiny amount before it began showing her off underneath the small pleats.

He cleared his throat, but his voice remained husky. "That's my favorite so far."

"Yeah?" Amy beamed. She ran her hands over the soft material and tugged on the garters. "I like this one too." She looked at herself in the mirror and spun around, checking it out from every angle. "Where am I going to wear all of these?"

"It's not about where you'll wear them. It's about wearing them for me." He picked up the last skirt left on the rack while she began taking off the black satin one. "I don't think we'll even get out of the hotel room if you were to wear that. So, I wouldn't worry about it."

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