tagNonHumanLuna's Angel Ch. 25-Conclusion

Luna's Angel Ch. 25-Conclusion


My father and grandfather had joined us in my office as we talked with his Beta. Jessi was being examined in the Pack Clinic along with her guards and my Grandmother. I could feel my father's frustration and anxiousness. "Dad, you're not going to do much more here. You and Grandpa need to go home and be with your mates. Things here are going to progress just fine."

He shook his head. "Son, we promised to help you get set up."

"I know, but this is the second time our enemies have tried to use my family against me. I need you back home, protected by your Pack. Wendy and I will be fine. After all," I smiled as I sniffed her hair while she sat in my lap, "she's immortal now, and extremely powerful. We will be fine here."

Wendy shifted and looked at me. "Do you want Andrew and Phil to bring Jessi out here?"

Not without a battalion of warriors, I thought to myself. "No, I'll go get her. I don't need to sleep tonight, and she's light as a feather. I'll be back by morning." I stood up and set her on the chair in my place. "I'd like you to take them to the airport and see them onto a plane. With me gone, you're the best protection they can have."

She sulked a little. "Fine. But I'm taking a little trip myself."

"Where?" I didn't like the idea already.

"My mother's old coven. Now that I have hers and my aunt's powers, I'm their leader. I need to go see them and let them know what the deal is."

My dad laughed. "The deal?"

"Yeah," she smiled. "Fuck with me or mine and I'll wipe your bloodline from the earth."

I leaned down and kissed her. "Be careful, all right? Just because you think you're immortal doesn't mean you have to test it." She returned the kiss, full of passion, and we all left the office. They left the office for their rooms to pack while I found Angela. I told her to take messages, and pray to Luna for me to hear her if she needed something. Or, just call Wendy's cell. Moving outside, I let my wings push through the slits in the back of my shirt and lifted into the air, heading east.

The moon was high and the skies clear as I landed at my father's Pack Clinic. Their Beta and Pack Doctor were waiting for me outside, and bowed their necks to me as I brought my wings back inside and walked to them. "Welcome, Alpha Nathan," the Pack doctor said. "Jessi is fine and is asking for you, right this way."

"No physical injuries?"

"Nothing significant, the rope marks and bruises have already started to heal. The gas that was used to knock them out has worked its way out of their systems, and they are all fully alert." We were in the main hallway now, heading back to the patient rooms. "Jessi is in with Elanor, she had a harder time with the gas because her lungs are not healing as fast as the younger wolves."

"Mentally, how are they doing?"

"Jessi was shaken by the experience. She cried in one of the female warrior's arms the whole way back here," the Beta said.

The doctor nodded. "I wouldn't doubt if she has nightmares or flashbacks, Alpha. Although, I've gotten some of her history, it may or may not make what she already is dealing with, worse. This time she had someone strong and willing to do anything to save her."

He stopped outside a door and I knocked quietly. Opening it up, I saw she was tucked into Elanor's side, her face resting on her shoulder. Grandma looked at me and smiled as I came in. "She just fell asleep an hour ago, Nathan. She wanted so badly to stay up until you arrived."

I crossed over and kissed both of their foreheads before sitting on the edge of the bed. "I'm so glad you are all right."

"We're fine, just a bit... shocked. I mean, I trusted her, I loved her like a daughter even though I knew her only a short time. She seemed to be good for you, for Wendy, for Jessi. I'm still getting my head around her kidnapping her own grand-niece." She laid her head back on the pillow, her hand caressing Jessi's back. "She's gone?"

"Yes, Wendy took her powers after we stopped her plan to steal Wendy's power and become immortal. Now Wendy is immortal, just like I am." I leaned down and gave her a kiss. "I need to return her home, it's going to be a cold flight over the mountains. I'll be back in twenty minutes with some clothes for her."

I went back to the house, going to her room I picked out some warmer clothes including a winter hat, boots, goggles and jacket. I went to the front entry closet and grabbed the harness I had designed. I hadn't liked having to carry her in my arms, so I took a page from baby carriers and made something a little bigger. It was sewn from nylon strapping and material, and looked like a really big baby sling. I put it over my head, the straps buckling in place, the design keeping my wings clear. I put the clothes in the sling and took off, returning quickly to the clinic.

"Daddy!" Jessi hopped off the bed and jumped into my arms, giving me a big kiss. "I missed you!"

"I missed you too, Jessi." I hugged her tight to me. "I'm sorry it happened."

"It's all right. Great Grandma and Grandma explained she was a bad person hiding behind a nice face."

"She's right, but Mommy stopped her. You're safe with us." I got her dressed and we said our goodbyes, soon we were chasing the moon west towards home. The sling worked great, Jessi was comfortable and spent a good part of the trip peeking out the top and watching the rivers, forests and mountains below.

Wendy's POV

I left the airport, my anger building with each passing mile as I approached the Coven House. It was close to five in the morning; I knew Nathan was on his way back with our daughter, and now I had to do a little Cleanup on Aisle Five. Given how screwed up Stephanie was, I expected to break a few people in her Coven, the one she had taken over from my mother.

The house sat on a hill outside Klamath Falls, Oregon. I felt the protective spells as I approached, they would affect humans and supernaturals but not another White Witch. They did warn the Coven members of my approach, and lights started to turn on in the three-story house as I approached. By the time I got to the walkway leading to the front door, witches were pouring out the doors to meet me.

I let my power rise up in me, causing my body to glow as it swirled just beneath the surface ready to strike. It washed over them, causing them to shrink back. It was instantly clear to them that my power was levels of magnitude stronger than theirs, mere child's play to me. "Who are you," the old witch in the center asked.

"I am Wendy Wood, mate to Luna's Angel, Nathan Wood. I am also the daughter of Samantha Rose Good, with all her power, and I have taken the life and powers of Stephanie after she tried to steal mine." I gave it a minute for this news to be digested before I walked up onto the front stairs, they all made way for me as I walked inside. "Gather everyone in here, we need to talk."

A few minutes later, the remaining twenty-two women and five men of the Coven were gathered around me as I sat in a chair by the fireplace. As they listened, I laid out my story and what had happened with Stephanie the previous night. It took a moment to sink in.

"I shouldn't feel so surprised," Greta said. She was the oldest one who had challenged me at the door. "Stephanie liked power too much for a white witch."

"And now we are vulnerable," Rachelle added. "None of us have the kind of power needed to keep us safe here- we are surrounded by witches, werewolves and humans. The goodwill we established with our close neighbors won't be enough." She looked around the room, most of the witches were just coming into their powers, ranging in age from eight to eighteen.

"You are correct, and I won't be here. I have responsibilities to my own mate, my family and my new Pack on the Olympic Peninsula. Of course, if you are wanting to stay, you may do so." I could sense the fear rising in the room. "But that is not my wish for you. I want you to move to where I am."

"But that is PACK land!" Greta objected.

"And you would become Pack." I smiled to myself as they talked animatedly, I had just put everything they had ever believed on its side with one sentence. "QUIET." I started to glow and hover out of my chair, the power of my magic pushing out on them. "The Angel Pack is not like others. They have an Angel and a Wolf/Witch hybrid as their leaders, they aren't organized or run the same, and they will learn to accept you just as I expect YOU to learn to accept them. I expect every member of my Pack to be respectful and to contribute to the common good. In return, you will be protected as you grow and I will be able to help train you."

The discussions went on for another hour, then I called for a decision. In the end, only three decided not to join the Pack and to strike out on their own. The others I gave three days to pack and travel to their new home. The property would be sold, and all of Stephanie's accounts and the Coven account would be used to purchase their new homes on Pack land. With a few hugs, I left again with the rising sun.

I arrived back at our territory just before lunch started. I rushed to our rooms, looking in on a sleeping Jessi and reassuring myself she was fine. I felt the tingles as my mate's fingers massaged my shoulders. "She's wiped out, she didn't sleep much last night. Too excited about watching the scenery below us."

I put my hands over his. "I'm starving, let's go eat." We walked back out, I stopped and hugged Phil who was standing guard outside our rooms, since I had rushed past him in my hurry to see my daughter earlier. "Are you all right?"

"Yes, Luna, I'm fine." He bowed his head as Andrew came to stand alongside him, then they both kneeled down, tilting their heads to the side to expose their necks. "We failed in our assignment, and as a result our charge was kidnapped and almost killed. We accept full responsibility for this and ask for your punishment as you see fit."

I looked down at them, a little shocked; I had never blamed them for what had happened. "What should we do, love?"

Nathan looked at me, his eyes pleading. "They were deceived by one we trusted, Wendy. I don't blame them."

I reached down and put a hand under each of their chins, lifting them so they would look at me. "I will not hold you accountable for my failings. I was the one who trusted her, who left her inside your protection. Stand." They did and I hugged them each, stopping when Nathan growled softly. "Watch over her, but make sure you each get a chance to eat. You need to start integrating with this Pack as well."

We walked off to lunch, where I caught up on food while Nathan spent time at each table talking to as many people as he could. Once I was done eating, I went back to our rooms, tucking into bed with Jessi and holding her tight as I fell asleep.

I woke when I had to go to the bathroom, getting up quietly I made sure Jessi was still tucked in as she hugged the pillow. I washed my face and brushed my teeth, then sent to my mate. "Honey, where are you?"

"Gym." That sounded like a good idea, I thought, so I grabbed a sports bra, compression shorts and trainers with ankle socks then headed on down. The basement room that held the gym was walled off with solid concrete walls and a thick door kept the noise down. The floor was covered with interlocking pads, except a sparring area which had wrestling mats and wall pads.

The place was not crowded; there were a few people on the treadmills on one side, and two women were doing attack and defense drills on the mats. My eyes went to my mate, who was in the free weights area. He was shirtless, with black pants and belt over sneakers. His back was to me, and I admired my mate's body shamelessly. He was working with the barbell, I could see five large disks on each side. He would clean the weights to his shoulders, then slowly push them up and down five times before lowering it to the ground. Unlike most weightlifters, he controlled it the whole way up and down.

"Too light for you?"

He turned and looked at me, his eyes darkening in lust as he took in my body. I had changed since I gained witch powers, my body was bigger, more toned and far stronger. I put my arms across my chest, which caused the girls to stick out even more. I watched as he licked his lips, his wolf was forward, and I could feel his need through the bond. "It's not much of a workout. I may have to make my own equipment to do this right."

The other wolves in the room had stopped and were slowly making their way out. I'm sure they smelled the musk of his arousal and the spice of mine as I walked slowly towards him. New mates were known to be volatile, and nobody wanted a look or expression to be taken the wrong way. It was better if they just left us alone.

He let his hands drop low on my waist as I traced the warrior tattoos on his chest with my fingers. "Maybe you need to do something else for your workout."

"Any ideas," he said huskily into my ear.

"A few," I said. I licked the bead of sweat that was dripping down from his neck, causing him to groan. My hands dropped down his body until I reached the belt; I unbuckled it as he was capturing my mouth in a passionate kiss. I popped the snap and moved the zipper down; he had gone commando so I had his length in my hands and started stroking it to full hardness.

His hands came up my sides, gripping the sides of my top he pulled it up and off my head. He tossed it aside, then reached down and pushed my shorts down over my hips. I had his pants down, so we both took a moment to step out of our clothes before I jumped up into his arms, my legs wrapping around his waist as his arms crushed me to him. "Please," I moaned as I felt his hardness between my sodden sex and his belly.

He lifted me slightly and I dropped a hand down to grab him and position the tip at my entrance. His hands pulled me down onto him, and I growled in pleasure as his length pushed deep into me. "Fuck, you're so wet," he said as I took him all the way.

My head was thrown back, my eyes closed in bliss as the sensation of being completely filled took my breath away. I tilted my hips, rubbing my bud against him and he got the idea. He lifted me up until just the head was still in, then thrust up to slam home again. I came almost immediately, and he fucked me through it, his wonderful cock thrusting up into me as I quivered around it. When I caught my breath, he walked over until my back hit one of the wall pads. One at a time, he lifted a leg up until it was hooked over his shoulder.

I was now hanging on to his shoulders, my legs bent back and my sex fully exposed for the pounding to come. He kept both hands on my ass, moving my body however he wished. My moans were continuous, and one orgasm just crashed into the next as I held on for dear life. The room was silent except for the smacks of our flesh and the sounds of my screams. I was getting lightheaded from the pleasure, my head moving back and forth as he took me faster than I thought was possible. When I felt him drive up hard and hold me as his hot seed splashed deep inside, I broke.

I screamed in pleasure, my body no longer under my control as he held me to him. He let my legs drop down, and the room started to spin before the black dots came and blackness took over.

Ch 26

I smirked to myself as I set my mate down on the mat. Walking over to where our clothes had been discarded, I pulled on my pants and stuffed her workout clothes in my pocket. Taking my shirt from the hook on the wall, I walked over and pulled it onto her; it covered her down to her thighs since I was still more than a foot taller than her. I picked her up in my arms and carried her back to my room; my wolf and I were both satisfied that we had loved her until her body gave out on her. Tucking her in, I grabbed my laptop from my desk and set it by the chair across the room. I started a fire in the fireplace, then went out and across the hall to check on Jessi. She was still sleeping soundly, so I left her door cracked open and ours open in case she started to make noise.

Sitting in the comfortable chair, I opened my laptop and continued my work on the Pack Laws and Organization. It had only been a few days now, and I had been talking in generalities about how we would operate. I needed something more concrete so people could decide to stay or go, and so others would know what they were signing up for if they joined us. I used the internet to research how large organizations were run, such as orphanages, hotels and cruise ships. It took a few hours before I was happy with what I had down; it was much different than a typical Pack structure.

Wendy and I were more like Chief Executive Officers; we had final decision-making authority and the groups reported to us. I divided the responsibilities into Operating and Planning groups.

The Operating Groups reported to Wendy, and were responsible for day-to-day running of the Pack. The Beta-equivalent Managers were in Education, Security, Maintenance, Housing, Kitchen and Finance. Under them were supervisors who would handle specific areas; for instance, the Kitchen Manager would have supervisors for Foodstores, Cooking, Serving and Farming.

The Planning groups reported to me. Their groups included Events, Construction, Governance, Pack Relations and Training. I completed a detailed chart that showed the makeup of each area. It seemed like a lot of places for a Pack our size, but I knew that we wouldn't remain small for long. My email was already backing up with requests for information or to join our Pack.

One thing that I was adamant about was that no job was a birthright, all were to be earned and were for a specific length of time. I wanted to foster competition and the ability for talent to rise up in the organization. The initial assignments were best guesses, so they would only last from three to six months before they would be reviewed for adjustments. Looking them over one last time, I sent the organization chart to the printer so I could discuss it with Wendy when she woke up, and also sent it to my father and grandfather for comment.

Everyone was still asleep, so I continued with the Pack Laws. I printed out the laws of my old Pack and the Silver Moon Pack since I was most familiar with them. Going through line by line, I highlighted the stuff I wanted to keep and lined out what I didn't like. I didn't have any surprises as I went through; the structure and selection was different, but the basics of Pack life were the same. I copied the parts I wanted into a new file, then started filling in the gaps.

One thing that was different was in membership. I didn't care what a person's background was before they arrived, what their rank was, or if they were even in a Pack. Hell, I didn't care if they were even a Werewolf. What mattered was how they fit in to the Pack and followed its rules. As long as I didn't look into their eyes and see the red of pure evil, I'd let you in. (Evil would be killed immediately, but I really didn't think that too many would show up to ask.) All new members would be provisional for their first year, and if they fit in they would receive full Pack membership and benefits.

I smirked at this, thinking of the reaction when I rolled this out and they found out every one of them was going to be a provisional member. It was my way to make sure there was no entrenched entitlement, after all, the Angel Pack was a new one. None of the Laws were onerous, we would be a Pack that honored Luna and the way she wanted us to live. Harmony, cooperation, mates and family would be the focus of our Pack.

I had just finished printing and emailing my drafts when I heard a noise from Jessi's room. I set my work down and went across to her room, knocking gently then popping my head in. "Hi baby, did you sleep well?"

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