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Lunch Break


Gabrielle sighed, looking at her reflection in the mirror. At 26, she looked pretty good for her age, especially after having her son a few years back. A strand of long, wavy brown hair fell across her eyes. Tucking it back behind her ear, she stepped back to get a full view of herself. She had a cute face with blue-green eyes, a few freckles sprinkled across her button nose, and a pearly white girl-next-door smile. Her skin was normally pretty fair but since starting her new job she had had the whole summer to lay out and develop a nice, golden tan.

Only 5'3" but 135 pounds, she was a little thick for her height but couldn't seem to lose the extra 15 lbs from her pregnancy. However, most of it seemed to be stored in her chest. Her breasts had began developing at a young age and she was always somewhat self-conscious about their size. At 40DD, they were a full cup size larger then before her pregnancy and with her waist and hips measuring 26'' and 37'' respectively, her hourglass figure was impossible not to notice. She tried to downplay her stunning body by mostly wearing jeans and T-shirts. Besides, she was married and had a young son so she felt it wasn't appropriate to dress very sexy anymore.

Not that her husband would notice either way. He was a new resident doctor at the large hospital downtown and all he did was work. When he was on-call, he would even stay the night at the hospital in one of the staff rooms they kept for that purpose. Gabrielle knew that it was all part of the job and eventually he would be able to be home with her and their son more but it seemed a long way off. The family had moved into the city in the spring so he could begin his residency. They had left their quiet suburban home and friends to be closer to his work. Gabrielle had been a nurse in the small county hospital but she felt that with her husband's long hours at work she needed a job where she could still be home with her son in the evenings and weekends. Conveniently there was a position open for a school nurse at one of the inner-city high schools, hence the nice summer break to work on her tan. Unfortunately, the location of the school was in a gang-related, crime-filled part of town where being white was the minority.

However, the school was slowly making a difference in the community. The recently hired principal had made school uniforms mandatory, which seemed to be working to deter the gang-related violence they had been experiencing. The faculty and staff were also required to wear uniforms now and this was the apprehension Gabrielle was feeling that morning. Hers was the standard white nurses dress complete with stockings and cap.

She had decided to buy white thigh-high stockings with a garter belt instead of the full length variety, which seemed like they would be itchy and uncomfortable. Looking in the mirror now, Gabriella was questioning her decision. The dress was tailored to hug her every curve. Fitting snugly across her large chest, she even had to undo a few buttons to be able to breathe easier but was now showing a slight amount of cleavage. If she bent forward, one would get a nice view of her generous tits stuffed into her lacy white bra. At the same time, if one was standing behind her, they would get a great look at her luscious ass leading down to her tan, shapely thighs encased by the sheer white stockings mid-way up her thigh.

Turning this way and that in the mirror, she decided that as long as she remained standing upright, the dress would fall at a level where you couldn't see the top of the stockings being held up by garter straps and you also couldn't see down the front of her dress unless you were quite a bit taller. It would have to do for today at least. Tonight after work she decided she would have to go buy the full coverage pantyhose and this weekend she could take the dress in to get altered. She felt the uniform was much too provocative to be worn like that on a normal basis. She didn't want to attract the wrong kind of attention in that neighborhood.

She arrived at the school early, parking in the secured, private lot for the staff. "That's a relief," she thought to herself, wondering on the drive there if she should have taken a bus rather then leave her car unattended somewhere. She waved hello to a few of the teachers she had met during the weeks prior to school starting as they were getting their rooms and offices ready for the fall. She felt her face grow hot as she heard a faint, low whistle coming from the direction of the basketball coaches. She glanced over her shoulder as she walked up the stairs to the school. They were a few paces behind her and staring intently at her. Noticing her look, one of the men smiled and nudged the other man with his elbow. They were tall, broad shouldered, and well muscled. Both had dark, ebony skin, full, thick lips that stretched around wide toothy grins. They were young, handsome and looked good-natured as they both smiled up at Gabrielle. They could be brothers, as much as they looked alike. She felt her stomach flutter as she realized they obviously had been checking her out.

"Hi," one man said, stretching out his big, strong hand to her. "I'm Jamarcus and this is my brother, Xavier. We coach basketball here. You must be the new school nurse," he said, smiling at her still. His eyes were deep, chocolate brown and Gabriella found herself getting lost staring into them.

"Oh, h-hi! Yeah, I just started here, obviously. My n-name is G-Gabrielle," she managed to stammer out at last. She was embarrassed to find that she had been staring at the crotch of Jamarcus's athletic pants. She couldn't help but notice the outline of his semi-hard penis through the thin material and what she saw was unbelievable! It looked twice the size of her husband's and probably twice as thick. Not that her husband was small; he was probably about average as far as penis size went. He had always left her satisfied for the most part, but ever since he had started his new job it had been months since they had had sex.

Obviously, this had left Gabrielle with many pent up frustrations that she tried to relieve herself. She would find herself using the long attachment in to shower to get off. It actually felt pretty amazing when the shower head was turned to "pulse" and aimed right at her clit. However, it had been so long since she had felt a man inside her. This had left her burning with desire. She was a faithful wife though, and she had to shake her head a little to come back to her senses.

"So you guys are brothers?" she asked, smiling back, flashing her dimples at the pair, trying to get her mind of of the growing bulge in Jamarcus's pants.

"Yeah. He's the little one though and that's why he's my assistant," Xavier said, laughing. Gabrielle turned to look at him and found her eyes wander down to his groin where she could again see the outline of a monstrous cock through the silky material of his basketball shorts. It was even bigger then Jamarcus's! Her jaw dropped and she again felt her face flush with heat. Jamarcus and Xavier exchanged knowing glances and grinned.

"Well, it was nice to meet you Gabrielle. i'm sure we'll be seeing you around plenty. These players seem to have a knack for injuries around here. Good thing they have a nurse like you to take care of them," Xavier said, taking a step closer and staring deep into her big doe-eyes. His presence was so overwhelmingly masculine, with his well defined muscles and his 6'2" frame. She took a deep breath and trembled, looking everywhere but at his crotch which was almost directly in her face.

Jamarcus leaned down and making her tingle all over as he brushed a strand of hair behind her ear whispered, "With a nurse like you around, I'm sure you won't get much relief at all. They'll be lining up outside your office." Gabrielle trembled at his touch. She could feel his warm breath on her neck as he leaned in close. She could feel the hardness of his enormous package pressed up against the side of her hip. She let out a small "Oh" as her eyelids fluttered and she tried to get a grip on herself.

What had gotten into her? She felt herself staring longingly after the brothers as they sauntered up the hallway toward the gym and she craved their attention again. Gabrielle had never been with a black man before. She sometimes had fantasies though, in her moments in the shower, of a big, strong, black man sliding a huge, 10 inch cock inside her tight little pussy. She knew the rumors about how well hung black men were and she also knew they liked girls a little thicker, like her size 8 with big tits, wide hips, and plump ass. Her husband had made a comment about her shape since having the baby, and she felt that was part of the reason he didn't mind working such long hours. He wasn't attracted to her like before so if he stayed busy with work it was a built in excuse.

Gabrielle hurried to her office and shut the door. Hot and flushed with desire, she sank down onto the small cot. She spread her legs apart and slowly moved her hand up her thigh, pausing for a second to feel where the sheer fabric of her nylons ended and her soft flesh began. Moaning softly she slid her hand up higher and higher until she felt the wetness of her panties. "Oh my God," she thought, "I'm soaked over just the thought of these two men taking over me and giving me the fucking I've been needing so bad. How am I supposed to concentrate like this?" She began stroking her pussy, getting her fingers wet with her juices. Sliding her thumb up towards her clit she began to rub it in a circular motion as she slid a finger deep inside her pussy. She laid back on the cot and began working her fingers furiously over her sweet little honey pot, bringing herself to climax right there in the nurses office.

Sitting up slowly, she sighed. That orgasm hadn't been enough to fully extinguish her lust over the two handsome, black coaches. She thought that the day should go by without incident, being the first day and all. It would be quiet and she wouldn't have any more occasion to be horny. As long as that was the case, she just had to get through the day and hope the shower head tonight would make her more satisfied. She already knew her husband was on-call and therefore wouldn't be home to help get her off properly.

The morning went by without incident though, and Gabrielle had been so absorbed in her work that she didn't hear the knock on her office door. "Knock knock," spoke a deep voice. Gabrielle looked up, startled. It was Jamarcus.

"Oh, hey!" she exclaimed, surprised to see him. "What can I do for you?" she asked, somewhat puzzled by his presence. She could sense herself becoming aroused again and felt her nipples harden at the sight of him.

Jamarcus could see her nipples poking through the stiff fabric of her dress but he pretended not to notice. He licked his lips subconsciously. He walked over to the desk where Gabrielle remained seated. She bit her bottom lip and looked up at him through heavy lashes. Looking down at her, he had the perfect view of her large, gorgeous tits spilling out of her bra, barely contained by the buttons on her her dress. The bottom hem of her dress had ridden up so that there was a sufficient amount of her bronze thighs showing, contrasting with the white of her stockings and dress. He instantly became hard at the sight of her. She looked up at him expectantly, her lips glistening from where she had licked them. She had tried to forget about him and his brother, but here he was in her office. And once again she could see the large bulge in this pants, straining against the fabric. It made her moan softly with desire. She began spreading her legs open wider, not even realizing she was doing it. Jamarcus smiled.

"Well it's lunch time and since you decided not to come join the rest of us in the staff break room, I figured you were either being anti-social or you lost track of time."

Gabrielle looked at her watch. "Jeeze, I guess I lost track of time. Do I still have time to run down to get something to eat?"

"Oh yeah, lunch just started but don't worry about food. Xavier figured he would just grab some pizza to bring up here to share," Jamarcus said, turning away from her to look back towards the door.

Gabrielle looked towards the door as well. "That's really not necessary. I mean, I can just go grab something really fast. That's really nice of you guys to offer, but I can't. I mean, thank you but I just...think..." she trailed away as she caught site of Xavier making his way down the hallway with a pizza box in his hands. "Well I guess it would be ok," she murmured, standing up to get some paper towels.

Jamarcus winked at Xavier as he came into the room. He set the pizza down on the desk and smiled over at Gabrielle as she worked to clear a space for her two guests. He let his eyes rest on her luscious backside as she bent down to find some paper plates on a low shelf. He too started to get hard at the amazing specimen of woman in front of him. At 24, he had had his fair share of women, but he could tell that this one was something special. Jamarcus, being 22, had less experience then his brother but he knew as well what a prize they had in their presence. An apple ripe for the picking.

With a nod from Xavier, Jamarcus turned around and pushed the lock on the door quietly. Gabrielle was distracted with getting her pizza and Xavier was making small talk with her, so she didn't notice. Xavier had taken her chair at the desk, so Gabrielle resigned to sitting on the cot where she had played with her pussy earlier to the images of being fucked by the same two men in her room now. She could feel herself becoming wet with the memory of it.

Jamarcus came and sat down next to her on the cot, his thigh pressing against hers. She felt a shiver run down her spine and she drew in her breath. She glanced over at him again and he just smiled. Xavier sat directly across from them in the chair, swiveling it back and forth. The brothers kept her laughing with jokes and seemed eager to know more about her. She already felt at ease by the time Jamarcus had reached around and started to rub her neck and shoulders.

"Oh!" Gabrielle exclaimed, looking back at Jamarcus. He smiled down at her again. "You seem really tense today. I know you're probably stressed being in a new place and all. We just want to make sure you're comfortable here," he explained. His deft fingers swept up her neck and down her shoulders. She had been really tense, with the move and all. Besides the fact that she hadn't really had a proper orgasm in months. She allowed herself to lean back into Jamarcus's strong hands as they stroked and massaged their way up and down her back and arms.

Her eyes were closed as she felt her foot being lifted up into the lap of Xavier. She briefly opened them as he began removing the shoe from her foot. She purred with pleasure and closed her eyes again as he began rubbing her foot and leg, his strong hands kneading at the muscles in her stockinged calf. She felt him slowly work his way up her leg, massaging her thigh through the stocking. From where he sat, he had a perfect view up her dress and he smiled to see the wet spot forming on Gabrielle's silky white panties. She let out another low moan and arched her back toward Jamarcus. He was working on her lower back now and had began to massage the top of her voluptuous ass.

Being massaged by these two sexy black men was starting to make Gabrielle drunk with lust. She knew she would have to stop them soon before things got too far but it felt so good to be the object of these men's attention. It had been so long since she had felt the touch from any man and this was hard to resist. "Besides", she rationed, "we are all at work and they know I'm married. They may be a little flirty, but nothing's going to happen."

Jamarcus had worked his way back up to her shoulders now. He let his hand slip and brush against her large breast. Gabrielle gasped, but to her surprise she pushed her tits out even farther, hoping for it to happen again. Her eyes were still closed as Jamarcus grinned over at his brother. They both knew it was only a matter of time before she would be begging for their big, black cocks. Xavier had started on the other leg and was now working on her thigh. He had yet to go further up her leg then what was covered with her stocking but with her wet panties clinging to her pussy lips staring him right in the face, he decided it was ok to move to the soft, tanned skin of her inner thigh.

"Mmmmm," Gabrielle moaned, sliding her hips forward, closer to Xavier. This made her lay back farther against Jamarcus's broad, muscled chest. He was now unable to rub her back but it pleased him to see that her dress had slid up a little more when she shifted towards Xavier. He could now see her soaking wet panties peeking out from under the hem of her dress. He licked his lips again and began to rub the top of her chest, right above her breasts. Her chest was heaving as Xavier kept rubbing her thighs. He was so close to her dripping cunt, she wondered if he could smell her juices. She decided that she had better stop them where they were before she got too worked up. She already knew tonight was going to be full of her furiously playing with herself in an attempt to release the day's pent up sexual tension.

She had just opened her mouth to let them know it was time to stop when she felt it. Xavier's thick, black finger slid up the front of her panties, feeling the wetness of her slit. Her eyes fluttered open and she jerked her head up. She looked down at Xavier. He was down on his knees now and she was straddling his body between her legs. Looking right in her eyes, he again proceeded to stroke his finger on the outside of her sopping wet panties. This time, he let his thumb press against her clit, which was now hardened from her desire.

"Oooooh," she moaned, involuntarily, tipping her head back against Jamarcus's chest again. She arched her hips up toward Xavier, silently begging for him to ravage her. Jamarcus gently but firmly held her by her shoulders and he leaned over her, finding her lips with his. Gabrielle opened her eyes again at his kiss, but then sighed with resign. She knew she wanted to be fucked by both of these men so bad and it had reached the point of no return. Her horniness had evolved to a new level and she knew that no amount of playing with herself would take care of her need. Hell, even her husband wouldn't compare to these young, black studs she had so willing to please her. She gave in to her fantasy.

She reached up and pulled Jamarcus's head closer to hers, slipping her tongue in-between his lips. His tongue met hers and they began swirling around feverishly. He reached down and began to unbutton her dress more. Her huge tits were right in his face now and he could see her nipples straining against the lacy fabric of her bra. He cupped one breast in his hand and began to tweak her nipple through her bra.

Meanwhile, Xavier had proceeded to push her panties to the side and was openly exploring her box with his fingers. He lifted them to his mouth so he could taste her sweet juices. Gabrielle reached down between her legs and found Xavier's head. She lifted her knees up and pulled his face into her warm, wet cunt, wrapping her legs over his shoulders. He eagerly began licking and sucking on her hairless pussy. He continued to stroke her clit back and forth with his thumb while he inserted his middle finger deep inside her. Gabrielle moaned with pleasure in Jamarcus's mouth, while his brother pleased her pussy with his hands and mouth.

Jamarcus slid out from behind Gabrielle and gently laid her back all the way onto the cot. He finished unbuttoning her dress the rest of the way and let it fall back from her body. Her tits were full and heavy, still confined inside the bra. He ran his hands up and down and squeezed them. They were much bigger then a handful, even with his large, black hands. He ran his hands around underneath her back and found the clasp to her bra. He quickly unhooked it and pulled it away from her, letting her ample breasts swing free. Her rosy pink areolas were large and round and her nipples were big and stuck out prominently. Jamarcus slipped one into his mouth and flicked her nipple with his tongue. She shivered in ecstasy.

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