tagInterracial LoveLunch Break Ch. 02

Lunch Break Ch. 02


Three months into her new job and Gabrielle couldn't believe her luck. She had been fucking the two basketball coaches on a regular since her amazing first day. Sometimes the two would come together as they had on that fateful day but more often they would each visit her on their own. Sneaking into her office whenever they thought they had a few private moments to themselves, the two brothers couldn't get enough of her sexy white ass. And she couldn't get her fill of them either. She was definitely turning into their little slut.

Pulling his cock out of her cummy mouth, Xavier looked down at the sexy nurse. She was on her knees in front of him and was proceeding to lap up all of the sticky cream off of his massive cock. He groaned in ecstasy at the sight of her fat titties covered in his seed.

"Hey baby, you know that practice starts next week right?" Xavier asked.

"Yes, I know," Gabrielle sighed. Her full lips turned down in a little pout.

Xavier chuckled. He reached his strong, black hand down and swallowed her small white, hand into his. Helping her to her feet, he helped her smooth her dress back down over her thick, luscious ass. He took her face into his hand and cupped her chin up to him. Slowly he brought his full lips to hers and kissed her deep, hands still wrapped around her phat ass.

"It's a good thing there are two of you!" Gabrielle exclaimed. "Otherwise, this would be even harder. You guys are going to be so busy now. I will never see you!" she pouted.

"Can't get enough of this black cock can you, you white little slut?" Xavier pinched her big, pink nipples hard as he said this.

"Oooh" Gabrielle moaned, pushing her breasts out further toward him, reveling in the pain mixed with pleasure. "I need your dick, baby. I need your big, black dick in my tight, little pussy all the time."

"Don't worry baby," he replied, letting go of her nipple. He zipped his pants up and turned to the door. "Jamarcus and I are gonna make sure that hot little body of yours gets all the black dick it needs," he said as he walked out the door.

Gabrielle grabbed a washcloth and started cleaning her self up. One of her stockings had slipped, so she reached down and pulled it up her creamy, white thigh. Her tan had faded since the summer but her milky white skin was flawless. As she looked in the mirror she saw that her cheeks were flushed and her wavy brown hair was wild around her face. She pulled it up off of her neck into a loose ponytail, revealing her sexy collarbones and ample cleavage.

She turned back to her desk and began the paperwork that she had started before she had been interrupted by Xavier's brief visit. This tryst between the three had been going on without the other staff, students, or Gabrielle's husband's knowledge. She managed to find chance to hook-up once a day with each of her sexy black studs. But with the start of the basketball season approaching she knew that her lovers would have their plates full.

Working steadily for about a half an hour, Gabrielle's mind slowly started to wander about when Jamarcus would have time to come see her today. Xavier had only had a few minutes for her to suck on his pole before he had to get back to teach. The coaches in the school also taught regular classes and all of the students wanted to be in the young, charismatic and good-natured brothers classes. The boys wanted to be like them and the girls fantasized about fucking them.

While she did have an orgasm just from sucking and licking all over Xavier's fat 12 inch cock, she really wanted to have one stuffed into her hot, wet pussy so she could cum all over it. She started to imagine Jamarcus coming in and ravaging her and hand made its way down to her hard pink button. Rubbing it fast, she started to get lost in her desire. Then came a knock on the door.

"Shit!" she muttered and quickly stood up just as the door was opening. It was Andre, the returning star point-guard for the varsity team. Only 5'11", he was on the short side but his body was powerful and athletic. Dark skin, full thick lips, and deep brown eyes made him best looking kid in the school. His confident swagger, slow stroll down the hallways of the school made it apparent he knew he was the king. Black girls and white girls alike flocked to him. He would put his arms around 2, pulling them in closer while the each would run their hands up his muscular torso and strong, toned arms. Each girl would tell him how sexy he was and why she was the girl for him and that he should leave those other hoes alone. He would eat it up but never promised a girl anything. They all knew he was single and didn't plan on settling down. There were just too many pretty girls that he wanted hanging off his dick.

And the one he wanted the most was standing right in front of him as he walked into her office. "Damn, this bitch is fine," Andre thought to himself. He drank in her curves, licking his lips at her thick sexy body. He felt his cock start to grow as he imagined sliding his thick meat in-between her full juicy titties.

"Hey, Nurse Gabby," Andre smoothly said as he approached the young woman. At 27, she was 9 years older than the 18 year old stud, but he didn't care. In fact, it made him desire her more, thinking she probably knew how to handle his dick better than any of the little sluts in high school. But all he knew of her was that she was married and had a little boy so he figured his desires would have to remain only fantasies.

"Hi, Andre!" Gabrielle smiled warmly at him. She started to head toward to freezer to grab an ice pack. "Another pulled muscle?" she questioned.

"No, that's not it today," he smiled, pleased she had remembered him from before. He felt his cock swell again as the cold freezer air made her nipples stiffen through the heavy fabric of her uniform. "Damn," he thought to himself, "those nipples are rock hard. Was the freezer really that cold?"

Looking her up and down he got the sense he had interrupted something. Her skin was glowing and flushed. Her lips were full and moist. Her eyes were misty with lust. "This little freak is horny as hell playing with her box in here!" Andre concluded.

He had been with enough girls to tell when they were close to orgasm. He prided himself on getting bitches off. He wouldn't eat all of their pussies though. Only the girls that he knew weren't bouncing around between all the other jocks. But he made all of them cum when they hopped up on his dick and rode him. His cock had a curve to it that seemed to be perfect at hitting their G-spots. That's why all the girls loved him. And he loved that they loved him.

Gabrielle saw the teen eyeing her body. He wasn't shy and seemed to know exactly what he could get away with. It turned her on to know that this guy who had his pick of the whole school thought she was hot, especially considering the age difference.

"I actually came here because Coach J said I needed to have my physical completed before I can start practice next week," Andre explained.

Gabrielle looked at her watch. She wondered why Jamarcus would send him down at this time. It was close to the end of the day and he still hadn't came to give her her fill of his dark chocolate pole. She sighed in exasperation. "This basketball season is really gonna be long if I can't even get it once a day'" she grumbled to herself.

"OK, Andre, that's fine. Let me get the forms and then we will start," Gabrielle told him. " Just go ahead and have a seat on the cot."

Andre sauntered over to the cot and sank down on it. He stretched out his whole body and crossed his arms behind his head.

"Go ahead and take off your shirt while you're at it," Gabrielle called over to him, "I need to listen to your heart and lungs and the shirt interferes," she explained.

Andre pulled his shirt up over his head and laid back down. He glanced back to where Gabrielle was at the filing cabinet looking for the forms. She was bent at the waist, looking in the bottom drawer. The cot was low to the ground so he was looking up the bottom of her dress. His cock began to grow at the sight of her creamy flesh encased in the thigh high stockings. He was surprised to see the tiny strip from the thong going between her plump ass cheeks and stretching over the mound of her dripping wet pussy. He figured she would have been wearing some big, white grannie panties. "This little slut is waiting to be fucked!" he thought wildly to himself. "I'm gonna give her what she wants too."

Gabrielle straightened up and turned around with the forms in her hand. Her breath caught in her throat to see a hard chiseled abs and muscular chest on this boy. "Where was he when I was in high school?" Gabrielle thought to herself. She instinctively glanced down to his crotch and immediately noticed the large bulge. Her mouth dropped open. She quickly shut it and turned to look at his face.

Andre grinned wickedly. "I knew it," he said.

"Knew what?" she asked, her voice catching, knowing his answer already.

Andre didn't reply. Instead his hand moved down to the bulge in his pants. He started stroking his hardness through his jeans. Gabrielle stood, staring at him, not believing her eyes. She didn't know how it was possible that this little stud knew what she needed. She slowly started toward him, reaching out to push the lock on the door first.

"That's it. Come here, baby," Andre said to her, holding his hand out to her. She lifted one knee onto the bed, watching Andre continue to caress his manhood. His hand found it's way up her dress, onto a lush buttery thigh. He squeezed it firmly and a soft moan escaped her lips. He smiled again and pulled her leg up toward his face.

"Come here so I can taste you," Andre directed.

She lifted the other leg up onto the cot and started crawling up toward his head. Her large gorgeous tits were pushed up to the opening of the dress, spilling out the top. He stopped her with his hand and reached out and pulled the buttons apart, allowing her breasts to swing free.

Andre grabbed a nipple in between his thumb and forefinger. He pinched it hard and gave it a slight tug. He let it go and watched is it made her whole tit bounce against her chest.

"Ooooh, yeah," Gabrielle moaned grinding her crotch onto his. She could feel his big cock and she wanted it in her right then.

But Andre grabbed her hips and pulled her up to his face. "You like your pussy licked you little white slut? I bet your cracker husband don't know what to do with your sweet pussy, do he?" With that he proceeded to bury his face in her warm, wet snatch. He found her clit with his tongue and began sucking on it hard.

"Mmmmmm, shit!" Gabrielle gasped.

Andre's hands were wrapped around her thighs and he continued to explore her with his mouth. He let his tongue slide all down the crack of her slit. He pushed his tongue deep into her juicy cunt and lapped up her sweetness. Licking, sucking, and kissing all over her pretty pink pussy, he brought her to an intense orgasm. "FFFFFFFUUUUCCCK!" she moaned, grinding her hips down onto the teen's face. Her legs were trembling and her nipples were rock hard.

"That was so good, baby," Gabrielle panted. "Oh, God, that was so good." She couldn't catch her breath and her whole body was quivering.

"Yeah, no one can do it like me, bitch! Now get on your back. Put them legs up!" Andre barked out orders.

Gabrielle loved it! It turned her on to be told what to do, to be degraded, To be treated like the black cock slut she was. She got on her back, but propped herself up on her elbows so she could watch him slide his massive cock inside her warm, wet hole. She grabbed one of her large pink nipples and pinched it, while her other hand found her tender clit. She began slowly rubbing it in circles, pressing her feet onto the cot, and arching up towards him, begging him for his dick.

"Please! Please, put it in my pussy, baby! I need it so bad!" Gabrielle moaned, bucking her hips towards his large member, rubbing her clit furiously.

Andre ate it up! He grabbed his dick in one hand and began slowly moving toward her hungry pussy. He slid the head up and down her glistening slit, wet with her juices. This drove her wild! She arched up to him, grabbing his ass hard, digging her nails deep, pulling him towards her eager little hole.

"Fuck me now! Fuck me with your big black cock!" she screamed, not caring if anyone could hear her. She cared only to be impaled by his huge dark pole.

That was enough for Andre. In one swift motion, he slammed his whole hard, thick 9 inches into her hot, pink snatch. He drove it deep, burying himself to the hilt. Her legs were up around his shoulders and her gorgeous, white ass was being held by his strong, black hands. He moved his hips in a slow, circular motion, feeling every inch of he with his rock hard member.

Gabrielle lifted her head up, staring down at where their flesh meet as one. This gorgeous stud of a student was giving her the best fucking of a lifetime. She thought she had met her match with the brothers, but Andre was in a class of his own. She watched as he slid his dick all the way back, completely out of her pussy. "Oh, oh, please!" she cried again.

"What, bitch?" he growled down at her.

"Please. Please! Put your cock back in my pussy!"

He smiled. "You want this dick, you white slut?"

"I want it! I want it baby! So bad. Please!" she begged, fingers on her clit working furiously.

He slammed into her hot, wet cunt once again. His balls slapped against her ass. She ground her pelvis onto his filling her pussy with his cock. He proceeded to pull out and slam it in over and over again, until he felt like he was close to cumming. With that he threw her legs off his shoulders and smacked her ass.

"Hop up on this dick, bitch," he ordered.

She jumped fast as he laid on his back. She crawled her way up from his legs, stopping when her face met his groin. Slowly she took one of his balls into her mouth. "Mmmmm" she moaned, tongue swirling around the enormous black ball.

"Uhhhh shit!" Andre groaned. Only a few of the girls he had been with before would do that, and even then they definitely weren't as eager about it as Gabrielle was. She worshipped his balls in her mouth. Licking them all over, sliding them in her mouth one at a time, kissing them everywhere, slowly working her way up his dick. She slowly licked from the base all the way to the tip.

"Oooohh, goddamn, girl" Andre groaned. She put the large, black head in-between her moist, pink lips. She glanced up to look at him with her beautiful blue-green eyes before she put her head down and slid half of his cock in her mouth. She worked her mouth up and down his gorgeous, black pole, caressing his balls in one hand.

Andre looked down to watch this gorgeous woman making love to his cock with her mouth. Her lips were stretched wide around his thick shaft already, but he grabbed her hair and pushed her head down even farther. Gabrielle moaned and her pussy became even more wet. She was so turned on by the roughness. She swallowed his dick, greedily. She kept at it until he abruptly stopped again, and pulled her head up. He didn't want to cum just yet.

"I thought I told you to get on my dick," he growled. "I'm gonna make that pussy cum all over it."

Gabrielle smiled sexily and bit her lip. She had a firey lust in her that only could only be quenched by this young, black stallion. She crawled the rest of the way up him, her eyes drinking in his powerful, athletic body. Her large breasts were pressed against his face. He lifted his face and took a hard, pink nipple in-between his thick, black lips. He sucked on it hard and she drove her pussy down on his manhood.

"Oooh, fuck yeah, baby!" she moaned.

She pulled her body away from his so she could sit up and ride his cock. Her big, succulent titties bounced against her chest; milky white with juicy, dark pink nipples. Her pussy lips were glistening from her wetness. Her fat, delicious ass was resting on his balls and thighs. Her stocking clad thighs were wrapped around the outside of his, contrasting black and white. Her beautiful face in pure ecstasy as she rode his dick to climax. She rocked back and forth, grinding her pussy on his cock. He grabbed her ass and pulled her down harder onto his pole. He hit her sweet spot and felt her shudder. Her stomach tightened and her pussy spasmed and contracted, creaming all over his beautiful black cock.

"Ooooohhhh....yyyeaaah.....fuuuuuck!" she moaned, seeing stars as a powerful orgasm ripped through her. Andre smiled and rolled out from under her. "I made your pussy cum good didn't I, bitch? You love my black cock" Andre demanded, knowing full well the answer. "Now turn around and put that ass up!"

Gabrielle complied, her pussy dripping. Andre smacked her ass again, leaving a pink handprint across her luscious backside. She loved it and pushed her ass back toward him, still eager to be stuffed with his wonderful cock. He grabbed his meat and guided it toward her quivering, pink pussy. He slid it in slowly, groaning with every inch at how good it felt to have this sexy white nurse's snatch stretched around his fat black dick. He drove into her hard, grabbing her loose, brown ponytail and pulling her head back toward him. He found a nipple and tweaked it between his thumb and forefinger. She kept slamming her ass back toward him, filling her pussy to the brim full of his dark cock. Her ass jiggling against lean, hard abs as he watched her pussy swallow up his dick. This drove him over the edge and finally he released, spurting thick wads of gooey cum deep inside her pussy. She felt him erupting inside her and had an orgasm of her own, clenching her pussy tight around his member.

Andre slowly pulled his semi-hard shaft out of her sopping wet hole. He watched his cum dribble out and down the inside of her thigh.

She turned back to look at him as he was putting his clothes on. "I hope you know that you'll have to come back tomorrow so we can complete that physical," she said to him, licking her lips in anticipation.

He chuckled. "Already thinking about tomorrow, huh? Can't get enough of this dick. Coaches were right about you! "

She stared after him as he walked out the door. Then she smiled. Basketball season should last all year!

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