Luke and Amy


The possibilities ran through her mind. She wondered if he had read her old journals or diary from when she was a little girl, which said mean things about him from time to time.

She pondered, "Did he find the erotic story I wrote for Derek about my fantasy of fucking him at the lake? Had he stumbled across the really filthy porn in my browser history? Did he find the letter I never sent to Derek after we broke up? What about my rabbit vibrator?"

His baby sister wouldn't do anything of these things.

She searched his facial expressions and eyes for an answer as he talked about teaching English. She got nothing.

Finally, it hit her. He found the pictures Derek took of her with his new camera he got this past Christmas. All girls have fantasies and masturbated, that wouldn't be a big deal. Not many girls let their boyfriends take erotic photos of them.

She dropped her fork, twirled with spaghetti, before making it to her mouth. It fell to her plate with a clink. Her mouth stayed open for a second.

"You okay, Squirt?" Luke asked, raising a brow.

Amy nodded fast. "Yeah, I, uh, I just remembered, I have a physics project due on Monday that I barely started," she said as calmly as she could as her heart pounded.

"That's not like you, Amy," Kathryn said. "Is everything okay at school?"

Amy looked at her brother's face. A smile curled at the corner of his mouth. It was a slight confirmation as to what he now knew about her.

"I know you're busy with prom committee, Amy, but you can't let that affect your classes," Phil added.

Amy's cheeks flushed slightly pink. "Yes, Dad, of course, I won't. I promise."

The conversation turned back to Luke as Amy's mind continued to swim, "What did he think when he saw them? Did he think I was some disgusting slut? Well, I do like sex, but I'm not a slut. Did he like what he saw?"

Amy squirmed in her chair and Luke took notice. He locked eyes with hers as his parents questioned him. The look in his eyes told her all she needed to know.

Amy's clothes seemed to shrink on her body as she got clammy. He enjoyed what he saw. She knew it.

Her nipples swelled and pressed against her shirt. She rubbed her thighs together, feeling the heat in her body. She was aroused knowing he was aroused seeing her pictures.

"Why would this make me feel this way?" she kept wondering.

Luke took note of her nipples and the soft squirm she made in her chair. His cock twitched at the sight.

Amy finished her plate and everyone else went for seconds.

"Where do you want to put the air mattress, Luke?" Phil asked.

Luke locked eyes with his sister and grinned before turning back to his father. "Actually, Amy was kind enough and offered for me to bunk with her in her room."

Amy felt like she was on fire. She pondered if everyone knew what was racing through her mind. She kept a blank expression, or at least hoped she did.

"Oh, that's nice of you, Amy," Phil said.

Amy just nodded. She was terrified to speak.

"Just make sure you go to sleep in time for school. I know how you guys can stay up all night talking," Kathryn added.

Amy nodded again, she forced herself to make words. "Yes, Mom, of course, I will."

"It's up in the closet upstairs, isn't it Phil?" her mom asked. "There are plenty of extra sheets and blankets in there too, but you both already know that."

"Yes, it's in the closet. Can you guys get it set up tonight or do you need help?"

"I think we can handle it, can't we, Amy?" Luke said, raising a brow at her.

"Yes," Amy replied meekly.

Conversation went back to how it was, prodding Luke with questions and their parents telling stories of places they had been in Europe.

The longer she was alone with her thoughts the warmer her body grew. She wondered if Luke was getting hard like she was getting wet. She had to know for sure if he saw her photos.

"Excuse me, please," Amy said, getting up from the table and picking up her plate. "I'll be right back. I just have to use the restroom."

Amy dropped her plate on the kitchen counter and hurried upstairs.

She went straight to the books on her desk. She noticed the gap between pages was slightly closer to the front. She pulled out the pictures. The one of her reading was first. Her nightmare was confirmed.

Amy knew the exact order she had them in. She put the book back. She also checked her closet, where a shoe box was filled with even more photos and the negatives. She sighed with relief seeing everything on top of the box was in the same place.

Amy went into her bathroom and peed. She wiped herself several times, trying to get rid of her wetness. It was pointless.

She flushed the toilet, and then washed her hands. She looked at herself in the mirror. Her cheeks were pink and her flesh had a trace of sweat.

She put cold water on a washrag. Amy attempted to cool her face. As she blotted her cheeks and forehead, her thoughts flooded back.

"Luke is your big brother. He's your hero. You can't feel this way, Amy. What would people think? This isn't you," she whispered to herself, staring herself in the eyes in the mirror. "Get yourself together, Amy."

She leaned her head against the door and closed her eyes, taking deep breaths. Amy dried her face with a hand towel before heading back downstairs.

As she approached the kitchen her heart started pounding again. She took her seat back at the table.

"Glad to have you back," Luke said with a smile.

"Thanks," Amy replied softly, and then took a sip of cold water. It was heaven to her dry mouth.

Amy's arousal grew the longer she sat at the table. Her big brother was aroused by her and he liked her response to knowing it. They exchanged many knowing smiles and glances as the meal wound down.

The conversation between Luke and his parents extended way past dinner. Amy felt like she was in hell. She was silent, just nodding when she thought it felt right. She wasn't listening to a word.

The further her thoughts went, the harder her nipples got. They started to hurt. The heat between her thighs felt like it was almost burning her.

A deep secret she had suppressed, surfaced in her deliberation. She had fantasized about her brother. She couldn't recall the images in her mind, but she knew it was him. This had happened in the recent past.

She knew it wasn't natural, or at least didn't feel that it should be. She forced herself to forget about it after it happened.

Any time after that, if her brother entered into her fantasies, she made herself stop without release. She had wanted him more than she ever realized.

The after dinner conversation finally concluded. Kathryn began collecting the dishes.

"I'll do it, Mom," Amy said, getting up from her seat. She was desperate for something else to think about, anything else.

"It's okay, sweetheart, you made a delicious dinner tonight," she replied, and then went into the kitchen.

"Thanks," Amy said, wanting to grimace.

Luke, Amy, Phil, and Penny made their way into the front room. Phil relaxed on his recliner and flipped on the television. Penny plopped down in her favorite spot in front of the couch. Luke and Amy sat on opposite ends of the sofa. She resumed her homework and Luke went to edit her paper.

They sat in silence for nearly an hour. Amy worked diligently on her physics homework, though her arousal was still extremely evident to her. She forced herself to concentrate.

Amy sat with her legs slightly curled under her, one leg extended across the cushions. Luke gently massaged her lower calf as he read over her paper, making very few notes with his red pen.

Kathryn had gone to shower and Phil fell asleep in his recliner, snoring softly.

Luke nudged the cuff of his sister's jeans up further on her leg. He rubbed her calf gently. He loved how soft and smooth her skin was.

He remembered that when they were growing up, he and Amy would write on each other when they couldn't talk out loud. They would trade notes back and forth such as, "Aunt Edna smells," "Grandpa just ripped a bad fart," or "If Mom and Dad play this song one more time, I'm jumping from the car. Are you with me?" Luke smiled at those memories.

He leaned over and wrote on Amy's calf, "You're turned on, aren't you?"

Amy grinned feeling him write on her. He removed his hand and she looked down to read it. Her mouth opened slightly. She raised her eyes to his. Amy nodded.

He wrote in another spot, "Do you want me to have sex with you?"

Amy read it and the heat returned to her cheeks. She sealed her lips shut and closed her eyes for a moment. She knew if she said yes there would be no turning back and she didn't want there to be.

She opened her eyes and nodded.

Luke smiled and took a moment to decide what to write next. His pen met her skin again, "Are you a dirty girl?"

Amy read it and nodded firmly.

Luke's member started swelling to erect again. His sister's panties got stained with fresh juices.

Luke wrote, "1-10, how much do you want to suck my cock?"

Amy held both her hands up, spreading out all of her fingers. Her lips curled into a smile.

Her brother wrote, "Deep-throat?"

She nodded firmly with her hands still in the air. Luke's erection throbbed.

Ink met her flesh again, "Can your older brother fuck you hard tonight?"

His sister covered her mouth and she whimpered at the thought of her brother drilling her. She nodded.

Luke learned a lot about how he would be fucking her, but he had one final question.

He wrote on her leg one last time, "Can he also take your ass?"

Amy swallowed hard. She'd never done it before, but was very into the thought. She never felt like she could tell Derek she wanted to try it. She bit her lip for a moment, looking in her brother's eyes.

Amy took the pen from her brother and found an empty space on her calf. She wrote, "I'm a virgin there, but yes."

Luke smiled reading her words. He took the pen and quickly wrote, "That's okay. I'll be gentle... at first."

Amy smiled. She pulled her pant leg back down and put her homework in her book bag.

"Want to go watch a movie?" she asked him casually.

"Sure," Luke replied.

His sister got up from the sofa and nudged her Dad awake. He blinked his tired eyes open.

"We are going to go upstairs and watch a movie, and then go to bed," Amy said softly, and then leaned down to kiss his cheek. "Goodnight, Daddy."

"Sweet dreams guys," Phil said, and then flipped the channels on the television.

"Night, Dad," Luke said, and then grabbed his luggage that was still by the door.

They both said goodnight to Penny with a pet on her head and ruffling of her ears.

He followed Amy's bouncing ass up the stairs. He helped her pull out the air mattress from the closet and brought it to her room. Amy collected a set of sheets and a blanket.

When she arrived in her room an awkward silence hung in the air. They both knew they wouldn't be using the mattress. But, they had to make it appear as if they were.

Luke unrolled the mattress and Amy dropped the sheets on her bed. Then, she plugged the air pump into the wall and began filling the mattress. The tension was thick in the room.

Amy's heart was pounding and she was curious if her brother's was as well. He was playing it cool in front of her, or at least appeared to be.

"Do you want to pick out a movie?" she asked nervously.

"Sure," Luke replied, and then stepped over to a rack of DVDs. "Want to watch anything in particular?"

His sister tucked the bottom sheet into the last corner of the mattress, and then laid the top sheet over it. She knew if she made it like she would make her own bed, it would be obvious he wasn't sleeping in it.

"No, not really," she said as she tossed the comforter in the middle of the bed.

Luke settled on "Zoolander." He popped it in the DVD player, and then turned on the TV.

Amy stepped around the mattress on the floor and went to her dresser. "I'm, um, going to get ready for bed. I'll be right back."

Luke watched as she pulled something out from a drawer. He hoped it would be something he saw in the pictures. Instead, he saw flimsy, baby pink satin hanging from her hand. Not something to complain about.

Amy disappeared into the bathroom and brushed her teeth. Luke had changed into a white t-shirt and light blue boxers and tossed his clothes in her hamper.

Inside the bathroom, Amy washed her face and brushed her hair. Luke waited patiently. He went over to the door and locked it. He brought the remote to the nightstand before pulling the covers back. He slid inside of her sheets. The scent on her pillows was very familiar and comforting, and also arousing as of today.

Luke took note of the mirror on top of her dresser off to the side. He would make sure to look over there later as he was inside of his sister.

Amy changed into a short pink nightie with short slits up both thighs. She put her glasses back on her clean face.

She locked the restroom door that led into her mom's office. She took a look at herself in the mirror and took a deep breath, reminding herself that things would be forever changed after tonight if they went through with this. She was okay with that.

She opened the door to her room and her brother looked over immediately. He adored her nipples pressing hard against the soft pink satin. Her tits looked even larger in person than in the pictures he saw, they strained against the baby-doll in the same fashion.

He gulped, noticing how short it was as she walked around the air mattress. He could see the bottom of her ass cheeks in the mirror. His member twitched again, working its way back to fully hard, it had been on a roller coaster all day. He also liked seeing the dirty writing on her lower leg.

"Hi," Amy said softly as she crawled into bed.

"Hey, Squirt," Luke smiled.

Luke pressed play on the remote and the movie started. Both he and Amy didn't even look to the screen. They laid on their sides facing each other and looking into the other's eyes for several moments before either of them dared to speak.

Luke broke the silence first, "We don't have to do this is you don't want to."

Amy smiled softly. "I do, I'm just nervous. You know, because it's wrong, we shouldn't do it, and all that. You want to too, right?"

Her brother reached over and gently trailed his fingers up and down her bare arm as he spoke, "I do, Amy. I never really thought about it before today, but I do."

Amy nodded and bit her lip. "You know things will never be the same between us if we do this, right?"

"I know," he replied. His fingers trailed up over her shoulder and to her jaw. "Forever it will be different. Can you handle that?" Luke's voice was soft and tender. He could feel his sister's pulse racing under his fingertips.

Her hand lightly trailed over his chest. "Yes," she said firmly. "But we can't do much until they go to bed." She stretched up to look at her alarm clock and Luke's hand fell from her jaw and glided over the side of her breast. She came back down and his hand stayed in the same spot. "They'll probably go to bed in a half hour. Can I cuddle with you till then?"

Luke smiled wide and turned onto his back, opening himself up for his sister. She snuggled into his nook, just like she did when she would go to him after having nightmares.

She rested her head on his shoulder and ran her hand up and down his chest and stomach. He wrapped his arm around her, feeling her hip through the soft satin.

Amy nuzzled her face into his neck, smiling softly.

"You're going to have to be quiet tonight," Luke teased her. "I bet you're really loud, like you were when I was tickling you earlier."

His sister giggled and her hand slipped under his shirt. His abdomen was firm, with lean muscle he had kept since playing baseball in high school.

She moved her fingers up to his chest as she spoke, "Actually, we don't have to be silently quiet. Mom and Dad wear earplugs to sleep because they would always fight over each other's snoring."

Her brother squeezed her hip and chuckled softly, "And you know this how?"

Amy lifted her face so that she could see his and she smiled wide. "Because, Derek used to sneak over in the middle of the night to fuck me. They never knew. You know them, if they knew about it, I would have been dead. Also, they told me they started doing it."

Luke smirked. "You're a naughty little girl."

"I do my best," she said, returning the grin.

Her hand trailed back down his stomach and her fingers teased him along the waistband of his boxers, running back and forth, barely poking inside.

Luke's hand ran up the curve of her side and his fingers brushed against the side of her bosom. "I liked your pictures by the way. A lot."

"I could tell you did," Amy said as her hand slipped further inside his boxers, tickling his flesh through his trimmed pubic hair. "Which one was your favorite?"

Her brother's cock responded to her touch, tenting in his boxers under the blanket. Her fingertips brushed the base of his erection as she massaged his pelvis.

"Favorite? I don't think I can say I have one," Luke said. He wanted her hand to wrap around his hard flesh already, but enjoyed her teases.

"Hmm. Well, which one got you going the most?" Amy asked raising a brow. Her full lips pursed into a beautiful pout. Her fingertip made half circles around the base of his organ.

"I don't know if I have an answer for that either. They were all very erotic," he said in a soft moan. Her gentle touch sent shivers down his spine.

"Well, if you don't tell me, I'm not going to wrap my hand around your cock," she teased him. "I'm sure there had to be one that made you give in and touch yourself." Her fingertip stroked up and down his shaft.

"Oh god, Amy, you're so naughty. They were all so hot. I wanted to touch myself the whole time, but gave in halfway."

"So, the one of me reading, then?" Amy asked, and then bit her lip.

Her brother nodded, and then licked his lips. "Yes, that one."

Amy's hand left his member for just a moment to pull his boxers down. Her palm promptly returned and wrapped around his aching cock, loosely.

"Tell me why," she purred as she began pulling him lightly.

Luke groaned, grinding his teeth together. He pulled the comforter back. He needed to see his sister's hand on him.

"You're evil, you know that right?" he asked when was finally able to speak.

His sister giggled and nuzzled her nose against his cheek. Her wrist turned side to side and her loose fist worked up and down his thick tool.

She whispered, "I know I am. But, I want to hear what you thought of it. I'm already wet and it's going to make me even slicker if you tell me what you liked."

Luke let out a muffled moan again. His sister's filthy whispers made him ache. She squeezed around the base of his cock, making his bulbous head flare.

"It was innocent and sexy at the same time. It was the only one where you were topless and I wanted so badly to see your gorgeous breasts. It was a delicious tease and you looked so fucking adorable in those socks with your toes curled, and in the hat Mom made for you."

Amy smiled. She brought her hand up to her mouth and spit into it, and then returned it to his rigid organ. She smeared her saliva into his flesh as she stroked him a shade firmer.

"What else?" she whispered.

Amy lifted one leg over his and her thigh settled near his balls. Luke could feel the warmth of her sex through her panties as she rubbed her pussy softly against him.

"I could see every curve of your amazing body. Your lower back and up over your ass. It was incredible. Whoever took the pictures was a skilled photographer to get that shot," he said, and then mashed his teeth together again, stifling a heavy groan.

"Thank you for telling me," his sister muttered.

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