tagInterracial LoveLuke Powers: Black Master Pt. 01

Luke Powers: Black Master Pt. 01


(See the "XXX-Women" series, "Misadventures of Mishi" series and "The Perils of Greggie-Poo" for more Luke Powers action!)

Here are just a few short "vignettes" of Luke Power's conquests. I may turn some of these into longer, full stories of their own someday.

* * * * *

"Blushing Bride"
Two upper-class preppie white racist snobs getting married.

Husband: Cecil Andrew Pendleton III, Lawyer, about to make partner in his firm. Has golf buddies. Golf club doesn't allow blacks, make fun of Tiger Woods, etc. Prosecutes blacks in a rich area. Calls police on Luke when see him in town and are suspicious of him.

Wife: Brittany Ann Smythe, debutante, socialite. Her social status is more important to her than anything else, appearance. Is a complete bitch and prude. Has a black butler whom she fires at a whim and a hispanic maid who she verbally abuses. Plays tennis. Gets bums thrown off the street and signs a petition to keep minorities out of the neighborhood.

Both routinely make racist jokes, even in front of their "colored help".

Luke decides to get back at them on their wedding night. Cecil is in bed and Brittany goes to the shower to get ready. She strips and gets in the shower. Luke comes in and puts his hand over her mouth and begins to finger her and molest her breasts. He explains if she screams he'll kill them both. He drops her to her knees and she gasps as he reveals his tremendous cock. She recalls Cecil's tiny cock and the times he begged her to touch it, though she always refused. The largest white cock she ever saw was easily five times smaller than this monstrosity. He shoves it in her mouth and face-fucks her. Cecil comes in during this to go to the bathroom. As he pisses, so does Luke. She swallows it all. Cecil leaves. Luke then tells her to tell her husband to put in a blindfold. He does and the tells him to open his mouth for a surprise. He does. Luke shoves his cock in his mouth and starts pissing. Cecil opens his eyes and looks up to see a huge black cock sticking in his mouth. He looks up farther and sees Luke, recognizing him. He looks over and sees his wife, hands tied behind her back with her pantyhose, her panties in her mouth, gagging her. Luke finishes then places the wife over him in a 69 position. He makes the husband lick her ass as she prepares his cock. Then he shoves his cock in her shitty ass as her husband eats her. She pisses because of the force on her bladder, the husband drinks it. When Luke cums, he pulls out and shoves his shitty cock in the husband's mouth and cums, the wife watching. Then he puts the husband on his knees and holds her to fuck her missionary style. The husband has to lick her asshole while Luke takes her virginity. He fucks her like crazy, telling her he's going to give her a black nigger baby. She cums when Luke cums and shits in her husband's mouth at the force of the fuck. Luke hangs her by her ankles to make sure the cum stays up there and shits in the husband's mouth too. Finally, as she hangs there, Luke calls in some other black guys- all the ones they've been racist to and they all gang-rape her as Luke ass-fucks the husband (he sucks each cock to get ready to fuck her and impregnate her). The three-week honeymoon cruise would be a long one.

"Dirty Girls"
Luke makes the two twin daughters clean each other, not allowed to shower. They must use their tongues and clean each other's dirty parts - especially their really dirty parts like their cunts and assholes. They even have to brush each other's teeth with their tongues. They're very enthusiastic about it.

They also clean their mother. She is humiliated by itbut she comes when they clean her cunt and asshole at the same time. Sometimes they clean her mouth, cunt and ass while Luke fucks her and they have to clean his cock and the cum and piss from her mouth, cunt and ass. They say things like "oo, mommy, your asshole is so dirty! Mmmm!" Then they take turns shitting in her mouth and help clean her mouth out.

Rich white guy and his hot, bitchy young blonde wife are on vacation at an expensive, exclusive exotic island. They're both sunbathing nude on the beach. She is reading a romance novel and he is reading a business magazine. Just then a large, muscled black man walks out of the ocean. The husband and wife watch, transfixed. He seems to be moving in slow motion. His muscles ripple and he walks, the sun glints off his dark, wet skin. A huge, black horse-cock sways between his legs as he walks out of the ocean. He stops to shake the water out of his hair, then looks directly at the couple. The husband tries to look away and sees his wife, staring. She is actually drooling. The black man walks right between them. They try to pretend they didn't notice. The husband looks down at his shriveled little white penis that's tucked in and hiding, barely and inch long and covers it with his magazine.

Later, the husband goes to one of the public showers to rinse off and sees the black man in there. He takes a step back and waits. He looks in once and sees him stroking and rinsing off his huge cock. He can't seem to tear his eyes away. The black man looks at him and holds his gaze for a second, stroking his cock. The husband suddenly turns and walks away.

Later, the husband is taking a shower in their bungalow. He's stroking himself, still only an inch long, hard. Suddenly the black man comes into the shower and the husband looks at him. The black man dominates him with just his gaze. He pushes the husband down to his knees and makes him start sucking his cock.

Wife comes in, she talkes to husband, asks if she should join. He says no, with cock in mouth. She teases him, says she's pissing (knows he's perverted) and black man pisses in his mouth. Then she farts and says she's shitting, black man shits in his mouth. Then sha says how dirty her pristine little white ass is and black man fucks him up the ass. She asks again if he wants her to join him so he can clean her and luke tells him to say yes. She comes in, is shocked, but instantly turned on. Masturbates while he fucks her husband, both cum. They use him as a toilet, etc. Wife and Luke spend rest of honeymoon fucking, Husband spends rest in the bathroom as their toilet and slave.

"That's My Boy"
Luke makes the husband dress up in drag. The only time his teenage son is allowed sexual release is when he fucks his dad in drag. The son can't help it and he treats him like a saturday night date rape. They set them up in typical teen locations like look out point and the movie theater and the son fucks the dad in the back seat of the convertible or the bathroom, etc. They even kiss. One night the football team corners the dad in the men's bathroom and rapes the dad instead.

Luke is serviced by the boy band he created. A teenage girl fan of theirs (and her older brother forced to escort her to their concert) ends up at the center of the action.

"The Boy Trap"
Missy and Sissy lure horny boys to their home by frenching each other for them and telling them they can have a menage a trois back at their house. When they get there, they blindfold them and Luke and Luca rape the Hell out of them and put them in the basement pen with the other pigs. Butch is the bitch of the pen and gets raped by all the other duped boys. They video tape these abductions and Luca and Luke will watch them while getting blowjobs on the couch from Mr. and Mrs. Whitebread.

"Mile High Club"
On an airplane to somewhere, the stewardess is doing a passenger check. She sees Mr. Whitebread and Butch. She then sees Mrs. Whitebread going down on Luke's huge cock across the aisle. She stares for a second, Luke just lies back with his shades on and says nothing as Mrs. Whitebread obliviously continues messily sucking his cock, making obscene slurping noises. The stewardess watches, transfixed until Luke looks right at her as he comes down Mrs. Whitebread's throat, her making audible gulping sounds. She sits up, make-up and hair completely messed up, drool all over her face and hands. She burps and looks over at the stewardess and looks apologetic for burping. The stewardess stares at Luke's huge cock for few seconds, then moves on. Later, she hears sounds in the bathroom of moaning and she knocks on the door. Sissy and Missy come out, lipstick smeared, with hickies, their clothes mussed up. Inside, she finds their stained panties. As she is about to turn around, Luke comes in and closes the door and proceeds to fuck the shit out of her. Later, Luke has to go to the bathroom and takes Butch with him to eat his shit and drink his piss. When the in-flight dinner is served, Butch is full and can't eat any of it. By the time they land in Africa, the stewardess is begging to see him again.

"Cuckold Contest"
Mrs. Whitebread is sucking Luke's cock, Mr. Whitebread is sucking Sharondra's cock. They decide to start a little contest. One of the two black-cock slaves will have to be a toilet for a week. They must compete to see who can make Luke and Sharondra cum the fastest. If they refuse, they will both have to be toilets for a month. They start with cocksucking, then assfucking, then a prison gang-rape. In the end, Mr. Whitebread wins, and he actually smiles, relieved to have won. Sharondra congratulates him for being such a good little whiteboy faggot, Luke says he's a more natural white trash whore than his wife. sharondra says she's just been training him a lot harder. Mrs. Whitebread starts crying, "how could you do this to me! Your wife! I thought you loved me! You're supposed to protect me!" Luke tells her to shut the fuck up, besides, he obviously couldn't help it, he just loves black cock so much. She starts bawling, "how could you!" "Yeah," Sharondra says, "how could you, you selfish little faggot! Deprive your beautiful, hungry wife of all that delicious shit and piss!" Mr. And Mrs. Whitebread are both stunned. "What?" "You won, faggot," Sharondra says, "you won the pleasure and honor of being our toilet, shithead!" They let Mrs. Whitebread piss and shit in his mouth first, she loves it, makes him choke on it, calls him a fucking faggot. Luke and sharondra go next, then hand him over to the prison gang to be thier toilet for a month, they take Mrs. Whitebread upstairs and fuck the shit out of her.

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