tagInterracial LoveLunch at Verrat's

Lunch at Verrat's


"Don't let him get away with it Paulette, honey. You deserve half of whatever that ex-husband is making."

"My lawyers are saying it's too early right now mom, but they have specialists."

"What did they tell you?"

"Well, they're saying it wouldn't be wise if Mark hid his assets or overstated his debts."

"I feel sorry for him mom. He almost went bankrupt after the divorce."

"No, no, no Paulette dear. You make sure you get every penny you deserve. He's making more money now than he ever did in his life and he has to give you what he owes you."

"Mom, I have to go. Eny is here. We're going out to eat before everyone else arrives."

"OK dear, call me tonight. Love you."

"Love you too, bye."

Eny rang the doorbell as Paulette was getting off the telephone with her mother. She lived across the street and they became best friends since Paulette re-married. Eny worked in real estate and sold off the house Paulette once shared with her ex-husband. Paulette and new husband Paul made a cute couple.

At thirty-two Paulette was still beautiful with waist length straight chestnut-honey hair, full lips, a slightly up-turned nose, high cheekbones, chocolate brown eyes, porcelain skin and a dancer's body which she always prided herself on. In intimacy Paul had already given his bride the nickname sweet cheeks; it had nothing to do with Paulette's dimples.

At thirty years of age Eny was equally beautiful; with piercing turquoise eyes, straight eyebrows, intelligent features, platinum-blonde pixie styled hair, and a waif-like frame. After initial greetings at the door the two ladies headed out for lunch at a nearby restaurant.

Paulette was dressed more or less casual in high rise dark denim skinny jeans and a jet black button-down shirt with half-length sleeves and a pointed collar. Eny who never allowed herself to ever be caught looking less than stunning didn't disappoint in a tight fitting genuine leather pencil skirt and sheer black long sleeve blouse; jewels and gold bracelets about her earlobes, fingers and wrists.

Aside from the two women Verrat's was practically empty due to spring-to-summer transitional weather. It was Paulette's favorite restaurant since arriving in this neighborhood but today it was obvious that most of the other residents in her high-brow Chicago suburb had opted for one of the neighboring restaurants.

So many of them offered outdoor canopied patios alongside marbled fountains and seasonal trees shading mahogany tables. Paulette and Eny sat across from each other at a table against a wall enjoying their Eintopf and casually stealing glances at some of the cute lawyers. Verrat's was known in the neighborhood as a fine restaurant that mostly waited on politicians, businessmen and lawyers.

It offered dark ambiance where businessmen could talk in complete discretion surrounded by Bavarian paintings. The two women still had time to kill and a half-full carafe of apfelwein as they delighted in their bowls of Rote grutze.

"So, things are looking up for the ex-husband?" Eny asked licking away at a dash of cream and raspberry from her dessert spoon balanced on a perfect longish hand with immaculately manicured nails.

"Yes, and mother wants me to sponge off his new assets now, spousal maintenance."

"Sometimes losers suddenly become winners after you leave them," responded Eny.

"Apparently Mark's in a popular band, he would have never made that kind commitment when I was with him."

"He was probably desperate."

"Desperate yes, but not smart, he was always dumb."

"But lucky," returned Eny.

"My attorneys tell me Mark practically walked into court ordered maintenance and wage garnishment by his own account."

"How did he do that?" Eny asked allowing the last of her dessert to melt in her tiny mouth.

"He has a funny little temper. He practically chased one of my lawyers around the courtroom so he was held him in contempt," said Paulette. The two women giggled setting aside their bowls. Their contagious laughter possessed the arriving waitress who carefully carried away what remained of their desserts.

"Are your lawyers any good?"

"Yes, but they are saying it's still too early," Paulette answered shrugging.

"One of the reasons I am asking is because I wouldn't mind getting to know that lawyer over there with the curly red hair near the bar," remarked Eny.

"Which one?" asked Paulette, as her eyes shifted to the faces of the other parties.

"He just got up and is talking to the bartender," said Eny. Paulette had only pretended not to notice him but she had caught him stealing glances at her all throughout lunch. As dim as the lighting was the person Eny had mentioned would have loved some binoculars or maybe X-ray vision for staring at the hidden flesh under Paulette's sleek shirt.

She tried to dress conservatively knowing that her body tended to drive men crazy, it had always been that way, but she was always caught off guard even now in her thirties. Her nickname had been "the body" in college. The top three buttons on her shirt were unbuttoned due mostly to the first rays of summer. But her lacy white bra, not quite her size because she was a careless shopper, barely held in a fleshy stout bust.

"That's amazing, how did you know that young man is lawyer?" remarked the waitress as she refreshed their glasses with water from her pitcher and continued to clear the table. In not abiding by the restaurant's code of diplomacy or knowing the community Verrat's served the waitress was obviously new or a fill-in, but Paulette and Eny didn't want to hurt any feelings.

"I come here with my girlfriend Katie sometimes and he always eats here with his co-workers. Katie knows a lot the law firms in the area. His firm specializes in personal injuries. I wish he would personally injure me" Eny remarked with a cute girlish chuckle.

"Really..." asked Paulette filling both wine glasses to their rims and giggling; "What kind of injuries, Eny?" she added joining Eny and the waitress in shared laughter. Their waitress was holding herself up to keep from slipping on the polished oak floors.

"Yah, and after I sleep with him I'll send him over to your house after briefing him. My lipstick on his briefs," said Eny with a sly grin as the three women continued laughing. Conscientious of the hour Paulette casually glanced at her wrist watch realizing they still had a few hours to go.

"How about we order some cocktails Eny?"

"That's fine. I'll just have a pear martini" said Eny.

"Merlot for me, can you bring another carafe. We'll drink what we can," Paulette concluded, smiling up at the waitress.

Summoned by the annoyed restaurant manager standing post at the bar, the waitress returned to their table walking nervously, yet beaming as she set a fresh carafe of Merlot and one pear martini on it.

"Miss, the gentleman your friend pointed out. He asked the bartender to be billed for the drinks and wanted me to say greetings from Jack."

With all three looking over at him Jack politely gave Paulette a generous smile and nod, lifting his glass. His partners seemed to be egging him on to go to their table, but little could be heard as the restaurant had a way of dissipating chatter and street noise with its hollow ambiance and soothing music.

"She always gets them. It's her body!" said Eny.

"Men love her body. They don't like skinny girls like me, you thief..." Eny sneered impishly.

As the waitress filled two glasses with Merlot and the mood became sexually charged Paulette smelt the port and drank some down after rolling its tender blends in her warm mouth. Their waitress left and Jack was ready to come over. Eny was also ready for some wine since her cocktail was now three quarters empty.

"You want me to vanish?" asked Eny staring at Paulette with her cute almost cartoonish and exotic eyes.

"Of course not because I can't cheat on Paul. I never even cheated on any of my boyfriends you tramp!"

"You were telling me you cheated once though, you remember? But refused to tell me the whole story, can you tell now?" countered Eny fully alert and sloping into the table close to Paulette.

"I want to know if you've ever been bad like me," remarked Eny leaning in provocatively. Paulette always ignored Eny's come-on's.

"Here he comes. I will if you behave, Eny" said Paulette as both women began primping up before the incoming handsome gentleman in the dark suit. He held a single rose taken from one of the ceramic vases at the bar in his hand.

Jack shook Paulette's hand introducing himself nervously and handing her the rose and his business card, clearly taken by her good looks. He said he only had a few minutes and that his partners were leaving but hoped to catch them both again for lunch or drinks.

Noticing Paulette's kindness but lack of availability he slightly shifted his attention toward Eny who acted distant yet interested. Departing he looked back at Eny telling her that her name sounded angelic. Eny winked at a smiling Jack who rejoined an awaiting office-mate, the two caught up to the group outside. As the door shut obscuring all the street noise the two women continued to drink as Paulette calmly related her story.

I met Mark when I was twenty-two and we were married for ten years. He was twenty-five at the time and although he was crazy he seemed to have such a bright future ahead. But before him I hadn't had a lover in two years because I was still nursing a broken heart. The problem was that I would never see the man I had truly fallen in love with again.

I met him on a trip to Florida with my parents and ailing grandmother. I was twenty at the time and didn't really want to go, especially not on a family trip anymore. But it was meant to be. My father wanted to get my grandmother into a community there. But he had to trick her into liking the state first because the poor woman was terrified of leaving Illinois.

In the meantime we would all enjoy a holiday at Miami Beach. I already had a boyfriend who I cared about here in Illinois, but once I got back from Florida we broke up. I refused to go out with anyone else until my heart mended. I barely even let Mark take me out because I was still pining and hurting. I had met the only man I ever gave myself completely over to.

The first time I laid my eyes on this man was the most amazing moment of my life. I had just gone shopping with mother. Daddy and grandma left us behind that day because they decided to go on a tour around the bay. Mom and I had the car to ourselves so we drove down to where all the shops were on Collins Avenue and bought enough shoes and clothes to fill thirty walk-in closets.

As we were crossing a street I was carrying the last of our shopping bags to our parked car directly across the street from a boutique when at a red light a car stopped a little behind us. I was helping mother with her shopping bags with mine in tow when I heard mother say "oh my, Paulette look."

Now if you know my mother, she hardly ever notices a man but she noticed him and her elbow kept prodding; "Look, the nerve, but he's cute." In disbelief to what I was hearing I pushed back the streaks of hair covering my eye. "Look who's looking at you, Paulette" She said with a smile.

I clumsily dropped a small shopping bag filled with lingerie on the floor by accident because mother seemed so taken aback

In the car in front of us waiting at the red light I saw a gray two door Ford Mustang convertible. To be honest, at the time I thought this man was checking out all the ladies he came across that day including the both of us. But I clearly felt his eyes on me; practically staking me with them.

That's when I saw the most amazing man. He wasn't gorgeous but really cute and well built. He wore a bulging designer short sleeve silk shirt that was slightly parted to sensual thin chest hair pillowing a golden chain around a full neck. Cuban-Americans found their sanctuary in Miami and before then I never really entertained fantasies about Latin men, but there was something amazing about this one.

As he waited for the light to change under the warm Miami sun he shamelessly stared at mother and me with his muscular arm hanging from the side of the driver's side door. He had a raw masculine seductive charm about him that is impossible to explain. He had a square chin, with a smooth Mediterranean complexion, and his angelic countenance was hidden behind designer aviator sunglasses.

"I'll see you around beautiful!" He exclaimed in perfect English from behind the wheel as mother and I walked in front of his car with beaming eyes and smiles on our faces that we tried to hide, but couldn't. I can count in my hand the number of times in my life that I blushed and this was one of them.

He had a girl next to him in his car but he hardly cared that she got mad. It was clear that nobody could tame him and I heard her protesting as the engine on his sports car began to throttle and they cruised away. He was built like a wild bull, but sexy as could be. It confirmed my theory that beauty transcended race.

That night all I could think about was him: what his name was, what he did for a living, and frankly what sex with him would be like. But I never expected to see him again. The next days were boring with grandma tattling and whining to daddy about the sexy clothes and lingerie I bought with mother.

We went out to eat every night but my mind was not present at all. My parents thought I was thinking of marrying my old boyfriend back home in Illinois, but he was far from my thoughts. My boyfriend at the time was dropping out of college because he wanted to join the armed forces and possibly fight in the war. Although I liked him I didn't want someone who wouldn't be around and hated the idea of constantly relocating because he wanted a career in the services.

At the time I was obsessed with becoming a professional dancer or possibly an actress. I had been studying at conservatory since I was young, but unable to get the auditions I really wanted without degrading myself had to work until my hope of being discovered came true.

I was co-director of a dancing school and taught lyrical and pointe ballet mostly; but had no trouble instructing salsa, swing, square dancing, folk, belly-dancing, tango, hip-hop, tap, ball room, rock 'n' roll...you name it.

We were staying in a five star resort hotel and my head was in a haze for what seemed like three days until one day mother convinced me to possibly work on getting a tan. She was right because a tan suited me nicely.

We spent the next morning by the pool with me hiding my sadness behind a trucker cap that belonged to daddy which I always stole since it looked sexy, and my sunglasses. I had these retro fashion round sunglasses with orange lenses and light purple rims. I remember that I was wearing a bathing suit with only the top visible on that particular day.

It was a leopard pattern pucker back two piece string bikini but I kept my bikini bottoms hidden under a pair of bleach cutoff denim short shorts; their tribal inside pockets made it seem like I was just wearing a bikini top.

From spending the last three days travelling and looking at living communities for seniors grandma and daddy were exhausted. But she was just like daddy; they were like zombies and preferred to stay in the shade or worse yet, inside watching television all day. I was more like mother and spent that day reading a poetry collection and entertaining her as she lay on a lounge chaise sipping orange juice under a patio umbrella.

It was a large resort getting crowded by the minute as its guests awoke anxious to enjoy soaking in its Olympic oasis. After a while of aimlessly wandering about but finally deciding to go for a dip I began to feel a familiar energy inside of my stomach. I turned in my crochet barefoot sandals and there he was again with his companion.

I had both of my hands on the waistline of my short shorts ready to peel them down my legs and as I turned his eyes were burning holes into me. It wasn't that he was looking at my body because I could tell when a man only wants that. His eyes seemed so dreamy that it seemed like he was staring at my soul.

He was wearing a pink polo shirt and a pair of black and blue speedos. As I saw him take his seat again I took a few steps back and leaned against a wall making heavy eye contact with him from the shade.

Once he saw that I meant to talk to him he leant into his girlfriend or wife's ear and asked her something. She smiled and answered his question. As he walked my way he motioned to the juice bar with his chin and I meekly obeyed meeting him there. I found two empty bar stools and could feel this joy as the mood around me lifted.

He was loved, and after greeting some of the people he sided up next to me pretending I was a stranger. He told me his name was Rafael Alvarez and that he was twenty years old. I told him mine was Paulette Vogel and that I was twenty also. Pretending to wait for the order for his girlfriend or wife he told me I could order whatever I wanted anywhere in the resort, just remember to mention his name.

Looking at the juice bar menu I ordered a raw juice blend of pineapple, cucumber, celery and lemon. He added his order to mine specifying the name of a special blend of protein shake. We were quickly served by the waiter behind the juice bar and enjoyed our refreshments in the sun.

"How did you know I was staying here?" I asked him nervously.

"My father owns this hotel and resort, and I run it," he responded eyeing me hungrily from top to bottom; "I told you I'd see you around," He said, winking like a Cagney.

I turned to face him directly, letting my sunglasses slide further down the bridge of my nose so he could see how much I desired him. Laying daddy's trucker hat on the juice bar table I sat with my legs wide apart on the top rung of the bar stool, looking down, noticing his large penis under a thin speedo. I pulled my long honey-chestnut locks back holding my one wrist over my forehead showing off my bust and cleavage.

I told him I was from Illinois and on vacation with my folks, that I had a boyfriend in the army, and about my dancing. He wasn't an only child like me and said he had one brother he always looked out for. I also learned that he had dropped out of Stanford and had no regrets about it because he was happy and wanted to be a man like his father.

"Sooo, what are you doing later today," he asked.

"Well, mother is right there resting. she thinks I should get a tan. My dad and grandma are like

zombies and are upstairs sleeping in. They are stupid not to come out."

"No, they aren't so stupid. I would say stay here and work on your tan baby girl, but go up at about noon because it's just too much after that, it gets too humid. You wanna' be careful with that precious skin you have there..." he glanced back at the woman he was with. His order had arrived from the kitchen a few minutes into our conversation.

"Is that your wife?" I asked, looking at the floor dejectedly.

"Yeah, she just noticed us talking so have to get back now. Can you come to the resort disco tonight, baby girl?"

"Sure, think I can manage that." I mumbled sheepishly.

"Just say my name at the door, it's three blocks from the hotel but still part of the hotel. Just tell the man at the door my name OK??"

I nodded obediently watching him wink at me again

carrying away a large order of sushi. My eyes beamed admiring his dimples and his V shaped torso as he smiled and walked away. His arms were so powerful that when he turned his back they almost looked like a pair of wings.

He told me they had a live band in from Jamaica tonight and said that being a dancer I would enjoy myself with him. it was a big event they had been promoting for a while. He also said that his wife wouldn't be there.

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