tagNonHumanLunar Dance Ch. 07

Lunar Dance Ch. 07


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Chapter 7

Time takes us for a merry ride With those who live and those who die Time is factored in every choice we make In all the plans we have, in every action we take

Tabiti glided effortlessly through her forest, dodging trees, roots, and wild life with nary a thought. She had set Nar down for a nap shortly after the sands had come. Gods did not age like humans, and so Nar was still a child, still easily frightened. It had angered her the way Nyyrikki had sent his message, but he had made his point very clear. He wanted a war, and she was damn sure going to give him one!

She came to a sudden halt at the base of a mountain, her mountain, and the only one in her entire forest. Raven effortlessly landed on her shoulder, peering intently at the impossibly large mountain. Tabiti smiled, absently stroking his feathers, "There is no need to worry Raven. I'm perfectly safe." Raven continued to stare at her, giving her an incredulous look. Strange coming from a bird, Tabiti thought.

Sighing gently, she silently moved to the mouth of the mountain, then further, into the heart. Tabiti had built this cave when she had needed to escape Nyyrikki; it had provided the best protection, and something more.

Tabiti was a goddess after all, and could create worlds as easily as she destroyed them. Nyyrikki had been a threat she hadwanted to avoid, but he had also been the inspiration for getting her wolf back.

Raven shifted nervously on her shoulder, not comfortable with the situation they were in. Lightly petting the creature, Tabiti materialized a perch for him. He quickly flew to his perch, leaving Tabiti to once again marvel at her creation.

Like all things gods create, the mountain wasn't as it seemed; the heart held something very precious, something easily over looked and innocuous. Shaped as a dome with crystals of every color and shade reflecting back at each other, the heart held a small pool, glowing softly, courtesy of the crystals surrounding it.

The entire environment of the cave lured creatures in, enticed them to stay, take a dip in the pool. Only a fool or an enemy would dare touch it, the waters would instantly kill them, turning them into same crystal that decorated the walls. Tabiti had designed it to only let four beings in: herself, Nar, Raven, and her wolf. Correction: wolves.

The pool was a portal to different places in time and space, and Tabiti had used it to create her army. Tabiti walked slowly around the pool, gazing into the mesmerizing waters, gathering her strength.

When Tabiti had sent her winds to collect her wolf's soul, she had not simply taken the entire soul and placed it in a single human female's body; that would have been dangerous. The wolf was a celestial being and would easily over take the human and kill it, thereby losing its vessel. No matter what creature Tabiti would place the soul into, it would always die.

Holding her arm out, she motioned for Raven to come to her. Hesitantly Raven flew, landing delicately on Tabiti's hand. "Are you confident in your decision?" Raven communicated telepathically. Tabiti laughed outright. "No," she spoke quietly in the room, "I am not." Nyyrikki had taken her wolf, had crushed her heart, and though she would not admit it, she still loved him. So she had vowed long ago, if she could not cut her heart out to save herself from pain, she would use her pain to fuel her anger and revenge.

Tabiti walked across the water, moving towards the center. Below her was water so deep she could not see the end. Closing her eyes, Tabiti let gravity take over, water closing over both herself and Raven's head. Sinking in the water, she sank back to into her memories and let them take her.

Tabiti had taken Wolf's soul and split it into fours. She had scattered them throughout time, into the bodies of those who would procreate and then become her warriors. Some of the soul fragments had lain dormant, while others had manifested themselves in small tricks, like heightened smell,or faster speed. But only in that single female human, did the wolf come out to full form, only with her. But the woman's descendants were not enough, she needed to gather her army, to train them, to wake up their wolves.

Sifting through time and space was tricky, and pulling people out was dangerous; so instead she took from the present her warriors, and from descendants of Wolf she built her army.

"Go now Raven, and awaken my wolves. Bring them to me. We prepare for war," she whispered into his mind. Suspended in the water, she saw every one of her warriors in the shifting waves. Raven turned, leaving her arm and dived deep into the pool, the darkness claiming him.

Tabiti stared at the shifting imagines in the waters reflection, as one by one Raven collected her warriors, leaving only the Royal Family of Oscella. The family could shift, they were more prepared, they had been trained, and they would lead her army.

Focusing, Tabiti stretched her mind out to each of the people Raven collected, "My children...the time has come to awaken. Awaken and be free. The battle is beginning." ___________________________________ Two Weeks Later

Jozlyn was not in the mood to deal with bullshit, and Prince Demir was full of it. "Let. Go. Of. Me," Jozlyn said icily, giving him her best death glare.

"We need to talk," Demir said gruffly, retaining his hold on her. Half the class had already left for the day, but the people remaining had seen the prince walk up to her, and were now curious as to see what would happen.

"I said, let go of me!" Jozlyn said louder, violently yanking her arm from his grasp, but he simply wouldn't budge.

"Keep your voice down," Demir reprimanded her, frowning at her stubbornness.

Oh it's on, Jozlyn thought, mentally gathering her riotous anger. "You pig headed, spoilt, little rich boy asshole!" Jozlyn spat at him. Tossing her braid over her shoulder, she staring down her nose at Demir, and began her tirade. "So even though I've been asking you to talk, -all of two freaking weeks!- and you've ignored me; Now you want to talk?!" She laughed; once again trying to yank her arm from his grasp. He didn't relent, which just made Jozlyn even more pissed.

"Fuck you! I have nothing to say to you. So you can take whatever you want to say, and shove it into the deepest part of your- Hey!" Jozlyn yelled, going toe-to-toe with Demir.

Demir had heard enough; he grabbed her and forcibly removed her from the room, much to the displeasure of the snickering few that remained. Demir was sure Jozlyn's little outburst would be on every media network known to man, in less than a few minutes.

Demir continued to haul Jozlyn from the classroom and ultimately the school much to her bitching, moaning, and general criticism of him. Not to mention the threats. "You asshole! When I get a hold of you, I'm gonna cut off your-" Demir slammed the car door shut.

Leaning against the door, Demir took a moment to control himself. If he was being truthful, he had nearly taken her right there in the classroom, in front of god and everyone. She had been so close, felt so good, and his wolf had risen; the wolf's golden eyes coming to the surface. It had been a battle restraining him, and truthfully he never liked to fight with his wolf, especially over their mate.

Demir gathered himself and walked around the car to the others side, cringing as he heard Jozlyn banging on the window. Marshalls stood next to the driver's side door, with his face an implacable mask, except for his pursed lips. Is he laughing? Demir shook his head, opening the door and moving quickly to climb into the car. Demir gave a low groan, "Just drive."

The seat shifted as the prince got into the car. I really should just call him Demir, Jozlyn thought to herself, staring daggers at Demir as he shut the door. It wasn't that Jozlyn was afraid of the situation she was in; she was more upset that she had been placed in the situation to begin with!

"You dragged me here to talk- so talk," Jozlyn said acidly, turning to stare out of the window, with arms crossed.

"Well I have some news for you," Demir started, as Marshalls began driving. "Would you like the shocking news or the exciting news first?" That peaked Jozlyn's interest, but she didn't let him known that; she just shrugged.

"Ok. Shocking news it is; I'm getting married," Demir said slowly, gauging her reaction. Jozlyn spared Demir a quick glance, before rolling her eyes. Throwing up her hand, Jozlyn replied with a sarcastic, "Mozaltof."

Once again she turned from the prince focusing on the passing scenery outside the car window. Absently, Jozlyn wondered where they were going.

"Thanks," Demir said slowly. "The exciting news is, I'm getting married to you."

Jozlyn froze, not quite believing her ears. Wait, wait, wait; back track! "What?" She croaked, whipping her body around to face him.

Demir mentally smiled, Now I've got her attention. "We're getting married," he said simply, matter-of-factly.

Jozlyn outright laughed, not bothering to hide her disbelief at the situation. She leaned forward, knocking on the glass that separated Marshalls and them "You can let me out now."

"You're not going anywhere," Demir said, his voice low, restrained.

"I'm not your fucking prisoner," Jozlyn snapped, turning to look at him, her eyes turning a deeper shade of emerald with her irritation.

"Language," Demir growled, staring back at her, his smile was feral, his irises sparkling with flecks of gold. "No," he said reaching for her, "You're my woman."

Jozlyn felt his hands tug her to him, wrap in her hair and pull. Demir's mouth roughly claimed Jozlyn's lips, forcing her jaws wide so he could slide his tongue in and plunder at his will. Emotions suppressed for weeks erupted for them both, sizzling and sparking the air like an electric current.

Jozlyn was angry, and she forced her anger into the kiss, tugging and biting at his bottom lip. She took over, plundering his mouth, tugging on his hair, and moving to straddle his lap.

Demir was stunned by Jozlyn's aggression. He knew from experience Jozlyn was no passive lover, but neither was she the aggressor. It seems the tables were turned. But not for long, Demir thought wickedly.

Demir attacked Jozlyn's clothes, making sure she was too concerned with the kiss to realize he was ripping apart her clothes with his claws. He bent her over the seat, leaving her lips to nibble and bite his way to her breasts.

Neither of them noticed when the car stopped, or when Marshalls got out and left them. They were too concerned with the need to fuck each other into oblivion.

Jozlyn punched Demir in the arm, trying to get his attention. Demir paused, blowing hot breath across Jozlyn's hard, wet, nipple. Demir couldn't look up, he knew we was just this side of human, and only barley resembled a man.

Jozlyn hit him again, "I want on top" she said aggressively. Pushing Demir off, she made sure he was sitting before climbing on to his lap. Her panties were gone, and so was her skirt; Jozlyn barley noticed, all she cared about was making sure he understood her position on the marriage front.

Soft as the purest silk, Jozlyn's thighs caressed Dermir, as she sank down on his length, watching him disappear inch by inch inside of her. "There's no way I'm marrying you. I'll fuck you, but I'll fuck your brains out". Jozlyn said breathlessly, beginning to ride him.

A low growl was Demir's reply. He wrapped his arms around her and buried his face in valley between her breasts, stilling her moments. Demir licked across her nipple, knowing the texture of his tongue had changed, become rougher, but not caring if she noticed. "You will marry me," he said remaining perfectly still, not allowing her to move on him.

Jozlyn tried to work her hips frantically, but to no avail. "No," she said, turning her head and biting hard at his shoulder. Impossibly he grew bigger inside her, and she made a sound of desperation trying to get as close to him as possible, while simultaneously trying to get as far away.

"Your cunt says otherwise". The words were guttural, spoken around canines too big for a human mouth.

I can't believe he just said that, Jozlyn thought, her mind a whirl of delicious chaos. "You're such a bastard," Jozlyn ground out, frantically working her hips. Demir remained silent, he knew she could only come if he let her. Jozlyn scratched at his back, yanked his hair, and bit him till he bled.

"Fuck me!" She growled past the point of making wise decisions.

"Marry me, he intoned, licking around her nipple, teasing her.

Give in, her body cried out. Rational mind slipping away, she felt chains lock around her, securing her to Demir. Jozlyn knew she couldn't escape, she had known that the minute he had emerged from the forest, wearing that thin veneer of civility he was so fond of.

Jozlyn had strayed from the lights, from the safe little world she had always known. Demir had been mystery and danger, spice and sex, a heady combination. The chains around her felt like the finest silk, yet there were still chains.

"Fine," Jozlyn whispered defeated.

"Fine what?" Demir growled, his claws flexing rhythmically against her hips.

"I-I'll marry you. Please..., just fuck me." Jozlyn whispered brokenly. Demir's smile was feral against her chest.

"Mozaltof," he murmured before taking a deep breath, and thrusting hard. Jozlyn's hands hit the ceiling, and she screamed, coming.

"I'm not done with you yet," Demir growled, his voice sounding less and less human. He flipped her over onto her knees on the leather seat, thrusting hard into her spasming depths. Jozlyn twisted, scratching at the leather, whimpering. Demir clamped his jaws around her pale neck, holding her still for his invasion.

So good, his wolf purred. Truly, he couldn't even claim to be human at the moment; he was in his hybrid form as he fucked her. They thrust hard into Jozlyn, rearing back they howled. Jozlyn came around their cock once again.

Bright red blood marred the delicate column of her neck, trickling down to her shoulder. Beautiful, Demir thought licking at the bloody wound. Mine, the wolf thought biting down hard on Jozlyn's shoulder and breaking the skin.

Still hard, they thrust back into their mate, harder, faster, forcing her to take them. Blood, sweat, and sex mingled in the air, as both wolf and man claimed their mate. _______________________

Other Side of Town

"Fifteen more minutes, then I'll call the police," Kayla whispered to no one in particular. At the moment she was pacing around Matt's living room trying not to completely loss her marbles.

Kayla hadn't spoken to Matt for two weeks. Two very long, tear-filled weeks, but Kayla had preserved, and she hated herself for doing that. She had been worried sick about him, but she had kept herself from seeking him out. The minute they had started their relationship, Kayla had already planned an end date. Matt might be prince charming, the man of every girl's dreams, but she was too damaged, too messed up to be his princess. In an attempt to save him, Kayla had distanced herself from him.

It was only today that she broke down, today when a classmate came up to her and asked if she and Matt were broken up, that she completely lost it. Kayla could lie to herself all she wanted, and frankly she was good at it. But this lie just wouldn't stay buried. And so she had told the girl to fuck off, then right after school, she had run to Matt's house.

Two hours into her stay and she was freaked out. No one was home, the house looked frozen, like whatever anyone had been doing, they just stopped doing and popped out of existence. Cereal had been on the table half eaten and moldy, the TV had been on, and two cell phones sat next to a computer. Kayla felt like she had stepped into the twilight zone, and she wanted out!

Kayla had consoled herself by doing the dishes, turning the TV channel, and folding the laundry she had found in the dryer. Then in a moment of weakness, she had laid in Matt's bed and cried, then went down to the basement, and cried some more.

Now she paced, fear and concern present in every step, while every scenario went through her head. Sudden Vacation?Kidnapped? Dead?

Reaching for the remote, she flipped the Chanel to the news, trying to assure herself no mysterious bodies had washed up, and that nothing was wrong.

"We've just received breaking news from students at Christopher Wilkins Private College. It seems that Prince Jacob Demir Manchester the third, has just kidnapped a young lady by the name of Jozlyn. We received this footage just moments ago of..." The anchor women kept speaking, as a clip of Jozlyn and Demir rolled across the screen. Kayla was stunned; a bit fuzzy but definitely recognizable, there was Jozlyn caught on camera cursing at Demir, then being dragged away and forced into a car.

Kayla stood parlayed for a few seconds. Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod, ran like banners across her mind.

Quick as lightning, she snapped out of her shock, her mind processed the events, and kicking into high gear. Kayla reached for her phone dialing Jozlyn's number; it went straight to voice mail. She tried again, and again, but every attempt failed. The news anchor kept speaking asking if anyone knew the girl's last name, or if anyone had seen where the car or where it had went.

Kayla dialed Jozlyn's parents number, they picked up immediately. "Jozlyn?" she heard Richard, Jozlyn's father say over the line.

"No, Kayla. You saw the news?" It was more of a statement than anything. With the phone nestled between her shoulder and ear, Kala began collecting her school bag and tugging on her socks and shoes.

"Do you know where she is?"Richard asked flustered. Kayla heard a lot of noise in the background, things being shuffled, and a light female informing Jozlyn's father.

"No, but I'm going to Lunar castle. It's where I would go if I was the prince," Kayla answered, tying off her shoe laces.

"We're going there too. But you stay home, we can take care of it," Richard said. Kayla heard the tell tale jingle of car keys.

"I'm coming too. I'll be at your house in 10 minutes. Wait for me OK?" Kayla said slinging her school bag over her shoulder.

"Kayla that's not-" she pressed end, never hearing the rest. She rushed to the front door, and flung it open.

"Kayla?" Matt whispered stunned, as the woman he loved stood in his door way looking like she had been hit by a ton of bricks.

Kayla glanced up at Matt, her mouth falling open, before she quickly closed it. Where have you been? Raced across her mind, bringing tears to her eyes, which she vehemently hoped wouldn't fall.

He looked like hell, she observed. Scratched up and flithy, with blood and dirt of his clothes. Matt looked exhausted, like he hadn't slept in days.

"Kayla? Is that you dear?" A female voice asked, from behind Matt. Kayla shifted to see his entire family behind him, all looking worse for wear. Clarisse, Matt's mother gave her a tentative smile and a small wave.

"I-" Kayla began, but her throat constricted. What could she say? Sorry I broke into your house? Sorry I haven't called or texted in two weeks? Sorry... For everything?

The timing was all wrong, everything about it was wrong. Kayla needed to find Jozlyn, she needed to make sure she was alright. In truth she needed to escape, regroup. Matt could wait, or at least she hoped he could.

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