tagNonHumanLunar Dance Ch. 03-04

Lunar Dance Ch. 03-04


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Ok, so here is the edited stuff again. Hope it's a bit longer too.



Fate, that which is inevitably predetermined; destiny.

Jozlyn's mind locked on that word, Fate, a four-letter word encompassing ones destiny, her destiny. Jozlyn often believed that there was no such thing as fate; there was only fact. It was a fact she went to school on Mondays. It was an unfortunate fact that she hadn't eaten anything in twenty-four hours and had been sick. But as she opened the door to Miss Mallory's class, it was not fact but fate that her wild dream man was there, sitting at a desk, wearing her school uniform, looking every inch the proper student. As she stared at him, fact seemed miles away, but fate was starting her in the face, with cool mocking eyes.


Demir stared at his red haired siren. She stood in the doorway of his classroom looking gorgeous and confused. She had on the schools uniform, and she had her fire red hair in a long braid down her back. She looked just as beautiful as she had the night before. Just as tempting, just as sexy, and it took all of his will power not to stride over to her, grab her, and kiss her senseless.

Long seconds passed, the room faded and only they two were in it, staring at each other. The confused looked deepened on her face, as though her mind was not accepting what was in front of her. But, even as her mind rejected him, her body readily accepted him. Her body knew him, knew what he could do to her, and prepared itself. Her pupils dilated, her cheeks flushed, her breath hitched, her legs parted just the tiniest bit and she licked her full rosy lips. Yes, her body knew him, and his knew hers. Just as she had reacted so had he, his pupils dilated, his nostrils flared, he bared his teeth, his muscles shifted and locked, and he went rock hard, waiting for her, like a wolf waiting for its prey.

She was the first to come out of the trance, the first to hear the teachers' voice. "Jozlyn, are you listening to me?" He saw her turn her head and stare at the teacher, bringing everything back into focus. Her cheeks turned a bright red before she said in a slightly husky voice, "Yes, I'm sorry. You were saying..."

So her name was Jozlyn! Demir thought, with a smug smile on his lips. He tried to imagine the thoughts that had been coursing through her head, which had caused her cheeks to turn flaming red. The same thoughts I'm thinking? Her; spread out on the quilt, head thrown back, gripping his shoulders, crying out as he entered her in one smooth thrust. Demir dropped his head to the desk, in a state of aroused agony, as he listened to the conversation.

"I said if you're not feeling well, you should go back to the nurse." Miss Mallory said, coming around her desk toward Jozlyn. Jozlyn smiled at the teacher, warm and reassuring. "I'm fine Miss Mallory. I'm sorry for interrupting class. Let me just take my seat- please continue." Jozlyn gestured to the chalkboard as she made a beeline to her desk in the back of the classroom.

Demir lifted his head following her progress to her seat, trying to catch her eye, but she never turned to look at him. He fancied she was in shock, and instead of taking offense at her behavior, busied himself with staring at her behind. He smiled recalling an instance where he had gotten a perfect view of her ass. He smile depend and turned to a cat with cream smile; he turned back around in his seat, paying no attention to the lesson, instead recalling events from the previous night.


This couldn't be happening! She thought frantically, staring at the back of Prince Henry Demir Jacob Manchester the third's head. A prince! She had dreamed about a wild sexy prince! Yup, it was a dream no denying it! Jozlyn thought hysterically. She turned to the left, to see her friend Kayla, staring at the prince as though he was a giant lollipop she wanted to like thoroughly. Uh, gross!

As soon as Jozlyn had taken her seat in the back of the class, next to her friend Kayla, her friend had delivered on the gossip, the two girls whispering confidentially in the back. Kayla had reminded Jozlyn, of the King and Queens visit the week before. She hadn't thought much of it at the time, assuming it was a publicity stunt to get the people to like the royal family and aristocracy. Kayla had then confided, that not even a minute after they had gone to the nurses' office that the prince had come, she had heard this from Janice a fellow classmate. Janice had also told Kayla that the prince had been formal in his introduction saying his entire name, but when they had all had lunch together, the prince was cool and approachable, and told them all they could call him Demir, because he hated the name Henry. As Kayla ended her diatribe about how sexy the prince was; Jozlyn had been struck dumb. When she had first walked into the room and looked at him, she had been positive that he was her wild dream man in the flesh! She had felt a spark between them! I must have still been light headed, because there was no way a prince had looked at her like he had wanted to do some of the things, all of the things her that her wild man had done. No way! He had probably been looking at my crazy hair. Jozlyn thought touching her red braid. She had been blessed with beautiful shiny long hair, but cursed with it being curly and bright red! It was so bright, that anywhere she went people knew who she was, Oh! There's Jozlyn with her unusual name and fire truck red hair! She could just hear the people mocking her behind her back, because no one had the guts to say it to her face.

She felt a pointy elbow, poking her in her side. She turned to her friend, raising a brow in question. What? She silently willed to her friend. Her friends' eyes widened and her eyes darted to the general direction of the prince. Her eyes followed Kayla's before locking on eyes, she would never forget. The princes' eyes were a mash of color both green and blue and brown all at once. His eyes had only one word to describe them, Wild. She wasn't mistaken; she had been right all along, he was her wild dream man!

Demir smiled right into Jozlyn's bright green eyes. A smile that said; you are mine. I know every inch of you, from the tip of your head down to your pretty pink toes. And even though you're fully clothed, I only see naked skin. And when class is over, I'm going to see that skin again; I'm going to fuck again.

Jozlyn felt chills on her body, goose bumps formed, and she felt totally naked, vulnerable. Pinned by his gaze, her body cooled than heated, ready for him, waiting for him. His gaze skimmed her torso, lingering on her breast, and then returned to her eyes. His smile had changed; it was now more carnal, savage. He pinned her for another second before turning around, and she was once again presented with the back of his head.

Kayla again poked her in the side, a question in her eyes. But Jozlyn was speechless, aroused, and in no way capable of explaining the look and wordless conversation the Prince and she had had. She shook her head, smiling. And mouthed he's super sexy, which pacified her friend. Kayla gave her an exaggerated wink before turning her attention once more to the teacher. Jozlyn couldn't focus on her teacher, couldn't even breathe as fate smacked her over the head with a brick! The prince of her country, Henry Demir Jacobs Manchester the third, was the wild dream man- make that wild man, she had made passionate love to the night before, and by the look her had given her, he wanted to do it again!


Diiiingggg! Doooonggg! The last school bell ringing drew Jozlyn from her thoughts. Immediately chatter began, most of it centered on the princes' impromptu decision to attend school, and most of it including the prince himself.

She couldn't deal with this! She couldn't deal with him! Jozlyn thought frantically grabbing her books and school materials and shoving them in her school bag. She trained her eyes on the prince, making sure he was nowhere near the door so she could make a hasty escape.

"Man the prince is hot!" She heard her friend Kayla whisper to her.

Jozlyn burst out laughing, her emotions taking a tailspin, so the laugh came out loader than she expected. She closed her hand over her mouth, the abrupt laugh turning into girlish giggles. Her friend grinned stupidly at her, and lightly slapped her arm. "If I wasn't committed to Matt, I'd be all over him, like the rest of them." She gestured to a group of girls, prancing and dancing themselves about, trying to get the princes' attention. Jozlyn narrowed her eyes at one girl, who was doing some inappropriate things with a lollipop, disgusting!

Jozlyn turned back to her friend, and linked arms with her, grabbing her back and turning them towards the door in the process. "But you do have Matt, so there is no need to go over there." Jozlyn said starting to walk to the door.

Kayla quickly retrieved her bag, wondering at her friends' strange behavior. Kayla and Jozlyn usually rushed out of class anyway, so they could go get a quarter coffee at Penn café, but today was different, she wasn't rushing out she was trying to escape! Kayla silently wondered if the prince had anything to do with Jozlyn's strange behavior. She smiled secretly to herself, testing her theory but saying, "but you don't have anyone. Why don't you go talk to the prince?" Kayla unhooked her arm from her friends, turning Jozlyn around and pushing her to the prince.

Jozlyn quickly sidestepped and made a beeline for the door. "No thanks." She mumbled to Kayla, who was trailing behind her. Kayla smiled to herself, defiantly something with the prince.

The two girls emerged from the classroom, the small room having filled to the brim, with students and faculty from around the school. They quickly went around groups of giggling girl who wanted to catch a peak at the tall sexy prince, and guys who wanted to see what all the commotion was about. Jozlyn strode down the hall, her friend at her heals, mumbling to herself. "Her dream man... freakin' B.S... unbelievable.... Ah! Shit!" Kayla heard her friends mumbling, as Jozlyn descended the stairs two at a time breathing heavy but not pausing.

Kayla silently wondered what or rather whom her friend was talking about. Dream man? What the hell? Kayla thought, trying to keep up with her friend. Kayla decided, as she saw her friend nearly sprint to the front door that led outside, what ever was going on Jozlyn would be interesting. Then as a hand grabbed Jozlyn's upper arm, pulling her to an abrupt halt, and things did get interesting, a lot more interesting.


Damn, but the woman was fast! Demir thought, locking his hand around her upper arm. She had escaped him in the class and ran down the stairs, taking the steps two at a time. He turned her 'round to face him, his eyes sparkled from the chase, from the exhilaration he had gotten from catching his prey. She paled instantly and her cheeks flushed as memories of the last time her had touched her, flooding her vision. His simple touch sparked her desire, and in turn sparked his. His body was already hardening, his lust taking over, if they had not been in the hall surrounded by people she would be on her back by now. He thought viscously, trying to get his raging hormones to quiet; but still he hoped it would always be like this, this automatic instinctive need for each other, this violent need to claim her, to show every man that she was his, and they would die, slowly and painfully before they laid a finger on her.

He held her gaze for another second, before his eyes moved to the door, his valet, Marshalls waiting for him. Pristine, Marshalls stood straight as an arrow waiting for Demir to exit the building.

Jozlyn followed Demir's gaze to the door, and noticed the tall, scary look man, in a jet-black suit on the other side. Immediately, her survival instinct kicked in, she turned sharply in his arms and stepped on his foot, as hard as she could.

"Damn it!" Demir roared releasing Jozlyn instantly. He bent over and grabbed at his foot, while hopping up and down. The action looked terribly awkward for a man his size, but was still very funny to Kayla.

Kayla, who had stood to the side, leaning against a wall when the prince had grabbed Jozlyn's arm, looked in stunned disbelief as her friend, slammed her heal into the princes foot, and took off like a bat out of hell from the school. A tall man in a smart suit came in from the outside to help the prince. She stared at the Prince, and the man, and the people surrounding them. Something had happened in the thirty seconds the prince had had Jozlyn in his grasp. Kayla had never known her friend to be violent, never!

Hmm... interesting. Kayla thought, struck by the compulsion to meddle. She smiled, and then out right laughed at her the brilliant meddlesome plan she was coming up with. While in the back of her head, Matchmaker, match maker, make me a match! Rang cheerily. She pushed back from the wall she had been leaning on and began to push past hoards of girls cooing at the prince. Idiots! All of them, didn't they know the prince was taken! They had to be blind not to see the sparks flying between the two lovebirds. She finally broke free of the pack to find her self in front of the prince who was, grunting and rubbing is foot. Kayla bent down and tapped him on his shoulder, with enough force to get his attention. He looked up at her; several emotions crossed his face, wariness, confusion, and finally remembrance. His eyes sparked and happiness dawned clear on his face, "You're the girl that was with the sire- Jozlyn, right?" He said, standing up, his foot not throbbing as painfully, as it had been before.

Kayla nodded her, her hair brushing against her cheek. She unconsciously pushed the way ward strands behind her ear, saying, "Yup. I'm Jozlyn's best friend." He smiled warmly at Kayla, and she melted the slightest bit, her brain turning to mush. He gave her an elegant bow, bent fully at the waist. "It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, Miss..." He straightened raising a brow. Kayla rolled her eyes, but smiled sweetly, stupid her, she had forgotten to give her name. "Masson. Kayla Masson."

She felt arms close about her waist and jumped. She calmed as she recognized the heat, the smell, and the power that was Matt. Mathew Robbins was Kayla's possessive, protective and all around sexy boyfriend. He was a rugby player, and all around popular, great guy. Kayla had often wondered what had attracted him to her. She was a plain Jane girl. She was average height; average looks, but was wicked smart. She was quick-witted and mildly sarcastic, and Matt loved that about her. They had met while she had been out shopping with Jozlyn, and had instantly felt an attraction to him. They had met at the most unlikely place, Bath and Body Works, they had been getting some fragrant lotions and so had he, with his sister. It had seemed like fate when they had met, they had flirted, exchanged number and later found out they went to the same school.

She felt tension radiate from Matt's body in waves, "And I'm her boyfriend, Matt." He stand putting his chin on her head, he could do that because he was several inches taller than her. She rolled her eyes at his possessive tone, thinking it really stupid, but at the same time loving it.

Instead of the prince taking offense to Matt's behavior, the men exchange one of those male conversations that women just couldn't understand, she had had three male cousins growing up, but she still couldn't understand those wordless conversations they had. Whatever they were discussing seemed to make Matt relax, some of the tension left his body, but he still kept his pose, arms wrapped around her waist, his chin on her head, staking his claim over her.

Time to meddle, Kayla thought, smiling wickedly, "Demir, can I talk to you in private for a minute?" She stepped from Matt's embrace and grabbed the prince by the arm, towing him outside. Matt no surprise was right behind her, looming over her.

"Sure." Demir said, giving a look that said Privacy!, to Marshalls who had followed them outside. Marshalls nodded his head briefly before turning to handle crowd control. The trio went out of the school through the front gate, and turned the corner before stopping beneath the shade of an oak tree.

Demir leaned insolently against the tree, waiting for Kayla to speak. Kayla stood beside Matt, comfortable and ready to meddle. "Now Demir, what are your intentions towards Jozlyn?" Kayla said with the after thought, god I sound stuffy and old.

"I plan to marry her." Demir said with a slight nod of his head. The words had become easy to say and he found himself wanting to say then more and more, wanting ever man out there to know Jozlyn was his.

Kayla started at Demir for a long second ignoring the rumblings from Matt's chest. Was he serious? She thought, her mind shutting down and focusing on those five words he had just uttered. She had expected him to say that he wanted to sleep with her or date her, but marriage? The matchmaker song playing in the back of her had dwindled until it stopped. "What?" Kayla said still in disbelief.

Demir rolled his eyes getting very tired of the expression both Marshalls and Kayla had given him after he had told them he had wanted to marry Jozlyn. It was a combination of disbelief and annoyance. "I'm going to marry Jozlyn, and the sooner the better." He said firmly, with a serious note to his voice.

Kayla continued to stare as common sense penetrated the fog of confusion and disbelief. He was serious! He really wanted to marry Jozlyn! She narrowed her eyes and bared he teeth at him, like a wild animal.

She saw him tense saw how his relaxed stance becoming strained. "You can't just say that! Do you even know what kind of girl Jozlyn is? She wants to travel, see the world, do stuff. She doesn't want to get married! And especially to someone like you!" Kayla said seething vehemence.

Perhaps she had been projecting her self a little in the speech. Matt's reassuring hand that had been resting in the small of her back left, cold and dread replacing its warmth. She turned her head to look at Matt feeling despair in the pit of her stomach. She was such an idiot! Kayla thought, replaying the conversation she and Matt, had had in the basement of his parents house. They had been relaxing watching a comedy on TV and he had come suddenly turned her around and told he he loved her. He had been looking her dead in the eye, when he had said it.

She had just sat there stunned unable to speak, until finally she had said "uh... thanks." Kayla had felt mortified and had fled the house, leaving her purse and jacket in the basement. And shortly before he had confessed they had been talking about a family and marriage and mushy stuff, but in a funny way. Like he wanted seven kids, and she'd cut it off before she went through that pain. Stupid stuff, funny stuff, but he'd made it real, made her think and wish and hope. That had scared her, she never grew attached to anything. Her mom and dad had divorced when she was seven, her dad, moving in with some bimbo named Tiffany,while her mother had stuck herself into a stupor.

Eleven months, one job less, and a cocaine problem later, the state had deemed her mother unfit to take care of her. She had been put in foster care, before her aunt had come and taken her to Oscella, but the experience had left her with a few scars. She never relied on anyone, never put her hope and dreams on any one thing, and never got to attached. But as she had fled Matt's basement, she had got attached, she had fallen in love.

But here was not the time to hash out their problems. She knew that and she set her heart aside, and turned back to the prince. "Look, I've known Jozlyn for... well, for forever, and she's not just going to bat her eyelashes and say, yes prince, whatever you say prince.", Kayla mocked in falsetto.

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