tagLoving WivesLuke and Lelia Ch. 03

Luke and Lelia Ch. 03

byRob Conner©

The Final Revenge

Authors Note: This was going to be the last part of this Tale. But It got good to me.Thanks for all the feedback, both positive and negative. Erotic Literature Does Not have to be all fucking and sucking. It should tell a story and still be good to wack off to. Enjoy!


Three Years Later.

Lelia Jennings walked out of her office into the bright late afternoon sunshine.

She smiled as she thought about her life today. A wonderful husband, a job she loved, and a wonderful home. All the things she'd ever wanted, except for one. Children.

Oh well, you can't have everything. She was lucky to be alive. If Luke hadn't found her when he did she probably would have died in some Asian whorehouse.

She went to the little park across the street and sat on her favorite bench in the shade of an old oak tree. It was one of the places she went when the need to think struck.

Lelia wished she had thought more before she had started her affair with Sean Anderson those years ago. That son of a bitch had used her and when there was nothing left, threw her away like used Kleenex. Sold her like a piece of furniture to that bastard Tyrone. She still carried the scars from him. Physical, mental and emotional. He was the reason she was barren. Unable to give Luke the babies that both of them wanted.

Luke and his best friend Willie Etheridge had taken care of Tyrone. But Sean Anderson had somehow slipped away.

It had taken over a year for her to recover from her treatment at the hands of Tyrone. Massive dental work, Plastic surgery for the scars and removal of the tattoos and the piercings done to her body.

But the hardest was the intensive counseling that she and Luke had both undergone to understand and forgive each other for what had happened.

They had both worked hard. They came to understand how deep their love was for each other and that it was worth fighting for.

The only unfinished business was Sean Anderson. She had made Luke promise that she could help make him pay. But Sean had fallen off the face of the earth. Probably hiding out after Tyrone had disappeared and he saw what had happened to John Woo, the slaver.

John Woo was the link between the pimps in the US and the pimps in other countries. Anglo women brought big bucks in Latin America and the Far East. He was found tied naked on an anthill, his body covered with syrup. He was still alive if you call it. His testicles and cock had been removed by det cord being wrapped around them then ignited. No blood. He later committed suicide, l unable to live with himself.

Out of the blue she saw the object of her thoughts. That fucking Sean Anderson. Bold as you please walking down the sidewalk across the square.

Lila pulled out her cell phone and made an urgent call.

"Luke, look out your window across the square from where I'm sitting. Quick". Lelia said, urgency in her voice.

"Okay, Honey, I'm looking." Answered Luke

"See that man in the jeans and the blue golf shirt. Red hair, Beard? Guess who?" She asked

Luke answered, "Son of a bitch! It's that sorry mother fucker Sean Anderson."

"Keep an eye on him but don't let him see you. I'll be there in a minute as soon as I call Gunny." He said

She said "Okay, but hurry. I don't want him to get away!"

Luke made a quick call to his best friend Gunny Richardson.

"Gunny, guess who showed up in town? Our boy Sean the dickhead Anderson. Walking down the street like he owns the place. Lelia spotted him right away."

"Damn that's a stupid bastard. I'll be there with a crew within the hour, Nail him if you can, but don't loose that fucker. I've got a great idea how to fix that bastard." Said Gunny

"Okay, but hurry. Ill be on my cell. Later!" Luke Finished

He ran down three flights of stairs not waiting on the elevator. Whipping out his cell phone he called Lelia.

"Talk to me Baby. Where are you?"

"He went into Rosie's Cafe. Took a seat at the back. Looks like he's ordering lunch." She answered

"Great! I'll be with you in three. How many other people in the Cafe?" Luke asked

"He's the only customer. Rosie is the only employee in sight. This is her slow time," Lelia added

She heard a noise behind her and turned around. It was Luke. She turned off her cell.

"What are we going to do?" She asked

"Let's go have lunch. You haven't eaten yet?" Luke asked

"I don't know if I'll be able to eat. The thought of being near that fucker makes me sick." She said

"Don't worry Honey. I'm with you. Gunny is on the way with the troops. He says he has a great idea how to fix that bastard. You know Gunny, he is very innovative." Laughed Luke

Lelia's expression lightened. "You can say that again. The way he dealt with John Woo was very innovative."

Let's go see our old buddy. He'll be real suprised to see me for sure." Said Lelia

They walked hand in hand into the cafe. Right up to Sean Anderson.

The look on his face was the classic "OH SHIT, I'M IN DEEP DO DO NOW!" look.

Luke sat next to him and Lelia across from him. He was trapped in the booth. He felt something sharp poking him in the side.

"Hi Sean Boy. Long Time No See. What about five years. Luke and I have been looking all over for you." Said Lelia.

"I thought you we're dead." He said

"I'm alive, well and thriving. No thanks to you. Luke and I have been remarried for three years. He's been behind me 1000% in my recovery from my time with your buddy Tyrone."

"Poor Tyrone. Just disappeared into space. No body, no blood, no clue. Did you hear about your other buddy John Woo? So tragic. I almost cried. Naw, not really. He got what he deserved." Lelia said

"It's strange what happens when you piss off the wrong people. Bad things just seem to happen to you. "

"Guess what? It's time for you to pay your dues. " She said

Sean tried to stand. He felt a sharp jab to his ribs.

Luke told him, "I wouldn't try to move fast. A loose bolt in the table might stick you. Wouldn't want you to hurt yourself."

Sean looked into his eyes and saw death.

"I was really pissed off at Lelia when she played around on me. I wanted her to pay. But not the price she did. When I found her, I was very pissed off. Even though we were divorced, she still belonged to me. I don't like when me or mine is damaged."

"Luckily I have friends. I bet you've heard of the Pimpmaster? Guess what? He's my best friend. He's on his way here now. Said he has an innovative way to make you pay. Sounds like fun to me. More fun than I had with Tyrone and John Woo."

So just sit nice and quietly and eat your lunch. Enjoy it, It may be your last." Luke said

"Yeah Sean, I really missed you. You just kind of left the scene. "Said Lelia

"Things got kind of rough around here. Lacy Evans husband got rather upset when she told him about us. He killed her and then came after me. I decided it was a good time to get out of Dodge. I came back to clean out my safety deposit box. Never got to do it before I left. Forgot that the bank closed at noon on Wednesdays. Otherwise I would have been long gone." Sean said

"Bad luck Sean Boy. What's in this safe deposit box? Anything I'd be interested in?" asked Luke

"None of your damn business". Snapped John

He felt a sharp pain in his side and could feel the blood dripping from the hole.

"Naughty Boy. Luke is not a nice person. In fact he's a trained killer. He's also a decorated hero from his time in the Marine Force Recon. I wouldn't push him if I were you. He really wants you dead." Explained Lelia

"Blackmail material, and cash. Lots of cash. You can have it all. Just let me go". Whined John

Lelia laughed. "Luke is a multi billionaire. He's also a Kuwaiti Sheik. They gave him an oilfield for saving several hundred Kuwaiti civilians including the prince's daughter. He has more money than he can ever spend. He just doesn't flaunt his wealth."

Luke just smiled at him. His phone rang.

"Talk to me Gunny. We're at Rosie's Cafe. Oh yeah, we're helping Mr. Anderson enjoy his lunch. Catching up on old times. 15 minutes. Okay. Later" Luke spoke

"Gunny will be here in 15. We just sit still till he gets here." Said Luke

A Deputy in uniform entered the cafe. He walked right over to the table.

Sean tried to get up.

"These people are holding me against my will. There going to kill me. Arrest them." Sean demanded

The Deputy looked at Luke eyebrows raised.

Luke said, "This is Sean Anderson. The one I've been looking for. Gunny is on the way. Check with Colonel England at the bank and check out his safety deposit box. Contains blackmail material and cash. Put the money in the Public Safety Fund." Said Luke

Lelia looked at Sean Anderson's expression and laughed.

"Ray here was in Luke's Platoon in the Gulf War. Luke saved his and about 100 more Marines lives by his taking out a T-62 Tank. Luke decided that he liked having his men around. Even his MEU commander. He runs the bank, which Luke owns. So as they retire Luke offers them Jobs in the county. Well paid jobs". She said

"Luke opened several businesses and is now the biggest employer in the county. Unemployment used to be over 50%. Now he is always looking for good help. He is also the lone county commissioner. He gives Veterans first preference. Doesn't discriminate against Army, Navy. Even Air Force types. He owns just about everything in this county." explained Lelia

The Deputy gave an evil laugh. "We've been looking for you for a long, long time. You messed with the Lt.'s woman. Very bad for you. We all owe him our lives. I don't believe you can expect much help."

"Want me to take him to the jail till Gunny gets here? All of our guys are on duty." Ray asked

"No. Gunny's almost here. No sense of moving him but once. I don't know where Gunny's gonna take him. But it won't be fun for him." Said Luke, laughing.

The look of fear on Sean's face rivaled those seen in Japanese monster movies of the 50's. He knew he was in deep shit. Up to his neck.

"Come on Luke, It wasn't personal. Business is business. She was costing me more money than she was bringing in. I had to cut my losses. I needed that 10 thousand. I was a little overextended. You know how it is? Right?" Sean whined

He felt the knife in his side go deeper. Slowly.

"Listen you piece of shit. Neither Lelia, nor any other woman is a thing, to be used then, sold like a used car. She's a person. She made a mistake fucking around with you. But she didn't deserve to be handed over to an asshole like Tyrone. He paid for his treatment of her, and so will you."

"So shut your fucking mouth till Gunny gets here or I'll kill you right here right now. Then I'll walk away. I won't lose one moment of sleep over it either. At least the Iraqi's and Cubans I killed were soldiers. You wouldn't make a pimple on a real soldiers ass." Luke hissed as he slowly twisted the knife.

"No Lt. that's too easy. I want his punishment to go on for a long time. Years and years". Said a deep bass voice over his shoulder.

Luke looked around.

"Good to see you Gunny. About time you got your slack ass here. Dickfuck here was starting to get on my nerves. You know how cranky I can get." Laughed Luke

Luke saw a tall black guy, bigger than Gunny standing behind him. He looked familiar to Luke. It struck him who it was.

He jumped up from the table with his hand out.

"I'll be damned if it ain't Gunny Richardson as I live and breathe. How the hell are you?" asked Luke

"Good to see you Major. Still stirring up shit I see. You're as bad as those two crazy SEAL'S Edwards and Summers. What a bunch of fools. They Give Gunnery Sergeants gray hair. Ain't that so Etheridge?" He laughed.

"Have you heard from those two lately? Summers disappeared after he blew that drug lord's head off. Heard Edward's was forced to retire at 20 years." Asked Luke

"Yeah I have as a matter of fact. I'm working for them right now. We're in the manpower business. Our training center is at the far end of the county. The Peachtree Estate". He said

"That's where we're taking dick head here. Summer's fiancée has a special way of dealing with assholes like this. She even makes money off it. Amazes the shit out of me how she does it, but I know for a fact it works." Said Richardson

"Let's get this fucker in the van and I'll explain how it works. If you're not busy we can ride over together. I know those crazy ass SEALS would be glad to see you. "

Is this your missus? Asked Richardson

"Damn! Sorry Gunny, I should have introduced you. This is my wonderful wife Leila. Leila This is my old friend Master Gunnery Sgt. Alvin Richardson, USMC (ret)." Said Luke

"Proud to meet you Mam. Your husband is a fine man and a hero to boot. Saved my old sorry butt more than once." Said Richardson

Before Lelia could answer, Luke said, "Damn! You're as bad as Etheridge with that hero crap. You know I don't like talking about it." Exclaimed Luke

"Sorry about that shit Major. But as one of the ones whose ass you saved in Grenada, I'll just have to piss you off sir." Said Williamson in a shaky voice.

Lelia looked open mouthed.

Willie Etheridge laughed. "That was when he got the Navy Cross."

He looked at Richardson. "She didn't know about the Medal of Honor till I spilled the beans three years ago. He told her he was a supply officer. Got those burns on his butt by sitting in too hot water when he was drunk on leave." Willie laughed.

Luke had the grace to look embarrassed.

Lelia looked at her husband with loving eyes. "I'm afraid to ask what else he hasn't told me about his service time."

"If you wait on him to tell you, you won't ever hear. " Laughed Willie

"Why don't yau'll come over to the homestead? We can have a nice dinner and get drunk and talk about old times."

Richardson looked at Luke. "You still drink that nasty Ginger ale and Turkey? What a way to screw up good booze".

"Yeah he does." Laughed Willie. "Got hooked on that shit in Kuwait. All we could find to chase the booze with".

"At least I found booze. Better than the other platoon leaders." Luke laughed.

Luke looked at his wife. "Want to go for a ride? Nothing important is cooking right now and they know how to get hold of me." Luke asked

"Yeah. I would love to meet some of your old friends. Maybe I'll find out some more of your secrets. I need to change clothes though." She said

"Okay. What do you want to do with dipshit here." He asked Willie

"Let's take him out to the van and get him ready. By that time you should be ready to go. Bout 10 or 15 minutes max." said Richardson.

"Cool. Come by the house. I'll let you drive my new BMW." Said Luke

They looked forward to what was to come.

Authors note: This was going to be the last part of this tale, but I got the idea of using characters from another story written by my alter-ego Robyn Conners. I hope you enjoy the next part.

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