tagInterracial LoveLuke Powers: Black Master Pt. 03

Luke Powers: Black Master Pt. 03


Brad's Ruined Honeymoon

Starring: Brad Whitebread, Chastity Belle, Wesley Whitebread, Luke Powers and a special guest appearance by Mishi herself!

(See the "XXX-Women" series, "Misadventures of Mishi" series and "The Perils of Greggie-Poo" for more Luke Powers & Mishi action!)

Directed by Mishi.

Most of you are familiar with Mishi favorite boytoy porno star, Brad and his little brother Wesley. Well in this new video, they are joined by Chastity, Brad's real life newlywed bride on their wedding night! Of course part of the fun of any Mishi video is the fact that the stars usually don't want to be doing what they are doing and have been somehow coerced by the versatile Mishi to participate.

Most of you will never see this video since it wont be sold to the public and is only available to members of Mishi's Club...most of us couldn't afford to join even if we were invited, however I feel honored that Mishi herself asked me to review the latest videos for her monthly newsletter "BlackMaled". So I get to see these unbelievable underground illegal works of sexual humiliation and abuse. Well, Brad, Chastity and Wesley is right up there at the top..a non stop fuckslop orgy of perversion...which Mishi assures us is one hundred percent real and unstaged.

So for those of you who are perverts but not rich influential perverts...let me describe blow by blow this hot video. The film opens with the big black stud Luke banging the shit out of Brad's new wife on their wedding night. In the previous video, the actual wedding ceremony was shown and we got to see how Mishi manipulated everything to that Brad, Chastity and Wesley were each used separately so that they thought the others were safe. Brad, as usual, was ass-fucked by Luke, this time in a confessional while wearing his tux. Luke then gave him a long, hot piss enema and made him hold the cum and piss in his ass and pull his pants up (but had made him throw away his underwear) and suck his cock clean of cum, piss and shit. As Mishi had planned, the cum and piss began to leak out of the whiteboy's ass during the long, boring Catholic ceremony and some relatives in the first row could see a stain on Johnny's pants and complained of a smell. Chastity, meanwhile, was cornered in her bridal room by three black women who made her eat them out and drink their piss. They told her if she spilled any, it would make her make-up run and stain her nice, white dress. Unfortunately for her, she had never drank piss before and spilled a little of it. Her lipstick was a bit smeared and her foundation ran some, but it wasn't too noticeable unless you looked closely or smelled her breath. But some of it had stained the front of her beautiful, expensive bridal gown, the piss had run down her perfect, white cleavage and stained the front of her gown. She could only hope it wasn't too noticeable. Wesley, the ring-bearer, was ambushed in the men's bathroom by five big, black men that Mishi had personally recruited right out of prison. They made him shove the ring up his ass while each one fucked his face and came down his throat. Then they all pissed in his mouth and made him drink every drop. Finally, they each took turns shitting huge loads of crap into the boy's mouth and he was not allowed to leave until he'd swallowed down every last bite into his gut. When Chastity and Brad did finally kiss at the altar, they each noticed an odd taste, but both were so preoccupied with their own privately shameful rape experience that they never imagined what the other had been through. They didn't even notice the slight shit-stains on Chastity's finger when Brad slid the ring on that Wesley had kept up his ass for the two hours of his toilet rape. When it came time to cut the cake, Chastity took a fingerful of icing and tasted it and "mmmm"ed for the guests, then stuck her finger in Brad's mouth for the expected playful cake pictures. Brad immediately recognized the taste as black man's cum. The caterer had been a friend of Mishi's and had the frosting made to special order. Chastity didn't seem to notice, though, so Brad didn't say anything to her and pretended to love the cake when she shoved a huge piece in his mouth for the cameras. Later, when they were sitting at the head table and it came time to do the champagne toasts, one of the black women who had made Chastity drink her piss brought out the "special" bride & groom champagne bottle. Mishi, who had acted as the couple's wedding arranger, promised that the champagne was a very special vintage and she was sure the couple would love it. Chastity realized immediately that the yellow liquid in the bottle was not, in fact, champagne, but dark, nigger piss. As the black woman poured each of them a full glass, Chastity saw the black woman wink at her. Chastity didn't know what to do, she couldn't say something without revealing her earlier humiliation. Luke, who was, for some reason Chastity couldn't understand, Brad's best man, stood up and gave his speech. It seemed a bit odd to Chastity, but the guests seemed to clap anyway and the moment of truth came. Chastity and Brad raised their champagne glasses. The piss was still warm, she noticed. She looked over at Brad who didn't seem to think anything was odd and drank from his glass, nodding to her to do the same. She couldn't do anything but go along with it and drank her glass full of piss. It was as nasty and rancid as she'd remembered, she couldn't understand how Brad hadn't noticed anything wrong with it. But, she thought, he never was a champagne connoisseur like her, so he probably thought that that's how it always tasted. Of course, the same exact thoughts had been running through Brad's head the whole time. By the end of the reception, they'd finished the whole bottle between the two of them.

When they finally got in their limo and drove away, Chastity relaxed. The only people in the car were her, Brad, the driver, the videographer and Brad's best man, Luke. No sign of the black women who'd so degraded her on her wedding day. At least, she thought, the night would belong to her and her husband, nothing would ruin that. It was a moment she'd looked forward to since she was a little girl. She had saved herself for the perfect man... the perfect white man. And Brad was that man. A rich, white, blonde lawyer with impeccable heritage and a solid, conservative upbringing. She could put the one, yellow stain on her happiness behind her forever and never tell anyone about it. Brad, of course, was under no such illusions. He sat there, sweating, the piss enema still in his ass, giving him cramps now. He recognized the videographer as one of Mishi's regular camera girls. He was in a state of suspense, wondering if and when the ruse would be exposed. For a brief moment, he thought that maybe, just maybe, Luke and Mishi were going to let him go, to set him free, finally, and let him live a normal, heterosexual life... as a wedding present. Mishi and Luke weren't totally evil, he thought... they could have mercy, couldn't they? He couldn't have been more wrong. Luke begins a conversation, wondering why brides wear white. Chastity actually finds this interesting and engages him in the conversation, She says it's prettier, more feminine. So, he says, why does the groom wear black. She says that black is the opposite of white, it's masculine. Luke nods, saying that makes sense. Black is more masculine of a color and white is very feminine. He goes on to say how that even carries over to people. Black men are bigger, more muscular, tougher and more manly. He explains how so many white men act gay or do things you'd never catch a brother doing, laughing and nudging Brad, who has to laugh and agree. Then he talks about Hitler and the Nazis and how backwards they had it. That all the evidence shows that the black race is the oldest and most evolved. Black genes always override the white genes, when a black man and a white woman have a baby, the baby never comes out white. He says that black men are just naturally bigger. As an example, he points out how black men and women have dominated every single sport they've bothered to participate in, even golf. They're just physically superior in every way. He says he's not trying to make a social statement or anything, he's just stating scientific fact, it should be no big deal, it's just a fact. People just don't want to believe that all men really aren't created equal. He uses him and Brad as an example. Luke states that he is six foot six and Brad is just five-six. Luke is three-hundred pounds and all muscle and can bench-press four hundred pounds. Brad is one hundred and forty pounds and skinny as a rail, like a teenage boy. Brad reluctantly agrees with him, but Chastity, being a racist, doesn't want him to give in. She says she's sure that there are other ways that white men are just as superior. The camera woman says she's always heard that about penis sizes but she thinks it's all a big hoax, a racial stereotype. So Luke says it's true and starts talking to Brad about cock sizes, making Chastity blush. Brad, knowing his expected role in this routine, disagrees that black men are bigger and Luke tells Brad to whip it out. He does and it's tiny and soft, Chastity is seeing it for the first time and is quite disappointed, embarrassed and blushing. Then Luke whips his huge erection out and compares it. He asks Chastity which is larger. She is flabbergasted and admits his is... a "little" bigger. Luke strokes it a few times for her, staring right at her. She is transfixed, gawking at the monster, precum dripping from its head. Brad's little pink weenis simply sits there flaccid, looking lost in his lap, barely a stub. "Oh my GOD, it IS true!" the camera woman gasps. "Here, you take over for a while," she says, handing the video camera to Chastity, then promptly dropping to her knees before Luke, worshipping his tower of blackness. He strokes it in her face, still looking at Chastity who, for some reason, is actually videotaping it like the girl asked her to. "May I... may I please suck your big fucking black cock... Master?" The girl begs. Luke nods and she ravenously attacks the cock, sucking it down, feeding on it like her life depended on it. She sucked it good and hard, deep and passionately, moaning and groaning, reaching down under her skirt and frigging herself as she sucked his cock. She looked right at Chastity and gave her a dirty, passionate, animal look as she devoured the cock. Luke cums down her throat and looks right at Chastity as he's jizzing in the girl's mouth. The girl cums when he does. She thanks Luke for his delicious cum and sits back, gasping for air and burps. Chastity tells her she still has some cum on her chin. She asks where and Chastity reaches out and scoops it up for her. The camera woman grabs her hand and sticks Chastity's finger in her mouth, sucking the cum off it sensuously, staring Chastity right in the eyes, "Mmmmmm.... thank you..." she says and takes back the video camera. Luke lets Chastity stare at it just a little too long, then laughs and puts it away, resuming an unrelated casual conversation (about some black team beating some white team?) as if nothing had happened. This snaps Chastity out of her daze and she realizes her pussy is sopping wet and she shifts in her seat uncomfortably, wondering why the video camera girl won't stop filming her. She hopes that that part of the video is edited out. Brad finally puts limp little white prick away, too, not that anyone notices. Luke goes on to talk about how Hitler was a crazy white guy, talking about white superiority. He explains how stupid it was, since he was just a little white wimp. He said he'd seen a special on TV about how Hitler was a pervert and actually made girls shit on him. He says it must be something with Germans because that's a big thing in Germany now, scat porn. They must just love eating shit or something. Brad is blushing, just agreeing with Luke, trying not to get involved in the conversation. Chastity is appalled at the behavior of Brad's friend and is simply counting the minutes until they can be alone in their bridal suite at last. Still, she thinks, she's accidently come across those German scat sites on the Internet while she was browsing for caviar for the reception and she couldn't help but think that Luke was making a valid argument, on some level. She just didn't want to hear about it, especially not on her wedding day like this.

Of course, we all remember what happened next, the great devirginizing scene that won all those awards. In the bridal suite, she is lying in bed and Brad goes to the bathroom. During this, Luke bursts in and seduces her with his huge cock talking about how evolution works, how the black men have such huge cocks because women always go for the most virile men, how evolution is survival of the fittest, the strongest, the biggest... how, in the wild, a boy like Brad would never have any chance of competing with such a perfect specimen of manhood like him... He explains that he knows she longs for his cock, it's an animal lust thing, nothing to be ashamed about, it's natural, women always are going to instinctively want the largest cock in the pack... that white women are so small and tight only because white dicks have never evolved to be big, they've always been small and so white women's cunts had to shrink to provide any kind of friction and how sad that is... He explains to he he can make her feel like a woman should, like women used to back on the plains, being fucked by a real dick like an animal, like a savage bitch in heat. He explains that it's her evolutionary duty to get fucked by him, to ensure the survival of the biggest, to pass along only the best genes... he's making her hold it, then stroke it, then lick and suck it and finally devirginizes her, cumming in her cunt, telling her to be quiet unless she wants Brad to hear them and know what she's done, calling her a dirty white trash whore as he savagely fucks her, a slut for black cock who couldn't keep her vows even on her wedding night and how she's nothing but a stupid white bitch tramp slut, a cum dumpster for black seed, a worthless white trash bitch whore, making her experience her very first orgasm, a soul-shaking wave of ecstasy, screaming into his mouth as they kiss, then she immediately sobs and cries in shame and guilt as he makes her suck his post-cum ooze from his cock, verbally abusing her further. In the bathroom, Mishi is holding Brad, pissing in his mouth, telling him what will happen next. He is to go out there, kiss her, go down on her, pretending he doesn't notice the cum leaking out of her gaping cunt, then cum on the sheets while he's eating her. He is to apologize, saying he just couldn't help it. She asks if he understands and he nods, her cock still in his mouth. She says "good" and allows him to finally expel Luke's cum and piss enema into the ice bucket, which he does with great relief. She exits into the adjoining room and tells him to drink the entire cum, piss and shit mixture before heading back out, keeping him busy long enough for Luke to really give it to his wife. She says she'll be watching through the two-way mirror. Brad sits there and drinks the mixture down, listening to the sounds of the springs of his bridal bed being pushed to their limit by Luke and his wife. He can practically hear the wet slushing sounds of Luke's cock pummeling her virgin bridal twat as he drinks down he piss enema. Luke finishes with her, having made her suck out the post-cum ooze from his leaky cock and hold it in her mouth. He goes to hide in the closet just as we hear the toilet flush and Brad comes out. He does as Mishi told him and tastes Luke's cum in her mouth and twat. He cums on he sheets and apologizes. She is totally disappointed now, having been deflowered by a black man and her husband couldn't even fuck her.

She gets up and goes to the bathroom to "clean up" she says and sits on the toilet, crying. Then she hears some noise from the bedroom and peeks out to see what's going on. She witnesses Luke coming out of the closet and confronting Brad. She watches as Luke tells Brad how he saw the pathetic display that happened, how Brad wasn't even man enough to fuck his wife on their wedding night. He makes Brad admit that he is no man and his dick is so small he probably couldn't even get it in her anyway. She watches, transfixed as Luke verbally berates her husband, calling him a wimp and a pussy and saying Brad's hot little wife deserves a real man's cock, like him. She watches Brad agree with Luke, and Luke says he's going to take Brad's wife, then. Chastity is shocked when Brad says that if that's what Luke wants, then he can't stop him. "Damn right you can't, you little fuckin' pussy, I could kick your ass from here all the way back to your momma's cunt, couldn't I?" Brad agrees and acknowledges Luke's superiority. Luke makes him feel his muscles, and Brad admits that they're huge. Luke then tells Brad to whip out his little white penis - his "weenis", he wants a good laugh. Brad does and Luke laughs his ass off. He then tells Brad to take out Luke's cock, to remind him what a real man's cock is like. Brad resists, but then Luke bitch-slaps him to the ground and brad obeys. Chastity watches her husband unzip Luke's pants and fish out the gigantic prick that had raped her earlier. She begins to rub her clit as she watches her husband hold it's weight in his hand. Luke tells him to look at it and feel it's weight. He tells him to see how he can't even get one hand all the way around it when it's flaccid like it is. He reminds him of when he whipped it out in the car and tells him he saw how he and his wife were staring at it. He says he could tell they both wanted nothing more than to suck that big black dick of his. He asks him if he'd like that, if he'd like to share that big black dick of his with his wife, the two of them on their knees, sucking it. Brad says no, he's not gay, but Luke says that doesn't matter, he's a white boy so he's practically a woman to a black man. He tells him to stroke it and get it hard. Brad does and it grows and grows until it's a fully erect eighteen inches, throbbing hard and dwarfing little Brad. Chastity marvels at it, pussy sopping wet, drooling as she continues to watch. Luke then does the same evolution talk on Brad, convincing him that it's his natural place to be at the end of a black dick. He talks and degrades Brad into wanting his cock. He gets Brad to suck it, coaching him to take it deeper and deeper, telling him to imagine his wife deep-throating the monster. To Chastity's amazement, Brad manages to deep-throat the entire eighteen inches after about twenty minutes of work! Then Luke tells Brad to get up on the bed, which he does obediently. He tells brad to tell him what he wants. Brad asks him to please fuck him. Luke tells him to go on, to let loose, to let it all out, don't hold back, let Luke know all the deep-rooted whiteboy faggot passions and desires he's held back all these years, the perverted, submissive cravings he's had for Luke ever since he first met him. Brad does just that. He asks for Luke to fuck him up the ass, to shove his big black dong all the way up his poop chute and make him his little white bitch. He sticks his ass up in the air and reaches back and spreads his cheeks for him, all the while begging for it, pleading for it, saying he needs it more than anything in the world, that he's not complete until he's had Luke's cock fill him up. Luke then pounces on him and slams it home, ramming his little white ass like a savage animal. Brad cries out in agony and ecstasy, screaming and yelling, saying how great it feels, how he's such a faggot and made to be fucked, how he's longed for it forever. He begs for Luke to fill him up, to cum up his ass. Luke asks him if Brad loves him. brad exclaims yes, yes, I love you and your big black dick more than anything in the world! More than your beautiful, blonde bride? Brad says she's nothing but a white bitch and she i nothing to him, all that matters to him is being fucked by big, black men, that's the only thing he loves. He pleads for Luke to shoot his jizz in him, to give him the honor of being his bitch, his cum receptacle. He begs for Luke to shoot his hot nigger spunk deep into his bowels and impregnate him with his black seed. Luke screams and hammers Brad's ass so hard, Chastity worries he might break Brad's back. But Brad just screams in ecstasy, screaming "Yes! Yes! Oh, fuck, god, YESS!!! I am your fucking white faggot bitch, master, fill me up, please, god, fill meeeee!!!" Chastity cums as Brad does, shuddering and shaking, unable to believe the display before her. Luke rests on top of Brad and breathes heavily. Chastity thinks how romantic they look, the black master lying on the sweat-soaked whiteboy, grinning in submissive queer bliss. Luke looks at Brad and brad looks at him and tells him, ever so tenderly and earnestly "I love you, master". Luke stands up and yanks Brad to his knees saying "You fuckin' faggot, I'm not gay! I don't love you, you piece of shit, you're just another white hole, fucker! THIS is what you love, you fuckin' homo: black dick! It don't matter whose dick it is, either, as long as it's black, you love ALL black dick! Now tell your master you love it!" Brad obeys and tells Luke's semi-hard, cum and shit-stained cock that he loves it. "Good, now worship it, show it how much you love it and suck it clean of your shit, boy." Brad gladly does so and licks and sucks it clean avidly, making slurping, cooing, appreciative and hungry noises as he does so. Brad also starts licking Luke's fat scum covered fuckbags. Brad's tongue lovingly lifts each black nut as the big dick drips post-cum all over his face. Chastity is totally blown away by this and steps back from the door. She isn't quite sure how to handle this and looks in the mirror, fixing herself up. She wraps a towel around her then looks at the toilet. Remembering how Luke snuck out when they heard Brad flush, and not wanting her poor, pathetic husband to suffer the additional humiliation of her knowing of his disgusting homosexual cravings, she flushes the toilet, thinking Luke will go off and hide like he did before. She waits a few seconds and comes out, pretending that everything is normal. Chastity, wrapped in a towel steps out of the bathroom and gawks at the sight before her. I gotta tell you guys, Mishi is at her best with these two. Brad is sucking his master's ass now... as Luke lifts one leg so little cracker can tongue the shithole. Until you've seen a pink eighteen year old blonde whiteboy's tongue fucking up into his master's black asshole, you "ain't seen nothing yet..." Brad is holding his own tiny prick masturbating it while he sucks ass. Chastity watches this obscene display of her newlywed husband whacking off as he enjoys his ass meal... she seems disturbed at the sight of this big black man getting a butt licking from her new husband. Luke, however, sees the new bride and charges her, prick waving at her menacingly. He rips her towel off, spins her around and grabs Chastity's tits..then in one thrust..he slams his big black dick up her ass and forces her against the wall. Luke is now fucking his slave's wife really hard...balls deep on each thrust like animals do. Brad watches and jerks his dick..then falls to his knees and drags his Master's jeans down around his ankles..so he can taste some of that hot hard black ass. Now Brad starts to eat the ass of his big, black master who is fucking his new wife. Boys this video is a real winner. After a good ass sucking..and what good whiteboy toilet wouldn't want to eat out that black ass for a couple of hours.. Luke yells at Brad to get over on the bed on his back, hanging his head off the edge. Brad does so obediently. Luke picks Chastity up effortlessly, carrying her over to the bed supporting her mainly with his massive fuckshaft, buried deep in her ass. She screams as it plunges into her, and she feels like a stuck pig, skewered on a spit. Luke lays her down on top of Brad so that Brad's face is in their crotches. Luke goes back to savagely ass-fucking Chastity and Brad starts to lick the big slick nigger prick as it is pulled from Chastity's slimy asshole. Chastity is a little offended that Brad chose to lick Luke's shitty cock rather than lick her beautiful pussy, to help her orgasm... but, she figures, he's just a faggot, so I guess that's natural. Brad licks the shitslop off the dick on the outstrokes. All three of them are now screaming things like "Oh fuck..oh God..oh shit..fuck fuck fuck......"

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