tagNonHumanLunar Dance Ch. 12

Lunar Dance Ch. 12


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Treasure: any thing or person greatly valued or highly prized

Jozlyn stood under the shower head rubbing the conditioner out of her hair. She had been in the shower for almost 45 minutes, any more and she might pass out from all the steam. She turned off the water, wrung out her hair, and stepped out of the shower searching blindly for the clean towel she had thrown somewhere.

Jozlyn had spent the last 45 minutes obsessing about how to break the news to Demir. Every possible scenario that she could have had passed through her head, but none of them seemed quite right. Perhaps it was the fact that they hadn't yet married, and she was under scrutiny from the press, and her fellow classmates. Perhaps it was the fact that she was Alpha, and as soon as everyone found out about her pregnancy they would all treat her like porcelain. Or maybe it was that if Demir found out he would lock her in the highest tower in the castle and keep her there until she had the kids and they turned 18 years old.

But then again next week they might all be dead. Jozlyn supposed that last thought was what made her decide to- "Morning" Demir rasped, his arms snaking around her waist. Jozlyn had been too caught up in her musings to realize Demir had opened the door to the bathroom. Turning in his arms, Jozlyn tilted her head and gave him a light good morning kiss, feeling his stubble run across her cheeks. Pulling back she ran her hand lovingly across his cheek. "You need to shave."

Demir gave her a toothy grin before slapping her playfully on the butt. "Get out of here and I will." Jozlyn laughed and walked out of the bathroom swinging her hips and shaking her ass just to tease him. Demir's strong laugh warmed her from the inside out like warm brandy.

Jozlyn went to the closet just as she heard the shower turn back on. Grabbing a pair of panties and a bra that did not match at all she began to get dressed. A pair of black jeans that her parents had brought for her, along with most of her other things, and a grey peasant top completed the outfit. Jozlyn went back into the bathroom and quickly grabbed her comb and hair products, before going back into the room and sitting on the edge of the bed to start her hair routine. While she managed her hair, Jozlyn let her thoughts float to the conversation she was going to have to initiate with Demir. It was only a matter of time before he found out, she knew her pheromones would start to change, letting everyone know she was pregnant. Another pregnant woman entered her mind, and she wondered when she would tell her man. These conversations were never easy, and the fact that Jozlyn had a kingdom, a pack, and a battle to worry about did not help matters any.

Jozlyn was deep in concentration when Demir emerged from the bathroom, if not for his long and very loud exhale she might not have known he was in the room at all. Jozlyn jumped slightly, realizing she had been smoothing the same product into the exact same portion of hair for the last five minutes. She quickly finished, twisting the hair into a careless bun at the nap of her neck and securing it with an elastic band.

Demir was dressed in jeans by the time she finished and turned to him. The sight of her mate topless did funny things to her, things Jozlyn would have thought satisfied by last night's exertions.

Demir noticed Jozlyn staring at him, and turned to regard her curiously. Gathering her pride, Jozlyn strode over to Demir grabbing his head and forcing him to her neck. "Sniff me," Jozlyn demanded awkwardly.

Demir smiled against her neck and gathered her against him, her soft stomach cradling his rock hard erection. "Foreplay love? We don't need it. I'm ready to go right now," Demir whispered seductively in her mind.

"Please just sniff me," Jozlyn asked out loud, her voice wavering slightly. Demir's sexy smile turned to a worried frown as he tried to pull his head up, but she kept his head right at her shoulder, and that's when Demir caught it. The scent was so light, hard to differentiate from the product in her hair, and the soap clinging to her body, but it was there. Demir gathered Jozlyn closer, crushing her to him, as he breathed her scent deep into his body.

The moment he realized what the scent was his body froze, muscles locking in position and his mind refused to even process what his wolf knew to be fact.

Pregnant. His mate was pregnant. Jozlyn was pregnant. The words ran circles around his mind, as Jozlyn calmly stroked his hair whispering soft words of encouragement and compassion to him. It was only then that he realized he was crying against her. He was also clutching her too tightly, he immediately released her, and sank down to his knees, gently encircling her waist and pressing his ear to her stomach as though he could hear his child's heart beat.

God I love this woman. I fucking love her. Demir thought as time stood still and he embraced his mate and the new life growing inside of her.


Kayla woke up late, stretching languidly on the bed and feeling out for Matt, but getting someone's leg instead. Kayla popped one eye open and then the other, staring at Jozlyn with bleary sleep clouded eyes.

Jozlyn sat at the foot of the bed, leaning casually against a post staring at Kayla. Jozlyn lifted one brow in silent question, as Kayla gave a huge yawn and scooted up the bed into a sitting position. Before Kayla could even blink a shirt came flying at her. Grabbing the shift from off her lap, Kayla silently dressed before blinking a few times and turning to give Jozlyn her full attention.

"So when are you going to tell Matt you're pregnant?" Jozlyn asked casually, crossing and uncrossing her ankles. Ice cold water hitting her face couldn't have woken Kayla up anymore than Jozlyn's words already had. Kayla's eyes searched the room, trying to ferret out any huma shadows lurking around.

"We're alone," Jozlyn said, maintaining her casual tone.

Kayla glared silently at her friend before clearing her throat. "I was going to tell him after the battle. He has enough to worry about." Kayla's voice was raspy, and she cleared it until she thought her voice sounded normal.

"We could die, Kay. You need to tell him." Jozlyn said, moving closer to her friend.

Kayla shook her head to deny the truth of Jozlyn's words. Neither she nor Matt were ready for children. In fact if she simply didn't acknowledge she was pregnant then she could pretend a little longer to be an 18 year old going on 19 year old girl with a super hot boyfriend. But if she acknowledged the child growing inside her, she would have to face the fact, that as a human she might not be able to carry the were-child to term, she might not be able to give birth, and she could die if she tried; then again if Matt changed her, she could lose the children that way too. If she acknowledged the life inside her than she would have to acknowledge the life she was living as a woman, not a girl, as the mate to a first beta who might possibly die in the battle that was happening in less than a week.

This wasn't just a child, it was a turning point, and she didn't know if she was willing to embrace that fact yet. "I can't Joz," Kayla said, her voice cracking, tears beginning to trickle down her face and onto the bedspread. "I can't, I can't, I can't..." Kayla whispered over and over again silently rocking herself. Jozlyn wrapped her arms around her friend, being careful of her strength and rocking with her back and forth, running a soothing hand over her hair.

Before the women left the safety of Kayla's bedroom, they made a pact. No matter what came to pass, they would always have each other. They were best friends through thick and thin, through rain and shine, through their lives as humans and into their transitions to werewolves.


"Mommy! Mommy! You're here!" Nar screamed in childish delight as Tabiti swept into the nursery and picked him up, twirling him in her arms. The fawns, leverett, and wolf cubs jumped and skipped around Tabiti's skirts in a show of familiarity and kinship.

"Raven! Raven!" Nar parroted reaching out past Tabiti's shoulder. Nar was lifted effortlessly into Ravens arms, and he smiled down at the child, as Nar proceeded to tell both Raven and Tabiti about his adventures in the nursery. The adventures that Nar had were quite extraordinary and dangerous for human children, but as a child of the gods they seemed almost tame. He flew with the birds, ran with the foxes, played with the deer, and slept with the rabbits. It was all normal for a child of a forest goddess. Tabiti and Raven sat on the cool moss and listened to Nar prattle on about his adventures as the animals relaxed and went back to whatever they had been doing before Tabiti had come.

Nar had finished six tales of adventure and excitement before Tabiti gently but firmly interrupted him. "Nar we need to talk."

Nar had taken up residence on Raven's lap, but turned and went to his mothers as she began to speak. The child sat down quietly and waited for his mother. "Your father is coming."

These words might have been uttered by a million mothers over a million years but those words held quite a different meaning to Nar. He had been taken away from his father before he had even been brought into the world, all he knew of his father were terrified whispers from the animals, and the tight lipped unanswered questions from his mother. To say Nar was fascinated and excited by any news of his father would be an understatement. So like a very good child he waited for more information.

"There will be a battle between your father and I. Nar, should Raven and I die I need you to go to your father and tell him who you are. You must wear this if you go, alright?" Tabiti announced staring her son in his eyes to make sure he understood. The eyes of his father, the hair of his father. When he grew up he would likely be the spitting image of Nyyrikki.

Big fat tears began to collect in his eyes, and trace tracks down his face, as his lower lip jutted and quivered. "No mommy! You can't leave, you can't!" Nar cried grabbing Tabiti around the waist and crying against her stomach. Tabiti leaned over gently stroking her son,trying to calm him down.

A thick piece of leather with intricate markings secured his long hair back into a ponytail at his nape, and Nar just cried more. Tabiti had just given Nar a token of her favor, an ornament of protection in case anything should happen.

The finality of the coming battle cemented in Tabiti, her emotions transferring to all the creatures of her forest. Softly Tabiti began to weep with her son, as time became the most important factor in her life, and sadly she was running out of it.


The week flew by, until the morning of the battle day rose hot n oppressive over the horizon. Veronica and Ivory lay in their bed, holding each other. Neither had slept a wink the night before, too keyed up for the battle that would take place in less than 24 hours.

Every possible precaution had been set in place for the safety of the wolves and the kingdom. Every I had been dotted and every T crossed, there were no loose strings. On the previous day, a press conference had been held to announce the betrothal of Prince Demir and Jozlyn Philips. Every reporter had been there, and they had all also heard about the trip that Jozlyn and the queen would take to the mountains to create a mother-daughter bond. The car had already been sent out yesterday, with two female servants who looked close enough to Veronica and Jozlyn's age.

Demir had also announced his trip to visit Italy on an ambassador mission. It was at least a 8 hour trip, and if he died in the battle, then the plane he was on would coincidentally go down in a terrifying plane crash. Everything was taken care of, the only one of the royal family who would survive in case the lost the battle would be Ivory, and he would continue to lead the country until the day he stepped down or died.

Veronica untangled herself from Ivory, moving to get ready for the day. The mood was somber in the bedroom of the king and queen. Words of assurance were muttered, last kisses were made, and silent goodbyes were felt in every reverent caress.

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