Luke Powers: Black Master Pt. 03


Luke yells, "I'm fucking cumming...." And we see the hard slabs of his ass cheeks tighten even more as he arches his strong muscled back and shoots his load up the butt of his slave's white wife. Chastity cries hysterically..we don't know why..because she is having so much fun..because she hates Luke..because she is afraid of getting ruined by her husband's master..or because the big fucking dick hurts like hell..probably all of the above. Luke pulls out still spurting..and plunges his fuckrod into his whiteboy's mouth..who swallows the rest of the spunk. Chastity collapses on top of her faggot husband, completely used and exhausted. Luke spreads her ass cheeks to show the camera that she is indeed flooded with cum. She sobs at being so crudely exposed, then Luke pulls out of Brad has her shit the cum into his mouth. Despite the humiliation, there seems to be some sadistic pleasure in it for Chastity, who obviously blames Brad for getting her into this mess. Luke then slams his shitty cock back into Brad's mouth, fucking it like a pussy. He tells Chastity to get up, turn around and get a good, close look at this. He has her hold her husband's head and talk dirty to him. She goes wild watching Luke face-fuck Brad, she expresses her amazement at the size of the cock, Luke's muscled ass and thighs, his perfect abs and chest, his muscular arms effortlessly holding Brad down. She tells Brad he's just an inferior white bitch, good for nothing but being fucked. More worthless, even, than her since he can't even give black men children. She goes on about how superior black men are and how this is Brad's rightful place. She calls Brad a faggot, a whiteboy mouthpussy. She tells him how worthless he is, how pretty he looks getting mouth-raped. She eggs Luke on, telling him to fuck that fag-hole, slam it down his fucking throat, shoot that jizz down into his toilet tummy, he's such a fucking faggot for black dick. Luke pumps another huge load down his throat and pulls out and shoves his cock into Chastity's mouth. She hungrily sucks on it and he shoots a few spurts down her throat. Then he pulls out and jizzes all over both their faces. Chastity and Brad lick the cock clean and lick the black man's cum off each other's faces, kissing and licking it, sucking and sharing it. Chastity holds Brad's mouth and spits Luke's cum in his mouth and tells him to swallow it, leaving his mouth open and he does. She then holds Luke's dickhead over Brad's mouth and Luke asks her what she wants him to do. She begs for Luke to piss down this faggot's throat, to show him who's boss, show him how superior he is and how Brad is nothing but a whiteboy faggot toilet for black men. Luke calls her a nasty fucking white bitch and pisses right into Brad's mouth. It fills up Brad's mouth and Chastity is swearing like a sailor about how fucking hot that is, how beautiful it is, she watches it fill up, amazed at the strength and volume of the piss shooting out of the monster cock. She remarks how strong it smells and how dark it is. She tells Brad to swallow it all, leaving his mouth open so she can make see his toilet mouth plumbing work... Brad obeys and swigs down the piss in huge gulps as his wife stares down his throat. She continues to verbally berate Brad, calling him a fucking faggot toilet, a piss pot, a urinal for black piss. She frigs herself as she sticks Luke's cock in Brad's mouth and watches as Luke continues to piss straight down his throat, small rivulets of piss pouring out of the corners of his stretched-out mouth, but most of it going straight down his gullet into his guts. She explodes in a powerful orgasm, as she yells "YESSS, YOU FUCKING PISS-DRINKING TOILET MOUTH WHITE BITCH FAGGGOOTTT!!!" Mishi comes in and tells Chastity and Brad to get dressed. Chastity is meeting her for the first time and is amazed to see her huge cock dangling between her legs. Mishi brings in a naked, teenage boy - Wesley! Brad says no, but Mishi shuts him up with a glare. She throws Wesley on the bed and Luke promptly mounts him and slams his cock up his asshole. Brad cries and Chastity tells him to stop being such a sissy faggot and get dressed. She watches Luke slamming the screaming teenager, remarking on how fucking hot it looks to see such a dark, huge, muscled, hung black man ass-raping a skinny little whiteboy who's about a quarter of his size. Brad and Chastity get dressed and Mishi, who's been stroking her cock and watching, tells them she made a reservation for them at a local establishment for their romantic honeymoon dinner. She sends them down to the limo and says the driver will take them there. As she walks over to Wesley and shoves her dick in his screaming mouth, she tells Brad and Chastity to go on and have fun, she and Luke will babysit Wesley while they're gone.

The scene shifts to the restaurant where Brad takes Chastity for dinner. As it pans back, we realize it is a filthy urban greasy spoon type dump inhabited by seedy black men. Not a woman in the place..except Chastity as she enters wearing a very short black skirt..a see through white blouse so her nipples show. high heels..and an expression of revulsion and fear. Brad doesn't look too happy himself. "Look at the fucking cunt..." one big black dude says very loudly and all the guys laugh. There must be twenty of them. Rough blue collar and welfare blacks.

You can see by Chastity's expression that she is really scared. A black waiter wanders up and takes their order..looking at Chastity's tits all the while. Then a dirty black truck driver type wanders up to the table and looks at Brad.

"This your bitch?" he asks.

"This is my wife..we were married two weeks ago...." Brad stammers, looking to the camera as if for pity..probably at Mishi behind the lens. I heard the head man likes to film some of these key scenes himself. Truly artistic.

The nigga dude smiles.."Well do you mind if I fuck your wife?"

Chastity is chewing her lip, eyes shut, fists clenched....Brad looks at the floor..almost as if he will cry. Then very quietly he says.."That's why I brought her here."

The black giant says very loudly..." You brought your wife here to get fucked by nigger dick?"

A close up on cute Brad's face as he mumbles as he had been taught..."yes sir....I want her to have the thrill of a real man's cock in her pussy." Chastity sits stiffly as if in shock as the black man shoves one calloused hand into her blouse and starts to tug on the nipples of her tits. Brad can't even watch.

"Brad please.." Chastity if to say.."this is too much..make it stop" but it doesn't. suddenly the nigger rips her blouse open so the buttons pop and her big fat tits are hanging there exposed to all the black men. the truck driver bends over and begins to spit in Chastity's face. Now another black moves in and grabs Brad's head and forces it into his bulging crotch. Brad's face is rubbed against the growing dick in the black man's pants. Chastity is dragged from her chair and set on the pool table..they rip her clothes off. Two black teenagers hold her legs apart while the other guys spread her pussylips and finger her cunt. She screams for her husband who is busy sucking on a ten inch black cock now...hairy black balls banging his chin.

Oh shit, readers, you've all seen countless black on white gangbangs...all seen big black prick stuff tiny white pussy and ass..seen black dicks in white boys faces..but what makes this video so hot is that both Brad and Chastity are such clean cut college fresh and young and innocent looking..and the black motherfuckers fucking them are so animalistic. Brad is bent over a table and violently ass fucked by ten guys... Chastity is fucked on the pool table by six guys..who take turns in her ass and cunt and mouth...It goes on endlessly and breathlessly . The nigga's fuck with all their might..slamming their huge dicks into the white couple. Not a black dick in the place is under ten inches..and the largest is eighteen.

Of course Mishi knows that any fuck film worth its salt balances the violence with equal amounts of humor so comedy is not lacking in this film. In one particularly funny moment, Chastity is forced to suck the cum loads out of her husbands stretched out asshole. well while she is sucking..Brad loses it and farts..and she is splattered in the face with nigger spooge. Another very funny moment occurs when a ten year old black boy is brought in and first tries to fuck Chastity and then sits on Brad's face while the battered husband sucks his ass. Then while Brad is fucked with a pool cue..the black dudes make a nice drink for Chastity..they piss in a beer mug..then blow their noses into it giving it a head of snot. Chastity freaks out and gets hysterical,.crawls around bare assed on the floor trying to get away from the guys. This section has really good camera work. they hold her down and pour the piss and snot down her throat. then they carry her over to Brad and punch her stomach until she pukes it into his mouth. It's a fine film moment..and one to be remembered.

Next some of the guys piss down Brad's throat..holding their big black dicks like hoses and spraying fountains of piss that cascade into his open mouth as he kneels stroking his mini-dick for them. Then they say that, since the two came there for dinner, it's time for them to eat. They promise them some good, down-home Southern cookin' and lie the two next to each other on the floor and every single nigger in the restaurant takes a dump in their mouths. They must have eaten just a while ago because these black guys really pour it on. Chastity and Brad each eat probably twenty pounds of nigger shit. Hell, you can see their stomachs distended so much they both look like they're pregnant or some shit. Brad actually is more used to eating shit and probably actually got about five more pounds down before he was stuffed. But Chastity was the one who they brought the great dane over to. They sat it on her face and had it shit it's nasty, soft, disgusting dogshit-rope into her mouth. They couldn't finish the last of the shit so they're told to just hold it in their mouths, Chastity's packed with dogshit. Some guys fuck Chastity with beer bottles in all her holes.and make her dance keeping them in...Brad has a beer bottle shoved up his ass and is forced to dance too. Somebody puts on a ballad and a touching moment occurs when the newlyweds slow dance together..crying in each others arms. The black guys make them French kiss each other and their mouths are still packed solid with shit. They kiss and brown shit-juice runs down their faces and covers their bodies. The kissing makes them finish the shit in their mouths, but they can't take it and they puke. Brad loses it first and pukes in Chastity's mouth as they're still kissing, making Chastity puke too. They're told not to stop kissing and to keep dancing. So they kiss right through the retching and vomiting, barfing up nigger shit into each other's mouth and tongue-kissing, drinking each other's nigger-shit-vomit down while they dance in a naked embrace. the scene fades out.

The last scene of the film is back at the honeymoon suite. The bedroom... Brad's little brother Wesley is asleep, bare assed on the bed. He's got his mouth wrapped around Luke's gigantic cock and his asshole is clearly gaping and packed with black jizz. Brad and Chastity drag themselves in..covered in cum, piss and shit. They look terrible. Luke wakes Wesley up and orders the kid to lick the cum, piss and shit off their bodies. Wesley resists at first but then complies... it's hot because Wesley sucks cum not only out of Chastity's asshole, but also out of his brother's. Luke's huge dick is now so swollen with lust and so hot that he fucks Wesley on the bed while the boy sucks Chastity's ass. Brad is made to stand idly by and fuck himself up the ass with his big black "training" dildo until his little dick spurts cum on his wife's ass and brother's face. It's so lovely to see Luke's impressive award winning big black dick slamming into Brad's little brother's asshole. You can tell Wesley hates being fucked. Too bad, the viewers love it. Luke now cums up Wesley's ass and then yells he's pissing... he pisses up the teenage whiteboy's ass. Then Wesley squats and shits the piss out into Brad's mouth. Brad mouth kisses his little brother and they share the shitty mix of piss and jizz as Luke savagely ass-fucks Chastity, making her watch her husband and his little brother act like the two little faggot whiteboy toilets they are. Luke makes her rub her own clit until she cums as he ravages her ass and she watches the two boys sharing the cum, piss and shit.

These four really know how to make sex filthy... it's a real treat. Now Luke pisses all over Chastity's face and Brad licks it off and kisses Wesley. What a sight... a big fat black cock spraying piss on Chastity's beautiful fashion model face. Awesome. The film ends with the four of them collapsing in a heap in the sex and piss soaked bed. Wesley actually falls asleep with Luke's scrotum in his mouth and his brother deep throating Luke's perpetually hard cock... it's so cute. Meanwhile, Chastity is deeply, passionately, soulfully French kissing Luke as she pushes her husband's head down on Luke's fucktool. Her other hand caresses his broad, muscled chest appreciatively as Luke finger-fucks her ass, his single finger bigger than most whiteboy's dicks.

I don't know about you, but I cant wait to see more adventures of this fun loving threesome black-"maled" into sex. Next time Mishi promises horseshit games...something the three of them swear they will never do! Ha! So until next time video lovers..this is your fuck video reviewer dale signing off.
(inspired by Dale 10)

Disclaimer: no one in this story is under age 18

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