Luke and Amy


Amy had changed into a pair of low cut, hip hugging jeans that allowed a view of her hip bones. Her lower stomach was visible with a minimal amount of flesh showing. She wore a tight, baby pink t-shirt with a stylish slit down her chest. It had an oddly adorable picture of Mickey and Minnie Mouse holding hands with little hearts floating around them against the sexy cut of the shirt.

Her outfit showed that she was still his innocent kid sister but a vixen at the same time.

"Fuck me," Luke mumbled under his breath as she stepped onto the bottom stair.

Amy plopped down at the other end of the sofa and pulled her calculus book from her backpack. She curled one leg under her, resting her bare foot under the other knee. She put the book on the cushion next to her, and then fished out a notebook, calculator, and pencil from her bag. She patted Penny's lower back and smiled before getting to her homework.

Luke attempted to make it look like he was using the pillow to support his elbows while reading. He kept his nose in the novel as his eyes peered over at his sister. Amy was turned to her side, facing him, as she wrote down a problem from the book.

Luke could clearly make out the lace outlines of her bra beneath the thin fabric of her shirt. The color was a shade or two darker, but not so dark her undergarment could be black. The slit down her shirt put her cleavage conspicuously on display.

He wanted to stop looking. He knew eyeing her was making it worse. He squeezed his eyes tight and still saw her in his vision as if his eyes were open.

Amy turned forward again and began working on the equation.

"I haven't been home in over three years and you're doing homework?" Luke teased.

His sister didn't look up from her work, punching numbers into the calculator between scribbles.

"Well, it's not going to do itself and it's due tomorrow." She paused for a moment, thinking about her work before she continued speaking. "So unless you want to do it for me, I have no other choice."

Luke rolled his eyes and put his book down on top of the pillow.

"Amy, you've already gotten your acceptance letters for college, right?"

"Yup," she replied quickly.

"How many did you get into?" he asked rhetorically. He knew the answer because she called him screaming with excitement when each one arrived.

"Four." Her eyes never left her paper except to look at the book or calculator.

Luke sighed. "You do realize that colleges don't care at all about your second semester of your senior year, right?"


"So," he drew out the word, "I think that homework has sort of already done itself, wouldn't you agree?"

Amy didn't answer until she had finished the equation. Then, she put her pencil against the spine of her open math book and turned her torso to her brother. She pushed her glasses up on her nose.

"Luke, I love you and I'm thrilled that you're here, as you clearly know. However, my class rank is ninth. There are people nipping at my heels to put me down to at least eleventh. I'm sitting on the stage at graduation if you're home right now, or not," Amy answered in all seriousness.

Luke tossed his paperback at her playfully. "Amy, you are the epitome of dork."

She threw the heavy tome back at him harder. "Look who's talking, 'The Autobiography of Mark Twain,' really? How many words can they write about one man?"

Luke rubbed his chest where the book hit him. "First off, it's a long flight. Second," he turned to the last page, "560 pages worth."

Amy rolled her eyes and let out a breath that traveled up, causing stray wisps of her hair to fly up from her face.

"And, that's just volume one," Luke snickered.

They both chuckled together for several moments before Amy got back to her homework.

Luke let her work, looking up over his book to steal glances every time she would turn to write down the next equation.

One time, she reached into the neckline of her shirt to scratch an itch on her shoulder. The fabric stretched across her shoulder, pulling it just so he could see the royal blue lace of her bra cup. He closed his lips tight and moaned inside his throat as his cock twitched once again.

Luke forgot where he was on the page again, and realized he had read the same three paragraphs over and over.

He couldn't help himself. A siren was sitting less than four feet away. She was his sister, yes. But the thoughts continued to swim in his mind telling him to imagine her naked and bouncing on his lap like she was earlier. Then, another voice kept reminding him that this was the girl who he watched over and protected. The girl who admired him and he taught how to ride a bike. It was like an angel and a demon were having a war in his head.

Luke broke the silence after a half an hour. "Hey, Squirt."

"Mmhmm?" she answered as she was in the middle of writing.

"Are you and Derek still together?"

Amy shook her head and finished the equation before answering with words. "We broke up about a month ago."

Luke smiled inwardly. A second later, he knew it was awful that he enjoyed the thought of her being unattached.

"Why?" she asked, looking over her shoulder.

"Just curious. You were really into him. You guys were together for over a year, right?"

Amy nodded, "Yeah. But, looking back, maybe I wasn't into him as much as I thought. It was probably just because he was my first and only boyfriend."

"What happened?" Luke asked sincerely.

"I don't know, really. He just started getting really weird. He said he didn't trust me or something like that."

"Why wouldn't he trust you?"

Amy shrugged. "I have no idea. I never cheated or anything, or even thought about it. He just didn't want to be with me anymore, I guess."

Luke didn't understand and he wasn't sure if Amy did either.

"I bet Dad has been beating boys away with a baseball bat since then, huh?"

His sister raised a brow. "What, are you kidding? Me, being chased by boys? No fucking way."

Luke couldn't help but chuckle. He wondered if she really had no idea how hot she was. He figured she had to have some idea, or maybe not. He also wondered what could possibly be wrong with the guys at school. He hoped they saw it too, because at least that wouldn't mean he was crazy. Maybe they figured she was too good for them, which she was.

Amy went back to her calculus homework once again. Luke went back to reading and admiring his sister. Mostly, he admired her.

When Amy was deep in thought, she ran her pencil up and down her lips or in between them. Seeing that image made her brother imagine being so lucky to feel the softness of her lips brushing his cock.

He wondered if she was aware of her sexuality.

"Am I just missing Greta? No, that can't be it," he thought.

He knew, fully aware, that it was Amy that was causing the lust to bubble up inside him, and make his cock pulsate.

Every move she made seemed to be much more sensual to Luke than Amy would ever mean it to be. He tried to blame his lust on the fact that he was sleep deprived after finals, the drive to Frankfurt, and the flight.

Luke's thoughts tried to rationalize what was going on inside him. "Maybe I'm just too fucking horny right now. I knew I should have jerked off before the drive. Yes, but then I would have fallen asleep. Stupid finals and cramming for them and barely sleeping. Why didn't I just say fuck it and take care of it when I could? Maybe I'll jerk off in the shower tonight. Yeah, this will all go away after I shower."

He liked watching her tits stretch her shirt as she took an annoyed breath while working. Or, how she'd shift on her seat when her foot would fall asleep and her breasts almost spilled out of their confinements.

Twinges of guilt pierced his stomach every time he ogled his sister. His genitals had the opposite reaction.

Suddenly, Luke's day dreams were interrupted by the muffled slam of Amy's calculus book.

"It's almost six, Dad will be home soon," she said as she neatly stacked her notebook and calculator on top of her book. She placed the pile on the coffee table. "Someone's got to get dinner ready."

She practically jumped off the sofa and scurried to the bottom of the stairs. Luke watched her bubble butt bounce along the way.

"Hey, Mom," Amy hollered up the staircase. "Are you busy still? Want me to make dinner?"

Her mother's voice bellowed back, "Yes, please. You're the best Amy."

"I know, Mom," she projected her voice up the stairs before returning to Luke.

"After all you've done, school, homework, and now you're making dinner?" Luke asked.

"It's no problem, I like doing it." Amy smiled sweetly. "I was planning to make spaghetti tonight, unless you'd like something special?"

Luke shook his head. "No, that sounds plenty special." He returned the same genuine smile.

His sister went down the short hallway to the kitchen. Penny followed. He got himself up from the sofa, and then adjusted his package to make sure nothing was noticeable. His erection had subsided slightly.

"Need any help?" he asked.

When he arrived in the kitchen, Amy was squatting in front of a cabinet. He caught sight of the blue lace of her thong that matched her bra. The lace had pink ribbons tied up the triangle, like the back of a corset. He licked his lips as she reached in the cabinet for a box of pasta.

She rose back up and turned to him. "No, I'm fine. It's very nice of you to ask though." She smiled.

"I can't just sit here and do nothing," he said. "Let me help, please?"

Amy stretched up on her tip toes and her shirt rode up on her waist. A fresh rush of blood was sent to her brother's member.

As she came back down flat footed, with pasta sauce in her hand, she looked back at him and shook her head. Amy went to the back door and let Penny outside, leaving the door open a crack. Then, she retrieved ground beef and an onion from the fridge.

"Oh! There is something you could help me with," she said as she reached the counter.

"What's up?"

Amy started chopping the onion. "It's not an easy task, but it would be awesome if you choose to accept."

Luke crossed his arms, chuckling. "I already accept. What is it?"

"There's an English paper I need edited. It's on my laptop. Could you go print it off and start editing for me?" She put down the knife and turned to him, batting her long lashes. "You've always been so good at that. Please?"

"Damn," Luke playfully sighed. "I thought it would be something fun. Your tasks suck," he teased her.

She shrugged and went back to chopping. "It's your fault. You accepted before knowing what it was."

"You know I'll do it for you. How many papers does that make that I've edited for you now? Seventy-five?"

Amy laughed. "It's probably higher. But, that's just because you're so good at it."

Luke enjoyed her flattery. "Is there a password on your computer or anything?"

"Nope. It's the only word document on the desktop. It should be easy to find."

Luke left the kitchen and headed for the stairs.

"You're the most awesome brother, ever," she called as he went up the steps.

Luke arrived in his sister's room. Everything was the same except for the posters of bands and movie stars she had a crush on when she was thirteen. They were replaced with her personal art of mostly charcoal drawings. Also, her collection of ribbons and trophies had grown immensely.

The room was warm and girly, with lilac colored walls and white stained wood furniture. Her double bed was neatly made with a fluffy pink and white checkered comforter.

Luke sat down at her desk and flipped up the lid of the laptop. He looked up at the corkboard that was over flowed with pictures. His eyes were drawn to one of Amy and three other friends on the beach at Lake Michigan, all of them smiling brightly. She had on a little hot pink string bikini and was easily the hottest one of the group.

He shook off his thoughts and booted up the computer. His eyes wandered to the novels lined up on her desk, he made an approving nod at her choices of literature.

Something caught his eye.

Inside one of the books in the middle of the row, there was a stressed gap between the pages. He wanted to respect her privacy, assuming they were pictures of Derek she had taken off the corkboard.

Luke couldn't resist. He pulled the book out and opened it up to the break in the pages.

His mouth dropped open.

He carefully pulled the small stack of pictures out from the book to get a better look. Then, he put the novel down.

"No way," he mumbled, examining the first picture.

Amy sat up on her knees in a white satin baby-doll. The spaghetti straps hung off her shoulders and her face was looking down. Her breasts were barely contained by the material and her hard nipples pressed against the fabric.

Amy was biting her lip and demurely looking down at herself. Her fingertips gently pulled the hem up on her thighs. The white satin barely hid her pussy.

Luke's cock returned to a full hard erection as he stared at his sister. The lip bite got him. He wanted to be the reason she did that. His organ ached to be touched, pressing hard against his pants. He flipped to the next picture.

Amy was on her knees again. She wore a sheer pink baby-doll with elaborate lace work across her thighs. Her arms stretched down with her fingers wrapped around the hem of the garment, pushing it down as far as she could.

"Oh, boy," Luke whispered.

Her arms squeezed her tits together and just barely hid her nipples. His sister was arched forward with her eyes on the camera. Her mouth was open just a bit. The look on her face clearly said, "Feed me your cock."

He tried to imagine he was looking at pictures of an erotic model, not Amy. His sister won the fight. These photos were a lot steamier than any he had ever seen. He fought with his morals as his cock throbbed.

"What happened to you?" he said softly.

In the next picture, his sister was reading on her bed. Her hair was pulled into low pigtails and she had her glasses on. A pink and grey crocheted winter hat sat on her head. She propped herself up on her elbows with the book open.

"Oh, shit," Luke muttered. He obeyed his cock's beg to be touched and rubbed himself through his khakis.

The photo was taken slightly to the side from her shoulder, showing every curve of her body. Her feet were up in the air with her toes curled. Pink and grey, argyle knee high socks donned her calves. Her round bum was covered with high cut, shiny, baby pink bikini cut panties with ties on the sides. She was topless, but the angle of the shot and placement of her arms, almost completely covered her breasts.

Luke wanted to crawl inside the picture to see her tits, touch her bare flesh, and feel her panty clad ass.

He continued stroking himself through his clothes as the aroma of spaghetti sauce filtered through the house. He flipped to the next picture. He heard steps going down the stairs. His mother had left her office.

"Fuck me. Amy," he moaned softly.

Amy was sitting on the edge of her bed with her legs spread open and hands behind her. She wore a lavender chemise that propped her breasts up and barely covered her nipples with black lace. Matching lace hemmed the lingerie high on her thighs. She had black stockings and sky high, shiny black stilettos on her feet.

"God damn," he mumbled. Luke slipped his hand inside his pants and found his erection raging hard.

The shadows of the chemise hid her panties from his eyes. Amy presented her young, very full breasts, and it appeared that the lace was about to rip from the tension. Her lips were softly pursed and her eyes seemed glazed with lust. The sensual expression screamed, "Come fuck me."

Luke licked his lips as his engorged organ responded to his touch. He flipped to the final picture.

"Jesus," Luke groaned softly.

Amy was on her knees again, legs spread wide apart. Her body was covered only by a matching sheer black lace demi bra and panties. Her erect nipples and pussy lips were clearly visible through the fabric.

Luke's mouth went dry. He was utterly speechless.

His sister's fingers were inside her panties, obviously rubbing her clit. Her other hand was wrapped up in her hair, tugging her neck back. Her eyes were closed and lips parted in a moan. Her cheeks were flushed slightly pink. One bra strap had fallen from her shoulder.

He wanted to know what she was thinking about. How she fantasized about being fucked in this moment.

He looked at the door, cursing himself for leaving it open a crack. His mother had already gone downstairs. If he closed the door now he worried that it would draw attention.

Luke couldn't restrain himself. He fanned out all five pictures in his hand. Then, he unzipped and pulled out his tool. His erection was rabid. The head flared as he stroked himself. He sealed his lips shut and moaned inside his throat as he masturbated to his baby sister.

His eyes scanned back and forth over every picture as he imagined being inside her, in any position or way possible. He wanted her pouty lips wrapped around his cock. He needed to touch her tits. He craved to be inside her cunt and ass.

Luke grinded his teeth together, wanting so badly to let out a deep moan for his sister.

His father had gotten home but he didn't hear the door. He was lost in a haze of lust. He wanted her on her knees with her pretty eyes looking up at him.

"Luke! Dinner's ready!" Amy called from the base of the stairs.

He was suddenly snapped back into reality. He dropped the pictures on her desk as he gasped, realizing what he was doing. He ripped his hand off his erection.

He cleared his throat. "I'll be down in a second," he yelled back.

Luke hurried to find Amy's English paper on her computer. He hit print the second it loaded up.

His heart pounded as he gathered up the spilled pictures. He frantically tried to remember the order they were in. He didn't want her to notice. Her big brother wouldn't invade her privacy.

"Hurry up slowpoke!" Amy bellowed again.

"Fuck. Fuck. Fuck." Luke panicked.

He put the photos back between the pages in the middle of the novel. He was certain she would notice the placement was different.

"I should have looked at the page number. Fucking stupid," he said as he put the novel back in the row.

He tucked his cock back into his pants and carefully zipped up. He wiped the sweat on his brow and went to the office a few steps down the hall.

"Your paper is printing now. I'll be right down," he said.

He was thankful that Amy always wrote epic essays. The printer was still spitting out pages. He walked in circles, getting his blood to flow to other parts of his body. He did not want his parents and sister to see him in this state.

His erection had almost fully subsided when the printer stopped. He stapled the mass of papers together. Then, he headed down the stairs, taking deep breaths on the way.

Luke made his way to the dining room off of the kitchen. Everyone smiled upon seeing him.

"Hey, Dad," Luke said calmly.

Phil rose from his chair and gave his son a strong manly hug, patting his back.

"Missed you," his father said as he broke the embrace.

Luke smiled, taking his old seat between his parents and Amy across from him.

"Missed you too, Dad."

They said grace and began eating. Luke was immediately hounded with questions about school and Europe by his parents. They wanted every detail. He happily obliged.

As they talked and feasted, Luke's eyes continued to go to his sister. He smiled a knowing smile at her across the table.

Amy shifted slightly in her chair, unsure of why he was looking at her this way. She wondered what he had on her. Something changed in his eyes, something that wasn't there before he went upstairs. She knew she shouldn't have let him go up there alone. Of course, he would have snooped around.

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