tagIncest/TabooLunch at Your Place

Lunch at Your Place

byJim McKay©

I rang your bell just before noon, thinking we might go somewhere for lunch. Little did I know that you had a different kind of meal in mind. Looking through the peephole in the door, you saw I was alone and, yelling "Just a minute", you proceeded to remove your cut-off jeans shorts and your tight little t-shirt, leaving you in just your leopard print thong and white 6" heels.

Flinging the door open, you leaped into my arms and hugged me tightly around the neck. Eventually, I managed to get us into your apartment, not wishing to relinquish my hold on you. As we kiss, our passions rise. My hands automatically slip down your back to grasp a perfect orb in each hand. Squeezing your butt cheeks tightly, I pull you against my rapidly rising erection. You grind your pussy on my cock, teasing me unmercifully.

Pushing away you seat me on a stool at your breakfast bar. Holding me at arms length, you do a little pirouette, showing off that tight little body. God! You are lovely. Bright blue eyes twinkling with love for your Daddy. Pretty smile on your slutty Burgundy painted lips. Long brunette hair tied back in a ponytail showing off the lines of your delicate throat. As you turn, the high heel shoes cause your perfect butt to ride high – just delicious. I remark that you look good enough to eat.

Facing away, you move until you are about 3 feet away – just out of reach. Bending at the waist and spreading your legs, you grasp your ankles – once again exhibiting that amazing flexibility your dancing and aerobics lend to your body. Standing there like that, your little leopard print thong rides tightly in your crack and your labia are visible on either side. Lips puffy and swollen indicating your arousal. The little rosebud of your anus is peeking out either side of the thong as well.

Leaving the stool, I kneel behind you placing a hand on either of your butt cheeks. Stroking your ass slowly, I slide my hands, feather light, down your inner thighs. You shiver in anticipation and I notice a damp spot has appeared on your thong. Leaning forward, I place a kiss on your little rosebud, licking what shows on each side of the thong and I feel you tense up and you shiver again.

Your labia is swelling even more and the damp spot has grown in size such that a few drops of your precious nectar are running down the inside of your thighs. Gently, I lap these few drops, eliciting a moan from you. I place my mouth on your opening, licking the thong and your labia – slowly and softly - trying to force more of your thong inside you – while your wriggle your butt and moan. God! You are sooooo hot!

As I reach up and pull your little thong aside for better access to your bald little cunt, I feel your hands on my zipper – removing my shorts and under shorts as I prepare your pussy for some serious licking. I rise up enough to kick off my clothes – then return to the very pleasant chore at hand – giving you extreme pleasure with my tongue.

I gently lick from top to bottom of your pussy, pausing at your little rosebud to insinuate my tongue in your ass. It's awfully tight in this position and does not want my tongue just yet. I return to your cunt, licking – dipping my tongue as deep as I can within your very core – extracting as much of your sweet juiciness as I can before flicking your hard little pleasure button with the tip of my tongue. I curl my tongue into a scoop and force it into your pussy. You thrust back – riding my tongue like a little cock – wanting me deeper and deeper within you. I remove my tongue and take your clit in my lips - nipping it - then biting gently - until you shiver and cum. More juices for Daddy to lick up!!!

While this has been going on, you haven't been exactly idle either. Having freed my hard cock from its confines, you have been stroking me with one hand while massaging my ball sack with the other. I glance down just in time to see your Burgundy lipsticked mouth envelope the crown of my cock – gently drawing my cock inside your hot mouth. This position doesn't allow for as much action as we both want.

I stand, keeping you bent over and position my hard cock at the entrance to your sex. Slowly inching forward, I push my cock in you as deep as I can. It is very difficult to get deep within you in this position - your pussy is so tight. Stroking slowly in and out of your hot cunt, working you to a fever pitch. I can't take much more of this. God! Your pussy is soooooo tight in this position.

Groaning, you sink to your knees, taking me with you by not relinquishing the hold your pussy has on my cock. I begin to stroke in and out of you – you respond by forcing your hard butt back against me. After all, this is our favorite position – my slutty daughter getting fucked like the bitch she is from behind by the male dog. It's also great for your G spot too. I continue stroking my cock in and out as I reach under you and clasp one of your rigid little nipples in each hand. Using my thumb and forefinger, I pull and pinch your nipples causing your movements to become more frenetic.

The friction on your G spot is causing your pussy to spasm. As I continue pumping my cock in and out of you – you begin to cum. Your copious juices flow out of you, around my cock and down your leg. This is the big orgasm that most women wish for and it has made me very happy that I was capable of satisfying my darling daughter.

I feel my cum rising within my cock. You, in turn, feel my cock swelling and my impending orgasm coming. Reaching back, you massage my ball sack telling me - "Cum in me, Daddy! Cum in me. I want your baby, Daddy! Cum in my hot little pussy!" And it is enough to push me over the brink. My cockhead thrusts against your cervix and I begin to spurt long hard streams of cum deep within your body.

I lean on your back – resting a moment – and soon my softening cock falls out of your bald little cunt. We settle down on the carpet and cuddle. I fear we're in for a carpet-cleaning job. Our juices are all around us. The smell of fresh fucked pussy permeates the air.

As we cuddle and kiss, you take my softening cock in your mouth and clean our juices from it while I do the same to your swollen little pussy. Your pussy is so lovely - swollen and red like that. Finally sated – we discuss whether to go out to eat or just order in a pizza. The pizza wins the coin toss so we can retire to the bedroom for some more eating.

See what I dream about every night?

Later Love,

Your Daddy

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